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Nectar Mattress Reviews

Nectar is an affordable foam mattress. The four-layer composition is a touch bouncier than its competitors. This cool and comfy mattress is sold directly from importer to the customer to save the middleman cost

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Nectar Mattress Reviews

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Highlight Features
Highlight Features

Gel Memory Foam construction for enhanced pressure relief
The most comfortable mattress at the best price

Trial Period
Trial Period

You can try this mattress at home for 365 nights.


This product offers 25 Years warranty.


Free home delivery anywhere in the US.

Overview of Features

  • Adjusts with box spring, adjustable, slatted, and platform foundations
  • Quilted memory foam for enhanced comfort
  • Available in different sizes from Twin to Cal King
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Proper lumbar support
  • Adequate motion absorption
  • Temperature regulation
  • Durable and healthy construction
  • Can be tested in all four seasons
  • Medium-firm comfort level
Nectar Mattress is right for you if:
  • If you prefer a reasonably priced mattress
  • If you desire a cooling mattress for a temperature regulated sleep
  • If you seek a mattress with superb pressure relief and lumbar support
  • If you require a bed with excellent motion isolation
Nectar Mattress is not right for you if:
  • If you prefer sleeping on a pure spring or latex bed
  • If you enjoy sleeping on a super soft or super firm surface
  • If you are sensitive to off-gassing or chemical odor


About Nectar Sleep

Nectar is an affordable foam mattress. The four-layer composition is a touch bouncier than its competitors. This cool and comfy mattress is sold directly from importer to the customer to save the middleman cost. Customer reviews show Nectar mattress to be an accurate depiction of the company's slogan, The Bed Of Your Dreams.

Nectar Sleep, an online mattress brand, has its headquarters located in San Francisco, USA. Craig Schmeizer is the founder of the Nectar Sleep. Since the past 15 years, the company has been creating comfy memory foam mattresses for American sleepers. The brand experts use innovative materials to guarantee a good bed for a low price. Each Nectar comes with a 365 nights in-home trial, money-back guarantee, and a Forever warranty. In case of any manufacturing defect, the company replaces your mattress during the first 10 years and replaces it or repairs it at its discretion after that duration. Forever warranty includes Choice Option which gives you a choice to keep your defective Nectar and purchase a new one at half price. Delivery and returns are free within the continental USA. The company ships to Alaska and Hawaii for a nominal surcharge.

If you are seeking a durable and affordable cool memory foam bed, Nectar is among the finest choices. You may also check out their other sleep essentials including bedding accessories. Nectar foams are CertiPUR-US certified for the absence of heavy metals, ozone depleters, and PBDE flame retardants. The OEKO-TEX certified sleep surface is safe for babies and children.

Nectar Mattress Benefits Overview

Nectar Sleep team gives significant importance to customer satisfaction. Thus, since the beginning, user reviews for Nectar mattresses have been the backbone of the brand’s improvement practices.

The 11" Nectar is an elegant construction of four layers enclosed in a Tencel cover. A thick Quilted Gel Memory Foam offers the initial comfort. This quilted Tencel cover is bedbug resistant. It ensures a fresh and healthy sleep surface for people with sensitive skin. The Gel Memory foam provides excellent body contouring. Adding to the comfort is an Adaptive Hi-Core Memory foam, which gives Nectar a subtle bounce. The base is a High Density surface which is quite robust in essence.

The Nectar features a semi-open Lush Foam including a premium gel layer. It offers excellent heat absorption and distribution. The Nectar mattress provides medium-firm comfort level. Thus, the bed is supportive and comfortable for most of the sleepers. It also allows even distribution of weight irrespective of your build. You can enjoy a refreshing rest on this comfy mattress whether you sleep on your sides, back or front.

The mattress has excellent motion isolation, making Nectar a good choice for couples. The base foam improves mattress life and gives strength to the whole structure. All in all, Nectar suits everyone with a plethora of unique features.

Nectar Mattress Technology Details

The 11” Nectar features four foam layers enclosed in a Tencel cover.

The Quilted Gel Memory Foam is 1” thick. The sleep surface perfectly contours your body curves for a pressure-relieving rest. The presence of gel reduces the warmth. The cooling Nectar helps you relax and experience a deep sleep.

The 3” Gel Memory layer incorporates the Lush Foam, one of the most premium gel foams on the market. This layer dissipates the body heat, making the bed chilly. The gel has remarkable motion absorption quality. The memory foam works to reduce pressure so you can enjoy a pain-free snooze.  

The Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam is a dense 0.5” thick surface. This optimal inner layer offers perfect support to your body. The responsive foam has excellent resilience and bounce. This feature improves targeted pressure relief and helps you move in bed with ease. It also adds springiness to Nectar.

The 6" Base Layer supports the entire mattress structure. This dense foam forms a sturdy foundation, enhancing the mattress life. Special molded air channels draw in fresh air, further cooling the mattress surface.  

The Tencel Cooling Cover is resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. The soft material is breathable and has excellent moisture wicking qualities. It gives you a refreshing feel and guarantees a healthy slumber.

Nectar Mattress

Review/Introductory Videos

Nectar Sleep - Introductory Video
Set up/foundations
Nectar Mattress - Unboxing
Nectar Mattress - Temperature and Comfort
Nectar Mattress - Back Pain Relief
Nectar Mattress - Motion Isolation Test

Nectar Mattress Sizing and Pricing

Cali King72" x 84"11"$900
Full53" x 75"11"$700
King76" x 80"11"$924
Queen60" x 80"11"$817
Twin38" x 75"11"$500
Twin XL38" x 80"11"$550

Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews

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Nectar Mattress Expert Reviews


Real Mattress Review - Ross Paumen

August 20, 2018
We rate Nectar so high simply because of the materials that are inside of it are above average for the space and the price is lower than many brands that are lessor quality. Nectar truly is a very good value. Leave sleepare and read full review

Get Best Mattress - Chris Young

August 20, 2018
possesses some peculiar aspects, such as being quite firm, yet preserving a very soft and cozy top layer feel. The use of very premium medical grade and hypoallergenic foams has made NECTAR well recognized for their award-winning mattress. Leave sleepare and read full review

Sleep Advisor - Mark Reddick

August 20, 2018
Nectar is a fantastic new bed that offers impressive performance at a reasonable price too. It is constructed with pressure relief in mind, and you will notice a feeling of sinking which is a huge plus for side sleepers. Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Guides - Lauren Kendrick

August 20, 2018
affordable, plush mattress with attractive features that not only cost less but last longer. With its balanced levels of support and comfort this state of the art mattress has already made a name for itself in the industry. Leave sleepare and read full review

Memory Foam Talk - Andrew & Kaye Babb

August 20, 2018
If you are looking for a luxury model, Nectar might be a good choice Leave sleepare and read full review

Memory Foam Doctor - Will

August 20, 2018
If you are looking for a mattress that is slightly higher than medium in firmness Leave sleepare and read full review

Slumber Search - Chris Moberg

August 20, 2018
They have a few interesting differentiators - their memory foam mattress is softer than most others. It is a medium feel for most sleepers rather than a medium-firm. Also, they offer a full year trial and a 'forever' warranty, which is really generous compared to other brands. Leave sleepare and read full review

The Sleep Sherpa - Ben Trapskin

August 20, 2018
For the money, this is one of the best dense foam mattresses I have tried. It is made in China but I didnt notice any major off-gassing. It is also Certipur Certified so the foams used in the construction of the mattress are tested to be free of any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. This mattress is extremely comfortable and I love how it conforms so well to your body. Leave sleepare and read full review

Honest Mattress Reviews

August 20, 2018
NECTAR mattress pioneered the 365 Night Sleep trial when entering the market early 2017. With a Tencel cooling cover over three layers of foam, this mattress is priced to sell. This has become the most popular made in China mattress only behind Zinus. Shop now Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Matchers - Kamil Spark

August 20, 2018
Nectar is an all-foam mattress manufactured in China for the US market. It features the finest quality poly and memory foam at 11-inches thick with medium firmness. Leave sleepare and read full review

Sleep Delivered - Trish

August 18, 2018
This budget-friend memory foam mattress has it all: advanced foam engineering, sleeps cool, good edge support... plus an industry-first LIFETIME warranty. Leave sleepare and read full review

Non Biased Reviews - Rana Landreth

August 20, 2018
Thanks to its Tencel fiber material. We will talk about the top cover more in a second, just wanted to tell you real quick what Tencel is. Tencel is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from the eucalyptus tree (I know this because I use Eucalyptus essential oil in my diffuser), making it the most echo friendly regenerated fabric. Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Clarity - Katie Golde

August 20, 2018
thoughtfully designed a memory foam mattress that contours to your body to allow you to sleep in a variety of positions while staying cool all night. Leave sleepare and read full review


Customers Ultimately Bought

Comfort level

Medium 5/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm
Height11 "
Weight74 pounds
Warranty25 years
Trial period365 days
Country of originChina
Free deliveryYes
Mattress build4 layers foam
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes


Cali King72" x 84"
Full53" x 75"
King76" x 80"
Queen60" x 80"
Twin38" x 75"
Twin XL38" x 80"

Other Specification


Nectar Mattress
  • 1" Gel Memory Foam - light blue
  • 3" Gel Memory Foam - light blue
  • 1" Memory foam -
  • 6" High density memory foam - dark blue
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1" Polyfoam/polyurethane foam - pale yellow
8" Pocket coils
1" High density polyfoam - dark green
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0.375" Memory foam -
4" Individually pocketed coils
7" Continuous coils
2" Polyfoam/polyurethane foam - pale yellow
2.5" Microcoils
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MediumFirmCushion Firm


100 Days120 Days120 Days


15 years15 years10 years