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What Mattress Is Comparable To Sleep Number

What Mattress Is Comparable To Sleep Number

What Is Sleep Number?

Sleep Number was one of the first “smart bed” companies. This mattress and bed combo allow you to set different sleep numbers perfect for different sleep needs, comfort, and positions. For example, if you like to sleep on a firmer, cooler mattress, but your partner prefers a softer, warm mattress, with Sleep Number, there’s no reason to get different beds.

Mattress like Sleep Number


Features Of A Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep Number beds feature an adjustable base and split mattress design for ultimate customization, allowing for higher-quality sleep for everyone. Thanks to their adjustable air chamber design, these beds can be heated and cooled to an ideal temperature, as well as adjusted for a variety of sleep preferences and hot sleepers.

On top of this, Sleep Number’s unique beds keep a memory of how well you’ve slept using sensors, allowing you to find the perfect sleep setting for your needs. While these beds come with a high price tag, they’re great for relieving pain thanks to customizable firmness perfect for different bodies. On top of this, the split bed design helps with motion transfer, helping you get a great night’s sleep.



Thanks to Sleep Number’s unique features, you can customize firmness, softness and temperature at the press of a button, and remember your favorite settings.

Great for Couples

The split mattress design solves sleep disputes before they happen, giving you control over your side of the bed.

Intelligent Design

Smart technology and engineering come together to craft some of the most sleep-forward bed designs on the market.


Forget shopping for a bed frame and a mattress, this is an all-in-one combo of bed and mattress that works together seamlessly.


Expensive Price Point

Since you’re paying for high-quality, tech-enhanced sleep, Sleep Number tends to be expensive. This also includes paying for the bed and mattress as a combo deal.

Bed Included

If you want a Sleep Number bed, it’s not a pick-and-choose situation. You either get the entire package or miss out on the sleep features.

Restricted Mattresses

Since Sleep Number beds rely on unique air chambers to give you the full experience, you need to buy the mattresses in tandem with the beds, or at least from the same company, restricting your options to what Sleep Number has available.

Meant for Couples

While you can get a twin size Sleep Number bed made for one person, Sleep Number markets toward two sleepers with different sleep needs, meaning if you’re a solo sleeper you may get the same relief with a different mattress.


What mattress is comparable to a Sleep Number


Why Consider Alternatives To Sleep Number

Sleep Number offers top-of-the-line smart bed technology. However, there can be several reasons to consider an alternative to a Sleep Number mattress and bed. These reasons include:

  • Customization: While Sleep Number lets you adjust your sleep experience, you can’t customize how the mattress is constructed, meaning you may get a better sleep experience with another brand.
  • Hypoallergenic Alternatives: Sleep Number is somewhat restricted in its materials, meaning if you need a hypoallergenic bed like a latex mattress, you’re better off going with another company.
  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Speaking of latex mattresses, if you’re environmentally conscious, you may want to choose a different brand for material reasons.
  • Single Sleepers: While there are single Sleep Number beds, most of the benefits of these smart beds come from individual customization, which can easily be achieved through buying a comfortable single person mattress.


Top 5 Mattresses Similar To Sleep Number

Now that you know more about Sleep Number, let’s look at some of the top mattresses that offer similar benefits. We’ll also discuss things like cost, warranty, and more, so you’re up-to-date on every aspect of your potential new mattress.

What compares to Sleep Number

Sleep Number Vs. Casper Original Hybrid 

Casper is one of the most well-known mattress-in-a-box companies. This podcast-famous brand offers comfortable beds shipped right to your door in a genius marketing idea that cuts down the frustration of mattress shopping. Our top pick to compete as a Sleep Number alternative is the Original Hybrid mattress. How else do you create a comfortable sleep experience for a wide number of sleepers than with features from a wide range of mattresses?

Comparable to Sleep Number

Now that we know about Casper, let’s compare it to the Sleep Number mattress by looking at their pros and cons.


Combination of hybrid layers, memory foam, quilting, and flex coils provides ideal support

Medium-firmness matches a wide range of sleep styles and needs

Boxed delivery makes for easy set-up and installation

10-year warranty is standard for the market


Bed-in-a-box design can take some time to expand

The 100-night sleep trial is shorter than some other competitors

Since Sleep Number beds rely on unique air chambers to give you the full experience, you need to buy the mattresses in tandem with the beds, or at least from the same company, restricting your options to what Sleep Number has available.

Hybrid mattresses may not be firm enough for some sleepers

Even with cooling technology, this mattress may run too hot for some sleepers

Price Range: $1,095 – $1,895


Sleep Number Vs. Saatva Loom & Leaf

Saatva offers top-of-the-line luxury mattresses to fit your sleep needs. Their line of incredible mattresses is truly the height of luxury thanks to American-sourced materials and an attention to detail that’s second to none. If you’re looking for a mattress with firmness that can compete with Sleep Number’s higher end settings, you need a Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress.

Mattress comparable to Sleep Number

Now that you’ve been introduced to Saatva, let’s look over the pros and cons and how this mattress compares to Sleep Number.


Ideal firmness thanks to layered foam design

Organic cotton top layer provides superior comfort

Firmness and pressure distribution ideal for heavier sleepers

Offers a lifetime warranty


Some sleepers may find the foam design too firm

Cotton topper may not work for those who need a hypoallergenic mattress

Saatva tends to be on the high end of price scale

Foam mattresses tend to run too hot for most hot sleepers

Price Range: $1,295 – $2,712


Sleep Number Vs. Leesa Original

If you want to compete with the engineering at Sleep Number, you need the 30+ years of experience over at Leesa. This sleep brand puts everything they’ve learned into their mattresses to provide optimal comfort. We’ve gone with their original mattress as a standard for their high-quality construction, but if you’re looking for different features their entire line of mattresses are worth checking out. 

Mattresses like Sleep Number

As you can see, there’s a lot to love with the Leesa. Let’s see how this mattress compares with the Sleep Number brand.



Breathable cover helps with heat retention

Motion transfer isolating thanks to form design

Foam construction offers superior firmness


100-night sleep trial is shorter than others in the industry

10-year warranty is shorter than some other brands

May be too firm for those who prefer soft mattresses

Doesn’t come in split king mattress sizes

Price Range: $849 – $1,599


Sleep Number Vs. Puffy Lux

Every Puffy mattress undergoes four years of testing and research before meeting the public. That means that these mattresses could get a bachelor degree with the amount of testing and perfecting they go through! If you want the true comfort Puffy can offer, you need to try out the Puffy Lux. 

What mattress is like Sleep Number

Let’s see how the Puffy Lux compares to Sleep Number’s mattress and bed combos.


Softer mattress ideal for side sleepers

Combination of memory foam and pocketed coils offers ultimate support

Includes a lifetime warranty

Comes in split king sizes


Only has a 101-night sleep trial

May be too soft for sleepers with back issues or who sleep on their stomach

While ideal for hot sleepers, this bed may run too cold for some

May cause issues for couples due to lack of motion isolation

Price Range:
$899 – $2,098


Sleep Number Vs. The Winkbeds

WinkBeds is an all-American brand that prides itself on material sourcing and construction all in the USA. We’ve gone with their titular bed, the WinkBed, as our comparison for Sleep Number. While WinkBeds may not have the same tech-forward mattress design as Sleep Number, their original mattress has thousands of satisfied sleepers to back it up, making it an easy comparison for Sleep Number.

What mattress compares to Sleep Number

Let’s see how this National Treasure of a mattress compares to Sleep Number.


Plenty of firmness options for all sleep styles

Includes plus firmness settings for heavier sleepers

Hybrid pillow top offers maximum comfort

Includes a lifetime warranty


120-night sleep trial is somewhat short for the industry

The hybrid design may not offer enough firmness for some sleepers

Does not include a split king size

Pillow top may not be hypoallergenic

Price Range:
$849 – $1,899


Mattress similar to Sleep Number


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Mattress For Someone With Back Pain?

The best mattress for someone with back pain is a latex mattress or medium-firm memory foam. It provides excellent support and contouring for the spine and helps to relieve pressure points. Moreover, these types of mattresses can help to distribute the body weight evenly, thereby reducing back pain.

Can An Adjustable Base Help With Snoring?

Yes, an adjustable base can help with snoring. An adjustable bed base can be inclined slightly at the head position to lift the upper body, which can help to open up the airways and reduce snoring. Additionally, an adjustable base can provide more comfortable sleep positions, which can also help to reduce snoring.

What Is The Most Durable Type Of Mattress?

The most durable type of mattress is an innerspring mattress. It is made of a steel coil system that provides excellent support and durability. The quality of innerspring mattresses varies based on the coil gauge, the number of coils, and the type of padding. However, in general, they are highly durable and long-lasting.

How Many Years Is A Sleep Number Bed Good For?

A Sleep Number bed is designed to last for around 8-10 years with proper care and maintenance. However, this can vary depending on usage and the quality of the materials used in the bed’s construction. Some components, such as the air chambers or the foam, may require replacement before the mattress reaches the end of its useful life. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance to extend the lifespan of the mattress.


If you’re looking for a mattress to replace Sleep Number, you have plenty of options to choose from. Since Sleep Number operates off of matching your preferences, it helps to do a little research on your next mattress, and take the time to test your potential new bed at one of SleePare’s showrooms. That way you can find what style of mattress works best for you and your needs.


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