Where to Find the Tuft and Needle Mattress in NYC

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Where to Find the Tuft and Needle Mattress in NYC

Phoenix-based Tuft & Needle is the brainchild of two former Silicon Valley engineers, Daehee Park and JT Marino. Park and Marino launched it in 2012 to turn the mattress industry on its head and revolutionize sleep from the ground up.

The T&N moniker takes its cue from a needle co-founder JT used to tuft his first mattress. T&N has since grown both in numbers and with regards to the scope of its mission.

To realize their vision of revolutionizing sleep, T&N has formulated their patented Adaptive Foam. This unique foam brings you the pressure-relief benefits of memory foam and the cooling capabilities of latex without any of their downsides.

The T&N Adaptive Foam technology is present in all their top products and is no mere gimmick. But don’t just take our word for it; Tuft and Needle stands behind its products and understands your need to try out your new mattress in person. You can check out all of their products in person and feel the difference for yourself at any of their stores, as well as other select locations.

Why Should You Try Tuft and Needle Before Buying?

While online shopping is really convenient, it doesn’t offer you the chance to touch and feel the product you’re looking to purchase, which is an essential component of the mattress shopping experience. Since T&N’s mission has always been to provide better sleep to as many mattress shoppers as possible. Although their mattresses are designed to accommodate sleepers of all kinds, they understand their consumers’ need to ‘try before they buy’ and have been expanding from online to brick and mortar stores in different locations.

You can find T&N stores in Beaverton, Raleigh, Leawood, Seattle, Gilbert and Scottsdale to try out their products for yourself. Visiting a Tuft and Needle store also gives you the opportunity to interact with the sales staff, who can answer all your questions on the spot until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. This ensures complete peace of mind and the lessens your chances of you having to bother with inconvenient returns.

But what happens if you’re a New Yorker who doesn’t have a way to make it to a Tuft and Needle storefront in other state? Luckily for you, there are still some options for in-person testing of Tuft and Needle mattresses in NYC.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Trial at SleePare NYC

Mattresses on display in Sleepare NYC. You can try Tuft and Needle Mattress Trial at SleePare NYC as well

The Tuft and Needle retail experience has really been developed with the customer in mind. The T&N team got rid of everything they didn’t like about mattress shopping and began to focus on what really matters to consumers – quality products at a reasonable price, without the hassle.

At the SleePare showroom in New York, you can enjoy the T&N Original mattress in all its glory. Our clean, cozy testing environment is only outdone by our friendly and knowledgeable sleep experts.

We guarantee a completely pressure-free testing experience. You can take as long as 30 minutes to properly feel out your mattress, and have our experts create a completely customized mattress trial experience without even spending a dime.

An added advantage of shopping at SleePare is that we feature mattresses from dozens of other reputed brands besides Tuft and Needle. We’ll help you put together a side-by-side comparison of all of today’s top online-only mattress brands and choose the mattress that best suits your needs.

When you find something you like, you can place an order in-store and have it delivered to your doorstep – for free.

Other Tuft and Needle Locations in NYC

Can’t make it to SleePare but still want a chance to test a T&N mattress in person? You can find Tuft and Needle products at these New York furniture stores.

Crate and Barrel611 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Mon-Sat 10a-9p

Sun 11a-7p
Lowe’s Home Improvement118 2nd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Mon-Sat 6a-12p

Sun 8a-10p
Interior Define68 Greene St.
New York City, NY 10012
Mon-Sat 11a-7p

Sun 11a-6p

1. Crate and Barrel

Located on Broadway between Bleecker Street and Houston Street, this massive Crate and Barrel store has everything you need to spruce up your home decor.

The store is well organized with the bedding and furniture section on the second floor. The Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress is available to try in-store and can be purchased in all sizes.

This C&B location does get quite busy, but their sales staff is always around to help you out. They’re friendly, attentive to your needs, and go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible. However, as this is a two-story establishment with only street parking, finding a parking spot can be tricky at times.

2. Lowe’s Home Improvement

Founded in 1946, Lowe’s has grown from a small hardware store to the second-largest home improvement retailer worldwide and one of America’s favorite destinations for quality appliances, furniture, flooring, hardware, and other home improvement needs.

You can pick up the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress in-store in Full, Queen and King at the local Lowe’s on 2nd street in Brooklyn. Additional sizes and models are available for online ordering at Lowes.com.

The store itself is well-lit and spacious; the aisles are clean and tidy with stocked shelves. There’s always someone on hand to help you out and answer your questions. The store can get a bit crowded at times, so we’d recommend visiting during weekdays when it’s quieter. Fortunately, they have ample parking on-site.

3. Interior Define

While known for its high-quality, customizable furniture, the Interior Define outlet is also another home to the Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress in NYC. The Mint Mattress is available for in-store trial and fits well with Interior Define’s modern theme.

As far as the store itself is concerned, you’ll have no trouble finding it as it’s conveniently located on Green Street in SoHo. It’s large, roomy, with plenty of natural lighting. You’ll definitely appreciate their clean and minimalist aesthetic.

If you’re not blown away by the design and quality of Interior Define’s products, you will be by their hospitable and helpful staff. One thing to note, however, is that the wait for product delivery can be long.

Official Tuft and Needle Retail Stores in the US

You are in for a treat whenever you visit any of these Tuft and Needle locations. You can try out both of their mattresses in person along with their pillow, sheets, protector, duvet covers, and Pouch any day of the week.

Beaverton2725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Suite 115 Beaverton, OR 97005
Mon-Sat 10a-8p

Sun 11a-5p

Raleigh2030 1st Ave, Suite 2093 Raleigh, NC 27612
Mon-Sat 10a-9p

Sunday 12p-7p

Leawood4411 W. 119th St., Town Center Crossing Space A-133 Leawood, KC 66209
Mon-Sat 10a-8p

Sunday 11a-6p

Seattle2030 1st Ave, Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98121
Mon-Sat 10a-6p

Sunday 11a-6p

Gilbert350 N Gilbert Rd, Suite 104 Gilbert, AZ 85233
Mon-Sat 10a-8p

Sunday 11a-6p

Scottsdale2730 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Mon-Sat 10a-6p

Sunday 10a-5p

1. Beaverton Tuft and Needle Store

Beaverton Tuft and Needle Store

This Tuft and Needle store is located in the Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center next to Sharetea. This convenient location is just a few miles west of downtown Portland in the friendly city of Beaverton.

The store on the ground floor and you can park in the Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center right in front of or around the store.

Once you enter, you will be immediately greeted by the store’s contemporary yet cozy aesthetic.

All products are available on display, and the T&N team is present to answer all and any questions you might have about their offerings. Customers find them super helpful, friendly, and not at all pushy.

They have both the T&N Original and Mint mattresses set up for you to try in their quiet and relaxing bedrooms. The private bedrooms are perfectly designed to give you first-hand experience of how it would feel to sleep in their mattress at home.

2. Raleigh Tuft and Needle Store

Store front of Raleigh Tuft and Needle Store

T&N’s store in Raleigh, North Carolina is located inside the Crabtree Valley Mall. The mall is a popular location among locals and easily accessible from almost everywhere in the Triangle, North Carolina and beyond.

There is plenty of parking in the Blue Deck of the mall. But it can get pretty crowded on the weekends so finding a spot can be tricky.

The T&N store is located on the 2nd level right next to the Apple store. It offers a comfortable setting for you to experience the full range of T&N sleep products, including mattresses, sheets, and more.

It is a little smaller than other Tuft and Needle locations, but you can still try out both of their mattresses in their exquisite and cozy private bedrooms.

3. Leawood Tuft and Needle Store

Outdoor front of Leawood Tuft and Needle Store

The Kansas City Tuft and Needle store is located in Town Center Crossing in Leawood, a part of the metropolitan area.

Town Center Crossing is known for its open-air shopping experience. This means you don’t have to leave your car in a lot and can enjoy the convenience of parking right by the store.

You have the undivided attention of their friendly staff as soon as you set foot inside the store. They are very knowledgeable and hospitable and will ensure you are comfortable as they show you around the store.

The store has an immaculate layout. It is very modern and clean with separate semi-private rooms to try both of their mattresses. You can also check out the T&N Pouch, pillows, and sheets while you’re at it.

4. Seattle Tuft and Needle Store

Outdoor front of Seattle Tuft and Needle Store

Tuft and Needle’s Seattle location is in Belltown on the corner of 1st Avenue and Lenora Street. Belltown is a bustling neighborhood on the downtown waterfront and a short walk from Pike Place Market.

This store is beautiful, eye-catching, and stands out from other T&N locations. It gives off a very futuristic and somewhat otherworldly vibe.

It is a clean and well-lit expanse with four to five all-white, cocoon-like compartments that serve as private bedrooms for testing T&N mattresses. The store is extensively decorated with air plants that can be found on shelves as well as the floor.

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy. They give you the freedom to roam around and test the beds, without persistently hovering over you.

5. Gilbert Tuft and Needle Store

Front of Gilbert Tuft and Needle Store

This Tuft and Needle store is located in the middle of Heritage Marketplace in downtown Gilbert. It is a very lively district, but newcomers can have trouble finding the store as it is located in the shopping center off of Vaughn and is not visible from Gilbert Road.

The storefront is clean, bright, and simple. The aesthetic is largely contemporary, but the ribbed wooden compartments and cushy side benches that run along them give the store somewhat of a retro feel.

There are three of the aforementioned semi-private compartments where you can try out the beds, mattresses, and pillows in peace before you place an order.

There is no high-pressure sales team running circles around you, making you dread the whole shopping experience. The staff is courteous, attentive, and will give you great information on products and discounts.

The customer support is also exemplary. They will go out of their way to make sure you are having a comfortable sleep and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

6. Scottsdale Tuft and Needle Store

Outdoor front of Scottsdale Tuft and Needle Store

The T&N Scottsdale location is right around the corner from Old Town Scottsdale, at the corner of Scottsdale Road and Thomas Road.

When you visit the showroom, a staff member at the front desk greets you and checks you into a queue if other people are demoing the beds.

They have a nice waiting area where you can check out their pillows. You also get water, tea, and a soft bench to sit on while you wait for your name to be called.

They then introduce you to their mattresses and leave you alone to try them for yourself. You can try the mattress for as long as you need without any salesperson watching you. There’s a person in the center of the store ready to answer any questions you may have.

There are four mattresses available to demo at any given time. They are placed in four open sections of the store that aren’t very private like rooms in other T&N locations.

The Tuft and Needle Experience

What makes Tuft and Needle one of the most highly-rated online mattresses currently on the market? While you can read our full T&N review online, here are a few things that make Tuft and Needle stand out amongst competitors.

  • Product Sourcing

    Tuft and Needle puts quality craftsmanship and responsible product sourcing above all else. This core philosophy is reflected in all of their products.

    T&N sources fabric comes from a 90-year-old, family-owned textile mill in the Carolinas while their foam is also poured and cut in the United States. Sewing and finishing are completed in South Carolina before the product is ready to be sold.

  • Shipping

    All T&N products come with free standard shipping and return shipping. They only ship within the United States and all items ship separately. Mattresses are usually shipped within three days to most locations.

    Same-day shipping is also available for mattresses in certain zip codes in New York City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle. You can get both the T&N Original and Mint mattresses for a non-refundable shipping fee of $50 per mattress.

  • Night Trial and Returns

    T&N holds itself to the highest standards and are so sure that you will be pleased with your purchase that they offer a 100-Night Trial with all their products.

    If you are not completely satisfied with your T&N product for any reason, T&N will help you with a return and full refund. They will even remove your mattress for free and donate it to a charity of your choice. However, you can only return and refund one mattress purchased within the same year.

    You can also choose to exchange your product for another if you are within the 100-Night Sleep trial. You will be charged or refunded the difference in cost between the items but your sleep trial will be voided.

  • Warranty

    Mattresses — T&N Mattresses are built to last, and both variants come with a 10-year limited warranty. It covers defects such as sagging, cracked foam, and unravelling stitching in the cover.

    Pillows and Toppers — Defects in the cover and foam are covered under the three-year limited warranty for pillows.

    Frame —Manufacturing flaws such as scratches and dings, damage during shipping as well as missing parts and craftsmanship issue are covered under T&N’s 12-year limited warranty for frames.

    None of the T&N warranties covers normal wear and tear or any damage that results from uses beyond the intended use of their product. Visit their website to learn more about T&N warranties for different products.

Tuft and Needle Product Overview

Family setting up the Tuft and Needle on their bed

Tuft and Needle offers a whole range of bedding products so you can have the sleeping experience you deserve. All of these are available for testing at a Tuft and Needle outlet near you while NYC residents can also check out the T&N Original Mattress at SleePare.

  • The T&N Original Mattress

    The T&N Original Mattress is the one that started it all.

    Featuring T&N’s Adaptive Foam, the original mattress comes with all the essentials without any of the gimmicks. It provides comfort, pressure-relief, support, and cool sleeping at an aggressively competitive price.

    This mattress is perfect for sleepers of any size or weight. The adaptive foam responds to increasing amounts of pressure by providing more support to ensure optimal weight distribution.

    The mattress is highly versatile and will play nice with your existing mattress setup. Solid workmanship and quality materials will also ensure that it lasts a long time.

  • The T&N Mint Mattress

    The Mint Mattress by Tuft and Needle packs all the goodness of the original but amps it up to a whole new level. It’s an elegant mattress at a very attractive price point.

    The Mint is thicker, softer and breathes better. It incorporates some of the most requested features by users of the original, such as better edge support and heat dispersion.

    The T&N Adaptive Foam top layer is still present but now has 30% more graphite than the one used in the flagship model. Beneath it is a layer of Enhanced Adaptive foam, infused with extra gel beads that allow it to better extend the cooling properties of the top layer throughout the rest of the mattress.

  • The T&N Pillow

    This pillow has been designed with your comfort in mind and is the perfect companion for your Tuft and Needle mattress.

    This features a T&N Adaptive Foam core to ensure plushness, support and pressure relief. The core is enclosed in an incredibly soft cover that is breathable and easy to wash.

    You must know that most pillows feel great at first, but their quality declines really fast. But the T&N pillow is built to perfection and has been lab-tested to last about 25 years.

  • Bedding Accessories

    Mattress Protector — T&N understands your mattress is an important investment, but accidents are bound to happen. That’s why they’ve developed a mattress protector that will help keep your sleeping space clean.

    The mattress protector from T&N perfectly compliments your mattress but doesn’t get in its way. It fits the T&N mattress like a glove and will stay in place. It features a protective, waterproof film which has been covered with a soft, comfortable cover to mimic the feel of their mattress.

    Mattress Topper — If you are not fully satisfied with the softness and cushiness of your mattress, you can take it up a notch with T&N’s mattress topper. You don’t even need a T&N mattress to use it as It’s compatible with most mattresses in the market. It is made of soft and cushy responsive foam that provides comfort all night long and improves the pressure-relief capabilities of your mattress. It is also breathable so it doesn’t get in the way of your mattress’ heat dispersion features.

    Sheet Sets — T&N mattress sheets are made of durable materials and feature solid craftsmanship. They come with a highly resilient elastic that lets them perfectly enclose mattresses up to 14” in height. All sheet sets come with a pillowcase, a fitted sheet, and a top flat sheet. T&N offers them in three varieties: Percale, Jersey, and Linen.

  • Furniture

    Metal Base — While Tuft and Needle mattresses are designed to be compatible with most frames and foundations, they recommend pairing their mattresses with their metal base and separately sold box foundation for a simple and supportive sleeping setup. The metal base is strong, sturdy, and easily assembled without the need for any tools.

    Wood Bed Frame — The Wood Frame makes for a more elegant and timeless alternative that is suitable for most spaces. It is made of responsibly-sourced and durable hardwood but has been reasonably priced so it is available to more people.

    Pouch — The Pouch is T&N’s take on the bean bag and they don’t fail to impress. It features a blend of their very own Adaptive Foam encased inside a premium soft quilted cover that is fully removable and washable. It feels soft yet offers reasonable support and is perfect for sitting back and relaxing in.

Ready for your free in-store trial of a Tuft and Needle mattress? Book an appointment at SleePare today!

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