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Where Can I Try A Bear Mattress in 2024?

Where Can I Try A Bear Mattress in 2024?

Where To Test A Bear Mattress

If you're interested in trying a Bear mattress, you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand in five SleePare stores across the United States. SleePare offers a unique showroom experience where you can test the comfort and quality of Bear mattresses before making a purchase.

This allows you to ensure the mattress meets your personal comfort preferences and sleep needs, making SleePare an ideal destination for discerning mattress shoppers.

where can i try a Bear mattress

Can I Try A Bear Mattress In-Store Before I Buy?

Yes! You absolutely can try a Bear mattress in-store. You just need to find one of their retail partners. When you buy a mattress from a trusted retailer, you increase your confidence in your purchase.

You’ll know that the mattress you take home is the exact one you want—the perfect fit for your body type, temperature preferences, and favorite sleep position. Plus, when you shop for a mattress in-person, you’ll get more personalized customer service, faster delivery, and better deals. 


Why Is Bear So Popular?

While it’s not the most well-known online mattress brand, Bear is quickly gaining popularity. Sleep experts and customers alike are falling in love—and fast! 

  • Over 19,000 customer reviews
  • Average 4.8 stars on Google Customer Reviews
  • Voted “Best Online Mattress” by Bravo and Good Housekeeping
  • Voted “Best Hybrid Mattress” by The Sleep Foundation and Slumber Yard
  • Voted “Best Mattress for Back Pain” by Business Insider and Mattress Advisor
  • Voted “Best Mattress for Athletes” by Sports Illustrated
  • Voted “Best Mattress” by Entrepreneur and Mattress Clarity

And, after looking at this mattress ourselves, we totally get it. Bear mattresses are a great buy for many different sleepers! Here are our top 6 reasons to choose a Bear mattress:

1. Cooling Gel Foam

Unlike traditional covers that often trap body heat and increase body temperature, Bear hybrid mattress covers are infused with cooling smart material, such as graphite, to help wick away body heat and moisture. Gel foam layers add additional comfort for a sound sleep night after night. Great for plus size and hot sleepers. Their models also make great mattresses for couples.

2. Award Winning Support

Bear memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses alike offer excellent pressure relief on sore joints and sensitive backs, winning them awards as the “Best Mattress for Back Pain” and “Best Mattress for Athletes”. Their Bear Original mattresses are especially great for sleepers with hip pain and shoulder pain. 

3. Great Firmness Options

Whether you’re looking for a soft support mattress or a firm one, Bear has you covered with multiple options for each of their models, ranging from a super-cushy 5 to an ultra-supportive 10 on the firmness scale. Plus, each Bear mattress includes great edge support to help prevent you from rolling off the bed or feeling unsupported at the edge. Stomach sleepers can even choose a firm hybrid option and add on a cooling gel foam pillow for perfect cushion. 

4. Minimal Motion Transfer

Deluxe memory foam cushions your entire body to keep you from disturbing your partner as you move around in your sleep. The hybrid mattresses also provide extra bounce and support for maximum recovery as you sleep. This means that, no matter how much you toss and turn, you’ll always get a restful night’s sleep.

5. Clean Sleeping Experience

Bear mattresses are made with the highest standard in mind, using the best, safest materials possible. The Bear brand adheres to strict regulations for user safety and environmental consciousness.The mattresses are certified by Greenguard Gold and Certi-PUR-US, independently tested for off-gas emissions, and certified non-toxic. Bear mattresses are proudly made in the U.S.A. with locally-sourced materials from across the country.

6. Luxury Mattress With Frame

Bear mattresses can be bought alone, since they easily fit into most standard mattress frames. However, Bear also offers a good selection of high quality bed bases including a foundation+frame model, an adjustable base, and a platform bed option. Bed accessories, such as blankets and pillows, are also available.

After reading all that, I’ll bet you’re excited to try out a Bear mattress for yourself! Thankfully, you’re no longer stuck with just an online-order-to-sleep-trial package. Now, you can test them out in person.

what store can i try out a Bear mattress


Where To Test A Bear Mattress In-Store Near Me?

Actually, you can test a Bear mattress in a SleePare mattress showroom! We have five convenient locations that make it easy for you to try before you buy. We’re confident you’ll find the mattress of your dreams. In fact, we guarantee it!

Where To Try A Bear Mattress In New York City

In addition to Bear mattresses our NYC mattress store has a full selection of online mattress brands such as Nectar, Winkbed, Puffy, and Leesa. You can test your Bear mattress and a few more, right in the center of midtown Manhattan. You can walk in on your lunch break or make an appointment—then let our service pros take care of the rest. 

  • Premium online brands
  • Experienced service pros
  • Best price + free shipping
  • White-glove delivery
  • Risk-free trial & extended returns

For more information on our locations, team, and policies, check out our website. There, you’ll also find directions to our New York store from Jersey City, Upper Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and other hot locations. If you have any questions or concerns, just contact us. 

Where To Try A Bear Mattress In Boston

Minutes away from downtown Boston, you’ll find our Boston mattress store. There, you can test a Bear mattress—plus other great brands like Helix, Mlily, Nectar, WinkBeds, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. You can walk right in, but we recommend setting up an appointment to lock in your time. That will ensure that our staff have everything you need to take home the mattress of your dreams. 

  • Great deals
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Best mattress brands
  • Free shipping & delivery
  • Boston attractions nearby

Our Boston location is the only store in the area where you can try out some of the best online mattress brands, risk-free. We make it easy to get your new bed, then take the whole family on an adventure to visit the many local Boston attractions just minutes away.

Where To Try A Bear Mattress In Tyson’s Corner

The Tyson’s Corner Shopping Mall in Maclean, Virginia is home to our Tyson’s Corner location. We’ve got a full selection of over 15 online mattress brands, right there in our showroom. Try out your Bear mattress, then check out Helix, Mlily, Nectar, WinkBeds, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. 

  • No-cost shipping
  • Full-service delivery
  • Satisfaction warranty
  • Customer deals and discounts
  • Near Washington, D.C. & Baltimore

Our friendly and experienced staff will be standing by to answer your questions, make suggestions, and get you anything else you need to make your decision. We’ll recommend the ideal mattress for your and your family based on your budget, preferences, and sleep concerns. 

Where To Try A Bear Mattress In Los Angeles

You can test out a Bear mattress near you at our L.A. mattress store. It’s located just minutes away from Los Angeles’ popular tourist sites—including Hancock Park, La Brea Tar Pits, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, and Wilshire Boulevard. Just test luxury mattresses, then bring the family for an L.A. adventure.

  • Risk-free trial
  • Full-service delivery
  • Great prices & discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Exceptional service

No matter what your size, shape, sleeping style, or preferences, this showroom has a full selection of mattresses to fit your unique situation. Test a Bear mattress or sample some of our other online mattress brands. We’ve got Helix, Mlily, Nectar, WinkBeds, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa.

Where To Try A Bear Mattress In Miami

Visiting South Beach, Coconut Grove, or Miami Beach? Looking to do some shopping on your way from the Miami International Airport? While you’re here, check out our Miami Location. It’s just miles away from other hot Miami attractions, so you can make a day of it.

  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Great sleep guarantee
  • Free, no-hassle trial
  • Nationwide shipping
  • Appointment or walk-ins available

You can try a Bear mattress risk-free in our showroom. Then test out other online mattress brands like Helix, Mlily, Nectar, WinkBeds, Puffy, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, Lull, Luuf, and Leesa. Our team can’t wait to help you get the sleep of your dreams!

Where to test a Bear mattress


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Appointment At The SleePare Store To Test A Mattress?

No, SleePare showrooms accept walk-ins as well as appointments. However, scheduling a visit can help us serve you better. Plus, you’ll have more time to explore our wide selection of online mattress brands. 

What Is The Best Way To Care For Your Bear Mattress?

To care for your Bear mattress, use the instructions you get with your purchase. We also recommend that you change your bedsheets once a week. You should also vacuum your mattress monthly. If you think your mattress may encounter stains or spills, such as in a house with children, it’s also a good idea to add a waterproof mattress cover.

Can You Test A Bear Mattress Before Buying?

Yes, you can test a Bear mattress before buying it. Just visit a SleePare mattress store near you. We have 5 showroom locations in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, and Florida. You’ll get free, full-service shipping across the country—and great deals on luxury online mattress brands. If you’re not nearby, visit our blog for more information on how to try mattresses in person at a different store.

Can You Test A Ghostbed Mattress Before Buying?

Yes, you can test a Ghostbed mattress in a store run by one of Ghostbed’s retail partners. The easiest way is to visit one of the SleePare showrooms in New York, Massachusetts, or California. We also offer free shipping across the country. If you’re not ready to visit just yet, see our blog for more tips.

Who Owns Bear Mattress?

Bear Mattress is owned by the partnership of Brooklyn Bedding and Helix sleep. They purchased the company In July of 2022. The company is still managed by Bear CEO, Scott Paladini. 


Have you been wondering: “At what store can I try a Bear mattress?” Well, wonder no more! SleePare has five, convenient locations in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, and Florida. Each full-service showroom is wheelchair-accessible and family-friendly so you can have a truly luxurious shopping experience on your way to the best sleep you’ve ever had. 


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