Big Fig Showroom Experience: Where to Try Big Fig Mattress In NYC?

by SleePare -

Big Fig was established in 2016 by a father-daughter duo with one goal in mind: to provide heavier individuals with a mattress that caters to their needs. Now, Big Fig is among the most renowned hybrid mattresses designed for plus size people.

Finding a mattress that supports a bigger body is tricky, as plus size sleepers have different needs when it comes to long-lasting comfort and sleep quality.

Big Fig produces mattress for bigger figures that addresses their sleep issues. From supporting the natural curve of your spine to providing a sleep surface that won’t make you hot, Big Fig builds mattresses for bulky people considering their BMI.

But people with bigger size are cautious of shelling out money on a new mattress without testing it first. Therefore, this specialty brand has partnered with SleePare showrooms so you can test and try the Big Fig mattress pre-purchase.

NYC StoreAddressProsConsCustomer ExperienceDeliveryReturns
SleePare166 Bowery, NYCAn array of high-quality brand mattresses on display

No pushy sales associates

30-minutes of nap-test time provided

Free in-store mattress testing

Knowledgeable and well-informed staff
Only two showroomsExcellentExcellentExcellent

Big Fig Showroom Experience

Where can I test the Big Fig Mattress in NYC?

Big Fig Mattress is available to test at SleePare showroom located in Bowery, Manhattan.

Where to buy Big Fig Mattress outside NYC?

You can also test Big Fig mattress outside the New York City at SleePare showroom in Virginia. If you live in some other state, you will have to purchase the mattress first and test it during the trial period.

Are there any authorized Big Fig mattress showrooms and dealers?

SleePare is the only authorized Big Fig mattress dealer. SleePare showrooms are the only physical location where you can try this mattress pre-purchase. Lie down on it, and if you like it, the trained store staff will assist you with the purchase process.

Where is Big Fig headquarters located, and does it offer showroom experience?

Big Fig headquarters, factory, and offices are located in Cleveland, OH. Unfortunately, they do not have a public showroom for mattress testing.

Why should I test Big Fig mattress in-store before buying?

Experience how it feels like to sleep on a 13-inches thick hybrid mattress and how it responds to your body weight, size, and curves. If you sleep hot, experience how the thermo-gel quilted top reacts to your body. If you sleep with a partner, try it together to assess the amazing motion isolation.

Can the store provide me a private space to test the mattress?

The showrooms are usually crowded during working hours, so it is difficult for the store management to provide you with a private space to sleep-test the mattress. You might schedule custom timings depending on the particular showroom policies.

How do I ensure Big Fig mattress is the right choice for me?

Read Big Fig mattress reviews online to understand the features and benefits of the mattress before testing. Moreover, you can try and compare it with other mattresses in the showroom to understand the exact feel. You can also get help from sales associates at the store.

Big Fig Showroom Experience at SleePare

Does it cost to try Big Fig Mattress at SleePare?

Big Fig showroom experience is free of cost at SleePare.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to test Big Fig mattress at SleePare?

You can drop by anytime to try the mattress. But it is recommended to schedule an appointment to get our undivided attention for a worthwhile showroom experience. Call now and make an appointment!

When is SleePare showroom open?

The SleePare showroom is open daily from,
Monday-Friday: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

If I can’t come during the store’s working hours, can I make an appointment for some other time?

Yes. Please contact SleePare showroom customer service to arrange visit timings according to your convenience.

Can I nap-test the mattress to check the sleep quality?

Yes, you can. Big Fig understands that trying out a mattress for a few minutes is not going to tell you how it works for you in the long run. SleePare mitigates this concern and allows you to nap for around 30 minutes on the Big Fig to thoroughly examine the sleep surface before purchasing.

How can I reach SleePare conveniently?

Bus or subway are both viable transportation means to reach the SleePare showroom. The bus station is across the street, whereas the Bowery Subway station is on Delancey Street, hardly a minute walk away.

Is parking readily available near the showroom?

You can easily find a parking space around Bowery Street. There are also many parking lots in the surroundings.

Are kids allowed inside the SleePare showroom?

You are more than welcome to bring the kids along for the pre-purchase mattress testing. The showroom is safe for children under adult supervision.

Can I bring my pet to the showroom?

Pets on a leash can accompany their owners into the showroom. Call SleePare if you have any particular concerns in this regard.

Is SleePare an ADA compliant showroom?

Yes. The SleePare showroom is ADA compliant and has wheelchair accessibility.

About Big Fig Brand

What is Big Fig?

Big Fig is an acclaimed mattress brand committed to design mattresses specifically to meet the needs of bigger figures. The mattress is built particularly to support and withhold the bodyweight of plus-size individuals. The brand’s vision aligns with self-love, body acceptance, and positive life choices.

Is Big Fig available in different models?

Big Fig offers only one model; a 13-inch thick hybrid mattress.

Is Big Fig 100 % natural?

Big Fig is not 100% natural. Although, the quilted top is Lycra blend, with a layer of natural fibers, including linseed, cotton, and flax, stitched underneath the top quilted layer of the mattress.

Does Big Fig mattress off-gas?

Big Fig is Certi-PUR-US® certified which means it is free of carcinogens and harmful emissions. However, there is a small chance that you may detect a faint odor after shipping. It is only because the Big Fig mattress has been wrapped in plastic and placed in a box. Any odor will fade within a day or less.

What fire barrier is used in a Big Fig mattress?

The mattress has an all-natural fire barrier instead of spray-on chemicals. The flame retardant layer is made of flax, linseed, and cotton.

Does Big Fig help heavier sleepers stay cool in bed?

The hybrid construction and breathable gel-infused latex keep the mattress surface cool and dry. The quilted top is treated with ThermoGel technology, which senses heat and moisture and releases a cooling sensation.

How much weight can a Big Fig mattress support?

The Big Fig bed is explicitly built to support the continued application of body weight of up to 550lbs or a distributed weight of 550-1100 lbs for couples.

How does Big Fig maintain its quality over the years?

The brand is hand-tufted in the USA. It sources the highest quality, individually pocketed 15 gauge steel coils that ensure durability. Big Fig mattresses are subjected to industry standard tests, showing virtually no wear and tear in the mattress over 20 years of simulated use — the most common issue heavy sleepers face with typical mattresses.

Big Fig Mattress Delivery

If I buy Big Fig mattress after in-store testing, can I still avail at-home trial and free home delivery?

Yes, of course. Even after trying the Big Fig mattress in store, you can still enjoy the benefits of online mattress shopping.

What are Big Fig’s delivery terms and conditions?

The Big Fig mattress is shipped in a box for free via FedEx within 3-5 business days. The company also offers White Glove delivery that costs $100 and White Glove delivery + bed removal for $160.

What are Big Fig’s return and refund policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the mattress during the 120-night sleep trial, you can have your order picked up for free and get a full refund of your purchase price.

Can I take Big Fig mattress home from the store?

Yes, it is possible. Call SleePare showroom near you and confirm with the store staff if they have the mattress in stock.

Instead of home delivery, can I pick up my Big Fig mattress directly from the store?

Yes, SleePare showrooms provide the store pick up service for Big Fig mattress. Please inform the staff at the time of the purchasing process.