All About Bronx

The Bronx is a New York City borough full of local culture and flavor. Home of the creation of hip-hop and the New York Yankees, the Bronx is the ultimate, authentic New York experience. The Bronx is a melting pot of cultures, people, food, and entertainment. The borough was originally settled by Europeans and later populations from the Caribbean, which has resulted in the Bronx being a true melting pot of cultures and cuisines. 

Most tourists never make it to The Bronx when visiting NYC, which is why the borough has a more authentic feel than more tourist friendly areas of the city like Manhattan. NYC’s hidden gem is full of cultural history and attractions like the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Bronx Zoo, and the famous NYC Botanical Garden

Pop culture has long portrayed the borough as a symbol of crime and urban ruin. However, in recent years, the borough has gone through a cultural and social revival. In the Bronx, you’ll find the iconic New York landmark Yankee Stadium. There, you learn about the history of the 27-time World Series Champion New York Yankees. 

Another major attraction you can visit in the Bronx is Poe Cottage. Famous American horror author Edgar Allan Poe spent the last years of his life in this cottage located in the Bronx. Poe wrote one of his most famous works, Annabel Lee, at the cottage. Now, Poe cottage is maintained by The Bronx County Historical Society and is open for tours on specific dates. 

The Bronx is also home to the “real” Little Italy. Unlike the tourist trap Little Italy in Manhattan full of commercialized pizza joints, the Bronx is home to what locals call “the real Little Italy”. Located on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx in the Belmont neighborhood, this section of the borough is home to the best Italian fare in NYC. Generations have called this neighborhood home, and the home style and family atmosphere still remains. From an Italian bazaar to the best pasta in the city, Arthur Avenue is the place to find the best Italian food in the city. 

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Directions to SleePare Midtown from The Bronx

  • Take Morris Park Ave and NY-895/Sheridan I-278 W
  • Head north on Hunt Ave toward Morris Park Ave
  • Turn left onto Georgina Soccodato Way/Morris Park Ave
  • Turn right onto E Tremont Ave
  • Turn left onto E 177th St
  • Use the middle lane to turn right onto the ramp to NY-895/Sheridan Blvd.
  • Keep left at the fork, follow signs for NY-895 S/Sheridan Blvd/RFK Br
  • Continue onto NY-895/Sheridan Blvd.
  • Continue on I-278 W. Take I-495 W to E 37th St in Manhattan. Take the 37 St exit from Queens Midtown Tunnel
  • Continue onto I-278 W
  • Keep left to stay on I-278 W, follow signs for Triboro Br/Manhattan/Queens
  • Take the exit toward I-278 W
  • Take exit 35 to merge onto I-495 W toward Midtown Tunnel
  • Use the middle 2 lanes to take the 37 St exit toward Crosstown
  • Merge onto E 37th St
  • Turn left onto Lexington Ave
  • Turn right onto E 29th St
  • Turn right onto 8th Ave
  • Turn right onto W 30th St. Destination will be on the right.

NYC Subway 

  • Start on Brooklyn Avenue heading north
  • Right on to Fulton Street
  • Left onto Throop Avenue
  • Enter station using stairs, on left [Manhattan]
  • Get off at 34 St-Penn Station
  • Exit station using stairs
  • Continue on to 8th Avenue
  • Right on to West 30th Street