Blog > Sleep‌ ‌101:‌ ‌Ideal‌ ‌Support‌ ‌Level‌ ‌for‌ Each‌ ‌Mattress‌ ‌Size‌ 2024

Sleep‌ ‌101:‌ ‌Ideal‌ ‌Support‌ ‌Level‌ ‌for‌ Each‌ ‌Mattress‌ ‌Size‌ 2024

Sleep‌ ‌101:‌ ‌Ideal‌ ‌Support‌ ‌Level‌ ‌for‌ Each‌ ‌Mattress‌ ‌Size‌ 2024

Have you ever felt the bars of your bed frame while sleeping? If yes, then you know how painful it can become to sleep on an unsupportive bed.

Often, when you choose a very soft mattress, it doesn’t provide proper support. It can cause chronic back pain, neck pain, and lower body pain.
Research by the Kovacs Foundation in Spain shows that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress can improve back pain and neck pain.

Mattress supports are wooden sheets placed on the bed base, below the mattress.

Sometimes supports are used to enhance the firmness of a soft mattress so an appropriate level can be achieved. Others use it to increase the life of their old mattress.

Mattress supports are cheap and easy to use. They are available in variable sizes to fit different bed sizes.

In this article, we will be discussing a few benefits of the bed boards and the best supports for each mattress size.


Benefits of Mattress Supports

Before we move on to the best supports for each mattress size, here are a few things that mattress supports can do for you that you should know about: 

Back Support

Patients with spine surgeries and nagging back pain use mattress support to improve their sleep quality. If you can feel the bars of your bed frame, then you can benefit from adding support under the mattress.

Also, those who are bed-bound in the long term may benefit from using mattress support. Some people report improvement in edge support which makes it easier for them to get up from their beds after placing a support under their mattress.

Bed Support

Mattress support is also highly useful in bunk beds, hospital beds, day beds, platform beds, pull out couches, and futons.

When you are managing a public bed and wish to increase its lifespan, you can add a bed board under the bed. Public beds become soft and saggy soon because of frequent use. Using mattress support can give the people using them a firmer feel.

Also, if you have an old box spring it can wear out and break the slats. In such cases, you use mattress supports to get some more time before you have to change your bed.

Instant Mattress Support On The Go

Most bed supports are lightweight, and some are even foldable, so you can actually use some types of bed supports when camping.

Just place the support under your air mattress when you’re ready to rest. Bed supports are also great for sleepovers; you can place your friend’s mattress on the support rather than the floor.


Best Mattress Support for Each Mattress Size

As mattress dimensions differ greatly for different sizes, you cannot choose the same mattress supports for all scenarios. Here is the best mattress support for each mattress size:

1. Twin Size – DMI Folding Board Support

For the twin size, the DMI folding 30’’ x 60’’ seems to be the best for your mattress. It weighs 11lbs in total and is highly popular amongst its buyers.

It’s foldable so you can slide it in your cupboard and save a lot of space. Also, you can take it with you in the trunk of your car while traveling.

You can also use two of these side by side to fit a queen-sized mattress. You can use this support with bunk beds, hospital beds, futons and pull out couches.

The wooden support is pretty affordable as it is priced under $100. It is available all over the US and can be delivered to your place.

2. Twin XL Size – Long Boy Bed Slats

The Twin XL Size Long Boy Bed Slats is a 39’’ x 78’’, simple but durable mattress support.

It weighs around 30 lbs in total and is incredibly popular amongst its buyers. Unlike the DMI folding support, this support is not foldable so you cannot take it with you in your car.

The slats are held together by straps of nylon to keep them from moving. These slats not only add strength to the mattress but also help the box spring.

Although three times heavier than the DMI Folding board, the long boy bed slats can bear a lot of weight.

The hardwood support is affordable as it is priced under $100. You can easily have it delivered to your house if you are in the US.

3. Full size – Full Bunkie Board

If you want support for your Full-Size mattress, then the Full Bunkie Board could be an ideal choice. The support is a single 54’’x 74’’ inch wooden sheet. It is 2 inches thick, and wrapped in a durable fabric.

Many customers favor this type of support due to its simple design.

You can easily place it under your mattress and enjoy a relaxing snooze. Also, it can be used to raise the height of your bed as it is 2 inches thick.

It is ideal for Full-Size bunk beds and day beds. You can use it as a low profile foundation to support your mattress on the floor.

The support is priced at $100, which means that it is affordable.

4. Queen Size – Glideaway X-Support

The glide away X support is perfect for a Queen-Size bed. It is a patented model and weighs around 26 lbs. The X-support evenly supports the box spring mattress owing to its center support system; providing excellent coverage under your bed.

The Glideaway X-Support is highly popular among customers because of its sophisticated design. It can also fit other sizes like King and California King.

It has the revolutionary X system design specially created to add an extra dimension of support and protection to your bed. It has the Positive-Locking Leg design which gets stronger as you put more weight on it.

You can disassemble this kit and take it anywhere you want to. It has other features like the ability to raise the height of the bed using its feet. The manufacturers claim it has universal compatibility, meaning; you can use this on any mattress.

Unlike the supports mentioned above, it is made up of metal, but still priced under $100.

5.  Size – Board Panels 9 MM Plywood

Board panels specially crafted as mattress support for a King Size mattress are highly durable.

You can place the two sheets under the mattress, and the weight of the mattress will hold the two panels in place. Each sheet measures at 59.5’’ x 78’’. The edges are taped for better finishing.

This mattress support is quite popular among customers because of its price and overall product finish.

Like Bunkie Boards, these panels are elementary to use and require no assembly.

Being over $100, it might seem a bit expensive, but considering the size, the price is quite reasonable.

6. California King Size – Split Bunkie Support

The Split Bunkie board is a pack of two 36” x 84” sheets made to sit well under a California King Size mattress.

It is made up of plywood and covered with a smooth, tan-colored fabric. It comes as a pack of two so you can use one of the sheets under a twin mattress, but the length of the sheet will normally exceed the length of the mattress.

This particular support may make your mattress trap more heat.

This can be a problem for those who are hot sleepers. A better solution would be the Glideaway or Long Boy Bed Slats.

However, the Split Bunkie is priced under $100; quite reasonable for mattress support.

Using a support under your mattress can highly improve the quality of your sleep as it gives an old mattress a new feel.

Also, it reduces back pain, improves spine alignment, and gives an overall firmer feel.

Most mattress supports will cost you less than $100, so it is well worth it to give them a try before changing your bed, especially if you are on an extremely tight budget.

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