Blog > Where to Test Online Mattresses in 2024 [Complete Guide]

Where to Test Online Mattresses in 2024 [Complete Guide]

Where to Test Online Mattresses in 2024 [Complete Guide]

Best Online Mattresses You Can Test In-Store

SleePare is revolutionizing the mattress store by integrating the convenience of online shopping with a product traditionally purchased in person. Our cutting-edge retail strategy incorporates both in-store and web-based purchase options. SleePare is a rapidly expanding company with a unique business model that allows customers to buy and try online-only mattresses at special discounted pricing.


What Online Mattress Brands Can I Test In-Store?



test helix mattress

Helix is one of the major online and bed-in-a-box manufacturers. Helix offers a variety of mattresses, including memory foamhybrid, and organic mattresses. Along with their extensive product portfolio, Helix’s Sleep Quiz matches your sleep position, body type, support need, and firmness level to the appropriate mattress.

This has helped countless sleepers select the perfect mattress. Helix mattresses are consistently one of SleePare’s top-rated mattresses. 



test leesa mattress

Leesa has been hailed as the “best bed-in-a-box”. The brand launched in 2014 and since then has consistently produced quality mattresses customers love. Leesa offers both hybrid memory foam mattresses. Along with mattresses, Leesa also offers their best-selling pillowcustom-fitted sheets, and bundled items for extra savings.

Leesa’s sleep products are constructed to last and developed specifically for customer’s needs. Each Leesa mattress is handcrafted and designed by experts with years in the mattress industry. 



test nectar mattress

Nectar is known for its quality memory foam mattresses. One of the top memory foam mattress manufacturers in the industry, Nectar creates cool, and comfortable mattresses and claims to offer “The bed of your dreams.”

Nectar offers three types of memory foam mattresses, including a copper-infused mattress, for those who sleep extra hot. Each Nectar mattress has a lifetime warranty and a 365-day sleep trial.



Test winkbeds mattress

If you love the feel of a hotel mattress, you’ll for sure love a WinkBeds’ mattress. Each WinkBeds mattress is made with the plush material and feel of the most comfortable hotel bed. These High-quality hybrid mattresses are perfect for side sleepers and relieving pressure points on the body. WinkBeds promise to deliver the “best sleep of your life.”



test mlily mattress

If you want the latest and trendiest mattress, Mlily has what you’re looking for. With materials like CBD infused fabric, bamboo charcoal, cooling gels, and advanced hybrid models, Mlily goes above and beyond your standard mattress. The brand offers reasonably pricedunique mattresses that appeal to the more adventurous shopper. It’s safe to say Mlily is an online mattress company to watch!



test puffy mattress

Described by many reviews as “like sleeping on a cloud”, Puffy makes mattresses with a cloud-like softness and cool sleep surface. The brand offers three varieties of 100% pure memory foam mattresses that appeal to a variety of sleepers. Puffy has a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. 



test luuf mattress

Luuf has been manufacturing mattresses in the U.S.A. for over 60 years, so if any brand knows what they’re doing when it comes to making great mattresses, it’s Luuf. The brand makes affordablequality mattresses without any unnecessary chemicals.

Known for their Simplicity Mattress, a lower-cost hybrid with 4 inches of polyfoam, Luuf makes mattresses with a well-balanced collection of characteristics that can accommodate many sleepers.



test Brooklyn Bedding mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the “go-to” online mattress brands and offers probably the widest selection of mattresses from a bed-in-a-box company. The brand offers a number of firmness options on each mattress, products in a variety of prices, and superior customer service. 



test dreamcloud mattress

Each DreamCloud combines comfort, support, and a cool surface. This luxury brand makes high-quality yet affordable mattresses that promise to offer “the dreamiest sleep ever”. Buyers praise DreamCloud’s comfort and luxury feel. DreamCloud specializes in luxury hybrid mattresses that are consistently in “top” mattress lists on SleePare. 



test bear mattress

One of the coolest mattresses available in both temperature and design, Bear mattresses are a standout. Bear mattresses are designed around athletes and those who live an active lifestyle, but you don’t need to be a star athlete or training for a 5K to get the benefits of a Bear mattress. The surface of these mattresses are designed with copper and advanced infrared technology to help improve athletic performance via muscle recovery and sleep simultaneously. 



test lull mattress

The mattress engineers at Lull have over 30 years of experience in making quality mattresses. The brand has three award-winning mattresses: two 100% memory foam mattresses and one Luxe Hybrid model. Lull focus on simplistic products that are functional, made from quality materials, and are fairly priced. Every Lull mattress is made with CertiPUR-US Certified Foams®, meaning they do not contain toxic chemicals. 


Enjoy The Benefits Of Testing Online Mattresses In-Store

best online mattresses you can test in store

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, the best way to make sure you purchase the right product is to test it out in a store. At SleePare, our team of experts are trained to help you find the ideal mattress so you can get the best sleep of your life! Here’s what you can expect when testing mattresses in-store at SleePare:

  • Top-selling mattresses from the best online mattress companies all in one place
  • Risk-free sleep trial on all our mattresses 
  • SleePare’s Best Price Guarantee 
  • Free shipping across the United States. 
  • Top-notch white glove delivery


Where To Test Online Mattresses?

You can test online mattresses at SleePare. Many online mattress brands can’t be tested simply for the fact that they don’t have retail stores or don’t have a partnership with a retail store that sells their products. Luckily, you can test online mattresses at any SleePare store.

SleePare’s unique business model combines online shopping with a traditional retail mattress showroom. At SleePare, you can test online mattresses that you won’t find in mattress stores. After testing, you can then purchase the online mattress in store with an exclusive discount that you won’t find online.

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#1 SleePare’s Online Mattress Showroom Miami

SleePare can help you find the right mattress, whether you live in or are visiting Miami. At our Miami mattress showroom, you’ll find brands like Brooklyn Bedding, Layla, WinkBeds, and more to try and buy. We’ve partnered with the best online mattress brands to bring you the best of their products at exclusive prices. 

#2 SleePare’s Online Mattress Showroom New York City

Buying a large item like a mattress in a city like New York can be a challenge, but SleePare makes it easy. At our SleePare New York location, we provide free delivery options and white glove delivery services to make updating your mattress in the Big Apple a breeze. Schedule an appointment to test out mattresses from brands like: 

#3 SleePare’s Online Mattress Showroom Los Angeles

The newest SleePare location, our Los Angeles showroom, brings our unique retail design to the West Coast. Like our other stores, at SleePare LA, you can test out brands like Saatva, Luuf, and Helix. Our Los Angeles store is located near Hancock Park, La Brea Tar Pits, the Academy Museum, and Wilshire Boulevard.

#4 SleePare’s Online Mattress Showroom Boston

SleePare is Boston’s only mattress store that allows you to test online mattresses before buying. We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest online mattress companies to bring you exclusive discounts available only at SleePare showrooms. At our Boston mattress store, your dream mattress is only a few minutes away!

#5 SleePare’s Online Mattress Showroom Tysons Corner 

Close to both Washington D.C. and Baltimore, our SleePare showroom in Tysons Corner SleePare elevates mattress shopping to new heights. Mattress brands that are normally only available online are available to try and buy in our showroom. Stop by our Tysons Corner showroom, located next to the Tysons Corner shopping mall, to try out an online mattress if you’re not sure if it’s the right fit.



How Do You Know A Mattress Is a Good Quality?

The best way to tell if a mattress is of good quality is by examining the materials, and construction, and by conducting research online on the brand you are considering. Usually, a firmer mattress made with sturdier materials is a good quality mattress. Sometimes, price is an indicator of quality––a mattress under $200 is considered low quality. The best way to tell if a mattress is of good quality is to test it out and see for yourself. 


How Can I Test My Mattress?

Testing a mattress is the most important aspect of buying a new mattress. Before testing, it’s important to consider the type of mattress you want, your sleep position, if you sleep with a partner, your budget, durability, and temperature control. Do your research and narrow down your choices from there. Then, test in person and/take advantage of sleep trials provided by the manufacturer to make sure you’ve found the right mattress. 


How Do I Know If My Mattress Is In Good Condition?

If you think you need a new mattress, you’re probably right. On average, a mattress lasts about 7-10 years. A cheaper, lower-quality mattress won’t last as long. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your mattress or your body, it’s time for a new mattress: 

  • Aches and pains
  • Poor sleep, frequent waking, tossing and turning
  • Mattress sagging/poor support
  • Poor temperature regulation, waking up too hot or too cold
  • Allergies from dust mite, mold, pet hair, and another allergen buildup


Test Online Mattresses At SleePare

No matter which SleePare location is the closest to you, each of our showrooms has the top online mattresses to both try and buy. Our sleep experts can help guide you through the process of buying the perfect mattress for you. Buying a mattress online is growing in popularity and is preferred over shopping in stores by many. The best option for buying a mattress is in a store like SleePare where you can test it out before making a purchase. If you want to test online mattresses before buying, SleePare is your best bet.


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Dustin Morgan

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Dustin Morgan is the Chief Mattress Analyst and Sleep Technology Expert at SleePare. He combines his computer science background with his passion for sleep innovation. With personal experience testing over 200 mattresses, Dustin offers unmatched insights into finding the perfect sleep solution for various needs. His work focuses on delivering honest and detailed comparisons and advice to help individuals achieve their best sleep. When he is not exploring the latest sleep technology, Dustin enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and gaming in his Virginia home.

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