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Where Can I Try a WinkBeds Mattress in 2023?

Where Can I Try a WinkBeds Mattress in 2023?

How Can I make Sure I’ll Like My WinkBeds Mattress?

So, you’ve been shopping for a new WinkBeds mattress on the world wide web. Super convenient, right? But what if you buy the mattress and don’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit your sleeping position, body temperature, or the preferences of your sleep partner?

Never fear! You don’t have to risk losing money just to buy a new mattress. In fact, you can try a WinkBeds mattress in-store before you buy it! Read on for our expert tips to find the mattress you want and test it in the store.


Can I try WinkBeds mattresses in any physical location?

Yes, you can try a WinkBeds mattress in-store before buying. In fact, we highly recommend it! By testing out your mattress in person, you’ll end up feeling more confident in your purchase and future sleep satisfaction. Plus, if you go through a retailer you trust (instead of just buying online), you’ll get to reap the benefits of better customer service and faster delivery times. 

Why is WinkBeds so popular?

You might think the hype around WinkBeds is a bit overblown, since they market themselves as a luxury hybrid mattress brand. But don’t sell them short just yet! Reviewers have said they are worth every penny. In fact, NBC News recently stated that WinkBeds mattresses “compete with mattresses $3,000+”, making them an amazing value for a much more affordable price. 

According to WinkBeds themselves, customers have also made their feelings clear. Check out these mattress reviews, WinkBeds style:

  • “My pain was at least 25% less.”
  • “Before I tried the winkbed, I tried one of the other online brands with a 100% memory foam of other brands, but it slept too hot for me.”
  • “I 100% made the right choice with this mattress.” 
  • “With the 101 night guarantee with free return, I’d recommend giving this mattress a shot, I 100% recommend it.”

Honestly, we’re in the same boat. This mattress is miles ahead of its competitors in many ways. Here are our top 5 reasons to choose a WinkBeds mattress:

1. Cooling Gel Foam Layer – This mattress uses a combination of natural latex gel foam and a wrapped coil layer to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The quilted pillow top stays soft and soothing as it wicks away moisture—even for hot sleepers.

2. Award Winning Support – The Sleep Foundation is all about WinkBeds, and named them the “Best Mattress for Heavy People” in 2022. The balance of comfort and support, and the different firmness level options, works great for heavy sleepers and couples. The gel-infused foam also reduced motion transfer, so you and your partner can sleep soundly throughout the night. Plus, each Winkbeds mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee—and a 120-night sleep trial—to give you the ultimate peace of mind. 

3. Luxury Firm Hybrid Mattress – The hybrid construction of the Winkbed and EcoCloud models features a comfy pillow top with gel-infused, all-natural latex foam to help cushion muscles and joints for soothing pressure relief while a layer of pocketed, individually-wrapped spring coils provides soothing ventilation and support. Plus, the structured edge system means that you can roll all the way to the edge of the bed without feeling like you are going to roll off. If, for some reason, you decide that a hybrid mattress is not for you, WinkBeds also offers a GravityLux memory foam mattress that may be the right fit.

4. Multiple Firmness Options – Because not all sleepers are created equal WinkBeds offers several different firmness options (on a standard firmness scale of 1 to 10) to customize your purchase. From a super soft 4.5 to a plus-size-friendly 8, you’ll be sure to find a mattress that matches your sleep style, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. WinkBeds also offers a selection of high-quality bed frames so you can be sure that your mattress will fit. 

5. Simple to Maintain – With top-quality materials that are third-party tested for long-term durability, you’ll be sure to enjoy your 40 winks night after night.To keep your mattress clean, just change your bedsheets weekly (and protect it with a mattress slipcover. You can also give the surface a quick vacuum about once per month. If you’d like to reduce odor or staining, you can also sprinkle it with baking soda and allow it to sit in the sunshine before you vacuum it off.


Where to test a WinkBeds mattress near me?

Actually, SleePare mattress showrooms stock WinkBeds mattresses! You can visit one of our five, convenient locations to try before you buy. We promise you’ll walk out feeling confident about every dollar you’ve spent—or your money back.


New York City

You can test a WinkBeds mattress in New York City at our NYC mattress store, located in the center of midtown Manhattan. Our showroom also features other high-quality mattress brands sold online—like Nectar, Puffy, Leesa, & Bear. Just walk in or make an appointment; test out the mattresses you’re interested in; then enjoy our white-glove customer service as we get you what you need.

  • Top-rated online brands
  • Expert recommendations
  • Best price & satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping & white-glove delivery
  • Risk-free trial & extended return policy

Visit our website for more information on our showrooms locations, customer service policies, and the staff that will be there to help. You can also get directions to our New York store from Jersey City, Upper Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming visit. 

Try a Winkbeds mattress at Sleepare NYC

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store NYC

218 West 30th St, New York City, NY 10001 USA

Phone Number+1 347-980-0044



You can also test a WinkBeds mattress in Boston at our Boston mattress store. Located minutes away from downtown Boston, our premium showroom features brands like Helix, Mlily, Nectar, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. We welcome walk-ins, but feel free to set up an appointment to lock in our time. Our staff will get you whatever you need to test the mattress of your dreams. 

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Satisfaction warranty
  • Top-rated mattress brands
  • Free shipping & white-glove delivery
  • Minutes away from Boston attractions

We’re beating local competition as the only location in the area where you can try out top online brands, risk-free. Plus, we’re right down the road from popular Boston attractions. We’ll welcome your whole family (even your dog!), so you can bring in everyone to vote on your new mattress purchase.

Try a Winkbeds mattress at sleepare Boston

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store Boston
Address1 General Way, #42, Reading, MA 01867, US
Phone Number+1 347-980-0044


Tyson’s Corner

Going shopping at the Tyson’s Corner Shopping Mall in Maclean, Virginia? Stop in and try a WinkBeds mattress at our Tyson’s Corner location. This conveniently located showroom makes it easy for you to explore and test over 15 online mattress brands. Some popular brands include Helix, Mlily, Nectar, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. 

  • Free shipping
  • White-glove delivery
  • Restful sleep guarantee
  • Exclusive pricing & discounts
  • Near Washington, D.C. and Baltimore

No matter which location you visit, the SleePare shopping experience makes buying a WinkBeds mattress quick, easy, and affordable. Our friendly, experienced staff members are always ready to suggest the ideal mattress for you and your family based on your preferences and budget.

Try a Winkbeds mattress at tysons DC

Showroom NameMattress Store Tysons DC
Address1524 Spring Hill Rd, McLean, VA 22102, US
Phone Number+1 347-980-0044


Los Angeles

Are you looking to test a WinkBeds mattress near you? Stop by our L.A. mattress store. This showroom features the most popular mattress brands online, including Helix, Mlily, Nectar, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. Our friendly, experienced staff will be there to help you choose a mattress to fit your size, sleeping style, and partnership situation.

  • Risk-free sleep trial
  • White-glove delivery
  • Best price guarantee
  • Free shipping & discounts
  • Premium customer service

Located just a short drive away from Los Angeles’ most popular tourist sites—including Hancock Park, La Brea Tar Pits, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, and Wilshire Boulevard—you’ll be able to quickly and easily test luxury mattresses, then head out on a family adventure. 

Try a Winkbeds mattress at Sleepare Los Angeles

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store Los Angeles
Address6060 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90019, US
Phone Number+1 347-980-0044



Whether you’re visiting Downtown Miami or living there, we’ll happily welcome you to our Miami Location. Try a WinkBeds mattress, risk-free in our luxury showroom—along with other online brands like Helix, Mlily, Nectar, Bear, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. 

  • Amazing prices
  • Happiness guarantee
  • Fee-free, risk-free trial 
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Available by appointment or walk-in

People also love our Miami location because it’s located just miles from hotspot locations. Visit South Beach, the Miami International Airport, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, and other stunning Miami attractions before or after your trip to our showroom. 

Try a Winkbeds mattress at Sleepare Miami

Showroom NameSleePare Mattress Store Miami 
Address217 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127, US
Phone Number+1 347-980-0044


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to care for your WinkBeds mattress?

To care for your WinkBeds mattress, follow the instructions that come with your purchase. It’s also a good idea to change your bedsheets once a week—and rotate (don’t flip) and vacuum your mattress monthly. Treat stains, spills, and unwanted smells by sprinkling it with baking soda, let it sit in full sunlight for several hours, then vacuum the surface thoroughly. 

Can you tell me how to test a mattress before buying?

Visiting a SleePare mattress store is the easiest way to test a mattress before you buy it. Take the time to try out mattresses of different firmnesses and structures, and ask a store associate to recommend different options based on how you sleep. If you’re not near one of our showrooms, you can also visit our blog for more information on trying out a mattress before buying it. 

What store can I test a WinkBeds mattress before buying?

Yes! You can test a WinkBeds mattress before buying by visiting a SleePare mattress store near you. We have showrooms in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, and Florida. We also offer free, white-glove shipping nationwide. If you’re not nearby, you can also visit our blog for more information on how to try mattresses in person at a different store.

Where are WinkBeds made?

WinkBeds are handmade in the U.S.A. with top quality materials from all around the world. To learn more you can also visit one of their partnered retailers, located nationwide. SleePare is also a retailer of WinkBeds mattresses, with showrooms in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, and Florida.



Next time you’re wondering where to test a WinkBeds mattress, visit one of SleepPare’s convenient locations in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, and Florida. Our wheelchair-accessible, family-friendly, full-service showrooms are built to give you luxury shopping experience—and a mattress you’ll love for a lifetime.

Emily Stringer

Emily Stringer

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