The 5 Best Sheets for a Purple Mattress

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By Dustin Morgan | 3 Minute Read

There are a variety of options available to you when shopping for sheets, but not all of them will work well with a Purple mattress. In fact, you need to find a sheet set that pairs well with Purple’s unique properties.

To understand the relationship Purple has with sheets, we first have to understand what makes the mattresses unique.

Their top layer grid is made from a gel-like trademarked material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is more commonly referred to as a smart-comfort grid. This material was originally used for knee braces, actually: because of this origin, the polymer is firm enough to sleep on, but not so firm as to be uncomfortable.

The Purple Mattress itself has a honeycomb-like grid supported by memory foam. This top layer of foam immediately adapts to your body’s position. It’s soft, bouncy, and responsive. The design keeps your spine aligned all night, no matter how often you or your partner move.

For this mattress to function properly, the best Purple sheets must be on the mattress. They have to be a tight fit with loads of stretch, because you don’t want sheets that are stiff and inhibit the Purple from moving the way your body is moving.

This means we’re looking for natural materials, such as combed cotton and bamboo.

The bed and bedding work in harmony to reap the full benefits of the Purple’s design, cradling and supporting your body as you get a good night’s rest.

In order for the Purple’s pressure reducing technology to be effective, you cannot put those old fashioned, tightly knit, seamed sheets on this mattress. They must be stretchy and have lots of play in a seamless fabric.

The sheets we recommend for the Purple all have some characteristics in common. They share the same dimensions. A key feature of this mattress is a tight, snug-fitting sheet with lots of giving and these selections all enjoy that quality. And they can be used on any old mattress you may have as well.


Unsurprisingly, Purple sheets are superior for the Purple mattress. One of the thinnest sheets, they have been engineered with ultra stretchiness and flexibility to work in harmony with the design of the mattress. These super soft sheets move when you move, yet fit snugly and stay firmly in place. They are 83% more breathable than top-selling Egyptian cotton sheets and consistently keep you comfortable and cool. These durable sheets are made from a blend of 90 percent bamboo-derived rayon and 10 percent spandex. Care: Machine wash and dry on very low to no heat. This has been a problem for some consumers. They didn’t follow the directions and the sheets were ruined in a hot dryer.


These sheets are the most affordable option on this list, Purple recommends them as another option besides their own brand. Created from 100 percent jersey knit combed cotton, similar to your favorite tee shirt, the fabric conforms to your body since it is flexible and naturally soft. This means it goes on easily and stays on. Seamless, this material offers no coolness technology making hot sleepers feel a little uncomfortable. Care: Machine wash and dry.


These are considered one of the most luxe sheets for the Purple. Crafted from 100% rayon for sensational softness and the equivalent to best selling 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Silky and luxurious with a cashmere-like feel. Breathable fabric means you stay dry and comfortable. Full elastic all the way around for a secure fit. Stretchy, hypoallergenic fabric conforms to your mattress ensuring comfort all night. Care: Machine wash cool and tumble dry low heat.


“Sleep cool, Sleep dry, Sleep comfortable” is the Sheex trademark. The all-natural fibers are a perfect fit for the Purple. This soft and ultra stretchy sheet allows unhindered movement and the mattress to perform at full capacity for a blissful night of sleep. They are an all weather choice. Care: Wash in cold water, no bleach, no fabric softener. Dry at a low heat and no dryer sheets.


These sheets are organic premium bamboo providing the ideal mix of softness, strength and stretch. They have excellent moisture wicking to keep you sleeping comfortably through the night. They are also fully elasticized, keeping them right where they belong: snugly on your bed, aiding the Purple in cradling you for a good night’s rest. Care: Wash on gentle/delicate cycle in cool water. Dry on low temperature.

What If You’re Unhappy with Your Choice?

If you’re curious about any of the sheets listed in this article, and you want to try them out for yourself, you’ll want to make note of their return policies. Please note a few of these can be slept on for a reasonable trial period and if you are not satisfied, you will be able to return the sheets for a full refund. 

Purple Sheets 

These sheets offer a full return of up to 30 days following delivery.


AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set 

AmazonBasics offer free returns, so long as the sheets are new and unused. You do not get a free trial.


Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Collection

Oasis only accepts unused merchandise in original packaging. You do not get a free trial.


Sheex Ecosheet Bamboo Origin

Sheex offers a 30 night, risk-free guarantee trial period.


DTY Bedding Organic Bamboo Sheet

DTY offers a 90-day sleep trial with a hassle-free return.


What Should You Look For In Bedsheets For Purple Sheets? 

The mattress and sheets have to work together to take full advantage of the Purple’s design. Old fashioned, stiff, seamed sheets inhibit movement. That is bad for the sleeper and completely goes against the Purple’s design. We definitely want something extremely stretchy. This way, when you flex in your sleep, the Purple can too. It is engineered to move as quickly as you do. You won’t get the benefits of the mattresses technology if your sheets can’t move and adapt just as quickly.

Thread count is unimportant when sheet shopping for your Purple. But touchability and feel is – sheets are an important part of your sleep experience. Bamboo fabrics are trendy and possibly the softest sheet you can purchase. It is a high-quality fabric.


Dustin Morgan

Dustin Morgan

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