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5 Main Elements we Consider in our Mattress Comparisons:


Looking for a brand new comfortable bed but can't decide on one product? We will help you sort out the best mattresses to help you sleep better from hundreds of options. The SleePare compare tool analyzes the similarities and differences of up to four mattress models at once!

Through a detailed comparison, you can study each product's specifications, features, warranty, trial period, prices, and a lot more. Besides, we offer authentic sleep expert reviews and customer satisfaction ratings for every mattress. It provides you with further insights into the performance and overall quality of the merchandise.

Check out our top-rated product comparisons and make more informed decisions to improve your slumber experience.

Top Brands to Compare

Top Brands to Compare

Take a look at our top mattress brand picks for 2019! Select from numerous types and preferences and find your dream bed.

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Read Reviews

Read our in-depth comparison reviews for various popular mattresses. We uncover the good and the bad stuff about each model.


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How Should You Compare Mattresses?

When comparing mattresses, it's important to keep these factors in mind to make more informed decisions about your sleep

Brand Inofrmation:

Get as much information as you can about the brand's credibility and policies. Brand credibility helps you understand whether or not the consumers are happy with the products offered by the company, and what the experts are saying about the quality of their merchandise. Policies refer to their warranty, trial period, and delivery procedures. All processes should be hassle-free, so you can have an effortless shopping experience.

Mattress Type:

You'll find a plethora of categories on the mattress market. Here are a few main types you might come across:

Memory foam: Cushioning mattress surface that cradles pressure points and promotes pain relief; lacks heat distribution property.
Foam: Variety of polyurethane foam sub-types, made using unique technologies and materials; such as hyperelastic polymer, Avena, graphite gel-infused, copper-infused, etc.
Latex: Slightly bouncy yet has contouring ability to ensure excellent comfort; uses hypoallergenic materials.
Hybrid: Blending layers of foam with coils; durable, supportive, and ideal for back pain relief.
Innerspring: Layer of coils enclosed in a foam case; various types including Bonnell, pocketed coil, or continuous coils.
Air: Main support of the mattress is air combined with a foam layer; may be inflatable or non-inflatable.
Waterbed: Support system of these beds is water; incredibly cool in feel, yet lacks pain relieving properties.

Body Type Suitability:

Consumers also need to consider their body type while comparing different mattresses. Depending on the mattress category, the support and pressure distribution ability of the sleep surfaces vary for lightweight, regular weight, or heavyweight individuals.

Couples Adjustability:

If you are sleeping with a partner, you might need to consider the parameters that make a bed suitable for couples. For example, the bounce factor and edge support in a mattress are quite important when it comes to couples.

Couples might also want to compare beds with more than one comfort level options, especially if one of the partners prefers a firm bed and the other, soft mattress.

Sleep Positions Suitability:

The back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers, all have unique mattress preferences. Again, depending on the sleeping position, you might want to try a mattress that comforts your pressure points and cradles them while you rest.

Combination sleepers require a surface that allows them to to change their position during the night easily. On the other hand, strictly sleeping on your back, side, and stomach may require looking into the firmness options.

Price and Value:

When you are comparing mattresses, you should have your budget in mind as it helps you narrow down your choices. Look for beds that are reasonably priced yet offer the essential features you seek. Luxury mattresses come with more frills and are far more long-lasting or valuable than lower priced products. Keeping the budget in your mind will assist you in comparing beds with important must-have features.

Features to Look for When Comparing a Mattress

Every mattress on the market is unique and offers a variety of features to improve your overall sleep quality. Hundreds of brands have engineered sleep surfaces utilizing quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure you get a healthy and therapeutic snooze.

While comparing the options, it's important to compare a number of properties that impact the feel and performance of the bed. Assessing features helps you understand your product before purchase, and you'd know what to expect.

Besides considering the mattress category or type, you must also have a look at the construction, including thickness and the materials used. In case you develop rashes to some materials, you can rule out the allergy-triggering beds.

Next, the comfort and support quality of the bed is integral in comparison. Check each mattress's comfort layer and support system, and align them with your preferences. For instance, if you are prone to backaches, the mattress should have exceptional lumbar support. Some beds have pillow top surfaces, which give you a plush comfy feel.

Firmness is yet another crucial factor you may want to compare in your beds. Most mattresses come in medium comfort level, but some may be on the soft side while others are very firm.

For couples or people who sleep with pets, motion isolation is also significant. Your mattress should be able to absorb motion to reduce sleep disturbances. Additionally, if you reside in a climate that's either too hot or too cold, you may want to check the temperature regulation technology in your choices.

Our Comparison Tool

Our Comparison Tool

We have developed a rigorous comparison system offering well-researched and authentic insights into the sleep products quality. Our compare tool is designed to provide consumers with crucial info about the significant similarities and differences among various mattresses. The comparison reviews give you details about features, pricing, overall product value, and performance over the years.

Our Comparison Tool

All comparison results are based on thorough research and analysis of thousands of consumer and expert reviews. Besides, our testers experience the mattresses side-by-side in real-time to feel the variations in numerous products, which we explain to our readers in our in-depth reviews.