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Dustin Morgan

Dustin Morgan

Sleep Expert & Store Manager

Dustin Morgan is a Computer Science expert who specializes in improving sleep quality through technology and innovation. With a deep interest in mattress technology, he has tested over 200 mattresses and leverages his technical expertise to evaluate and compare their features carefully. By understanding the science behind sleep, Dustin offers tailored sleep solutions that meet individual preferences and needs.

Dustin's Journey To Sleep Expertise

Dustin became fascinated with the impact of mattress technology on sleep quality, which led him to explore the field of sleep science. His journey of research, testing, and analysis has helped him develop a systematic approach to evaluating sleep products. Through rigorous experimentation with various mattresses and accessories, he is dedicated to providing honest and detailed reviews and recommendations to help people find their ideal sleep setup.

Outside The Mattress Lab

Dustin is someone who finds balance in nature and leisure activities when he is not immersed in the latest sleep technologies or crafting insightful content. He believes in the importance of well-rounded well-being and emphasizes that quality rest leads to enriched life experiences. His love for jogging, fishing, hunting, and video gaming speaks volumes about his belief.


“We were looking at mattresses online and found SleePare store in Tysons and it was amazing! There was a wide selection on mattresses that could personally test out. Dustin was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in extreme detail which helped us greatly! Highly recommend coming here for your next mattress hunt! I also loved how peaceful it was!”
5 star review by Jenna Pham


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