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Top 8 Reasons To Buy Puffy in 2024

Top 8 Reasons To Buy Puffy in 2024

Best mattress of 2021” and “America’s most comfortable mattresses” are pretty big claims that Puffy makes on its official website---but how do they stack up against its product quality and performance. 

Established in 2016, Puffy is a relatively new brand specializing in all-foam mattresses. However, its product line is varied and unique to suit the varying needs of different sleeper types. Moreover, the brand has been quite creative with its name and brand image----a true marketing gimmick!

When we hear the word “Puffy,” we think of plushness, clouds, and comfort. And this is what the brand stands for. By just looking at their website, you’ll have certain expectations---their promise of “sleeping on the cloud feel” and “comfortable mattresses” that let you drift away in a deep sleep. 

Since its inception, the brand had made a distinguished place for itself in the bed-in-a-box industry. In a short time, it has become the most talked-about brand and received top ratings on various review sites---all thanks to its comfortable feel, firmness, and pricing option.

Geared towards alleviating back pain, Puffy started its journey with an all-foam mattress. It contains three layers of proprietary Puffy foam for a pillowy, cool, and comfortable feel. Today, the company has extended its product line and offers luxury hybrid mattresses featuring resilient coil layers. 

Each of its beds provides pressure-relieving comfort that is making rounds in the online mattress industry. Its hybrid coil designs offer a plushier surface compared to the option available in the market, making it suitable for people with a petite body. Aimed at providing a fluffy feel, balanced comfort, and affordable pricing in both foam and hybrid designs, Puffy is worth a second glance!

The company backs its product design with years of research, product testing, and development for a restful slumber every night. Each of its mattresses is roll-packed for quick and easy shipment. Here is a brief description of its product line, including the three comfortable beds:


The Puffy Mattress: 

It is an all-foam mattress, ideal for all sleepers in need of a supportive and cool mattress. The brand uses a hi-tech, 5-layer sleep system to deliver a balance of pressure-point relief, back support, and sweat-free sleep. Therefore, the mattress features cooling cloud and climate comfort technologies, patented foam layers, and a proprietary stain-resistant, hypoallergenic mattress cover. 

The Puffy Lux: 

It is the most popular Puffy mattress, which is ranked # 1 in 2021. Its hybrid construction offers consistent support and resilience, irrespective of your body size. The contour-adapt coils stabilize the mattress construction and improve airflow for a cool and comfortable sleep. The mattress features a 6-layer sleep system for enhanced support and contouring to relieve back pain issues.

The Puffy Royal: 

It’s a premier luxury hybrid mattress with zoned support to provide unparallel comfort, support, and stability for a perfect slumber. Its innovative 7-layer sleep system offers advanced cooling, hug-like comfort, and targeted support. Meanwhile, the buoyant foam and coils prevent sinkage and pressure formation for a revitalizing experience. 


Puffy Pillow

A perfect blend of polyester and bamboo rayon, Puffy Pillows are designed for optimum comfort and support, irrespective of your sleep position. Its hypoallergenic and cool materials make the pillow ideal for people with allergies.

Body Pillow

Get cozy and cuddly with Puffy’s Plush Body Pillow as it contours your neck, shoulders, hips, and back for maximum pain relief. It is made of 50% blue gel memory foam shreds, and the bamboo cover offers cool and plush support throughout the night.


Adjustable Base

The Puffy Adjustable Bed Base is easy to assemble and features a 3-speed dual massage. It also includes USB portals and LED lights for convenience and comfort. 


The 15-inch high metal foundation boasts a sturdy construction and consistent support. Its criss-cross steel slats can hold up to 1000 lbs weight and prevent mattress sagging while maintaining air circulation.

Puffy Bed Frame

The Puffy bed frames offer durability and exquisite style. These slatted wooden platforms with slick-in lock features are noise-free and supportive. Its grey upholstery and modernistic built make the structure suitable for various decors and room interiors. 


Sheet Set

Puffy bamboo sheets are 100% hypoallergenic and cool. Made of pure viscose material, the sheets are glossy, soft, and smooth. The stretchy pockets ensure these fitted sheets stay in place as you toss and turn. 


OEKO-TEX certified, Puffy Blanket is made of 100% polyester faux to keep you warm in winters. Its naturally hypoallergenic materials are safe for children and those prone to skin sensitivities. 

Weighted Blanket

Puffy Weighted Blanket offers gentle pressure and increases melatonin production to induce deep sleep. Its diamond-shaped pattern evenly distributes weight to stay well-rested throughout the night. The soft-faux fur is ideal for winter, while twirl cotton keeps you cozy throughout summer. 

Mattress Protector

Puffy’s mattress protector is made of naturally hypoallergenic bamboo rayon to keep mites and bacteria at bay. Its waterproof features keep liquids and stain off the mattress without compromising comfort. Machine washable and resilient, the protector is easy to clean and long-lasting. 

Mattress Topper 

Made of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester, the mattress topper is anti-microbial and mite-resistant. This OEKO-TEX certified machine washable topper is compatible with any brand mattress to provide maximum support and comfort. Its durable stretch pockets secure the topper onto any bed. Available in multiple sizes and two different firmness options, the topper is a perfect fit for all. 


The Oeko-Tex certified Puffy comforter is safe and hypoallergenic. Its virgin microfiber fill offers cozy and hug-like comfort. Made of premium materials and dray-free construction, the comforter is durable and long-lasting. The microfiber fill is light and airy to keep you comfortable in every season.


Dog Bed

Let your furry friend enjoy a restful snooze each night on Puffy’s ultra-cool and comfortable dog bed. It offers pressure-relieving comfort, and exceptional weight distribution alleviates muscle soreness to suit the needs of active dogs. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy the comfort of Puffy memory foam as this Dog Bed is available from small to large. 


Puffy’s soft and contemporary shea rug is perfect to stylize your room. With its nude tones of grey and ivory, the rug blends and complements all types of modern and antique decors. This plushy rug is available in two different to fit most spaces. You can spot-clean it to get rid of dirt and stains. 

Top 8 reasons to buy Puffy mattresses

1. Best For all Sleeper Types

Puffy offers three different mattresses, each designed for varying sleepers with unique needs. The brand uses the latest research and high-end technology to ensure healthy snooze time. 

Many online review sites rank Puffy mattress for all sleepers due to excellent spinal alignment. Its proprietary memory foam adapts to many sleep positions, offering pain relief and even weight distribution, irrespective of your body type and size. 

The buoyant coils in the Puffy hybrid mattresses provide excellent targeted support to relieve aching joints and muscles. Experience perfect sleep with Puffy, regardless of your varying sleep habits. 

2. Firm and Supportive

Puffy uses a patented “Firm core” support layer in each of its mattresses to provide maximum back support and pressure-point relief. The layer works in tandem with body-adapting foam and spring layers to offer maximum conformity and cloudlike comfort. 

Due to optimum contouring, the layer melts away the soreness on your pressure points to ensure revitalized mornings. Its firm base brings stability to the entire mattress. Meanwhile, the contour-adapt foam improves edge support. 

3. Advanced Cooling Technology

Puffy experts work around the clock to ensure perfect sleep on its top-rated mattresses. The brand incorporates optimum temperature neutrality in each of its layers for a comfortable, sweat-free experience. 

Its climate comfort foam protects you against temperature fluctuations by warming up in winters and cooling down in summers. Therefore, your mattress effectively counters seasonal contractions and expansions to provide less disruptive sleep throughout the year.

Its cooling cloud gel-infused foam and pocketed coils ensure incredible breathability and air circulation to suit the needs of hot sleepers. Furthermore, the Puffy mattress cover wicks away heat and moisture for a peaceful slumber time. 

4. Premium-Quality Materials

The Puffy mattress is the result of years of experimentation, material formulation, and sleep trials. To maintain quality and ensure immaculate condition, Puffy designs and manufactures products in small batches, so each customer receives “fresh” pieces. 

It also prevents material degradation during the storage process and thus ensures maximum quality control. Every component of the Puffy brand is manufactured right here in the USA. The brand wanted to ensure that every product speaks of quality and perfection. 

5. Chemical-free & Hypoallergenic 

Puffy wants to deliver quality and healthy sleep; that is why its mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. It guarantees the materials are free of harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, and ozone depleters.

The mattresses also use low-VOC flame retardants, ensuring low carbon emission to maintain indoor air quality. In addition, the bed is encased in an Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified hypoallergenic cover. 

It prevents the buildup of mites, bacteria, and germs. You can even machine-wash the zippered cover for thorough cleaning. It makes the mattress suitable for babies and individuals prone to allergies. 

6. Friendly Policies

Puffy is a consumer-friendly brand, and that is why offers an easy shopping experience. Each of its beds comes with a Forever warranty. It means you can claim for manufacturing faults anytime during the mattress lifetime. 

Besides, the mattress comes with a 101-night, risk-free trial. So if you don’t like your Puffy mattress, you can exchange or return it for a full refund. Moreover, you can use the mattress with any surface, including slats, metal frames, box springs, adjustable beds, and even on the floor. 

Once you place the mattress order, you’ll receive it within 7-10 business days. You free doorstep delivery via FedEx to anywhere in the contiguous US. Moreover, Puffy provides an order tracking number to keep you updated with the shipment progress. 

7. Affordable and Durable 

The Puffy mattress is typically more affordable than any comparable foam and hybrid mattresses. The Original Puffy Queen mattress costs 1,249, while the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are 1,799 and 2,699 respectively. 

Furthermore, the brand offers seasonal sales and regular discounts for low-cost shopping options. You can even use financing options like Klarna for a monthly payment with 0% APR. 

Puffy uses premium materials and innovative construction to ensure the mattress lasts for years. For stress-free shopping, the brand offers a Lifetime warranty and a 100% guarantee of its product materials and mattress performance. 

8. Social Responsibility

The brand believes in providing quality sleep to all. This is why it makes regular donations to children in need. For community development and progression, the brand motivates its customers to contribute. After every ten posts from different followers, Puffy brightens up the day of the less privileged with a brand new mattress.

Where To Try Your Favorite Puffy Mattress?

Typically, Puffy mattresses are available online only. Recently, the brand has partnered with SleePare to showcase its product line in brick-and-mortar shops. Nothing can beat in-person mattress shopping! Now you can experience the assorted Puffy mattress collection and compare it alongside other reputable and established brands to make an informed decision. 

Moreover, SleePare showrooms offer a 30-minute in-store trial to test and buy any of your favorite Puffy mattresses. You can test the mattress features and specs to ensure the bed is the perfect choice for you. Our sleep experts are here to guide you throughout mattress shopping and will educate you on various Puffy products. 

You can even take the mattress with your or book for home delivery. If you don’t like your Puffy mattress after the purchase, SleePare allows once only mattress return or exchange during the trial period. 

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