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Where Can I Try a Ghostbed Mattress in 2023?

Where Can I Try a Ghostbed Mattress in 2023?

Is the Ghostbed mattress right for me?

If you’re shopping for a mattress online, you’re probably thinking that you have no choice but to wonder if it’s the right fit for you.  But you know that the best way to know if you’ll like a Ghostbed mattress is to try it. So what’s holding you back? Once you read on, you’ll realize that nothing is. It’s actually super easy to test out a mattress in person. It’s also a great idea, since testing your Ghostbed mattress before you buy it allows you to confirm that it really is comfortable for your body type and sleep style.

Read on for all the details on how to try a Ghostbed mattress near you. You won’t lose another night of sleep on your old mattress again. 


Can I test a Ghostbed mattress in-store before purchase?

Even though Ghostbed is an online brand, it’s actually really easy to try a Ghostbed mattress in a store. You just need to visit one of Ghostbed’s trusted retail partners. These stock Ghostbed (and sometimes other online mattress brands) so that customers can try them. This makes customers more likely to find a mattress they love, since they can really get a feel for what a night of sleep in each model will be like. By the time they make their purchase, they feel more confident than ever that they made the right choice. In addition, the retail partners often give customers extra perks like more attentive customer service,  better deal deals, and more affordable delivery options. 

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Why is the Ghostbed mattress so popular?

Out of all the brands we’ve discussed on our blog, Ghostbed is truly one of the giants. With founders that have been making premium quality mattresses for literal decades, it’s no wonder that this brand has gained loyal customers all across the continent. Here are 8 reasons we think you will love a Ghostbed mattress:

1. Proud Local Sourcing – If you’re interested in shopping local, it might interest you to know that Ghostbed mattresses are manufactured right in the U.S. from globally sourced, superior quality materials. Though, the website does state that, in times of high demand, orders may be shipped from one of their locations in Canada. 

2. Thoughtful Crafting –  Ghostbed mattresses are designed by seasoned experts who have been making mattresses for decades. They’ve used what they’ve learned over their many years of experience to create mattresses that work for every type of sleeper. This includes people of heavier sizes and people with sleep-related health conditions. 

3. Award-Winning Quality – Ghostbed mattresses are made with premium materials designed for optimal pressure relief, firmness, and reduced motion transfer. In fact, multiple third parties consider Ghostbed to be one of the best all-around mattresses—suited for all sleepers. This includes side sleepers, stomach sleepers, combination sleepers (people who sleep in multiple positions throughout the night), and everyone in between. Some of the third-party sites that have sung Ghostbed’s praises include Mattress Advisor, Slumber Yard, Sleep Foundation, Mattress Rater,, and Color us impressed!

4. Gel-Infused Memory Foam – Ghostbed mattresses are made with multiple comfort layers of gel-infused memory foam and non-allergenic latex with. Each model is designed to fully support your body while advanced cooling technology wicks away heat and moisture. In fact, Ghostbed mattresses have been rated the “Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers” by the Sleep Foundation. Plus, each foam layer is designed to keep a well-defined edge, so you won’t find yourself rolling off the edge of the bed in the middle of the night. 

5. Chemical Free Materials – Ghostbed mattresses are CertiPUR-US ® certified. This means that they are certified to be free of dangerous chemicals and substances that can harm you and the environment. This includes things like PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates and more. They’ve also been certified to produce low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or emissions that can affect indoor air quality and safety. 

6. Great Mattress Options – Ghostbed offers a full selection of latex foam and wrapped spring hybrids, including the Ghostbed Luxe and the Ghostbed Flex. They also sell pillows, bed frames, mattress foundations, linens, weighted blankets, and other amazing bed accessories to help you optimize your new sleep space.

7. Budget-Friendly Payments – For how amazing they are, Ghostbed mattresses and products are actually surprisingly affordable. They even have a zero-interest payment plan available through Affirm. If you’re still not sold, it’s good to know that they also give you a great warranty on your dream mattress—ranging from 10 years to 25 years, depending on the model.

8. Easy to Care For – Looking for a classic memory foam mattress? What about a hybrid, bouncy coil version? Either way, you’ll be able to keep your mattress in great condition with minimal effort. All you need to do is keep the mattress covered with a protector and fitted sheet. Be sure to replace the fitted sheet with a clean one at least once per week. You can also vacuum the mattress itself every month to reduce the build up of dirt and dust on the surface.


Where can I test a Ghostbed mattress near me?

You can test out a Ghostbed mattress at one of Ghostbed’s approved third-party vendors. In fact, one of those is us! You can try a Ghostbed mattress right in a SleePare mattress showroom in New York, Boston, and L.A. We’ve also got several more options from other high quality mattress brands that are usually only found online. If you’re not sure which to choose, just talk to a SleePare staff member. We offer full service support and a satisfaction guarantee.


Where to try a Ghostbed Mattress in New York City

If you’re living in or visiting midtown Manhattan, make sure that our NYC mattress store is on your route. While we definitely encourage appointments, we also accept walk-ins, so you can stop in whenever you have the time. While you’re here, feel free to try out our other great mattress brands such as Nectar, Winkbed, Mlily, Puffy, Lull, and Bear before you settle on the Ghostbed. No matter when you come in, we’re confident that our experienced customer service professionals will help you choose a mattress that will be the perfect fit for your sleep style, budget, and preferences.

  • Expert customer service
  • 20-year warranty (depending on the model)
  • Great deals on online mattress brands
  • Free shipping & full-service delivery
  • Hassle-free returns

If you’re looking for more information on our showroom locations or our store policies, visit our website. It also includes information on our store managers, so you can get a sneak peek at who will be helping you get the best sleep of your life. If you’re not sure how to get to us, we’ve also got easy access to directions from the five boroughs straight to our location. Feel free to call us if you need help!

try Ghostbed at sleepare NYC

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store NYC

218 West 30th St, New York City, NY 10001 USA

Phone Number+1 347-980-0044


Where to try a Ghostbed Mattress in Boston

Sick of losing sleep? Try out a Ghostbed at our Boston mattress store. We’re just minutes away from downtown Boston, so you can just walk in whenever you have the time. Though, we do recommend making an appointment so that we can be sure to give you our full attention. Plus, we make it easy to turn your mattress shopping appointment into a full family day. We’re just a quick trip away from popular Boston attractions, so feel free to bring your parents, your spouse, your kids—even your dog! You can find your dream bed and explore the city, all in the same day. 

  • 10- to 25-year warranty (depending on the model)
  • Great prices & deals
  • No-cost shipping & delivery
  • Near several popular Boston attractions
  • No-fuss return policy

We know you’re looking to try out a Ghostbed mattress near you, but you should know that we’ve also got a full selection of premium online mattress brands. This includes luxury brands like Helix, Lull, Nectar, Winkbeds, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Mlily, Leesa, and Luuf. If you ultimately decide that Ghostbed isn’t the right fit for you, you’re welcome to try one of these other models. 

try Ghostbed at SleePare Boston

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store Boston
Address1 General Way, #42, Reading, MA 01867, US
Phone Number+1 347-980-0044


Where to try a Ghostbed Mattress in Los Angeles

You can also test out a Ghostbed in Los Angeles at our L.A. mattress store. While you’re there, explore top-rated brands like Helix, Lull, Nectar, Winkbeds, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Mlily, Leesa, and Luuf. Then, when you’re done swing by some of Los Angeles’ many popular tourist sites. We’re just a short drive away from places like Hancock Park, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, and Wilshire Boulevard. 

  • 101-night sleep trial
  • Affordable prices & extended payment period
  • Multiple online brands available
  • Free shipping & delivery service
  • Appointments and walk-ins

Once you make your choice, we’ll ship your perfect mattress straight to your home. Then, you’ll get an additional sleep trial to be sure it’s right for you. With our brands, it’s always satisfaction guaranteed. 

try Ghostbed at SleePare Los Angeles

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store Los Angeles
Address6060 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90019, US
Phone Number+1 347-980-0044


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment at the SleePare store to test my mattresses?

No, you don’t need to make an appointment to test out a mattress at SleepPare. That being said, we do recommend it. Making an appointment will help us set aside extra time to give you the support you need. 

What is the best way to care for your Ghostbed mattress?

To care for your Ghostbed mattress, use the guidelines included in the owner’s guide that comes with your purchase. Our experts also recommend that you change your bed sheets each week. It’s also a good idea to vacuum the mattress surface each month. 

Can you tell me how to test a mattress before buying?

The quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to test a mattress before buying it is to visit a SleePare mattress store. You can try multiple online mattress brands, then have your favorite shipped to your home, free of charge.

Can you test a Ghostbed mattress before buying?

Yes, you can test a Ghostbed mattress in a store run by one of Ghostbed’s retail partners. The easiest way is to visit one of the SleePare showrooms in New York, Massachusetts, or California. We also offer free shipping across the country. If you’re not ready to visit just yet, see our blog for more tips.

What company owns Ghostbed?

Ghostbed is a subdivision of Nature’s Sleep. This company was founded in 2015 by Ghostbed CEO Marc Werner. Marc was struggling with finding a high-quality mattress and pillow that would fit his sleep style. So, he decided to make one instead.



Whatever your final decision, shopping for a mattress doesn’t need to be a hassle. SleePare showrooms make it easy for you to combine the convenience of online shopping with the VIP treatment of in-person customer care. When you’re ready, visit one of our wheelchair-accessible locations in New York, Massachusetts, or California. Once you’ve experienced the best sleep of your life—we’re confident you’ll be recommending us to all your friends. In fact, next time you hear some stranger ask “At what store can I try out a Ghostbed mattress?”, we think you might just chime in.

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