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Tuft & Needle Mattress

Nectar vs. Tuft and Needle Mattress Comparison

The New and improved US made (2020) Nectar mattress and the basic Tuft and Needle mattress feature several design similarities: they’re responsive foam mattresses that use heat wicking technology The Nectar is more expensive, but it offers a 4 layers of the latest Hi-tech foam technology.The tuft and needle is cheaper, but only gives you 2 layers of very basic foam.So, how then do you choose between them? While nothing is better than going into a store and comparing the way different mattresses feel, there are some distinctions that can be made immediately.

For instance, Tuft and Needle mattresses are medium firm,and after some break in they will get even softer, so we wouldn’t recommend them to heavier people. While Nectar mattresses are also categorized as medium firm, it’s more accurate to describe them as medium to medium firm. This subtle distinction makes them better-suited to people who sleep on their side or back.

Below, we’ll go into greater depth about their differences. While nothing can replace trying mattresses out for yourself, this data should help narrow down your options and give you a better idea of what to look for.

Nectar vs. Tuft and Needle Mattress Facts

Let’s start with the big-picture differences between these two mattresses. These include things like: the firmness of the mattress, its price, how much weight it can hold, how it distributes that weight, and how it distributes heat.

  • Nectar is suitable for you if:
  • You want a firm, foam mattress.
  • Your mattress needs to support over 180 lbs
  • You wish to test the mattress in all four seasons
  • You want a mattress that distributes heat well.
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  • Tuft and Needle is suitable for you if
  • You need an extremely budget-friendly mattress.
  • You want a mattress you can easily move.
  • You want a mattress to help relieve joint pain.
  • You want a mattress with a medium level of firmness.
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Nectar vs. Tuft and Needle Mattress Customer Reviews

Comfortable Rating

Nectar Logo

Based on 12 reviews

Tuft And Needle Logo

Based on 488 reviews

Comfortable Rating

Nectar Logo

Based on 3 reviews

Tuft And Needle Logo

Based on 610 reviews

Most Positive Review

Nectar Logo

"I'm sleeping better now, and my joints, back and head feel much better for it"

Tuft And Needle Logo

""I have an immune disease that makes my joints hurt all night. With Tuft and Needle, my joints are fine. I slept. It is good."

Nectar vs. Tuft and Needle Mattress Expert Reviews

Value For Money

Nectar Logo

Based on 9 reviews

Tuft And Needle Logo

Based on 11 reviews

Owner Satisfaction

Nectar Logo

Based on 1 reviews

Tuft And Needle Logo

Based on 2 reviews

Sleeping Cool

Nectar Logo

Based on 8 reviews

Tuft And Needle Logo

Based on 10 reviews


Nectar Logo

Based on 7 reviews

Tuft And Needle Logo

Based on 6 reviews

What the experts are saying

Nectar Logo Katie Golde

Katie Golde

Mattress Clarity

"thoughtfully designed a memory foam mattress that contours to your body to allow you..."

Tuft And Needle Logo Joe Auer

Joe Auer

Mattress Clarity

"Definitely a solid mattress with no frills, and a very reputable company providing a..."

Mattress Features

Nectar Logo
  • 4 layer foam, gel memory foam and Hi-core memory foam construction
  • Adjustable for various foundations, including platform and slats and adjusts to box spring.
  • High comfort level due to quilted memory foam design.
  • Range of sizes available (Twin to Cal King).
  • Pressure-relieving design.
  • Comfortable for multiple sleep positions.
Tuft And Needle Logo
  • 2 layer Foam construction
  • Adjustable for box spring and various foundations, including slats and platforms.
  • Conforming mattress takes pressure off the body.
  • Provides a medium level of firmness.
  • Allows cool, comfortable sleep.
  • Cool and breathable feel

Comparison of Brands

Nectar Brand LogoTuft and Needle Brand Logo
2016Year of Origin2012
San FranciscoHeadquarters LocationPhoenix, Arizona
365Sleep Trial Period (days)100
25Warranty (years)10
YesFree DeliveryYes
NoInternational ShippingNo

Of the two brands, Tuft and Needle is the one that has been in the public eye the longest. It was founded by Daehee Park and JT Marino. The goal of Tuft and Needle was to make affordable mattresses readily available to everyone. The company quickly met that goal. In the process, it revolutionized the mattress industry, which prior to that was rooted in in-person sales in brick-and-mortar stores.

Craig Schmeizer, who founded Nectar in 2016, took the online mattress sales business to the next level. His company, Nectar, introduced online consumers to gel memory foam mattresses, which provide a high level of comfort and conformity while sleeping. Today, both companies are still providing consumers with high-quality “bed-in-a-box” service through online mattress sales.

Mattress Trial Period Details

The Nectar mattress offers a 365-day trial period, while the Tuft mattress only offer a 100-day trial period. The amount of time you get with a mattress before committing to the purchase is important, because it allows you to experience whether or not this is a mattress you want to live with. If you’re going to spend a decade or two with a mattress, this is an important decision to make.

While it’s good that both mattresses offer a significant trial period, the Nectar’s 365-day trial is important for more than just giving you additional time to make a decision: it also allows you to experience the mattress during various seasons. This means you can see if it’s warm enough during the winter but cool enough during the summer.

The Tuft and Needle mattress, on the other hand, only gives you 100 days. You may really enjoy this mattress during the summer, because it has a thin, breathable, polyester micro polyamide cover that allows for exceptional airflow. However, these same qualities may make it too cold for the winter months. While we recommend experiencing the trial period during the winter, you should at least keep this factor in mind if you’ve bought your Tuft and Needle over the summer.

Mattress Warranties

Just like with its trial period, the Nectar mattress offers a more generous warranty period. Its 25-year warranty is known as a “Forever Warranty,” allowing you to make a return long after your initial purchase. Even better, you don’t even have to return the mattress. If you keep your original purchase but claim the warranty, you can get half-off your new Nectar mattress.

The Tuft and Needle warranty is sufficient but less impressive. It expires 10 years after the initial purchase, and you must return the mattress. That said, mattresses that are returned under warranty are given to charity.

Please keep in mind that it may be difficult to claim a warranty more than a decade after the mattress was purchased. This makes Nectar’s warranty a generous offer that should be taken with a grain of salt. As well, it’s useful to remember that 95% of Tuft and Needle mattress buyers choose not to return it.

Shipping and Delivery Policies

Nectar and Tuft and Needle mattresses can only be purchased in the United States.

If you live in Hawaii and Alaska, Nectar will charge an extra service fee for shipping, while Tuft and Needle won’t ship to you at all. Both brands offer free shipping throughout the continental U.S.

Nectar Mattress
Tuft & Needle Mattress

Mattress Comparison Overview

Now that we’ve covered some of the big-picture differences between the two brands, let’s cover some of the details that may convince you to choose one mattress over another.

  • Similarities
  • Comfort level:
    Both offer a medium level of firmness.
  • Delivery:
    Both are bed-in-a-box brands provided to U.S. residents via online ordering.
  • Affordability:
    Both mattress types have affordable pricing.
  • Category:
    Both mattresses are made using foam material.
  • Differences
  • Construction:
    Tuft and Needle mattresses have very basic construction, while Nectar mattresses offer 4 layers of newly introduced foam tech.
  • Height:
    Nectar mattresses are thicker to be able to hold their 4 layers.
  • Cooling technology:
    Graphite and gel infusion is used by Tuft and Needle for cooling. Gel memory foam keeps Nectar mattresses cool.
  • Longevity:
    Nectar mattresses typically last longer than Tuft and Needle mattresses.They are offered with a 25 years Warranty Vs the 10 years for the Tuft and Needle.

Mattress Comparison Details

Below you’ll find technical information for these two mattress brands. While this information may seem dry, it can be useful for making otherwise hard-to-describe comparisons. If you’re having difficulty using the below information to make your purchasing decision, consider you current mattress. How thick is it? What body type is it suitable for? What kind of support does it provide?

1. Materials and Construction

Nectar Mattresses Feature:

  • 11-inch total height.
  • Four layers of foam.
  • One inch of gel memory foam for supportive body contouring.
  • Adaptive Hi-Core Memory foam support layer .05 inches thick for cushioning.
  • Mattress foundation six inches thick for endurance and long-lasting comfort.
Nectar Mattress Layers

Tuft and Needle Mattresses Feature:

  • 10-inch total height.
  • Two layers of foam.
  • Adaptive comfort foam three inches thick.
  • Graphite and gel infusion for better mattress responsiveness.
  • 7-inch support foundation.
Tuft and Needle Mattress Layers
Key Differences
HeightNectar mattresses are 11 inches thick, while Tuft and Needle are 10 inches thick.
Number of LayersNectar mattresses have four layers, while Tuft and Needle mattresses only have two layers.
CoverTuft and Needle mattresses have soft polyester and micro polyamide covers, while Nectar mattresses have Tencel covers.
Comfort LayerTuft and Needle mattresses have thicker comfort layers than Nectar mattresses.
Comfort Layer MaterialNectar mattresses contain gel comfort foam, while Tuft and needle mattresses contain graphite material for heat wicking.
Support LayerTuft and Needle mattresses have support layers combined in their foundations. Nectar Mattresses have separate support layers.
Support Layer MaterialTuft and Needle mattresses have polyfoam support layers. Nectar mattresses have gel memory foam support layers.

2. Mattress Firmness

Both mattresses are ranked as “medium firm”, but there are variations within this firmness. The Nectar mattress is slightly firmer because of its gel memory foam. This allows it to contour to your body, though it doesn’t provide the cushioning feel of a Tuft and Needle mattress.

Key Differences
Medium firm 7/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm
Tuft and Needle
Medium 5/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm
FirmnessNectar is slightly more firm than Tuft and Needle.

3. Support

The Tuft and Needle mattress provides pressure point support. This means it distributes body weight evenly. According to consumers, a Tuft and Needle mattress is particularly helpful when trying to relieve arthritis pain.

The Nectar mattress, on the other hand, provides cushioning for your hips and lower back. Its firmness also helps to keep your back aligned while you are sleeping. This helps alleviate back pain.

Key Differences
NectarRelieves back pain.
Tuft and NeedleProvides joint cushioning.

4. Temperature Regulation

The infusion of graphite and gel in each Tuft and Needle mattress is designed to wick heat away from your body while you sleep. At the same time, the polyester micro polyamide cover allows for greater air circulation.

Nectar’s cooling gel and Tencel cover are both designed to lessen heat while you sleep. This explains why consumers say the Nectar mattress is better for ensuring you stay cool while you sleep.

Key Differences
NectarTencel cooling cover and layers of gel memory foam.
Tuft and NeedlePolyester and micro polyamide cover with graphite and gel infusion.

5. Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is most important if you’re sharing a bed with someone. Usually this is a concern for couples, but it may also be a factor if you have a pet that sleeps with you.

Consumer reviews indicate gel infused Nectar mattresses provide better motion transfer protection. It also has exceptional edge support. Even if your significant other is taking up a significant portion of the bed, you won’t feel like you’re falling off.

Key Differences
Motion IsolationTuft and Needle does not provide as much motion isolation as Nectar.

6. Body Type Suitability

The Tuft and Needle mattress is ideal for people with an average body type. A Nectar mattress is more appropriate if you weigh over 180 lbs because its materials are more durable and less likely to cause a sinking feeling.

Key Differences
Lightweight (<139 lbs)Average Weight
(136 lbs - 179 lbs)
(>180 lbs)
Tuft and NeedleSuitableSuitableNot Suitable

7. Sleep Positions Adjustability

The Tuft and Needle mattress is ideal for people who sleep on their back or side because it provides contour support and reduces joint stress. It also provides focused support in the hip area when you are on your back. However, if you are a combination sleeper, or someone who changes positions frequently, it may not be your ideal mattress. It can also be uncomfortable or feel too hot when you sleep on your stomach.

The Nectar mattress provides excellent support when you are sleeping on your stomach or back. The quilted foam contours to your body well when you lay in those positions. Because the Nectar mattress is slightly firmer, it can place too much pressure on your hips or shoulders if you sleep on your side.

Key Differences
Tuft and NeedleSuitableSuitableNot SuitableNot Suitable

8. Price and Overall Value

Tuft and Needle mattresses are less expensive than Nectar mattresses, but both are well-priced.

Please note that Nectar mattresses are made with more-durable material, which explains the price differential. This durability means that Nectar mattresses have a better chance of lasting longer, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Key Differences
PriceNectar mattresses are more expensive than Tuft and Needle mattresses.
ValueYou get more long-term value from a Nectar mattress.
Nectar Brand LogoTuft & Needle Brand Logo

Size and Pricing

Brand Logo NectarBrand Logo Tuft & Needle
$499Twin: 39" x 75"$315
$569Twin XL: 39" x 80"$355
$699Full: 54" x 75"$445
$799Queen: 60" x 80"$535
$999King: 76" x 80"$675
$999Cali King: 72" x 84"$675

The above prices are taken directly from the manufacturers' websites.
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The Bottom Line

Both mattresses are among the most popular mattresses in the US in recent years.Both are not expensive mattress. If you can afford the higher priced Nectar Mattress,you will get a much more “tech advanced” mattress, that we think will serve almost every sleeper better than the basic constructed Tuft and needle. Unless you are a very light weight person that sleeps on their side, we recommend to give the nectar 365 trial period a chance.

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