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Helix White Glove Delivery Service 2024

Helix White Glove Delivery Service 2024

Helix Mattress White Glove Delivery Service

If you’re in the market for a Helix mattress, SleePare offers a white glove delivery service to make getting your new mattress easier than ever. No matter if you’re a heavy sleeper, light sleeper, or prefer coils, foams, or Luxe mattress models, our white glove delivery service helps ensure you get your mattress hassle-free and as quickly as possible. Not only does our team of delivery experts make getting your new mattress a breeze, but they also remove all debris and can even help you get rid of your old mattress, leaving you ample room for the mattress of your dreams.

helix mattress white glove delivery service

Let’s take a look at our white glove delivery service, and see how it makes getting a Helix mattress all the more grand.

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What Is White Glove Delivery For Your Mattress?

Now that you know SleePare offers white glove delivery, you may be wondering what that service includes. We assure you that white glove delivery will transform how you feel about getting a new mattress and ensure that there’s no heavy lifting needed on your end of things to get that mattress of your dreams.

helix white glove delivery

White Glove Setup Includes

Not only can you get your mattress delivered to your home, but you can also get it set up by professionals. This means you don’t have to worry about navigating staircases and corners with your new mattress. Instead, you can let our delivery experts handle the maneuvering, allowing them to transport your new mattress to its final resting place.

As a bonus, we also remove all debris that comes from opening a new mattress or box spring and will even remove an old mattress if you ask us to.


White Glove Delivery Process

Now that you have a general overview of the white glove delivery process, let’s look at things in more detail, shall we? Once you see how easy white glove delivery is, you’ll never bug your buddies to help you move another mattress again.


Step 1: Order and Schedule

After ordering your SleePare mattress, set up a delivery time that fits your schedule, ensuring you’re home for the delivery.

Step 2: Delivery Day Inspection

Our delivery team performs thorough inspections of the mattress at various stages to ensure it’s in perfect condition.

Step 3: Room Setup

Our team will navigate the new mattress to your specified room. You won’t need to lift a finger – just direct us to the right spot!

Step 4: Final Touches

We set up your new mattress, clear all packing debris, and can remove your old mattress, leaving you to enjoy your new SleePare mattress.

Who Needs White Glove Delivery?

Anyone can benefit from white glove delivery service, especially those without a vehicle or who can’t lift a mattress on their own. For the cost involved, white glove delivery makes the entire mattress moving process so much easier to deal with.

Not only does it mean you don’t have to navigate around your own furniture with a bulky mattress, but it allows you to get your mattress moved in during a set time period, reducing your overall stress and working around your busy schedule. As far as mattress moving is concerned, white glove delivery is a game changer in regard to stress, time, and overall hassle.


The Benefits Of White Glove Delivery Service

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of white glove delivery services for your Helix mattress. Not only can you expect less stress from a white glove delivery service, but there are also the following benefits:

helix mattress white glove delivery

  • Professional Service: Let the professionals worry about moving your new mattress. Just because you could move your own mattress doesn’t mean you won’t get peace of mind from having the professionals handle the maneuvering.
  • No Lifting, No Problem: Lifting a mattress is no joke, especially with a larger mattress. With white glove delivery, you don’t have to lift a finger let alone a mattress. Simply let the professionals move your mattress into your new home, stair cases and all. What better way to enjoy your new mattress than sitting back and letting someone else do the hard work?
  • Work around Your Busy Schedule: We know you’re a busy person. Instead of trying to coordinate with several people to move a mattress on your own (not to mention finding a vehicle that can carry your mattress), let the professionals handle the moving instead. Not only do you get a streamlined moving process, but you can schedule your appointment to fit your busy schedule, meaning less stress for you in the long run.
  • No Mess: Opening a new mattress means plastic and debris, which is where white glove delivery clean-up services come into play. Our team removes all debris associated with your new mattress, meaning you don’t have to worry about disposing of all that packaging. What could be better than that?
  • Old Mattress Be Gone: Disposing of a mattress can be a pain, so why not let the experts handle it? As part of your white glove delivery service, our team will remove an old mattress at no additional cost, so you can enjoy your new mattress without worrying about disposing of the old one.

Who Offers White Glove Delivery Service?

Now that you’ve heard all about white glove delivery and how much easier it is, you’re probably wondering where you can get this service. While Helix doesn’t offer a white glove delivery from their company, you can get this service through SleePare, meaning not only can you get a great mattress, but you can also get it delivered right to your door. Sounds great, right? Let’s take a look at SleePare’s various locations so you know where to go to get your new mattress delivered hassle-free.

Helix White Glove Delivery In New York City

If you’re in the New York area and are in search of the perfect mattress, SleePare is there to help. Not only can you try our online-exclusive brands in our showroom, but with a storefront located at the heart of New York, you can easily get your new mattress delivered anywhere in the area. With white glove delivery available from our location, you can rest easy knowing your new Helix mattress will be delivered in style.

  • White glove delivery services
  • Same-day delivery available
  • Centralized New York location
  • Services New York and New Jersey

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, head on over to SleePare’s New York showroom to test out the mattress of your dreams, and have it delivered in style.

Helix White Glove Delivery In Boston

While some see Boston as the birthplace of the nation, we see it as the birthplace of great sleep, thanks to SleePare. If you’re looking to test out some online-only mattress brands, head to our showroom. Our staff can help you choose the right mattress for your sleep needs and get you set up with our white glove delivery service, too. That way, you can enjoy your new mattress without all the hassle that comes with moving said mattress into your home.

  • Services the New England area
  • Helpful staff
  • White glove delivery
  • Centralized Boston location

If you’re near Boston and looking for a new mattress, visit our storefront. We’re sure to have the right mattress for your sleep preferences on hand and are more than happy to help you navigate the confusing world of buying a new mattress.

Helix White Glove Delivery In Tysons Corner

If you’re heading to Washington, D.C., why not stop in and check out our mattresses? SleePare’s showroom at Tysons Corner services the Maryland area, allowing you to get the mattress of your dreams close to home. Who wants to buy a mattress without testing it out properly? Definitely not us! That’s why SleePare’s showroom features online-exclusive brands so you can give these luxury mattresses a test ride before committing. Plus, once you find that mattress of your dreams, you can skip the hassle and have it delivered in style with our white glove delivery service.

  • Services Maryland area
  • In-person online brand testing
  • Friendly staff
  • White glove delivery available

If you’re looking for a great mattress in the Washington, D.C. area, visit SleePare. You’re sure to find a mattress that suits your unique sleep style and preference.

Helix White Glove Delivery In Los Angeles

Shopping for a mattress in the Los Angeles area? We’ve got you covered. At SleePare, your comfort is our top priority, which is why we pack our showroom with exclusive online luxury brands. Not only can our staff help you choose the right mattress for your sleep needs, but with our white glove delivery option, you can sit back and relax as your new mattress is delivered to your home hassle-free. What could be better than that?

  • Hassle-free white glove delivery
  • Centralized Los Angeles location
  • Day of shipping available
  • Knowledgable staff

If you’re looking for a friendly, helpful mattress shopping experience, head to SleePare’s Los Angeles location, We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Helix White Glove Delivery In Miami

If you’re in the Miami area and looking for a new mattress, SleePare is there to help. Our Miami showroom showcases online-exclusive luxury brands, so you can shop some of the top mattresses out there. We know buying a mattress without testing it can be challenging, which is why we encourage you to try out any mattress in our showroom before you buy it. Once you’re sure you have the mattress of your dreams, you can schedule a white glove delivery with our staff to make getting that new mattress even easier. It’s a win-win!

  • Online-exclusive brands
  • Helpful staff
  • Centralized Miami location
  • White glove delivery service

If you’re cruising to Miami Beach, pay SleePare a visit and get the mattress of your dreams today.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does SleePare’s White Glove Delivery Take?

You can schedule your delivery for whatever time works for your with our staff. Once the delivery starts, it should take only around an hour to set up your new mattress. Keep in mind this time varies depending on if you need your old mattress removed, or have a box spring to install as well.

How Much Does SleePare’s White Glove Delivery Cost?

SleePare’s white glove delivery costs $190. This includes delivery, debris removal, and old mattress removal as well. This is a worthwhile investment if you’re worried about setting up your mattress on your own.

Will You Remove My Old Mattress And Bed Base?

SleePare will remove your old mattress and box spring as part of their white glove delivery service. If you’re looking to remove an old bed frame, you will need to do that yourself. Be sure to talk to our delivery team for more information.


If you’re shopping for a Helix mattress or would like to weigh your different options, head on down to a SleePare showroom. Not only can we help you choose the right bed for you, but our staff would be happy to schedule a white glove delivery for you to help streamline your mattress delivery. We look forward to seeing you.


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