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Average Mattress Price Guide – Invest in a Quality Mattress 2024

Average Mattress Price Guide – Invest in a Quality Mattress 2024

The price of a mattress depends on many factors; there is no set price or even a one-size-fits-all amount. When buying a new mattress, you can expect to spend anywhere from $250 to over $3,500 depending on the brand and style of mattress you choose. 

Knowing what to expect when mattress shopping can be difficult. With the vast price range, more brands than ever, shopping in-store or online, and more, there is no way to know what mattress to select until you look.

Here is a table that better explains the price range of mattresses based on materials and construction. 

table that better explains the price range of mattresses based on materials and construction.

Deciding on Your Budget

Deciding on how much you want to spend is entirely up to you and how much you can and are willing to spend on a mattress. With new materials and online mattress companies, you don’t always have to pay a premium price for a quality mattress. 

With mattresses, you don't always get what you pay for. While some might think a higher-priced mattress is the best product and the best deal, many mattresses are made out of similar materials. So, an expensive mattress can be the exact same or similar to a cheaper mattress. 

someone carrying a mattress into a building

What to Expect in Each Price Range

Each price range offers varying qualities, brands, and materials. For example, a latex mattress is going to cost significantly more than memory foam, just as an organic mattress will cost much more than a synthetic one. 

When viewing different mattress price ranges, here is what you can look for. 


Any mattress at this low of a price is sure to be low-quality. While you can buy decent mattresses under $200 or even $250, the quality is not worth the price. Cheaper, low-quality products, including mattresses will need to be replaced sooner. This increases waste and the amount of money you spend on cheap items. Instead of purchasing several $200 mattresses in a few years, you could have spent a similar amount once on a better product. 

Cheap mattresses might also be used. While not only unsanitary, the mattress might have started sagging and will not have a warranty or return policy. 

someone at a mattress store comparing mattresses


At this price point, you can usually purchase a decent quality foam or innerspring mattress. Memory foam mattresses are more popular at this price range (think a lower budget bed-in-a-box). Foam mattresses do not have as long of a lifespan as a higher priced latex or hybrid mattress. 

Larger size mattresses in this range will likely have lower quality than smaller sizes. Experts advise mattresses in this price range will last about five years. 


Starting at this price range, you can purchase a high-quality mattress without overpaying. Mattresses in this range are likely a thicker, more supportive memory foam or durable synthetic materials like latex. When paying over $600 for a mattress, you expand your options into brand name choices. 

Mattresses in this price range, on average come with a 10-year warranty and will last around 8 to 10 years. 

someone laying on a luxurious looking mattress

$900 and up

Premium and top quality mattresses start at this price range. In this range, mattresses have the best quality materials, longest warranties, and can expect a higher level of customer satisfaction and customer service from the company. 

Within this price range, you can find the highest quality latex and organic mattresses. Natural latex is the most durable mattress material and lasts the longest. 

Types of Mattresses to Consider

With constantly changing and improving mattress technology, mattress materials can change from year to year. Each type of mattress is priced depending on materials and quality. Here are several cost factors for each type of mattress and how those are decided and influenced. 

image of a foam mattress materials

Foam Mattress Cost Considerations

The cost of foam mattresses is largely based on the foam density, with more dense and supportive foams costing more. Low density foam costs less and deteriorates much quicker. 

The type of foam used is another key cost consideration. Both high and low density polyfoams are cheaper and degrade faster than memory foam. Speciality foams like those that are made with gel or copper infusions are also more expensive and better quality. 

Overall, customers report little difference in the types of foam. Cheaper mattresses can provide enough support, comfort, and pressure relief as more expensive models. 

Best Buy: Nectar. One of the highest-rated pure foam mattresses, Nectar combines 4 layers of supportive and cooling memory foam for an excellent sleep. 

image of a spring mattress materials


Innerspring mattress prices are based on durability. Cheaper innerspring models include polyfoam layers along with the spring coils. These tend to only last a few years. Older models of innerspring mattresses only used the actual springs and coils as support. New models contain innerspring coils with additional support layers on top. 

The gauge, or thickness of the coils determines the durability of an innerspring mattress. When purchasing an innerspring mattress, pay attention to coil count-this measures the durability and quality of the springs. However, the coil count does not reflect how long the mattress will last. 

Best Buy: Saatva. The Saatva is approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations for backache relief. This mattress combines supportive coils with memory foam for lumbar support and pressure relief. 

image of a latex mattress materials


Latex mattresses are growing in popularity due to their eco-friendliness and longevity. The prices of latex mattresses are higher than foam, innerspring, and even hybrid mattresses. Latex mattress prices depend on the latex production process and whether or not the latex is natural or synthetic. 

Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees. This process is more complex than making mattresses with synthetic latex. Natural latex mattresses are much more expensive than synthetic latex mattresses. Allergic reactions are more likely to occur on natural latex. 

When selecting a latex mattress, pay attention to the wording on the product. Natural latex and 100% natural latex are sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably. The label “natural latex” means the mattress is made with both natural and synthetic latex. 

Best Buy: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss. PlushBeds offers a wide range of natural and organic mattresses. The Botanical Bliss is made with 100% organic latex and is available in a variety of firmness levels. This mattress also offers customizable firmness. Latex mattresses, including the Botanical Bliss are excellent for allergy sufferers as latex is dust resistant. 

image of a hybrid mattress materials


Hybrid mattresses, like latex, are growing in popularity. You might be sleeping on one and not know it. For a mattress to be a pure hybrid, it must have at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex and a pocketed coil support core. Some hybrid mattresses are constructed with a polyfoam support core instead of coils. 

Additionally, some hybrids have microcoils in the core for added comfort and pressure relief. These models are traditionally more expensive than regular hybrids. Hybrid mattresses are considered to be some of the best quality and most comfortable mattresses on the market. 

Best Buy: DreamCloud. The DreamCloud is a high-end luxury hybrid mattress. This pillow-top hybrid is one of the top-rated mattresses at SleePare. Topped with cashmere and gel support foam, the DreamCloud promises and delivers on “the dreamiest sleep ever.” 

image of an airbed


An airbed is a mattress that is made with air chambers in the support core instead of memory foam or coils. Airbeds are much more expensive and not as popular as memory foam or even hybrid mattresses. 

Price ranges for an airbed are dependent on the support core. Airbeds with memory foam and/or coils are more expensive than those with a polyfoam core. Prices are also dependent on the height, thickness, and number of air chambers. 

Best Buy: Solarie by Saatva. The Solaire by Saatva is a memory foam and latex airbed with a pillow-top and gel infusion. The Solaire combines features of every mattress type with a 25-year warranty. Available in multiple sizes and firmness levels, you can’t go wrong with the Solaire by Saatva

image of a family on a mattress

Additional Costs to Consider

Purchasing a new mattress is a big purchase and investment; one that will impact you daily. To offset these costs, save some extra on top of your original mattress budget. 

Once you’ve decided on a budget and made your purchase, there are a few more costs you might have to consider. 

  • Foundations and Accessories: Be prepared to add on a foundation and box spring, especially if you are buying a new size. Foundation and accessory prices are based on sizes. Expect to pay more for odd sizes like California King or Twin XL. 
  • Warranties and Returns: Some warranties include fees like shipping and handling and ree stocking fees. Check the return policy and warranty time before making a purchase. 
  • Delivery and Removal: Depending on where you purchase your mattress, you might have to pay for delivery/shipping. Shipping on a new mattress averages $50-$100. Some companies will remove your old mattress for an additional fee. Along with removal, more mattress companies are offering White Glove delivery. This includes in-home assembly of your new mattress and packaging waste removal. White Glove delivery starts at about $99.

image of a heavier person on a mattress

Choosing the Right Mattress for You

When researching a new mattress, you might find that the one you had your heart set on does not fit your lifestyle or needs. There are distinct qualities and features of each mattress type. 

Not sure what mattress is the best for you? This table can help. 

mattress is the best for you table

How to Get a Good Deal on a Bed

We are all looking for a good deal. With more competition both online and in stores, there are limitless options available when shopping for a mattress. If you’re looking for the best price on a mattress, here are a few ways to get a good deal on a new mattress. 

Go Online

Online retailers sell products, including mattresses at a lower price than traditional retail stores due to reduced overhead. Online mattress stores offer better prices overall, sales, and better return policies. Many online mattress companies also offer free trials. 


After looking at so many mattresses, they can all start to look similar. However, each mattress is vastly different depending on materials and quality. Compare costs and benefits of each mattress you’ve selected to make sure you select the best option. 

When comparing mattresses, go beyond price. Look at materials, construction, warranty, and quality. 

someone comparing two mattresses


A cheaper mattress will save you money right now, but will end up costing you more over time when you have to replace your cheap mattress sooner. Purchasing a higher quality mattress is a better investment for both your wallet and your sleep quality. 

Shop During Sales Events 

Mattress companies are known for their holiday sales events. Labor Day, Black Friday, President’s Day, and Memorial Day are all great times to get a good deal on a mattress. 

Consider Your Health 

Sleep is a vital part of maintaining good health. A quality mattress can improve your sleep and your health. Also, if you suffer from chronic pain (especially back pain) a good quality mattress is worth it. 

If you’re looking for a new mattress, the experts at SleePare can help! Visit our website and check out our mattress comparison tool. When you’re ready to try one out in person, stop by one of our showrooms

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