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Where To Buy A WinkBeds Mattress 2024

Where To Buy A WinkBeds Mattress 2024

Where To Purchase A WinkBeds Mattress

So you want to try an online mattress like WinkBeds, but you’re not sure where to purchase it. Well, you’re in luck! SleePare carries online-only brands, including WinkBeds, the American-made mattress brand taking the internet by storm. Here, we discuss how you can purchase a WinkBeds mattress and how to choose the right WinkBed for you. Let’s jump right into it.

Where to purchase winkbeds mattress

What Makes WinkBeds Special?

WinkBeds is a unique hybrid bed system with pocketed coils and a gel-infused foam layer within the bed to provide optimal support. The WinkBed mattress has four firmness level options, allowing you to choose the ideal pressure for your sleep style and body weight. The surface of this mattress is made from moisture-wicking materials, allowing you to get a cooler, dryer night’s sleep. 

The GravityLux system offers incredible support and motion transfer isolation, leading to a better night’s sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper, need custom support levels, or just want to enjoy a luxury firm mattress perfect for you, WinkBeds is an excellent luxury mattress choice.

Benefits Of Shopping For A WinkBeds Mattress

WinkBeds mattresses are one of the few made-in-American brands of mattresses out there. Their mattress line is designed for a wide range of body types and offers a 120-night sleep trial, perfect for getting a real feel for whether this version of a mattress is right for you. One of the major benefits of a WinkBeds mattress is the firmness options. These four levels of support allow you to customize your bed purchase, allowing you to get the right firmness level for your sleep needs. 

While shopping for a WinkBeds mattress may seem overwhelming due to the online nature of the mattress, their mattress is well worth finding a SleePare store near you that sells this fantastic brand.


Material And Construction Of WinkBeds Mattresses

Let’s look at the unique construction of WinkBeds mattresses, from their varying firmness levels to their unique made-in-American construction method.

Mattress Construction Options

WinkBeds crafts specifically hybrid mattresses, but the firmness level of the mattress determines the overall construction. For example, the soft mattress focuses on a plush top layer, while the plus mattress integrates a high-density anti-sag foam layer to extend the mattress’s life. Depending on what kind of sleep you’re looking for, each mattress has its own upsides and downsides.

Of course, no matter which mattress you pick, each WinkBeds mattress comes with the following innovative features:

  • 3-Step back relief system
  • LumbarLayer for extra support
  • Triple layer heat dispersal material
  • Extra edge support system
  • Motion isolation technology
  • DuraTech lifetime durability and replacement guarantee


Where Can I Buy A WinkBeds Mattress Near Me?

While WinkBeds may be an online-only mattress brand, if you’d like to purchase one in person, you’re in luck! SleePare stocks online-exclusive mattress brands in our showrooms. That means if you want a mattress delivery right to your home, we can do that. If you’re looking for a store where you can test a WinkBeds mattress and get it delivered to your home, SleePare is the right store for your needs. Let’s look at our locations and everything you need to know to buy your new WinkBeds mattress.

Where To Purchase A WinkBeds Mattress In NYC

If you’re in the market for a new mattress in New York City, you’re in luck! SleePare has a store near the heart of Manhattan, allowing you to get exclusive online brands like Nectar, Casper, Purple, and of course, WinkBeds. With free shipping to anywhere in the US, you’re in good hands with the SleePare New York store!

  • Helpful staff
  • Best price guarantee
  • Free US shipping
  • Risk-free trial period
  • Service to the greater New York area

If you’re in Jersey City, or the surrounding area and are looking for a mattress, this store is here to serve you. SleePare New York City happily provides mattress deliveries to surrounding locations, allowing you to get the bed of your dreams even if you don’t call the New York sprawl your home.

Where To Purchase A WinkBeds Mattress In Boston

Located near the heart of Boston, this SleePare store services the New England area, allowing the Northeast to enjoy the luxury of a great online mattress. This showroom offers mattress testing, as well as white glove delivery services on some of your favorite brands. If you’re shopping for Nectar, Puffy, Mlily, WinkBeds, or any other online-only mattress, head on down to this location!

  • Top-rated mattress brands
  • Best price guarantee
  • Located central to Boston
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Risk-free trial

We promise getting a new mattress from SleePare is easier than navigating downtown Boston! Head on over to our location, and our team of incredible employees will help you through every stage of buying and shipping your new mattress. We can even help in the event of a return.

Where To Purchase A WinkBeds Mattress In Tyson's Corner

Tysons Corner Shopping Mall, located in Maclean, Virginia, is home to a SleePare showroom that services the East Coast. If you’re looking for a mattress in Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, this SleePare center is here to help. You can purchase and test over 15 online-exclusive mattress brands at this location, including WinkBeds! Why not check it out to see if your new favorite mattress is in stock today?

  • Close to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore
  • Risk-free mattress trials
  • Helpful staff
  • White glove delivery options
  • One-day shipping available

Whether you’re looking to peruse our mattress selection or want to purchase the WinkBed of your dreams, our team of trained associates is here to help you. From purchasing and delivery to hassle-free returns, at SleePare, we make the entire mattress shopping experience a dream.

Where To Purchase A WinkBeds Mattress In Los Angeles

If you’re wondering what stores sell WinkBeds mattresses, check out SleePare’s Los Angeles showroom. Servicing California, this showroom offers incredible deals and discounts on online-only mattresses, allowing you to shop with confidence. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a mattress delivery, contact our customer service team today.

  • Helpful staff
  • Free US shipping
  • Located near the heart of Los Angeles
  • White glove delivery options
  • Luxury mattress brands

No matter if your heart is set on a WinkBeds mattress, or you’re shopping around for the right mattress for you, our staff can help. We know choosing a new mattress is a big decision, which is why our team is there to walk you through everything you need to know about mattress firmness, construction, and more. 

Where To Purchase A WinkBeds Mattress In Miami

If you’re looking for a Miami store who sells the WinkBeds mattress, you’re in luck! SleePare’s Miami location has over 15 online mattress brands, including Nectar, Puffy, Mlily, and of course, WinkBeds. No matter if you’ve got the perfect mattress in mind, or you’re looking to shop around, this SleePare located near the heart of Miami is the perfect place to shop.

  • Helpful staff
  • Risk-free mattress trials
  • Luxury mattress brands
  • One day delivery options
  • Free shipping in the US

If you’re strolling to Miami beach, why not pay this SleePare location a visit? Not only is it a WinkBeds mattress distributor, but it also features a fantastic mattress showroom where you can test online-exclusive mattress brands to find your new favorite. It’s a win-win!


Sleep Trial And Return Policy Of WinkBeds Mattresses

Now that you know where to purchase a WinkBeds mattress, let’s take a look at the sleep trial and return policy for a WinkBeds mattress. 

Sleep Trials Made Simple

SleePare offers a 100-night sleep-on-it trial for all mattresses, allowing you to test your mattress to the fullest. It takes about 100 nights for your body to adjust to a mattress, so why not spend that time getting to know your new mattress? If you don’t like your mattress after those 100 days, you can return it hassle-free!

Hassle-Free Returns And Exchanges

SleePare accepts mattress returns and exchanges free up to 100 days after purchasing your mattress. If you’re unsatisfied with your new mattress, our staff can help you exchange your mattress for a new style or return your mattress to the store. Thanks to our hassle-free return system, you don’t have to worry about transporting your mattress to the store. Simply call our helpful staff, and they’ll work with you to schedule a pickup.

Can you buy a winkbeds mattress in a store


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Trial Period Offered By WinkBeds?

WinkBeds offers a 120-night sleep trial. This is an added 20 days onto the standard SleePare sleep trial, meaning you get almost a full extra month of trying out your new mattress. If you dislike your mattress after this trial, you can return it, no questions asked.

How Does The Delivery And Setup Process Work For WinkBeds Mattresses?

If you qualify for the white glove delivery service, SleePare will work with you to deliver and install your new mattress. If you have your mattress shipped somewhere in the US, be sure to follow all instructions on letting your mattress rest after shipping. This can help improve the longevity and feel of your mattress.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My WinkBeds Mattress?

If you purchase one-day shipping, you can have your WinkBeds mattress the same day. Otherwise, you should get your new mattress within a week, depending on where you live. If your mattress is delayed, contact a member of our support team for help.

Is It Possible To Test A WinkBeds Mattress In-Store Before Purchasing?

You can test online-exclusive mattresses at any SleePare location. Not only can you try a WinkBeds mattress, but you can check out other online-only brands while you’re there. Our helpful staff makes shopping for a new mattress a breeze with expert advice.


If you’re looking for a USA-made and constructed mattress with customizable firmness levels, WinkBeds is the bed for you. To purchase a new WinkBeds mattress, visit one of our SleePare locations. Not only do we offer one-day delivery to eligible customers, but we also have a free white glove delivery service perfect for anyone looking to avoid the hassle that comes with setting up a new mattress. To find out more, contact our team today.


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