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A Unique Mattress Retailer Helping You Save Money and Sleep Happy

What Is Mattress Firm?

Mattress Firm is a US-based retail company offering a unique mattress purchase experience to their customers. All merchandise provided by the company is durable and long-lasting, thanks to their careful and trustworthy selection to ensure every consumer rests uninterrupted at night.

Founded in 1986, Mattress Firm has been focused on delivering the perfect shopping platform for people seeking the ultimate mattress and bedding products, since its inception. The company headquarters are in Houston, Texas. Paul Stork, Harry Roberts, and Steve Fendrich are the founders of Mattress Firm while Kenneth E. Murphy is serving as their CEO.

After three decades of impeccable service, the company was bought by Steinhoff International in 2016, making Mattress Firm a subsidiary of Steinhoff. Additionally, they also manage Sleepy’s and Sleep Train. Over 3,500 Mattress Firm outlets are located in prominent cities across 49 US states. In fact, the company is among the most successful mattress business in the country with the most significant geographic footprint.

They showcase a wide range of mattress models by established and growing brands. You can browse through a quality selection of mattresses and bedding solutions on Mattress Firm website and later get them delivered directly to your doorstep!

So, what exactly does Mattress Firm sells? Let’s find out:

Available Sleep Essentials and Mattresses

On Mattress Firm you will come across a vast selection of the best sleep essentials and most comfortable mattresses loved by Americans. Almost all the items are quite budget-friendly and available for economical prices. Also, don’t forget to check out the sales and discounts or the limited time Mattress Firm coupons offered by the company occasionally – you might miss out on some fantastic stuff to spruce up your room!


If you are seeking a new mattress, to either improve your rest or to change the look of your bedroom, It is an excellent place to start your search. Find the most comfortable mattress that would suit your sleep requirements easily on their site. They have all types of categories available. Whether you are a fan of the contemporary hybrid designs or would go for a traditional spring or memory foam feel, every kind of model is accessible on Mattress Firm.


One of the critical things to consider while purchasing a new mattress is the foundation or bed frame. Mattress Firm is home to exquisite foundations, useful for enhancing the lifespan of your sleep surface.

The company displays adjustable foundations for people seeking a movable base. For anyone who likes a solid and sturdier surface, there is a good variety of metal platforms and other classic bed frames. You can even score entire bed sets and headboards at Mattress Firm suiting all kinds of bedroom themes and designs!

Sheets and Bedding Products:

There is just no way to get a wholesome sleep experience without the cozies and comfiest bedding items! Bedding essentials include duvets, comforters, mattress toppers, pillows and pillow cases, sheets and a lot more.

Mattress Firm has an excellent variety of bed accessories to help you slumber better and more comfortably. You can check out the best bedding sets including mattress toppers of different types such as gel, latex or memory foam. You can also grab a pillow from their incredible collection of fiber, feather, wool and other kinds of headrests. In short, whatever bedding accessories you require, they are available on their stores.

Mattress Firm Amenities

Mattress Firm offers various amenities to the users. Take a look at the following benefits to understand how they can help you out:

  • Sleep trial – 120 nights:
    They have 120 nights trial period on all their displayed products. It is a perfect chance for you to test out your favorite items right at your home for a few months before making a final decision!
  • Free shipping offer:
    The company offers free shipping throughout the US on a $500 purchase. This offer includes getting urgent or same day delivery, complete set-up of the mattress by trained professionals of Mattress Firm and removal of your old product.
  • Money back guarantee:
    You don’t like the latest bedding item or mattress you bought from Mattress Firm? No worries, because their return policy provides a money-back guarantee. Once they perform a routine inspection on the product you want to return, Mattress Firm will issue a full refund without any difficulty.
  • Low Prices:
    Mattress Firm guarantees that all items are available at lower prices compared to the original industry costs. They go so far to claim that if you come across the same sleep product you purchased from them, at a lesser price somewhere else, they will decrease the cost by 10% or give it to you for free! The Mattress Firm price claim extends the post-trial period.
  • Exceptional Red Carpet delivery:
    The brand has an exclusive Red Carpet delivery system. Yes, it is as important as its name! The delivery system of Mattress Firm is quite efficient and works closely with the customers’ availability. For example, if you want an urgent delivery on the same or next day, you can easily arrange it with their company.
  • Mattress finder:
    Can’t decide which mattress is perfect for you? They have a simple solution to this problem. Try out their “mattress finder” tool which helps you figure out the most appropriate choices per your needs. You are asked about your preferences such as the required mattress size, sleeping positions, budget, pain issues and temperature requirements. Using the info you provide, the software will narrow down proper mattress models that might work for you.

Ease of Selection and Browsing Process

The shopping process at Mattress Firm is straightforward and not confusing at all. The user-friendly categorization of the sleep products further helps you with quick access to all items on one platform without wasting your energy.

You can search for mattress through the following classification:

  • By Comfort
  • By Size
  • By Budget
  • By Brand
  • By Type
Mattress Classification

Financing Facilities

The company created a comfortable monthly payment method that will perfectly suit your financial standing and your budget.

You can either choose the Credit Card or the No Credit Card option. The former has no annual fees, 0% financing plan and a long-term card that can be used in future purchases from Mattress Firm. The No Card Option is more viable for people seeking flexible, three months payment period.

Customer Service

Mattress Firm has gained popularity across the nation because of its outstanding customer service. The company officials are forever available to help you out 24/7 and ease your confusions through prompt replies and transparency.

Philanthropic Accomplishments

Giving back to the society is among the fundamental principles of Mattress Firm mission. They established a charitable program called Foster Kids by partnering with Ticket To Dream Foundation. The company arranges donations and charities to help the foster children get the most out of their lives.

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