Blog > 20 Eco-Friendly Mattresses for 2024 [Reviews Inside]

20 Eco-Friendly Mattresses for 2024 [Reviews Inside]

20 Eco-Friendly Mattresses for 2024 [Reviews Inside]

As consumers have become increasingly eco-friendly companies have taken notice. To keep up with this trend and to satisfy customer demands, reusable and sustainable products have taken over. The burgeoning mattress industry is no exception and has taken steps to produce environmentally friendly mattresses and materials.

Many traditional mattresses are made with harmful chemicals and emit toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These materials break down much faster than organic materials and must be replaced more often, increasing pollution and the carbon footprints of both the manufacturer and consumers. 

If you are looking to upgrade your old mattress in 2021, here are the best eco-friendly mattresses. 

For more tips on how to build an eco-friendly home, skip to the infographic below.

1. Avocado Vegan

Organic/Eco Materials: Latex, organic cotton

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Features: Coils and zoned support, hand-tufted surface, made with certified organic latex and cotton, PETA-approved, contains no animal products.

Where to Buy: Buy it Online

Price of Queen: $1,300

A leading manufacturer of eco-friendly mattresses, Avocado is known quality, latex mattresses. One of the top vegan mattresses on the market, (yes, mattresses can be vegan), Avocado’s cruelty-free hybrid is made from certified organic latex foam rubber and cotton. This medium-firm mattress includes over 1,400 coils and 5 zone support to reduce pressure and motion transfer. 

Review: Customers love the eco-friendly materials and lack of chemicals. Avocado participates in the 1% For The Planet by donating 1% of their profits to environmental initiatives and charities. Read our page for a full review of the Avocado Vegan

2. Helix Birch 

Organic/Eco Materials: Organic wool, natural Talalay latex foam, organic cotton

Mattress Type: Hybrid, GreenGuard Gold Certified, and OEKO-TEX certified

Features: cooling organic wool, pocketed coils, 25-year warranty

Where to Buy: SleePare, Birch Showroom, Helix website

Price of Queen: $1,499

The Birch by online mattress giant Helix is one of the top-rated mattresses (organic or otherwise) online. From the SleePare team to Business Insider, the Birch by Helix has won over sleepers with its cooling, organic cotton cover and hypoallergenic materials. Individually wrapped coils and 2 inches of natural Talalay latex provide superior support and prevents sagging. 

Review: Zero emissions of harmful chemicals and optimal airflow make the Helix Birch a top-reviewed mattress all around. Read our reviews and breakdown of the Helix Birch to learn more about the Internet’s favorite eco-friendly mattress. 

3. Awara

Organic/Eco Materials: Organic latex, 100% certified organic cotton, and all-natural wool

Mattress Type: Organic hybrid

Features: Cooling, antibacterial surface, and a lifetime warranty

Where to Buy: Awara

Price of Queen: $1,499

Awara gives you the benefits of sleeping on organic latex and other natural materials without the high price. These mattresses are made without formaldehyde, phthalates, or other harmful materials. A plush Euro-Top cover made with soft New Zealand wool and organic cotton helps keep you cool and comfortable. The Euro Top houses 4 inches of cooling, natural Dunlop Latex Foam that is on average 2 inches thicker than the average memory foam mattress for even more plush comfort. 

Review: Customers love the subtle bounce from the Euro-Top along with the support and cooling of the organic latex. Minimal motion transfer makes it perfect for couples. To learn more about the Awara mattress, visit SleePare

4. Zenhaven

Organic/Eco Materials: organic latex, organic wool, organic cotton 

Mattress Type: 100% latex 

Features: 180-night trial, free white glove delivery, 20-year warranty

Where to Buy: Saatva

Price of Queen: $2,399

Zenhaven, manufactured by Saatva, is a 100% organic latex mattress. Saatva, known for their Classic Mattress, a hybrid innerspring and one of SleePare’s top-rated mattresses, has branched out into the organic mattress market with the Zenhaven. The brand’s specialty mattress is made with 100% natural and organic Talalay latex. Naturally hypoallergenic and designed for pressure relief and support, the Zenhaven is handcrafted using the highest quality latex and organic New Zealand wool. 

Zenhaven includes a 5-zone latex support layer that enhances lumbar support and a layer of 100% GOTS certified organic New Zealand wool for breathability and natural flame resistance. Topped with an organic cotton cover that is both breathable and hypoallergenic, Zenhaven is the ultimate organic latex mattress. 

Review: With almost hundreds of 5-star reviews, Zenhaven is one of our picks for the best eco-friendly mattress for 2021. To learn more about Zenhaven and read reviews, visit our website.

5. Sleep EZ Lifetime Dreams Natural Latex

Organic/Eco Materials: natural latex, cotton, and New Zealand wool 

Mattress Type: 100% natural Dunlop latex 

Features: OEKO-TEK certified, free mattress protector and pillows with purchase of a Full, Queen, or King size mattress, 20-year warranty

Where to Buy: Sleep EZ online, Sleep EZ Factory Showroom 

Price of Queen: $1,549 to $2,249 depending on thickness

Sleep EZ has been making latex mattresses since 1974. This family owned company, a Phoenix, Arizona local favorite, hand makes each Sleep EZ mattress from the ground up. The Lifetime Dreams Natural Latex Mattress is customizable to match your firmness preference as well as split options for couples. The natural latex sleeps cool and provides excellent support. This mattress is available in 7”, 9”, 10” and 13” thickness levels. 

Review: Sleep EZ has been popular with customers in the Phoenix area for years. Since the demand for environmentally conscious products has grown, Sleep EZ has gathered lifelong customers all across the United States. One customer said, “It is the best sleep I have had in years. Excellent value and investment. Superb quality.” Read our Sleep EZ reviews to learn more about the features, dimensions, and benefits of this natural latex mattress. 

6. Happsy Organic 

Organic/Eco Materials: Certified organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex

Mattress Type: Organic hybrid

Features: 120-night trial, 20-year warranty, made in the USA, certified organic, made without glues, chemicals, or flame retardants

Where to Buy: Happsy online

Price of Queen: $1,399

Happsy takes its name to heart and aims to keep their customers happy and healthy with their eco-friendly mattress. Designed for breathability, comfort, and for the eco-conscious consumer, Happsy mattresses are made without harmful chemicals. This organic hybrid mattress has 8 inch pocketed springs for motion isolation and support. Organic latex, cotton, and wool aid in temperature regulation for a cool sleep. The latex also contours your body and has a subtle bounce similar to that of memory foams but without the harmful chemicals and odors. 

Add the Happsy Organic Latex Mattress Topper to any Happsy mattress for an additional 2 inches of support. 

Review: Since 2017, customers have loved the Happsy mattress and are staying “happy with a Happsy”.  You can compare Happsy to similar models here. 

7. Bear Hybrid 

Organic/Eco Materials: CertiPur Certified foam

Mattress Type: hybrid 

Features: 100-night trial, GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR-US, advanced technology 

Where to Buy: Bear online, SleePare showrooms

Price of Queen: $1,390

The mattress designed for athletes to help with muscle recovery and pain relief is growing in popularity with active individuals who need extra support. This luxury hybrid mattress is made with Celliant technology that is proven to aid in muscle recovery by increasing oxygen saturation in the body. Bear’s foams are all GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, meaning low emissions and chemicals.

Six layers of comfort and support make the Bear Hybrid one of our favorite eco-friendly mattresses. 

Review: The Bear Hybrid was rated the top hybrid mattress of 2020 by The Sleep Foundation. Learn more about the Bear Hybrid and read additional reviews at SleePare, or test out the Bear Hybrid in one of our showrooms

8. Live and Sleep Eco-Friendly Memory Foam

Organic/Eco Materials: CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEK certified materials

Mattress Type: Memory foam

Features: open-cell structure, recycled packaging, no VCOs or other harmful chemicals, gel-infusion 

Where to Buy: Live and Sleep online

Price of Queen: $549 

While Live and Sleep doesn’t quite have the name recognition of other bed-in-a-box companies, their Memory Foam Classic mattress is an innovative design that will no doubt get the recognition it deserves. Live and Sleep produces their eco-friendly memory foam using a sealed, pressurized chamber rather than chemicals. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEK materials are placed into the chamber and pressurized. This chemical-free process allows for the control of outside variables like temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity that can break down foam much faster. 

This premium memory foam is proven to last longer than traditional toxic foams. Along with the eco-friendly materials, the visco-elastic foam has an “open cell” design to increase airflow. 

Review: Live and Sleep’s Eco-Friendly Memory Foam isn’t as popular as other brands of eco-friendly mattresses, but has gathered up thousands of five star reviews. For those who want to give back, Live and Sleep donates a portion of each sale to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Visit our website for a full review of Live and Sleep mattresses. 

9. Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe 

Organic/Eco Materials: 100% GOLS certified organic latex, organic New Zealand Wool, organic cotton, alpaca wool

Mattress Type: Hybrid 

Features: organic, natural, non-toxic, handmade, free shipping, 25-year warranty, 1-year trial, hypoallergenic

Where to Buy: Brentwood Home online

Price of Queen: $1,499

Handcrafting luxury bedding since 1987, this homegrown California brand has recently stepped into the organic and all-natural mattress market. Their newest mattress, the Cedar Natural Luxe, is made with 100% GOTS organic certified materials. This hybrid mattress is a medium-firm feel with organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. 975 individually pocketed coils form the support core to provide even weight distribution and zoned support. The Cedar Luxe is the only green mattress on the market that includes a computer-cut and sculpted layer of GOLS certified organic latex that provides targeted support. 

Review: Called “the most sustainable mattress in the world”, the Cedar Natural Luxe is also one of the healthiest mattresses you can buy. Buying a Brentwood Home mattress helps support each individual supplier of their materials. For each mattress sold, Brentwood Home makes a donation to the National Forest Foundation to plant three trees. Read our review of the Cedar Natural Luxe mattress here.

10. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

Organic/Eco Materials: GOTS certified organic New Zealand wool, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOL certified organic latex

Mattress Type: Multi-layer organic latex, hybrid

Features: cooling, breathable cover, mold/dust resistant, adjustable firmness

Where to Buy: SleePare, PlushBeds Online

Price of Queen: starts at $1,549

Available in three heights, 9, 10, and 12 inches, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is a hybrid mattress made with organic latex foam, organic cotton, and organic New Zealand wool. Made without harmful chemicals, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is designed for both an eco-friendly sleep and for support and comfort. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is routinely recommended by chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons for pain relief. 

The open-cell design of the latex foam helps regulate temperature and airflow for a cool sleep surface.

Review: Customers love the adjustable firmness options on the Botanical Bliss and the 25-year warranty. Visit our website to learn more about this eco-friendly mattress.

11. Tuft & Needle Original 

Organic/Eco Materials: GreenGuard and CertiPur Certified 

Mattress Type: all foam

Features: 10-year limited warranty, 100 night trial  

Where to Buy: SleePare, Tuft & Needle 

Price of Queen: $595 

Tuft & Needle is one of the original and most popular bed-in-box mattresses. Their original all-foam mattress is a bestseller for a reason. Tuft & Needle makes quality, yet affordable products. Most memory foam mattresses are made with harmful chemicals. However, the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is made with no chemicals, harmful emissions, carcinogens, and ozone depleters. 

The original Tuft & Needle Mattress received the UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification. This certification is only awarded to products that meet the stringent criteria by UL Environment. Both the Tuft & Needle Original and Mint Mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. 

In addition to non-toxic foam, the Original Mattress by Tuft & Needle has advanced cooling features for those who sleep hot. A layer of graphite absorbs and expels heat away from your body while ceramic cooling beads keep the surface of the mattress cool and adds an additional layer of support. Graphite and cooling beds are coupled with open-cell foam to further help in airflow and cooling. 

Review: With over 95% of customers keeping their Original Tuft & Needle Mattress after the 100 night trial, it’s clear that customers love the soft yet supportive foam. The simple comfort, fair price, and quality have led to Tuft & Needle earning a spot as one of SleePare's top mattresses. Check out our comparison guide and review to see how Tuft & Needle measures up against other best-selling mattresses. 

12. Nest

Organic/Eco Materials: Organic latex, organic cotton, wool 

Mattress Type: Latex or latex hybrid 

Features: cooling, breathable, limited lifetime warranty, lifetime comfort guarantee, multiple firmness levels, support, pressure relief, OEKO-TEX certification. 

Where to Buy: SleePare, Nest 

Price of Queen: $1,699 and up 

Nest offers several organic mattresses, including an organic latex and an all-natural latex hybrid. Each Nest mattress is designed to feel “just right”. One of the few latex mattresses on the market available in three firmness levels, the Nest All Natural Latex is an excellent choice for those wanting customization and a sustainable product. For those wanting to upgrade to an eco-friendly mattress, Nest offers a 100 night trial to make sure you get the perfect mattress.

 If you decide you want a softer or firmer mattress, Nest offers a 50% discount on a new mattress. 

Review: Nest has gathered a following of loyal customers due to their commitment to the environment and producing sustainable products. The generous warranty and trial periods are second to none. Customers love the quality and longevity of Nest’s latex mattresses. Unlike other latex mattresses, the latex is aired out in the Nest factory to prevent off-gassing or smells. Visit SleePare to read more about Nest organic mattresses

13. Velika

Organic/Eco Materials: natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool 

Mattress Type: latex hybrid 

Features:  15-year warranty, dual-sided, endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Association (COSCA) 

Where to Buy:  visit Velika online to find a retailer near you

Price of Queen: suggested retail $6,500

The Velika could be called the Rolls Royce of mattresses. This premium, customized organic latex and cotton mattress is for the big spender who wants a quality product that will last years. Each material used in the Velika is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable, including the steel coils. While the cost is high, the benefits outweigh the cost over time, especially for those with back pain. The Velika’s hand-tufted surface molds to your body and layers Talalay latex provides support. The organic cotton and wool cover regulates temperature for a cool sleep surface. 

If you want a luxury product to last for decades and “the most comfortable bed you’ll ever own”, Velika is what you’ve been looking for. 

Review: Visit SleePare to learn more about the Velika mattress to see if it is right for you. 

14. Latex For Less

Organic/Eco Materials: 100% natural latex, organic cotton, natural wool

Mattress Type: natural latex 

Features: free shipping/returns, 120 night trial, reversible, made in the USA, 20-year warranty

Where to Buy: Latex For Less online

Price of Queen: $1,499 (7 inch thickness) and $1,549 (9 inch thickness) 

Certified by GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Eco-Institut, this latex mattress is anything but less than. This up and coming latex mattress company only uses single-origin latex purchased directly from farmers in Sri Lanka. Purchasing directly from farmers maintains a low carbon footprint and limits third-party markups to keep prices affordable. Inspired by nature, this latex mattress lasts for years, keeping trash out of landfills. Each Sleep EZ mattress is handcrafted in the USA. 

Review: Customers love Latex for Less! One reviewer stated, “I've had all sorts of mattresses: high end 'traditional', adjustable air, and one with a pressure point relief top, and my latex mattress is by far the best I've ever had.” Visit our website to read more Sleep EZ reviews. 

15. DreamCloud

Organic/Eco Materials: CertiPur Certified foam, cashmere

Mattress Type: luxury hybrid 

Features: one-year trial, Everlong warranty, cooling surface

Where to Buy: DreamCloud online

Price of Queen: $1,099

DreamCloud is a plush luxury hybrid mattress that promises deep, restful sleep night after night. Topped with quilted foam and cashmere, DreamCloud adds an additional lushness to the basic eco-friendly mattress. This five-layer hybrid mattress keeps cool, relieves pressure, and offers targeted support. Designed to adapt to any body type and sleep position, the DreamCloud is a luxury mattress everyone can enjoy. 

Review: Customers have described the DreamCloud as “unbelievable”, “amazing”, and “phenomenal.” To learn more about this mattress that SleePare rates 91/100, click here

16. Naturepedic Chorus

Organic/Eco Materials: Steel coils, organic wool/cotton, non-GMO PLA, and natural latex

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Features: glueless coils, no harmful chemicals/materials, multiple firmness levels, cooling and moisture-wicking. 

Where to Buy: Naturepedic online, Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery stores 

Price of Queen: $1,999

Naturepedic has been manufacturing organic mattresses since 2003. One of the oldest organic mattress companies on the market today, Naturepedic was founded with a passion for healthy sleep. The Naturepedic Chorus is one of the brand’s best-sellers and features materials grown  and sourced by organic farmers in the United States. Each Naturepedic mattress is handmade and certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The Chorus is filled with organic cotton and PLA sourced from non-GMO potatoes and organic wool batting. Naturepedic mattresses come with a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year limited warranty. 

Review: Customers love the sustainability of Naturepedic’s products and feel good by knowing that with each purchase of a Naturepedic mattress you are supporting local organic farmers. The non-toxic materials are ideal for those with skin sensitivities and asthma. One customer described the Chorus as “the best bed I’ve ever slept on.”

Check out our website to learn more about the Chorus and other Naturepedic products. 

17. Eco Terra Latex Mattress 

Organic/Eco Materials: steel coils, eco-friendly fire barrier made from plant cellulose fibers and hydrated silica

Mattress Type: Hybrid 

Features: cooling, pressure relief, durability, antimicrobial, fits on adjustable beds, affordability

Where to Buy: Eco-Terra online

Price of Queen: $1,149

Safe, non-toxic, and cool, the Eco Terra Latex Mattress is an affordable organic mattress with better or equal features to more expensive models. Eco Terra keeps prices low by handcrafting each mattress in-house. This latex hybrid mattress is made with OEKO-TEX certified Talalay latex, and GOTS certified wool and cotton. A combination of Quantum coils and non-toxic food-grade polypropylene make up the hybrid base. The polypropylene wrapped coils allow for springs to move, which improves airflow and support. The Eco Terra is available in medium and medium-firm. 

Review: Eco Terra has created a quality organic latex mattress at a fair price. This mattress is perfect for almost anyone who wants to add eco-friendly products to their home. According to our website, customers give the Eco Terra Latex Mattress excellent scores all around in important factors like value, support, comfort, pain relief, and support.

18. Original Casper

Organic/Eco Materials: CertiPUR-US certified foams, recycled cover

Mattress Type: all foam or hybrid 

Features: 10-year warranty, 100 night money back guarantee, free shipping and returns

Where to Buy: Casper online, SleePare showrooms

Price of Queen: $1,095 (foam) or $1,295 (hybrid) 

The original bed-in-box is still one of the most popular and highest rated mattress available. While not exactly known for its eco-friendly features, the Original Casper has enough to earn a spot on our list. Available in either all foam or hybrid, this mattress is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams and are made without heavy metals. Feel great about sleeping on the original Casper knowing the cloud-like cover of the Original Casper is made from recycled materials.

Review: Since it was launched in 2014, Casper mattresses show no sign of slowing down. From the addition to the recycled cover to the newly minted Dreamery, Casper is a clear winner in the online mattress industry. One customer said, “I am so happy with this mattress! It is the perfect combination of softness and support. Each night as I get into bed I have such a pleasant feeling.” For even more positive reviews and to compare the Original Casper to other models, visit our website and our mattress comparison tool

19. Savvy Rest Serenity 

Organic/Eco Materials: OEKO-TEK certified latex, certified organic wool, cotton, and coconut fiber 

Mattress Type: wool, natural latex,

Features: 90-day trial, 20-year warranty, easy exchanges

Where to Buy: Saavy Rest online, various retailers

Price of Queen: starts at $3,099

Savvy Rest makes some of the best organic mattresses on the market today. An employee-owned, Certified B Corporation, Savvy Rest organic mattresses are simple in design but do not skimp on quality and workmanship. The Serenity, the brand’s flagship product, is a customizable latex mattress with an organic wool filling for a cooler sleep. Choose from Dunlop or Talalay latex, or a combination to create the perfect soft or firm surface.

Not only does Savvy Rest produce environmentally friendly mattresses, but the company also gives back by recycling old mattresses and offsets carbon emissions in their factory. 

Review: Customers love Savvy Rest’s commitment to the environment, the quality and comfort of their products, and the company’s excellent customer service. Learn more about the Serenity and other Savvy Rest products here.

20. Metta Bed Organic Mattress 

Organic/Eco Materials: latex,GOTS certified organic cotton and wool

Mattress Type: natural latex

Features:  20-year limited warranty, 120-night trial

Where to Buy: Metta Bed online, various retailers 

Price of Queen: starts at $1,299 for plush firmness

Metta Bed produces no nonsense products that focus on comfort. The Metta Bed Organic Mattress features a unique customizable latex layer to change the firmness of your mattress, allowing you to keep your mattress longer as your needs change. Organic latex, cotton, and wool create a soft, yet supportive sleep surface you’ll love to sleep on for years. Not only is the mattress itself eco-friendly, Metta Bed’s Yuba City, California, factory is a state-of-the art eco facility. 

Review: Metta Bed customers love the quilted cotton top and the supportive latex core. Read more reviews here

If you are looking to upgrade your mattress in 2021 in an effort to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, the mattresses above are all excellent choices. From organic latex to non-toxic foams, there are many options available for purchasing an eco-friendly mattress at SleePare. Visit our website to learn more about organic and eco-friendly mattresses, use our comparison tool, and schedule an appointment to test best-selling mattresses in one of our showrooms.

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