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Find your perfect Puffy mattress @SleePare Miami

Known for its cloud-like comfort, Puffy offers a line of durable and cozy foam mattresses. Puffy mattresses are usually available online only. Fortunately, Puffy has partnered with SleePare to allow customers to try any of their mattresses in our showrooms. You can book a 30-minute sleep trial to test and learn more about Puffy mattresses. Our sleep experts can also guide you on other sleep products offered by the brand. 

The locals in Miami can now experience the assorted Puffy mattress collections and compare it alongside other featured products. Our in-store trials ensure that the chosen mattress is perfect for your unique sleep needs. 

Book your 30-minutes nap trial at our mattress showroom in Miami to experience its features and specs. Our sleep experts can also guide you about other products for a more informed decision.  

At our Miami showroom, customers can compare their favorite Puffy Mattress alongside other leading brands, such as Purple and Leesa. In-store testing allows you to test out different mattresses and compare features to make sure you’ve selected the right product. 

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Why Are In-Store Trials for Puffy Mattresses Important?

Online stores offer you the convenience and comfort of shopping from home, you can’t interact with the product before buying. Therefore, brick-and-mortar sales make up 94% of the total retail business

Trying your favorite Puffy mattress in-store at SleePare, Miami allows you to experience the comfort and performance. You can compare it alongside other brands and learn more about Puffy mattresses. 

The growing online bedding industry has paved the way for competition, but has increased the likelihood of purchasing defective items from companies with poor customer service. It’s hard to find trustworthy brands and products online. SleePare allows for you to feel, view, and compare online products in-store.. We can guarantee you will find your new favorite mattress at SleePare!

Puffy mattresses offer unmatched comfort and support. As the name implies, these mattresses provide a plush, contouring, and cloud-like surface many sleepers love. While Puffy mattresses are plush, they are available in different firmness levels for customized comfort and pressure relief for your body type and sleep preferences. With thousands of 5-star ratings and cooling cloud comfort, Puffy has become one of the top-selling online mattresses. 

  Puffy Mattress Store in Miami

Why is Puffy Everyone’s Favorite Bed-in-a-Box Mattress?

Established in 2017, after years of research, Puffy engineered the perfect sleep solution targeted towards easing sore backs and aching muscles. Puffy manages to combine high-quality materials and a simple design to create a durable and supportive sleep surface.  Puffy mattresses are CertiPur-US certified, free of harmful chemicals and ozone-depleting flame retardants, and are exclusively available at SleePare! 

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What To Expect at SleePare Miami Store?

Located in the heart of Miami, SleePare’s newest showroom offers a clean and relaxing environment for mattress shopping. Our store hosts an extensive collection of premium-quality mattresses and sleep products from leading brands like Puffy and more.

Our sleep experts have years of experience in the mattress industry and are trained to help our customers find the perfect mattress. Our in-store trials and professional consultation ensure our customers will leave SleePare with many restful nights ahead. 

Puffy Miami Matttress Store

  • Talk To Experts

Our team of skilled and professional sleep experts have years of experience in the industry and receives rigorous training in sleep and related products to guide customers throughout the shopping process. 

Being equipped with the right knowledge and skills, our team can match you with a mattress. Through dedicated services, quality products, and a professional approach, we gain customer loyalty.  

  • Appointment-based Visits

You can visit SleePare stores anytime during business hours, but we prefer scheduled appointments for personalized shopping. Scheduling an appointment allows for our team to make sure we have the mattresses you are interested in trying in stock. An appointment also provides you with a dedicated in-store trial slot and consultation.

  • Free 30-Minute Nap Trial:

SleePare offers you a free 30-minute nap trial on any of our in-stock mattresses. The ‘try before you buy’ trial allows you to test the feel, comfort, support and performance of the mattress before deciding.

  • Wide Range of Sleep Products: 

Each SleePare showroom showcases 30 different brands all under one roof. We equip each mattress on display at our showrooms with an informational brochure explaining each mattress’s specs and features. 

  • Regular Discounts:

Getting high-quality sleep products on a budget has never been more fun! Here at SleePare, you get to enjoy a variety of seasonal sales and discounted prices. From mattresses to beddings, you can get everything you need for a great night’s sleep without a too big of a dent in your wallet. We partner with leading mattress brands to offer exclusive rates to our customers. Enjoy anywhere from 10% to 50% off best-selling mattresses and other sleep products. 

  • Same-day delivery:

We offer our local Miami customers same-day delivery on Purple and other brands. For out-of-town customers and those who order products, not in stock, we offer free same-day shipping.

Other Puffy Products You Can Find at SleePare, Miami


  • Puffy Pillow

A perfect combination of polyester and bamboo rayon, Puffy Pillow offers adjustable comfort and resilient support in all sleep positions. It’s hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, making the Puffy Pillow excellent for those with allergies.  A bamboo rayon cover promotes air circulation for a cool surface.

  • Body Pillow

Get cozy and cuddly with Puffy’s Plush Body Pillow. Filled with 50% blue gel memory foam shred, it offers a cool, plush full-body support throughout the night. It perfectly cradles your neck, shoulder, hips and back for exceptional pain relief. The machine-washable bamboo cover helps keep you cool. 


  • Adjustable Base

The Puffy Adjustable Base offers more than just an adjustable base for your Puffy mattress. This easy-assembly base is equipped with a 3-speed dual massage for extra relaxation before bed and universal headboard attachment for optimal usage. Available for multiple mattress sizes, this adjustable base also includes USB chargers and a soft LED light to help guide you in the dark.  

  • Foundation

This 15-inch tall heavy-duty steel foundation offers an extra storage space without compromising on your mattress support. Its sturdy construction can hold up to 1000 lbs while the criss-cross steel slats prevent your mattress from sagging by providing consistent support. It also enhances air circulation to regulate temperature for a cool sleep. This lightweight and sturdy foundation will keep your Puffy mattress supported for years to come.  

  • Puffy Bed Frame

The Puffy Bed Frame offers both durable support and contemporary style. A slatted wood foundation is both durable and supportive. Other slatted bed frames are often noisy and squeaky, but Puffy’s slide-in and lock slats stay quiet for peaceful sleep for years to come. Its grey fabric upholstery and headboard offer durable support and style to match a variety of decors. 


  • Sheet Set

Puffy offers glossy bamboo sheets for a comfy, cozy sleep. Made with 100% pure viscose, Puffy Sheets are both hypoallergenic and cooling.. Fitted sheet pockets make sure your sheets stay in place all night. 

  • Blanket

Puffy Blanket is made of 100% polyester faux fur that keeps you warm and stylish. This dual-sided blanket is OEKO-TEX certified and hypoallergenic.  

  • Weighted Blanket

Puffy Weighted Blanket offers gentle pressure and increases melatonin production for a night of deep sleep. Choose the super-soft faux mink in winter or the twirl cotton top in summers to stay cozy and comfortable. A diamond pattern evenly distributes pressure to prevent sleep disruption. 

  • Mattress Protector

Puffy offers a naturally hypoallergenic bamboo rayon mattress protector that repels allergens and dust mites. This waterproof mattress protector keeps your Puffy mattress free of liquids and stains while not adding any extra bulk. Machine washable and durable, the Puffy Mattress Protector will last years.

  • Mattress Topper 

This foam topper is made of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester to give you a cool sleep area. Available in Twin XL to Cali King, Puffy’s mattress topper comes in both soft and firm. The durable stretch pockets secure it onto any mattress and ensure it doesn’t shift. OEKO-TEX certified and machine washable, the Puffy Mattress Topper will fit any brand mattress. 

  • Comforter

Puffy’s Oeko-Tex certified comforter is made with virgin microfiber fill for ultimate cozy, plush sleep. Designed to be not too heavy or too light, Puffy’s Comforter keeps you comfortable all year. The fray-free construction ensures lasting comfort for years. 


  • Dog Bed

This cooling dog bed contains high-density luxe memory foam to provide your furry friend with the same comfortable and cool sleep you’d expect from a Puffy mattress. The Puffy Dog Bed absorbs pressure and evenly distributes weight, making it ideal for active dogs. Available in small to large, dogs of all sizes can experience Puffy’s memory foam dog bed.

  • Rug

Puffy’s ultra-soft, contemporary shag area rug adds cozy style to any room. Available in two versatile colors: ivory and gray, it integrates well with any decor. It effectively protects your floor from scratches and dirt. This spot-clean-only rug helps reduce noise and is available in two sizes that will fit most spaces.  

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