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The Zenhaven is an organic latex mattress designed for luxurious and healthy sleep. This reversible mattress uses four layers of latex to offer you two different comfort levels. The Zenhaven experts use innovation so that you can enjoy a comfy, peaceful sleep at a fair price.
Zenhaven Mattress
Why Customers liked it

Why Customers liked it

"The motion isolation is incredible and no back aches when I wake up." Mike Johnson
"my Zenhaven mattress is the most comfortable and aesthetically beautiful mattress I've ever experienced. Thank you!" Ben Tettlebaum
"the mattress is extremely comfortable. It seems very well made - very dense, heavy - so feel like it should last a long time." Russ Y
"When you sleep on a Zen Haven Laytex my body when I wake up is in no pain at all. Were talking pure Quality" Herb Estupinian
"No longer waking up in the middle of the night or having pain due to my bed being so poor. Glad I spent the money on the bed, best purchase I've made in years!" Nilimram
"This bed provides the support needed for my back and a plush, soft feel that is pressure free on my shoulder. " Peggy
"I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for an affordable latex mattress." Mike Moore
"Seriously, I have other organic latex mattresses, and this one is hands down the best." lynne stamey

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Zenhaven Mattress Reviews
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Hightlight Features
Hightlight Features

Luxury all-natural latex mattress promoting healthy snooze
Unique flippable construction with 2-in-1 comfort levels design

Trial Period
Trial Period

You can try this mattress at home for 120 nights.


This product offers 20 year warranty.


Free home delivery anywhere in the US.



About Zenhaven

The Zenhaven is an organic latex mattress designed for luxurious and healthy sleep. This reversible mattress uses four layers of latex to offer you two different comfort levels. The Zenhaven experts use innovation so that you can enjoy a comfy, peaceful sleep at a fair price. The Saatva uses all-natural high-quality materials in Zenhavens construction to live up to its slogan, Sleep the Way Nature Intended.

The Zenhaven is a high-end mattress brand created by the Saatva company with headquarters in Connecticut. The brand produces all its products in Canada and the US. Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi founded the Saatva in 2010 to simplify purchasing mattresses. Zenhaven customer reviews praise the brands friendly and quick service. The Saatva experts analyze Zenhaven bed reviews and use the latest mattress technologies to help you get a fulfilling snooze.

The company offers free white glove delivery with complimentary old mattress removal within the US. The Zenhaven warranty is for 20 years and a 120-night risk-free trial. You may contact Zenhaven customer service to exchange your organic mattress within this period. You can also claim a full refund by paying the delivery charges according to Saatvas return policy. Saatva minimizes its carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable resources. The company has partnered with various organizations to donate its mattresses to the needy.

If you are looking for a classy yet durable addition to your bedroom, the high-end Zenhaven is the right choice for you. It is a worthy investment for your healthy and productive future.

Zenhaven Mattress Benefits Overview

The Saatva experts analyze customer feedback to find Zenhaven mattress complaints and improve their design and services accordingly. This organic mattress has pretty impressive customer satisfaction rating. The brand wants to make the online mattress purchasing process convenient for its users.

The Zenhaven mattress is a four-layer 10” construction of pure organic latex foam, which is naturally resistant to molds, dust mites and allergens. Therefore, this mattress is a healthy choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

At first glance, you might expect to sink right into the mattress, but instead, you’re lifted and supported by it; this is because the Zenhaven’s Talalay latex is soft yet resilient. It hugs the curves of your body due to its unique elasticity. This trait reduces the risk of heart disease by promoting proper blood circulation in the body.

The five-zone design of the Zenhaven provides support to all parts of the body, including the lumbar region. This latex bed distributes your weight equally irrespective of your body structure, leaving your body feeling refreshed and pain-free in the morning. ​

​The Luxury Plush mattress surface is soft enough for side sleepers. It prevents the development of numbness in the upper and lower extremities. While the Gentle Firm comfort is more suitable for front and back sleepers; the support is adequate to maintain the proper sleeping posture for these sleepers.

Motion transfer is an important factor to consider if you expect to share your bed with a partner, children, or a pet. Soft Talalay latex is good at absorbing motion and preventing it from traveling across the mattress surface. Thus, this Saatva latex mattress is one of the best choices for uninterrupted, peaceful slumber.

A latex bed is naturally breathable due to its open cell structure giving the mattress excellent cooling properties. This ventilated foam allows the airflow to remove heat from the mattress surface. The pure wool and organic cotton also direct heat and moisture away from your body so that you can enjoy a cool, refreshing sleep. The quality materials ensure durability, giving this organic mattress a strong and long-lasting structure.

Zenhaven Mattress Features Overview

  • Usable with slatted, platform, box-spring, and adjustable foundations
  • Good edge support
  • Resilient sleep surface with the best bounce
  • Exceptional cooling ability
  • Enhanced support for spinal alignment
  • Soft, breathable quilted surface
  • Even weight distribution in all sleep positions
  • Strong and durable structure
  • Available sizes from Twin to King
  • Adequate motion isolation
  • Eco-friendly, quality materials
  • No off-gassing

Zenhaven Mattress Technology Details

The 10” thick Zenhaven combines four layers to bring you two levels of comfort in a single mattress. You may choose between the 'Luxury Plush' or the 'Gentle Firm' by simply flipping over the mattress. ​

The 1.5" Comfort layer is a soft organic latex foam providing you with a plush, comfortable sleeping surface. The 100% Natural Talalay latex provides the best localized support by conforming well to the curves of your body. This flexible layer does allow a little sinking for instant pressure-relief.

Moreover, the latex foam features the Zenhaven exclusive five-zone design. Zenhaven has five distinct density zones, due to the use of unevenly distributed pinholes of different sizes for its construction. These targeted areas offer a subtly different level of support to each part of the body.

Consequently, you get denser support beneath the torso and shoulders to provide pressure relief and improved spinal alignment. The hips rest on a firmer surface. The prevention of numb arms and legs prevent tossing and turning, especially if you are a side sleeper. ​Thus, you enjoy restful sleep without any aches and pains.

The​ 6" Support Core is two layers of 100% natural Talalay latex. These foams allow a smooth transition from the softness of the comfort layer to the gentle firmness of the base. ​This section responds well to pressure upon compression. Thus, you feel weightless and fully supported. The bounce allows you freedom of movement as you change your sleeping positions. ​​​

The 1.5" Foundation layer acts as a strong base for the mattress adding to its longevity. If you flip the mattress, this layer gives you the Gentle Firm comfort and extra support, most suitable for back and stomach sleepers. This layer provides the mattress with an equally cool surface and a quality bounce.

All of the Zenhaven layers are made of 100% natural American Talalay latex with no off-gassing. This foam allows for cool sleep due to the inclusion of pinholes. Moreover, this Saatva latex mattress is covered in 100% natural/organic cotton, quilted with organic wool. Both these materials add to the cooling properties of the mattress due to their excellent moisture and heat wicking properties.

The mattress dimensions vary with the size you order. Latex beds are usually heavy, but white glove delivery bears the Zenhaven mattress weight for you free of cost. The Zenhaven reviews suggest it to be one of the best organic latex mattresses available within your budget. It is undoubtedly a profitable investment into your future.

Zenhaven Mattress

Who Should Buy Zenhaven Mattress?

  • If you shift sleeping positions at night, the Zenhaven has the best bounce
  • If you prefer a mattress with an excellent cooling ability
  • If you like two comfort levels in one mattress
  • If you are looking for a durable mattress
  • If you prefer sinking comfort with conforming support
  • If you require a mattress with no off-gassing
  • If you wish to buy a 100% natural latex mattress within budget

Who Shouldn't Buy Zenhaven Mattress?

  • If you are allergic to latex
  • If you sleep in one position all night
  • If you are looking for a plush memory foam softness
  • If you have a bulky build, you may prefer a thicker mattress

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The Zenhaven Adjustable base
Zenhaven Mattress Reviews
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Zenhaven Mattress Expert Reviews


Mattress Guides - Ted Wilson

March 20, 2018
The Zenhaven is not only a very affordable mattress, but a truly durable and very comfortable bed that provides great support and bounce. With its quality, state of the art features, this all natural latex mattress, meets with the same ratings, if not better, as most of its competition in the marketplace. Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Clarity - Joe Auer

March 20, 2018
an all-natural latex mattress made by the same company as Saatva (innerspring) and Loom & Leaf (memory foam). I had a great experience with the mattress, and really enjoyed the all-natural aspect. The mattress is expensive, but for one of this quality I think it's actually a great value. Leave sleepare and read full review

Sleep Advisor - Jill Thompson

July 1, 2018
terrific mattress with a twenty year warranty! It is an all-natural latex model. ZENHAVEN is made from 100% organic fabrics and components. There are no synthetics whatsoever. The flame-retardant barrier is made of a pure blend of nontoxic materials and 100% New Zealand wool. This barrier also organically serves to better regulate temperature. Leave sleepare and read full review

Real Mattress Review - Ross Paumen

March 19, 2018
Are looking for a natural "green" mattress- Zenhaven uses 100% natural Talalay latex & and an organic cotton cover making it all-natural/organic . If you are worried about chemicals, allergies, Leave sleepare and read full review

Our Sleep Guide - Justin Roberts

February 21, 2018
This 100% Talalay latex bed is the right amount of hug and response. It also gives your body plenty of support and the best comfort. This amazing mattress is also two sided. With one side being a little softer and the other a little firmer. Which makes finding your ideal feel in this perfectly balanced mattress that much easier. Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Matchers - Kamil Spark

May 3, 2018
Zenhaven is an organic latex mattress form Saatva available online. It offers dual firmness options luxury plush and gentle firm that can support different sleeping positions and keeps you cool all night long. Leave sleepare and read full review

Memory Foam Talk - Andrew & Kaye Babb

March 19, 2018
comfortable yet supportive mattress that is ideal for all sleeping positions and is ideal for couples sharing a bed Leave sleepare and read full review

Slumber Search - Chris Moberg

April 23, 2018
The Zenhaven mattress is an all-natural alternative with high-end materials like organic wool and 100% Talalay latex. What's more incredible: the pricepoint is much more affordable than major retailer varieties of the same quality, which is why it is such a great find for eco-conscious shoppers. Leave sleepare and read full review

Good Bed - Michael Magnuson

July 1, 2018
Zenhaven mattresses are recommended by 86% of owners on GoodBed. Leave sleepare and read full review

The Sleep Sherpa - Ben Trapskin

February 21, 2018
Its hard to find a latex mattress with wool and organic cotton at this price point. Its even harder to find a Talalay latex mattress at this price point. The additional value add is that you can flip it for different levels of firmness. It can also be used on an adjustable base. Leave sleepare and read full review
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Comfort level
Firm 8.5/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm

Height10 "
Weight125 pounds
Warranty20 years
Trial period120 days
Extra cost99
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Mattress build4 layers foam
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes

Cali King72" x 84"
Full54" x 75"
King76" x 80"
Queen60" x 80"
Twin39" x 75"
Twin XL39" x 80"
Other Specification


Zenhaven Mattress
  • 1.5" Talalay Latex
  • 3" Talalay Latex
  • 3" Talalay Latex
  • 1.5" High density polyfoam - dark green
Zenhaven Mattress reviews

Zenhaven Mattress

9213 reviews
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This is the pricing breakdown forZenhaven Mattress. Zenhaven Mattress is ranked #3 among Latex Mattress, following PlushBeds 9" Botanical Bliss mattress ranked #2 and Spindle mattress, ranked #1. The Zenhaven Mattress is followed by PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss and Sweet Zzz Nature's Novel Latex, ranked #4 and #5, respectively.

This popular bed is available in different sizes, with variation in prices. The Twin sized Zenhaven Mattress is priced $1300whereas a Queen sized Zenhaven Mattress is available for $1900. Per the market statistics, a similar Queen size mattress by Brooklyn Bedding brand, from the Hybrid Mattress category is priced $2000, while a Queen PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss, belonging to the same category, costs $1900. Conclusively, Zenhaven Mattress is one of the most luxurious sleep surfaces offering various benefits to the sleeper.

Zenhaven Mattress Pricing