All About Newark

Newark, the nation’s major hub for air, shipping and rail transportation is home to major corporations such as Prudential Financial, Panasonic, Apple, Google, and Goldman Sachs. 

Founded in the 17th century, it is the third-oldest American city and the largest municipality in New Jersey. With the oldest Country Park and the largest collection of cherry blossom trees, Newark hosts scenic beauties and a serene environment. 

Over the past four decades, Newark has undergone drastic changes due to the sudden boom in economy based on technology, communication and transportation. Its vibrant eateries and cultural hotspot bespoke of diversity and hospitality. 

Attend world-class exhibitions and entertainment shows or visit historic museums to experience the rich history of Newark. Take a stroll at the Riverfront Park to watch the picturesque sunset or gaze at the twinkling starry night. Make a quick trip to NYC to wind down at a one-of-a-kind SleePare showroom. De-stress as you take a prolonged 30-minute nap trial on one of your favorite mattresses!

Our Manhattan showroom, located in Chelsea, is where online and brick and mortar stores meet for a shopping experience like you’ve never had before. You might not think New York City is the place to buy a mattress, but SleePare is out to change that. 

SleePare is not your average mattress store. We take mattress shopping to a whole new level. Unlike other mattress stores that only carry a specific brand, SleePare showcases mattress brands usually only found online. 

With the growing popularity of online mattress companies and the bed-in-a-box concept, more shoppers are surfing the web to find their next mattress, instead of visiting their local chain mattress or furniture store. Before making a big purchase like a mattress, shoppers want to test out the product for themselves and know the product before making a commitment to a specific brand. 

That’s where SleePare comes in. SleePare combines the best of both worlds; online and in-store shopping. We have exclusive deals with select online retailers for special coupons for their products. That way, our shoppers can get the best deal on the best mattress. 

Visit SleePare to try out brands like Nectar, Purple, and Casper before you buy! Our team of sleep experts can help you find the best mattress. New York City can be stressful and overwhelming. Stop by SleePare for a 30 minute nap to take a mattress for a “test run”, and wake up to a fresh cup of coffee.  

Located in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, the SleePare showroom in NYC is the best place in Newark to find the perfect mattress! Whether you know what mattress you’re looking for, or want to try, SleePare can help you find the perfect fit for a great night’s sleep!

Directions to SleePare from Newark

  • Get on I-280 E from Washington St
  • Head west on Market St/Rte 510 toward Halsey St
  • Turn right toward Washington St
  • Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Washington St
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Broad St
  • Turn right to merge onto I-280 E toward Harrison/Jersey City
  • Continue on I-280 E. Take I-95 N, NJ-495 E and Lincoln Tunnel to Dyer Ave in Manhattan, New York
  • Merge onto I-280 E
  • Keep left to stay on I-280 E
  • Take exit 15X and 16E toward Lincoln Tunnel
  • Merge onto I-95 N
  • Take exit 16E toward Lincoln Tunnel
  • Continue onto NJ-495 E
  • Keep left to stay on NJ-495 E
  • Use the left lanes to take the Lincoln Tunnel exit
  • Continue onto Lincoln Tunnel
  • Continue onto NY-495
  • Drive to W 30th St
  • NY-495 turns slightly left and becomes Dyer Ave
  • Merge onto W 30th St
  • Your Destination will be on the right