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Find your perfect Leesa mattress @SleePare Miami

Leesa is known for its high-end sleep products and is ranked a top mattress brand by Business Insider and Wirecutter. Although readily available online, customers miss out on the benefits of testing a mattress in-person versus just buying online.

You can try any of the Leesa mattresses at SleePare’s new showroom in Miami, Florida and test the entire Leesa collection and compare it to other leading brands. 

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Why Should You Try Your Leesa Mattress In-Store? 

Online stores offer you the convenience and comfort of shopping from home, you can’t interact with the product before buying. Therefore, brick-and-mortar sales make up 94% of the total retail business

Trying your favorite Leesa Mattress in-store at SleePare’s Miami showroom allows you to experience the comfort and performance of Leesa mattresses before making a purchase. You can compare it alongside other brands and learn more about Leesa’s sleep technology to see how it measures up with similar brands.

SleePare’s Miami showroom offers a 30-minute nap trial to let customers experience any of our best-selling mattresses.  Our in-store sleep experts can help you find the perfect mattress for your body and sleep position. Professional consultation from the sleep experts in our Miami mattress showroom will help you compare Leesa and other mattresses to help you find the right fit. 

Leesa is a B-Corp Certified US mattress brand known for its eco-friendly and sustainable sleep products. Leesa mattresses have all the essentials for a good night’s sleep:  exceptional edge support, breathability and motion isolation. 

To see if a Leesa mattress is the right fit for you, our showroom staff can help. From foams to hybrids, Leesa offers a variety of mattresses made with their patented technology. Now, you can experience Leesa mattresses and much more at SleePare Miami. 

Why is Leesa Everyone’s Favorite Bed-in-a-Box Mattress?

Leesa offers all foam and hybrid mattresses.  featuring unique designs, durable construction, and innovative cooling technology for a comfortable sleep. A pioneer in foam mattresses, Leesa’s own patented technology uses perforated foam for improved airflow and breathability to decrease heat retention. Leesa’s hybrid mattress features zoned support for optimal pain relief and spinal alignment. 

Leesa has earned a distinguished name in the industry as a leading direct-to-consumer mattress brandOther than mattresses, Leesa also manufactures bed frames, pillows sheets,and accessories at an affordable price. Each Leesa mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, 100 nights in-home trial, and free shipping. Visit the SleePare Miami showroom for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience where you can try and buy Leesa mattresses. 

Leesa Mattress Store Miami

What To Expect at SleePare Miami Store?

Located in the heart of Miami, SleePare’s newest showroom offers a clean and relaxing environment for mattress shopping. Our store hosts an extensive collection of premium-quality mattresses and sleep products from leading brands like Purple and more.

Our sleep experts have years of experience in the mattress industry and are trained to help our customers find the perfect mattress. Our in-store trials and professional consultation ensure our customers will leave SleePare with many restful nights ahead. 

Miami Leesa Mattress Store

  • Talk To Experts

Our team of skilled and professional sleep experts have years of experience in the industry and receives rigorous training in sleep and related products to guide customers throughout the shopping process. 

Being equipped with the right knowledge and skills, our team can match you with a mattress. Through dedicated services, quality products and a professional approach, we gain customer loyalty.  

  • Appointment-based Visits

You can visit SleePare stores anytime during business hours, but we prefer scheduled appointments for personalized shopping. Scheduling an appointment allows for our team to make sure we have the mattresses you are interested in trying in stock. An appointment also provides you with a dedicated in-store trial slot and consultation.

  • Free 30-Minute Nap Trial:

SleePare offers you a free 30-minute nap trial on any of our in-stock mattresses. The ‘try before you buy’ trial allows you to test the feel, comfort, support and performance of the mattress before deciding.

  • Wide Range of Sleep Products: 

Each SleePare showroom showcases 30 different brands all under one roof. We equip each mattress on display at our showrooms with an informational brochure explaining each mattress’s specs and features. 

  • Regular Discounts:

Getting high-quality sleep products on a budget has never been more fun! Here at SleePare, you get to enjoy a variety of seasonal sales and discounted prices. From mattresses to beddings, you can get everything you need for a great night’s sleep without too big of a dent in your wallet. We partner with leading mattress brands to offer exclusive rates to our customers. Enjoy anywhere from 10% to 50% off best-selling mattresses and other sleep products. 

  • Same-day delivery:

We offer our local Miami customers same-day delivery on Purple and other brands. For out-of-town customers and those who order products not in stock, we offer free same-day shipping.

Other Leesa Products You Can Find at SleePare’s Miami Showroom

Leesa Mattress Miami Showroom


  • Premium Foam Pillow

Leesa’s memory foam pillows are designed for comfort in all sleep positions.It keeps your neck, head, and spine in alignment to relieve sore and aching joints.The breathable pillow cover promotes air circulation for a cooling comfort every night.

  • Hybrid Pillow

Leesa’s Hybrid Pillow is made of two different layers: a down-like quilt and a cooling gel. The inserts are removable and adjustable to provide you with customized comfort and support. It also features a double-sided comfort to meet the needs of varying sleepers. The cover is made with fibers to keep hot sleepers cool. 

Bed Frames

  • Adjustable Base

Leesa’s Adjustable Base offers unlimited customization settings.  Available in split-king size for motion isolation, this adjustable base allows you to elevate the head and foot area and adjust the height. It also features BlueTooth, wireless remote control and an LED lightning system. 

  • Bed Frame 

The Leesa Bed Frame is both heavy-duty and sleek. Made with quality metals this minimalist-style bed frame takes up little space. Pair it with the foundation to get the most out of your Leesa mattress. 

  • Foundation 

Leesa’s wooden frame foundation provides resilient and stable support. A center beam and woven twill help keep your Leesa mattress supported on the frame.  This foundation is equipped with four corner pins and slide-in slats for seamless setup. 

  • Platform Bed

Leesa’s Platform Bed is easy-to-assemble and offers ample mattress support.  Birchwood slats and wooden legs easily screw into the frame, while the upholstered grey fabric frame complements most bedroom decors. Pre-connected, lock-in fixtures require no tools for setup. 


  • Sheet Set

Leesa sheets are  100% GOTS certified organic cotton. These soft and comfy sheets are cool and breathable.  Available in neutral white and grey, this plush sateen-weave sheet set includes  1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. 

  • Duvet Cover & Sham Set

This luxurious and soft Duvet and Sham Set are made from 100% cotton. Designed for year-round comfort, Leesa’s Duvet is breathable yet warm enough for winter nights. Four corner ties allows you to add this duvet to any comforter. Leesa Duvet and Sham Set is easy to remove and wash. 

  • Duvet Insert/Comforter

Made of 100% cotton, the Leesa’s Duvet Insert is hypoallergenic and lightweight enough for year-long use. This machine-washable comforter is perfect for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. 

  • Mattress Protector

The water-resistant mattress protector from Leesa keeps your mattress clean and dry. Made out of lightweight, performance material, it’s a reliable and non-noisy barrier for your bed. The antimicrobial properties mitigate the growth of bacteria, mold, and germs. 

  • Mattress Topper

Add even more plush comfort to your mattress with Leesa’s 2-inch thick, foam mattress topper. Its patented construction keeps you comfortable and supported in any sleep position.

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