The #1 Place In
NYC to Test & Buy

The #1 Place In
NYC to Test & Buy

Visit SleePare, Your Exclusive Mattress Store
& Showroom in the Heart of New York City


15+ Mattress Brands

In our NYC showroom you’ll find a wide variety of mattresses from new and established brands, including online-only brands not typically found in stores. At our store, you can try out the following brands: Helix, Mlily, Nectar, WinkBeds, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, DreamCloud, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa.
Schedule an appointment in SleePare’s mattress store in NYC to let our team know which mattresses you want to test at our showroom.

SleePare Mattress Brands

Mattress Store & Showroom in NYC

SleePare NYC - Try & Buy Your Favorite Online Mattresses In-Store

The most unique local mattress store in New York City, SleePare takes mattress shopping to a whole new level. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, just minutes from popular NYC attractions, SleePare showcases mattress brands to try/buy that are usually only found online.

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SleePare Showroom NYC

SleePare Mattress Store NYC
218 West 30th St,
New York City, NY 10001
10 AM–7 PM
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10 AM–7 PM

Parking Garage Available

+Directions from Jersey City
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+Directions from Brooklyn


SleePare's Mattress Store in Manhattan NYC

SleePare’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect mattress! With numerous options to try, exclusive discounts, and a no-risk return policy, we can help you choose your perfect online mattress.


Find America’s top-rated online brands & test them seamlessly under one roof.


Our brands come with a risk-free trial & we’ll issue a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


Get the best recommendations for you based on your body weight, sleep position & more from our sleep experts.


Our Mattress stores are conveniently located to allow mattress testing in top-tier US cities.


Save money on the highest-quality mattress brands with SleePare’s Best Price Guarantee.


Enjoy an extended return policy for all mattress purchases.


Never spend extra on shipping: We ship all across the United States for free.


Enjoy a completely relaxed in-store mattress testing experience at all our mattress stores.


We take ‘handle with care’ to the next level with our top-notch white glove delivery systems.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Aftab A.

Amazing customer service

The customer service was amazing. Very friendly and helpful. They are problem solvers! I was looking for a regular medium-firm pillow and ended up with the L shaped pillow which was a much better option for me and my sleeping position. Thank you for your help, Eni!

Ninart Amaraphorn

Great advice, information and suggestions

Great store to check out if you are looking at one of the many bed in the box beds that now exist. Joey was fantastic and helped me choose a bed. It was extremely no pressure and Joey provided great advice, information and suggestions as I tested multiple beds. I had also stopped by Saatva and Mattress Firm that day and can say without doubt the Sleepare provided the best customer service with Saatva at a close second. Definitely worth a stop if you are looking for a new bed.

Irina Aksanyan

Most comfortable experience

We shopped here today and let me tell you, it was the most comfortable experience out of every matress stores we’d been to. Lukas was LOVELY and helped us choose the perfect mattress, and we ended up ordering one we hadn’t even considered (Luuf) before actually trying it out. (…)
Highly recommended!


Meet Our friendly NYC Store staff


CEO & Founder


Store Manager


Sleep Expert & COO


Sleep Expert

New York City Mattress Store Storefront


SleePare - Chelsea Manhattan

Our NYC mattress store is located in the heart of Chelsea in Manhattan at 218 West 30th St, New York, NY,10001. Located near Pennsylvania Station, our Manhattan location is easy to navigate to from all boroughs and surrounding areas.
SleePare NYC is just a few short blocks from Hudson Yards, Pier 62, and the Lincoln Tunnel. We are also near Macy’s, Chelsea Park, and just a few blocks from the Empire State Building. From locals to tourists passing through, SleePare is the only mattress store you will ever need to visit in NYC.


Sleep & Compare – Time to Find Your Favorite Mattress.


Make The Most Out Of Your Showroom Visit

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your NYC SleePare showroom visit:

New York City Mattress Store interior
  • Do your research: It can be helpful to have an idea of what you’re looking for when you come to SleePare’s mattress store in NYC. If you aren’t sure what you want, our website can help! Read our blogs, sleep guides, and check out our sleep product comparison tool to help narrow down your choices. Make sure to research materials like memory foam, hybrids, or latex as well as firmness levels.
    Our sleep experts can guide you along the way, but if you have an idea of what you want and need going in, it can help speed up the process and will allow you to find the perfect mattress.

  • Relax: It can take as much as 30 minutes for your body to adjust to a new sleep surface. During this time, you can assess quality to make sure the materials and surface are right for you. Our NYC sleep experts advise you really lie down in your normal sleep position — after all, you’re going to be sleeping on the mattress, not sitting on it. This is why we give you a full 30 minutes to lie down and even nap, if you want! When you wake up, we’ll have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you.

  • Assess your comfort level: At SleePare, we want to make sure you find the perfect mattress. Everyone will have a different preference when it comes to firmness and comfort. The terms “soft” and “firm” are relative when it comes to mattresses — only you can decide if a mattress is too soft, too firm, or just right.

  • Experience all features: The mattresses of today are considerably more advanced than the more traditional metal spring mattresses. Most mattresses now are designed with high-tech features like cooling, extra support, and advanced foams. As you’re trying the mattress, notice how each feature works with your body. Does it keep you cool? Is it reactive or do you sink into the surface of the mattress? All of these are just as important to notice as comfort level or price, especially before you commit to buying.


What You Need To Know About SleePare in NYC

SleePare FAQ

Do I need an appointment to test the mattresses?

While it’s best to make an appointment for a more personalized experience, you’re free to drop by the Manhattan store at any time to test any of our mattresses.

SleePare FAQ

Can I book an after-hours appointment at your NYC showroom?

If you cannot come in during regular business hours, please call our showroom at (347) 307-7096 to see if we can schedule an appointment during off hours.

SleePare FAQ

Where can I find a mattress store near me?

Our Manhattan SleePare showroom is located at 218 West 30th St.

SleePare FAQ

Can I test your mattresses in the NYC store for free?

Yes. SleePare does not charge to visit our showroom and test products. Our dedicated NYC team works hard to help you find the best mattress. Once you finalize your selection, you can order online yourself, or with the assistance of our trained sleep experts.

SleePare FAQ

Is the NYC showroom kid or pet friendly?

SleePare welcomes children and pets on leashes.

SleePare FAQ

Is your showroom ADA compliant?

Yes. Our showroom is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

SleePare FAQ

How can I return a mattress?

SleePare wants to make sure you got the best mattress match for yourself. This is why each one of our mattresses are backed with a 100 night or more (depending on brand policy) trial period for you to test out your mattress. You may exchange or return your mattress, once, within the set trial period time. If you wish to initiate a return you may contact our customer support team which will send you an exchange/return form to fill out. Upon filling out the form and submitting it, we will begin to process your return. Please make sure your form is received and submitted within the trial period.

SleePare FAQ

I've bought the wrong mattress. Can I exchange it?

During your trial period, you can exchange your mattress once with any mattress offered in the New York City Sleepare stores. To exchange your mattress, please follow SleePare’s return policy procedure. In order to place an order for an exchanged mattress, customers are required to give a $500 returnable deposit. This payment will be refunded, minus/plus any cost difference between the original and exchanged mattress. Once an exchange has been made, the exchanged mattress will result in a final sale. Warranty still applies.

SleePare FAQ

Do you offer Free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping nationwide.

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