Partnerships and Advertisements Disclosure

SleePare offers detailed buying guides, product reviews and rankings, and in-depth research on how to improve sleep quality, all in one place, to its readers. Our panel of writers and reviewers proudly deliver verified and authentic, information from reliable sources to our readers.

Our team conducts thorough research and analysis before publishing any content online for the viewers. The editorial and website management process is costly, which is why we have affiliate relationships with various sleep products brands in the industry. They help us maintain high-quality content standards and expand as the ultimate online sleep products review company.

Furthermore, the affiliate relationships ensure we can continue providing trustworthy info to our readers free of charge, so that our customers can receive the best facts and figures about trending sleep products without paying a cent.

We value transparency about our policies. Therefore, we are sharing the following disclosures about advertisements and affiliation with partner brands. All policies are in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations.

1. Relationship with Sleep Products Companies
SleePare has partnered with various sleep product companies. We share affiliate links on our website wherever applies, and it is difficult for us to provide a definite list here for the customers. Therefore, we would like to clarify that any item purchased through SleePare website may earn us a small commission, if we are affiliated with that brand.

2. No Additional Monetary Compensation
The brands we partner with have no influence on the editorial content. Our company does not entertain any monetary offers for featuring a certain product or negatively market a competitor. This helps us keep the ratings, rankings, and reviews at SleePare completely unbiased, authentic, and honest.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program
We are a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, and some of the e-commerce links available on our website lead to products available on Amazon. If you happen to visit the affiliate links on our website and buy from them, we may be offered a referral commission. However, this does not incur any extra charges on your part or urge you to purchase a product without your consent. If you choose not to purchase any of the products recommended in our articles, it will never affect your access to the free content on

4. Commission Policy for Returned Products
If you buy a product from our partner brand through one of our affiliate links and later on choose to cancel your order or return the product because of inferior quality or any other reason for dissatisfaction, the commission we receive is revoked by the brand. We never promote or market low quality mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories on the request of the affiliate companies.

How do we ensure transparency in SleePare editorial content and ratings?

1. Automated Data Collection and Analysis
All product ratings for mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories on our website are generated through a sophisticated system based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our software collects consumer and professional reviews and critiques from all over the internet, including blogs, review forums, and brand sales overview. This is how SleePare takes vigorous measures to ensure the data is not compromised or influenced by humans and there is no risk of errors.

2. Partnership Confidentiality
Our writers and editorial staff have no knowledge about the brands in the sleep industry who are affiliated with SleePare. However, from time to time, the editorial board may contact certain sleep merchandise companies to cross-check facts and figures about prices, discounts, materials, etc. for verification to ascertain the data is not inconclusive or inauthentic.

3. No Personal Opinions or Reviews
SleePare writers are not permitted to change a product review or present their own views while producing any content online. This way we maintain the standards we promise our readers to ensure they are getting 100% authentic and trustworthy information about various trending merchandise in the sleep industry.

Note: SleePare Florida LLC is the legal name of SleePare.

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