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SleePare Miami Bear Mattress Store – Performance & Comfort

Bear mattresses are especially designed for athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. Bear’s innovative technology promotes muscle recovery and aids in healing sore muscles and joints. These durable and optimal performance mattresses are known for their comfort. While you can’t experience the full benefits of a Bear mattress without spending several nights sleeping on it, you can try out the features at SleePare to see if Bear mattresses are right for you.

Bear mattresses are usually only available online. Luckily, the brand has teamed up with SleePare to showcase its premium quality sleep wellness products in our new Miami mattress store. You can schedule a 30-minute in-store trial to test and learn more about Bear mattresses and other products. 

You can even compare it with other similar products from leading brands to see which mattress is right for you. 

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Why Are In-Store Trials for Bear Mattresses Important?

Online stores offer you the convenience and comfort of shopping from home, you can’t interact with the product before buying. Therefore, brick-and-mortar sales make up 94% of the total retail business

Testing a Bear mattress at SleePare Miami lets you personally experience the mattress feel and comfort. You can compare it alongside other brands to see how they measure up. 

The growing online bedding industry has paved the way for competition, but has increased the likelihood of purchasing defective items from companies with poor customer service. It’s hard to find trustworthy brands and products online. SleePare allows for you to feel, view, and compare online products during our free in-store trials. We can guarantee you will find your new favorite sleep brand at SleePare.

The Bear mattress uses quality materials and durable construction to relieve pain, pressure, and promote muscle recovery.  Bear’s patented copper foam effectively wicks away heat and moisture for a cool, dry sleep surface. Bear mattresses use Celliant covers to boost the body’s natural healing process for restorative sleep. 

Bear Mattress Store Miami  

Why is Bear Everyone’s Favorite Bed-in-a-Box Mattress?

Bear is the only mattress designed for athletes and active individuals. The body-hugging and pressure-relieving comfort aims to improve health, wellness, and sleep quality to promote an active lifestyle. 

Bear has three mattresses; a hybrid and two all-foam. Each Bear mattress is made with advanced cooling foam and Celliant technology that improves blood oxygenation to aid in workout recovery and ease aches and pains.

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What To Expect at SleePare Miami?

Located in the heart of Miami, SleePare’s newest showroom offers a clean and relaxing environment for mattress shopping. Our store hosts an extensive collection of premium-quality mattresses and sleep products from leading brands like Bear and more.

Our sleep experts have years of experience in the mattress industry and are trained to help our customers find the perfect mattress. Our in-store trials and professional consultation ensure our customers will leave SleePare with many restful nights ahead. 

Bear Mattress Store

  • Talk To Experts

Our team of skilled and professional sleep experts have years of experience in the industry and receives rigorous training in sleep and related products to guide customers throughout the shopping process. 

Being equipped with the right knowledge and skills, our team can match you with the right mattress. Through dedicated services, quality products and professional approach, we gain customer loyalty.  

  • Appointment-based Visits

You can visit SleePare stores anytime during business hours, but we prefer scheduled appointments for personalized shopping. Scheduling an appointment allows for our team to ensure we have your desired mattresses in stock. An appointment also provides you with a dedicated in-store trial slot and consultation.

  • Free 30-Minute Nap Trial:

SleePare offers you a free 30-minute nap trial on any of our in-stock mattresses. The ‘try before you buy’ trial allows you to test the feel, comfort, support and performance of the mattress before deciding.

  • Wide Range of Sleep Products: 

Each SleePare showroom showcases 30 different brands all under one roof. We equip each mattress on display at our showrooms with an informational brochure explaining each mattress’s specs and features. 

  • Regular Discounts:

Getting high-quality sleep products on a budget has never been more fun! Here at SleePare, you get to enjoy a variety of seasonal sales and discounted prices. From mattresses to beddings, you can get everything you need for a great night’s sleep without too big of a dent in your wallet. We partner with leading mattress brands to offer exclusive rates to our customers. Enjoy anywhere from 10% to 50% off on best-selling mattresses and other sleep products. 

  • Same-day delivery:

We offer our local Miami customers same-day delivery on Bear and other brands. For out-of-town customers and those who order products not in stock, we offer free same-day shipping.

Other Bear Products You Can Find at SleePare, Miami

Bear Mattresses at SleePare Miami


  • Cooling Foam Pillow

Bear’s Cooling Foam Pillow is the coolest pillow on the market. Made with Bear’s own Loft-X Foam that provides optimal comfort and support, this cooling pillow also has a special Double Ice Cover for all-night temperature control. Each end of the pillow has mesh corners for a breathable and cool sleep area. Bear pillows use hypoallergenic materials to keep mites, bacteria, and allergens at bay.

  • Down Alternative Pillow

These cloud pillows are fluffy and lightweight for excellent neck alignment and cradled support.  Down alternative fill enhances breathability and promotes air circulation to regulate sleep temperature. These machine-washable pillows are hypoallergenic and sleep cool. 

Bed Frames

  • Adjustable Base

This innovative, sleek and reliable Bear Adjustable Base offers a healthier and comfortable sleep. Choose from five preset positions or download the Bear app to customize new ones. The base is equipped with dual USB charging ports, under-bed LED lights, remote control, and mobile app to power up your comfort. Its minimalistic design keeps the electrical components out of sight for a clean and chic look.

  • Foundation 

This solid, slatted wooden foundation works with Bear bed frames to provide your mattress with maximum support. This sturdy base includes interlocked glides and pins to allow easy and quick setup.

  • Bed Frame

Made of fiberglass infused resin, the Bear metal bed frame is built to last. Suitable to use with Bear foundation, this frame snaps into place within seconds. The molded frame has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain while offering ample under bed storage space.


  • Protopper

Enhance your mattress comfort with Bear’s foam mattress topper. This all foam mattress topper is made with copper infusion for a cool sleep. This extra layer of plushness provides contoured support to relieve aching joints and sore muscles. Bear’s Protopper is made with the same Celliant technology in the Bear mattresses that is clinically proven to help pain relief and muscle recovery. The Bear Protopper is perfect if you want to try out the features and benefits of the Bear mattress without making the initial investment.

  • Weighted Blanket 

The Bear Weighted Blanket offers deep pressure stimulation, increasing both melatonin and serotonin levels to reduce anxiety and help you get to sleep. Its plush microfiber cover and the contoured design provides body-hugging comfort to keep you calm and cozy. The Bear Weighted Blanket is available in Queen size and weighs 15 pounds.

  • Bear Protector

Using HeiQ technology that transports moisture and heat away from your body, Bear’s Mattress Protector keeps you cool and comfortable while protecting your mattress. Protect your mattress from liquids, dust mites, spills, and allergens. You can also pair this mattress protector with any Bear mattress without inhibiting the Celliant technology, so you get both the benefits of the Bear mattress and the protection you need.

  • Bear Encasement

Get additional protection with Bear’s Mattress Encasement. Enjoy maximum protection with 6-sided encasement for a clean, comfortable sleep area. The patented BedBugBanisher technology repels bed bugs and protects your mattress against allergens, mites and mold. The 360-degree SecureZzzip feature allows easy removal.

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