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Tanya Watters

I was so excited to find a store that carried all the online brands as I’ve been hesitant to order without testing them. I visited several times and every time I was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson. They are never pushy and leave you to try every mattress at your leisure. Definitely check this place out before you buy online because their prices are much lower than online!

What is SleePare

Let Sleep Science Back Up Your Mattress Purchase Decisions

Considering we spend about ⅓ of our lives sleeping, choosing the best mattress to purchase can’t be left to guesswork. But having been through the grind ourselves, we realized how exhausting the process of finding the perfect mattress is with thousands of mattress options available in the market.

This is why we started SleePare. Combining data science & machine learning with our passion for ensuring you get your best nightly sleep
we continuously gather data from 100+ websites to understand which is the best mattress in each category. By analyzing customer reviews, market statistics & more; we are able to produce unbiased comparisons of top brands in terms of durability, price & comfort level. Now, you can seamlessly compare top mattress brands in each category through our mattress comparison tool to make the perfect decision for your good night’s sleep.

Our commitment to ensuring you get the most restorative sleep possible trumps any selling we do. Once you have done your research & picked out your favorites, simply walk into a SleePare mattress store near you to test out the mattresses before you buy. Take a sound nap if you want & no one will bother you with sales pitches — our sleep experts are not there to push any one brand, so you can be sure that the advice you get will be genuine & true.



Best Mattress Stores By Customer Reviews

SleePare’s brick & mortar stores are trusted & recommended by locals in New York City, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles & Tysons Corner for our transparency & genuine commitment to help them purchase the best mattress. Read our reviews to decide for yourself.

  • SleePare NYC

    Google Rating
    Based on 498 reviews
  • SleePare Miami

    Google Rating
    Based on 95 reviews
  • SleePare Tysons

    Google Rating
    Based on 189 reviews
  • SleePare Boston

    Google Rating
    Based on 54 reviews
  • SleePare Los Angeles

    Google Rating
    Based on 42 reviews

Our Mattress Stores

Find Our Mattress Stores in US’s Top Cities

We firmly believe that all mattresses suit different people differently. This is why we recommend trying out the top 15+ online mattress brands in America at our mattress showrooms, conveniently located in the top US cities. Now, never second-guess whether you made the right investment in your sleep — test it and know for sure.









Why Choose Us

SleePare's Mattress Stores

Everyone at SleePare firmly believes that a good night’s sleep is critical for human health & wellbeing — and we take it very seriously. All our stores are run by Sleep experts who have vast experience & knowledge about all mattresses we carry & will be happy to help you find the best one for yourself. Because we are committed to our mission, you’ll be able to walk into any SleePare store knowing that you’ll not be pushed to buy anything else than what is truly best suited for you.


Find America’s top-rated online brands & test them seamlessly under one roof.


Our brands come with a risk-free trial & we’ll issue a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


Get the best recommendations for you based on your body weight, sleep position & more from our sleep experts.


Our Mattress stores are conveniently located to allow mattress testing in top-tier US cities.


Save money on the highest-quality mattress brands with SleePare’s Best Price Guarantee.


Enjoy an extended return policy for all mattress purchases.


Never spend extra on shipping: We ship all across the United States for free.


Enjoy a completely relaxed in-store mattress testing experience at all our mattress stores.


We take ‘handle with care’ to the next level with our top-notch white glove delivery systems.

Our brands

SleePare's Top-Rated Mattress Brands

Mattress Reviews

The Most Unbiased & Comprehensive Comparisons of Top Mattress Brands

We analyzed over 400 thousand reviews & countless product specifications through our machine learning software to assign the Ultimate Comfort Score to each mattress brand we carry & assign individual scores to each criterion: price, comfort, motion isolation & more. Now, don’t spend hours reading up reviews from multiple websites — just come to SleePare for real brand-to-brand comparisons.


10,000+ Customers Trust SleePare
for their Mattress Decisions


Meet the Professionals who
make SleePare possible

CEO & Founder

Shanir has been managing SleePare’s operations for almost 4 years. He has helped the company grow from an online store to 4 showrooms in the United States.


Nigora started as a store manager at Sleepare’s Miami showroom back in 2020, then she got promoted to COO. Since that, she has been helping to manage all 5 showrooms. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in General Business.

Dustin Morgan
Sleep Expert/Store Manager

Dustin is the Store Manager at SleePare’s Tysons Corner showroom. He's a mattress technology expert with a degree in computer science and years of expertise analyzing mattresses by personally testing over 200 different mattresses.

Yuval Raz
Data Scientist

Yuval has over twenty years of experience in technology and data. As a Data Scientist, Yuval helps SleePare best serve our customers by analyzing market data and comparing products so we can only stock the best mattresses.

Emily Stringer
Lead Writer

Emily is the main content creator at SleePare. She has over five years of experience writing and extensive experience reviewing mattresses, curating comparisons, and advising on "best of" guides.

Mattress Buying Guide

How to Compare All Mattress Brands Using These 5 Factors

A mattress is where you spend ⅓ of your life, and choosing it to best fit your lifestyle is critical to a healthy life, free of backaches & joint pains. When you have price, materials, comfort, durability & best value for money to consider — making a practical comparison of mattress brands becomes overwhelming

Our engineers have developed a unique rating system that assigns a rating based on each of these factors as well as an overall SleePare Comfort score to all mattress products so you don’t have to go through the headache of hours of research ever again. Compare all these factors side-by-side for popular mattresses in each category (Foam, Hybrid, Latex, etc) in our Mattress Comparison Tool before you make an appointment to test the mattress at one of our mattress stores.

Depending on whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a side sleeper — different materials will offer different levels of comfort. While memory foam offers the most comfortable cushioning comfort, a hybrid might be best suited for couples that have different sleeping preferences. Aside from the base material, we also assign ratings based on support & comfort so you can pick the type of firmness you desire in your mattress. Sleeping positions largely influence this, so we make sure to list down what offers the best comfort for each type of sleeper.

Our Comparison tools also go against the adage “You get what you pay for” by comparing online brands that have lesser overheads than retail shops to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Each of our mattresses is rated not only for its price but also value for money. Now, never spend more than you need to by picking the best mattress type for yourself AND making sure it’s priced well when compared to similar products in its category.


What You Need To Know About SleePare

+What is your extended return policy?
+If you are not located in my city, can I still buy a mattress from you? Are there any shipping charges?
+I’m worried about testing my mattress in person due to COVID-19. Is it safe for me to visit any of SleePare showrooms?
+Do you charge customers for in-person mattress testing in your showrooms?
+Are SleePare showrooms kid or pet-friendly?
+I am a disabled person. I have concerns about visiting one of your showrooms in person. Is there anything I need to know about?

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