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How to Do a Purple Mattress Return If You’re Unhappy With Your Purple in 2021

by SleePare

By Emily Stringer | 3 Minute Read

With their signature color and namesake, Purple mattresses are one of the most innovative and original online mattresses on the market today. Purple has three mattresses to choose from and the brand has recently expanded to include seat cushions, pillows, sheets/bedding, bed frames, and mattresses for both pets and kids. 

Purple’s signature Purple Grid sleep surface is made with hyper-elastic polymer foam for a breathable and cool sleep surface. Thousands of shoppers love Purple’s products but if you’ve recently purchased a Purple mattress, and it’s not working for you, the brand offers their customers a generous return policy. 

Read on to learn more about Purple’s return policy, process, and a few other things to expect along the way.

The Return Process

The thought of returning a mattress you purchased online may seem daunting. Purple, and similar brands have made the process easy so you can return your mattress and hopefully find one that works for you. 

Here are the steps you will follow when returning a Purple mattress.

Sleep On Your Purple Mattress for 21 Days

Purple has a 100 night trial period, meaning you can return your Purple mattress up to 100 days after purchase for a refund. Purple does require you to keep the mattress for 21 days. This gives your body time to adjust to a new mattress. When sleeping on a new mattress, it’s normal to experience soreness and pain as your body gets used to a new mattress. Purple will not allow you to start a return until 21 days have passed since you’ve received your mattress.

Contact Purple Customer Service

Call the Purple Customer Care Team at 888-848-2305 to start your return. They are also available via live chat on their website. The Customer Care Team is available Mon – Fri 7 am – 7 pm MT and Sat – Sun 8:30 am – 5 pm MT.

To make the process easier, have your order number ready when starting your return.

Dispose, Recycle, or Donate Your Purple Mattress

Purple does not require you to return the mattress back to them. To receive your refund, Purple requires customers to prove they donated the mattress, recycled it, or used a licensed company to dispose of the mattress. This is 100% free to the customer.


After selecting whether to dispose, recycle, or donate the mattress, Purple requires proof in the form of a donation or disposal receipt. Then, they will process your refund which will be posted to your account within 15 business days.

The Exchange Process

If you want to try another one of Purple’s mattresses, Purple allows each customer one opportunity to exchange for another mattress. To make sure you make the right decision, make sure to read reviews of Purple’s other mattresses

Here's how to make a Purple exchange request and start the process. 

Select a New Model

Purple has several mattresses to choose from: the original Purple, Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier. Make sure to do your research when deciding and consider your sleeping position, budget, and material preferences. Remember, Purple only allows one exchange.

Contact Customer Service

Contact customer service and let them know that you want to exchange your mattress for another model. You'll be asked to pay — or be refunded — the difference between the two mattresses. Again, refunds will be posted within 15 days.

Removal Options for Your Original Mattress

Purple offers the same removal options for an exchange as they do a return. Make sure to select one and provide your receipt of donation, recycling, or disposal to process your refund.

The Fine Print

Purple’s return process is easy and accessible to customers. Here are a few additional things to consider and additional information you might need to know when returning/purchasing a Purple mattress.

  • The steps outlined above are only for Purple’s mattresses. Other Purple sleep products, such as the Purple Adjustable Bed, Power Base, Seat Cushion, Pet Bed, and Plush Pillow, may have a different trial time and return policy. Check their website or contact customer service for more information. 
  • Purple’s return/exchange policy only applies to mattresses purchased on Purple’s website. If you bought your Purple mattress from Amazon or a retailer like Mattress Firm, you'll need to inquire about their return and exchange procedures. 
  • Mattresses purchased via exchange are eligible for return. The trial period that began with the delivery of your first bed will continue with the delivery of your second bed. Even if you have less than 21 days remaining on your trial term, you will have at least 21 days to try out the second mattress. After 21 days, you can return your mattress. However, you cannot exchange it for another mattress. 
  • Purple does not require a specific reason for return–you can return your mattress for any reason. 
  • If you purchased your Purple mattress at a discount, your refund will be for the amount you paid, not the mattress's original price. 
  • For donation or disposal pickup, you don't need to re-box or repackage your mattress.

How Do I Replace My Purple Mattress?

If there are any defects in your Purple mattress, it might be covered under Purple’s limited 10-year warranty. To replace your Purple mattress, contact customer service. The warranty only covers certain defects. Here’s what Purple’s warranty covers: 

  • Indentations that are visible and caused by damage or defectiveness.
  • Defective materials such as damaged coils, cracks in the foam, etc. 
  • Broken zippers or split seams in the mattress cover. 

Purple’s warranty does not cover everything like intentional damage. Here’s what it won’t cover: 

  • Using the mattress for commercial or medical purposes.
  • Bedbugs, liquid, mold, odors, and other damage due to neglect.  
  • Sun exposure that degrades the foam materials.
  • Not using the proper frame to keep the mattress supported that results in damage.

How to Find Another Affordable Mattress in 2021

Today, mattresses are more affordable than ever thanks to updated technology and lowered production/overhead costs. Some customers might be hesitant to buy a mattress at a cheaper price. 

However, newer mattress materials are much better quality and provide additional benefits compared to more traditional models and materials. New mattresses are both affordable and offer quality at a fair price.

There are almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to mattress shopping. Customers who want to save money can shop for affordable mattresses on the internet, use SleePare's comparison tool, or read customer reviews to explore options. You can easily find an affordable mattress to suit your needs, budget, and more. 

Purple Alternatives

If you bought a Purple mattress and found out that it wasn't the best option for you, fortunately, you can easily find another option. Here are a few other low-cost options to consider.


Nectar’s original memory foam mattress has been hailed “the best online mattress”. The five layer foam mattress provides excellent support and a cooling Tencel top. 

Price Range: $798 to $1,598

Best for: back support, hot sleepers, and those who need excellent motion isolation.

Shop: Buy Online


Casper's Original, one of the first online mattresses to reach mainstream recognition, is still going strong. The Casper Original is a four-layer foam mattress that provides a comfortable and cool night's sleep.

Price Range: $695-$1495

Best for: changing sleep positions frequently, those who prefer a medium-firm mattress, and those who want exceptional lumbar support and a temperature-control. 

Shop: Buy Online

Brooklyn Bedding

The experts at Brooklyn Bedding work hard to create high-quality sleep needs at a reasonable price. Brooklyn Bedding believes in their mattresses so much that they've coined their products the #BestMattressEver.

Price Range: $500-$1,400

Best for: those who want quality at an affordable price, you want excellent motion transfer, and hot sleepers.

Shop: Buy Online


Helix is one of the most well-known online mattress brands, with a wide range of mattresses to suit everyone from foam to hybrids to latex.

Price Range: $600 to $2,000

Best for: sleepers who want a variety of options

Shop: Buy Online


Puffy's three-layer foam mattress mimics the plush comfort of a hotel bed but at a price you can afford. Puffy combines a cooling top with a firm bottom layer to keep you supported and comfy all night.

Price Range: $795-$1350

Best for: pressure relief, lumbar support, hot sleepers, back and side sleepers.

Shop: Buy Online


Purple and other mattress makers recognize that their products aren't for everyone. Fortunately, Purple has simplified the purchasing and return processes. Customers have plenty of time to determine whether they want to keep a Purple mattress. Purple also allows for an exchange so you can easily try out another mattress if the first one you purchased didn't work out.

Besides Purple, there are many online mattresses to pick from. SleePare can assist you if you're looking for one. To understand more about the online mattress options available today, stop by one of our stores, use our mattress comparison tool, or read our sleep blog.

Emily Stringer

Emily Stringer

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