Blog > Bed Sizes and Dimensions [The Complete Guide 2024]

Bed Sizes and Dimensions [The Complete Guide 2024]

Bed Sizes and Dimensions [The Complete Guide 2024]

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

When buying a new mattress, size is one of the most important aspects to consider. You want to make sure that it fits in your home, suits your current needs, and works with your budget. When it's time to update your mattress, most people stick with the same size. Your needs can change over time and you might need to upgrade or downgrade your mattress size. 

This guide explains each bed size, their dimensions, who they work best for, and more! Keep reading to learn which mattress size will work best. 


Dimensions: 38” W x 75” L

Best For: Older children, single adult sleepers, and bunk beds.

Room size: 7 x 9 feet to 8 x 10 feet

Twin mattresses are the smallest size available for adults at most popular online mattress stores. This size is perfect for a child who has outgrown their toddler bed, a single adult, or individuals who have limited space in their bedrooms. Daybeds, bunk beds, and small guest bedrooms frequently have twin mattresses.

If you have limited space in your home and bedroom but still want the benefits and features of an online mattress, luckily most of them are available as twins so no one misses out on the comfort and luxury of modern, online mattresses.

Twin XL

Dimensions: 38” W x 80” L

Best For: Single adults, tall teenagers, and anyone with limited space. 

Room size: 8’x10’ or at least 7’ wide.

Twin Xl has the same width as a standard twin, but the length is 5 inches longer. This is ideal for tall individuals who don't have space for a larger bed or kids who are still growing. Twin XL mattresses are usually found in dorm rooms. Not all sheets and bedding are available in this size so double check before buying bedding accessories.


Dimensions: 53” x 75”

Best For: Teens, young adults, couples who want to sleep close, guest bedrooms

Room size: 10’x11’

A full mattress is an excellent choice for young adults or couples living on their own for the first time. Full mattresses are sometimes called a “double bed” or “double mattress” and are 16 inches wider than a twin bed. This size is great for couples who like to cuddle up at night. A full mattress might be a little too cozy for couples with dogs or children, but it's a good option for guest rooms.


Dimensions: 60” x 80”

Best For: couples who don’t have a lot of space, single adults

Room size: 10’x10’

The queen mattress is the most common mattress size on the market and is usually in a master bedroom. Many couples opt for a queen size bed when they want more space but don’t have room for a king-size bed. 


Dimensions: 76” x 80”

Best For: Couples who want a large sleep surface, adults who sleep with children or pets

Room size: 12’x12’

King size mattresses are also popular for couples and in master bedrooms. This size is large enough for couples to sleep together and still have enough space to spread out. A king size bed is also a great option for couples who share the bed with their children or a large dog. 

Another option for couples is a split king mattress–two twin XL beds put together to form a king bed. Split king mattresses allow for couples to customize their side of the bed. To get the most out of a split king mattress, many couples add an adjustable base for even more customization.

California King

Dimensions: 72” x 84”

Best For: Couples who want a luxurious mattress with a lot of space

Room size: 12’x12’

A California king is the largest bed available. Measuring 72” wide and 84” long, a California king is perfect for taller individuals. This size mattress is perfect for couples who want a large bed and those who want to sleep with large dogs, kids, or multiple pets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

If you're in the market for a new mattress, you may be unsure which size is best for you. There are multiple options and numerous factors to consider when making your decision. Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to decide what you want and narrows down your choices. If you are unsure if the mattress you purchased is right for you, make sure to buy one with a trial period so it can be returned/exchanged. 

Here are some additional things to look for when considering buying a new size mattress.

Who Will Be Sleeping In the Mattress?

Before settling on a mattress size, consider if you are or will be sharing a bed with someone. Whether that be kids, a partner, pets, or all of the above-make sure everyone will fit! Twin, twin XL, and full beds comfortably fit one person. Queen, king, and California king beds will fit two. 

What Size of Room Are You Working With?

Making sure your mattress will fit in your room is the first thing you need to consider. Not only will you have your mattress in your room, there will be the bed frame, other furniture, personal items, etc. Plan ahead and ensure everything will fit before moving forward. 

Here is a chart with each mattress size and square footage of each.

Where Is the Bedroom Located?

No one wants to move a mattress up a flight of stairs, especially not a large one like a California king! Keep this in mind when mattress shopping. If you live in an apartment or townhouse, consider the width of stairwells, hallways, delivery options, and other obstacles like furniture that is already in your living space. Bed-in-a-box mattresses will solve some of these problems but some still might struggle. 

How Big Are the Bodies Sleeping In It?

You want to make sure that you will fit into your new mattress. Keep both height and weight in mind when picking out a mattress size. Avoid twin mattresses for those who are more than 6 feet tall. Go with a twin XL, full, queen, or king bed for anyone over 6 feet. A California king bed is recommended for those who are taller than 7 feet. Heavier individuals will be more comfortable on a larger mattress instead of a twin or twin XL.

What Is Your Budget?

The amount you can or want to spend can help determine what size mattress you can buy. The larger the mattress, the more expensive it will be. Select a mattress that satisfies both your budget and your product preferences. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a mattress can be a challenge. Some customers can end up frustrated and overwhelmed with the number of choices available. If you need help narrowing down your options, here are a few more things to consider before making your purchase.

Are full-size mattresses the same as double beds?

Yes, a full and a double-size mattress are the same things. The term “full” is more commonly used.

What size mattress do two side-by-side twin beds make?

Two twin beds do not have the same measurements as a king. However, two twin XL mattresses are equal to a king-size mattress. Two twin Xl mattresses together make up a split king bed.

What’s the most popular mattress size?

The most popular mattress size is Queen. This size is perfect for both couples and single sleepers. 

Is a full-size mattress big enough for 2 people?

It is possible that a full-size mattress will fit a couple but is dependent on the couple's size and sleeping preferences. A full-size bed may be too small if you want more space. If one of you or both of you are taller or wider than average, it would be best to get a queen or king-size mattress.

What is the size difference between a full and a queen-size mattress?

A queen measures 60” x 80” and a full measures 53”x 75”. Full beds are recommended for guest rooms and young adults, while queen beds are a better option for couples.

What is the difference between a king and a California king mattress?

California king mattresses are 4 inches longer. King size mattresses are 4 inches wider than the California king. 

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