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What is the Best Mattress for Sex? – User Guide

by SleePare

By Sofia Axelrod | 5 Minute Read

Want to spice up your sex life?

Ditch your old bundle of hay, and get yourself the best mattress for sex! Any sleep surface good for couples must support sound sleep and comfy sex. In fact, the benefits of good intimacy go far beyond your bedroom. Research proves that lovemaking boosts immune system, reduces anxiety, and improves your overall health.

The market is full to the brim, with each mattress brand claiming excellence over the other. Therefore, our sex and sleep experts have joined heads and selected some of the best mattresses for lovemaking.

Top 10 mattresses for sex

10 Best Mattresses for Sex
The New Purple.3
Full review
  • Responsive to position changes
  • Quickly adapts to different sleep preferences
  • Supports all body structures
  • High cost luxury product
100 nights10 years
Full review
  • Edge-to-edge comfort and support
  • Excellent bounce for pleasurable rhythm
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Shipped uncompressed
  • High cost luxury innerspring mattress
120 nights15 years
Full review
  • Secure edges
  • Durable components
  • Cushioning surface with excellent bounce
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Heavy mattress
  • High cost luxury product
120 nightsLifetime
Loom & Leaf
Full review
Memory foam
  • Contouring sleep surface.
  • Responsive mattress
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Eco-friendly mattress materials
  • High cost luxury product
  • Subtle bounce only
120 nights15 years
Brooklyn Aurora
Full review
  • Responsive support with adequate bounce
  • Luxury at a fair price
  • Contouring comfort
  • A bit pricey for budget
120 nights10 years
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss 12-inch
Full review
  • 100% organic/natural Dunlop latex
  • Bouncy and responsive
  • Conforming comfort with adjustable firmness
  • Side sleepers may develop pressure points
100 nights25 years
Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid
Full review
  • Balanced contouring comfort and support
  • Copper infused antimicrobial surface
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Pricier but good value for money
100 nightsLifetime
Full review
Latex Hybrid
  • Eco-friendly, natural mattress components
  • Three-zone support for postural alignment
  • Comfy lovemaking for people of all body structures
  • Some couples may find it too bouncy
100 nights25 years
Puffy Lux
Full review
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Chilled sleep surface
  • Cooling Cloud foam mattress
  • Some couples find it too cold
101 nightsLifetime
Full review
  • Provides comfortable temperature
  • Excellent pressure-relief and motion isolation
  • Soft, luxurious feel
  • Excessive sinkage for heavier couples
365 nightsLifetime

Our Pick of Top 10 Best Mattresses for Sex

1. The New Purple.3 Mattress

A Purple.3 Mattress, best for multiple sex positions
Enjoy Sex in Variety of Positions

Sex on Purple mattress ticks all the right boxes. It delivers the best performance for before, during, and after sex enjoyment and bliss. Pocketed coils support the no-pressure hyperelastic polymer for intelligent adaptive support and mind-blowing comfort.

The New Purple lets you enjoy your bedroom shenanigans in a variety of positions. The mattress offers traction and enhances pleasure without any distractions and discomfort. Superb motion isolation ensures post-sex peaceful sleep. The New Purple makes the best mattress for sexually active couples.

The durable and hypoallergenic Purple mattress has an easy-to-clean polyester cover. The elastic polymer is resistant to damage due to fluids seepage. Most customers report that Purple protector improves the mattress comfort and further enhances the mattress hygiene.

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2. Saatva Mattress

Lady relaxing on Saatva, with edge-to-edge sexual support
Best for Edge Support

Saatva offers the best bounce throughout the sleep surface. It’s known for its traditional innerspring feel, but the comfort layers cushion you well. The lumbar pad ensures proper spinal support in all positions.

Strong edge support makes Saatva the best spring mattress for sex. It makes you feel secure on the bed and confident in your antics. Who wants to fall off the bed while fooling around, right? Besides, this bouncy mattress makes you forget everything around you except your partner. And, the pushback is excellent, enhancing your pleasurable moments irrespective of your position on the bed.

The natural organic cotton cover keeps the heat down. The cover is non-removable and can only be spot cleaned. The recycled coils are covered by foam topper to prevent discomfort, but fluids can seep into the foam layers. Using a mattress protector makes cleaning a breeze and improves mattress lifespan.

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3. Winkbed Mattress

Durable mattress for years of sex, Winkbed in a room
Durable for Years of Lovemaking

Durability is a major plus if you wish to get the best bang — for your buck or otherwise! The sturdy innerspring structure ensures years of pleasure and long term support. Top foams cover the coils for comfort and noise absorption.

Thanks to the presence of microcoils, the Winkbed conforms your curves. Instead of resisting your movements, the mattress aids them, allowing you to find your rhythm. Two layers of pocketed coils also ensure bounce without motion transfer, making it a desirable bed for couples.

Winkbed Plus removes the risk of bottoming out for overweight couples. Moreover, responsive and quickly adapting mattress materials offer the desirable, firm yet molding surface. Secure edges increase the area for sexual activities.

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4. Loom & Leaf Mattress

A couple sitting happily on Loom & Leaf Mattress
Best for Luxurious Comfort

Comfort and sex always go hand in hand. You can have the most pleasure only if you’re comfortable and relaxed. Although everyone has their own idea of comfort, responsive foams with a little give and good bounce make a comfy bed for sex, exactly like Loom & Leaf. It is, undoubtedly, the best memory foam mattress for sex.

Sinking quality and body impression formation limits sex on memory foam. And, that’s precisely why memory foam mattress lovers prefer Loom & Leaf for their bedroom mischiefs — minimal sinkage with just the right amount of bounce is the forte of Loom & Leaf. Firm model is best for couples who prefer memory foam but are looking for a bit of bounce and push from the bed.

Loom & Leaf is a reliable brand that uses high-quality foams in its construction. The mattress is shipped uncompressed but comes with a free white glove delivery. Breathable foams keep you cool and sweat-free. You can spot clean mattress cover and fluids can seep into the foam unless you clean it immediately or use a mattress protector.

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5. Brooklyn Aurora Mattress

A Brooklyn Bedding Aurora shown in the picture
Best Bounce for Sex

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a luxury hybrid mattress for an affordable price. The brand uses proprietary foams infused with Titanium and Copper for a hygienic slumber. Its cool and crisp surface keeps you fresh when things get too hot.

TitanFlex blends viscoelastic comfort to latex-like responsiveness. The resulting feel is the best of both worlds with an excellent bounce and a little traction to complement the passion. The edges are secure, and 13.5-inch height is suitable for those who like to start off standing.

Layers of foam allow you to enjoy discreet sex. Moreover, Brooklyn Bedding is a reliable company, known for high-quality, durable products. So, your mattress is going to keep the neighbors out of earshot for many years to come.

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6. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss 12-inch Mattress

Natural and organic mattress, Plushbeds Botanical Bliss
Allergen-free Mattress

The Plushbeds Botanical Bliss allows you to rearrange layers till you find your desired comfort. The natural Dunlop latex is responsive and bouncy but minimizes disturbance due to motion transfer. That’s why couples with natural/organic lifestyle prefer Botanical Bliss. It makes intimacy comfortable, and sleep peaceful.

Latex has no noise, just like memory foam, but it adapts to position changes quickly. That’s a great plus with latex, not seen in most of the other foams. The last thing you need to worry about is kids (or neighbors) hearing you huff and puff in the bed. Similarly, an uncomfortably sinking mattress limits your sexual positions, and drains away your passion.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss is the best eco-friendly mattress for sex. Latex is truly allergen-resistant and represses the growth of bacteria and mold. The organic cotton cover keeps you sweat-free. It can be removed and spot cleaned along with the latex layer underneath.

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7. Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress

Balanced comfort & support for Sex on Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress
Comfy Mattress for Sex and Sleep

With a blend of viscoelastic and responsive foams, Alexander Hybrid forms a comfy surface for pleasurable moments. Memory foam quilted top is infused with phase change material for a cool cushioned feeling as you continue your adventures on the mattress. It keeps you cosily warm during foreplay but distributes heat expertly as things start off.

The pocketed coils mold the curves and offer the required support when pressure is concentrated at a relatively smaller area. The high-quality coils are durable and noiseless since they’re wrapped individually. For those who prefer a softer mattress, Alexander Hybrid plush firmness offers just the enough sinkage and bounce to make sex easier and pleasurable in all positions.

Quilted covers makes post-lovemaking cleanup a little harder. The non-removable cover can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent. Copper prevents any mold formation if fluid does seep in. However, it’s best to use a waterproof mattress protector to prevent foam damage.

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8. Avocado Green Mattress

An Avocado Green Mattress shown in a green and healthy environment
Best Eco-friendly Mattress

Avocado is another excellent option for overweight couples. An optional pillowtop makes it a preferable choice for people who like a softer mattress to support their bedroom antics. High-profile pocketed coils support the latex comfort layer without any extra bells and whistles.

The mattress uses wool for sweat control and heat dissipation. However, they have a special vegan model with cotton batting instead of wool. The latex and coils offer the best bounce for finding the rhythm and reaching the climax effortlessly. It’s the best bed for sexually active couples who love experimenting in bed.

The luxurious cotton cover keeps them cool and fresh at all times. But this also means that fluids can seep into the latex layers. Being naturally hypoallergenic, the fluid left after spot cleaning shall have little effect on the overall hygiene. But to eliminate the risk of germs growth and to enhance the lifespan of your Avocado, it’s best to use one of the best mattress protectors for sex.

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9. Puffy Lux Mattress

A Puffy Lux Mattress shown with pillows on top
Durable and Easy to Maintain

Heat distribution and easy cleaning are the forte of Puffy Lux when it comes to lovemaking. It’s an all-foam mattress with gradually increasing support as you engage more layers. The foams adapt quickly and allow fluid, effortless motion, making it the best foam mattress for sex.

Puffy Lux is rated best by couples who prefer a foam mattress without much rebound. If you struggle to find your rhythm on a bouncy spring mattress, Puffy Lux is the what you need. The sturdy base foam offers excellent support on deep compression due to concentrated weight.

The removable zippered cover is machine washable; no more messy aftermath for you! The fabric is stain-resistant, and you can easily wipe everything off to enjoy a peaceful slumber or after-sex cuddling.

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10. DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress, keeps you cool during, after sex
Best for Temperature Regulation

DreamCloud is a high-profile mattress, blending the goodness of latex, memory foam, and microcoils. Since memory foam is dominant in this mattress, some overweight customers experience sinking. Latex and microcoils overcome the challenges of sex on a memory foam mattress and do a good job at minimizing sinkage, enhancing support, and offering a subtle bounce to the DreamCloud.

It is a perfect mattress for sex for couples who prefer sinking comfort with lots of traction. Position choices are limited for heavier couples only. Microcoils support your natural rhythm without getting in the way. The DreamCloud mattress is quite adaptive, and position change is quick and effortless. With the amount of give and the subtle bounce, Dreamcloud is the best mattress for sex and side sleepers.

The Cashmere cover is soft and non-removable. You can spot clean it, but it’s best to use DreamCloud with a mattress protector. Proper maintenance surely enhances the longevity and hygiene of your mattress.

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Comparison of Price

Mattress namePrice of Twin ($)Price of Twin XL ($)Price of Full ($)Price of Queen ($)Price of King ($)Price of Cali King ($)Other Sizes ($)
The New Purple.3N/A19002100220027002700N/ABuy Now

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Saatva600700900110014001400N/ABuy Now

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Winkbed7508501000130015001500N/ABuy Now

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Loom & Leaf7508501200130017001700N/ABuy Now

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Brooklyn Aurora100012501550170021252125N/ABuy Now

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Plushbeds Botanical Bliss 12-inch170017002300230026002600Split Queen (2)- 1998
Split King (2)- 2098
Split Cali King (2)- 2098
Buy Now

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Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid8009001100120015001500Split King (2) – 1800
Split King (1) – 900
Split Cali King (2) – 1800
Buy Now

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Avocado96010001200140017001700N/ABuy Now

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Puffy Lux144514951595179519951995N/ABuy Now

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DreamCloudN/A10001200140015001500N/ABuy Now

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Buying Considerations for the Best Mattress for Sex

A Good Mattress for Sex Enhances Intimacy Pleasure

Lovemaking is more than having sex and getting a release. It’s an exchange of energies between two intimate souls, a healing process, more profound than sleep itself!

A fulfilling sexual experience plays a healthy role in a couple’s happiness and relationship. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the factors that make a bed best for sex while buying the best mattress for couples.

Best Mattress Type for Sex
Mattress TypesBounceComfortNoiseTemperatureDurabilityEase to Clean
Memory FoamPoor with excessive sinkageConforms well and prevents pressure pointsNoiselessRetains heatExcellentFluids may seep in and encourage bacterial growth
InnerspringResponsive with excellent reboundSupports the weight and offers a lot of tractionCan be noisy and squeakyCool or neutralFairFluids may damage the coils
Hybrid Excellent support with easy position adjustmentRelieves pressure and provides balanced surface for sexMinimal. Foams absorb coil creakingNeutralGoodFluids may damage the coils and encourage bacterial growth in foams
LatexExtremely responsive with just the right bouncePrevents pressure points and is generally comfortable during sexNoiselessCoolExcellentRelatively easier to clean and naturally hypoallergenic so discourages germs growth.
WaterbedSuperbly bouncy but depends on waterbed typeContour well and distribute weight evenly, preventing pressure pointsMinimal noise if filled properlyChilledGoodVinyl surfaces are effortless to clean
Air bedSomewhat bouncy and responsiveUsually uncomfortable for sex unless foam or pillow top versionNoiseless unless it has leaks or blows up during sexNeutral to warm, depends on the constructionFairEasy to clean. Top foam layers (if present) are difficult to clean

1. Comfort

Comfort is always the first and the foremost criteria for evaluating a mattress, and it stands true for lovemaking as well. They say that every good sex starts from the mind. If you and your partner are uncomfortable, you cannot enjoy physical intimacy. A good mattress for sex must first be comfortable for both you and your partner.

When you aren’t relaxed, your focus shifts away from your partner to your sore knee or numb arm. Mattress comfort is highly subjective but somewhat firm; flat surfaces work best for amorous activities. Comfort is also crucial for your rest and recharging afterward. Therefore, choose the comfiest mattress, best for both sex and sleep.

2. Bounce

Bounce is the push back you experience when you press down the mattress. A surface with good bounce resists and rebounds when pressed, instead of absorbing the pressure. As a result, achieving a rhythm becomes easier and effortless for most couples. That’s why most good mattresses for sex have a quick response.

However, a small minority finds bouncy mattresses disturbing. They complain about struggling to find their pace. Others feel as if they’re jumping off a trampoline. Most of these complaints arise from excessively bouncy beds like free flow waterbeds, not the best mattress to have sex on!

3. Noise

No one wants to make their orgasm a public announcement to kids or neighbors. Nothing ruins the moment like clinks and creaks of the mattress coils. Noise is a serious consideration for a good mattress for sex whether you live alone or in a shared setting.

Noise also diverts your attention away from your partner. It becomes hard to get into the mood. Squeaky beds are annoying, but when the bed groans at your climax, it feels like a bad joke. The passionate moments of mind-blowing sex dull down to mere intercourse that you can’t wait to end!

4. Temperature

When things heat up, your mattress should be able to keep its cool. Physical intimacy generates a lot of heat. With the rush of hormones, your heart rate increases, and so does your respiration. Lovemaking requires energy no less than aerobics.

Most people dislike sweaty sex and if you’re one of those, choose a good cooling mattress. If you’re not sure, you can select adjustable temperature mattresses like Sleep Number so you can enjoy the ideal temperature at all times, whether making out or basking in the afterglow.

5. Durability

Anything that distracts you from your partner is going to ruin your intimate moments. And, a sagging old mattress does just that! The best bed for sex needs to support two or more adults moving, changing positions, and making love passionately.

Pay attention to the foam densities as they directly translate to mattress quality. Brand reputation is important. Don’t forget to read customer reviews, especially older reviews to know whether the mattress holds a few years down the road.

6. Ease to Clean

Not romantic, but quite necessary. The aftermath of sex can be quite messy, and most mattress covers are non-waterproof, non-stain resistant. Cleaning your mattress before fluids seep in is crucial for long-term usage as well as hygiene. That’s where mattress protectors come handy. The best mattress protector for sex must be easy to wipe off and prevent fluid seepage.

You can also buy mattresses with removable and machine washable covers to minimize the possibility of damage. Remember that any stains void the mattress warranty. Over time, fluid buildup deteriorates foams and encourages germ growth. Luckily, cleaning a mattress is quite easy, and proper maintenance enhances the life of your product.

Finding a good mattress for sex and sleep is easy in this age of online shopping. Now that you know all the nitty-gritty don’t forget to be naughty at your mattress hunt. Discuss all the fun ways you can use your new bed and keep them in mind while testing in store. Don’t overdo it though — not in the showroom!