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The objective of a wellness center is to improve your lifestyle to prevent ailments or mitigate their progress. At wellness centers you can find a wide array of services for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. These institutes offer services such as skincare, weight loss, nutrition counseling, preventive medicine, and other non-surgical treatments. 

Instead of relying on medicines, experts at the wellness centers opt for a more holistic approach. They revive your natural balance and aim to disconnect you from stressors of daily life. Thus, they strengthen your mind, body and soul and improve your overall quality of life. 

There are 3 primary kinds of wellness centers:


1. General Wellness Centers: They are present in colleges or big corporations to advise students and employees on their general well-being so they can deal effectively with stress.
2. Specific Wellness Centers: They offer far more specialized services by focusing on customized activities such as meditation temples, gyms, beauty spas and yoga centers to improve your health.

3. Physician Based Wellness Centers : These wellness centers are run by physicians and medical practitioners, such as rehabilitation centers and psychiatric wards.


Once considered marketing gimmicks, wellness centers are now a crucial part of the US integrated healthcare system as Joan Philips, vice president of Clinical Services at Beaumont Health, Michigan, says


“The wave of the future is to focus less on illness and more on prevention and wellness.” 


And, that’s where wellness centers step in! Listed below are a few of the reasons for you to visit wellness centers:

1. They bring about a positive change in your behavior through counseling and motivational programs.

2. They help minimize health risks such as diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension by dealing with its root cause.

3. They reduce healthcare costs by improving your general well-being.

4. They improve productivity by keeping you mentally and physically fit.

5. They have numerous cost-effective health activities and fitness regimes under professional supervision. 

Qualities of a Good Wellness Center

With so many benefits to offer, a visit to a wellness center can improve your well-being substantially. But before you make a choice, look out for the following traits to ensure the service quality is at par with your expectations:


  • Imprensive Testimonials:

The center you aim to visit must have a good reputation among the patients. You can read patient reviews online or request testimonials from the wellness clinic itself. Most credible centers are happy to fulfill your request and flaunt the good things their customers say about their services and expertise. 


  • Integrative Educational Events:

Workshops, seminars and other educational events pen down the expertise of the institution. You get insight into treatment options and the approach it opts for your well-being. These events also help in gathering more information about the wellness center, healthcare providers and treatment plans. These gatherings are also a perfect opportunity to interact with the staff and the experts at the center. 


  • Highly Experienced:

Ensure the facility center you are planning to visit have qualified and trained staff on board; be it your skincare specialist, yogist or holistic doctor. Also, consider the number of years the center has been operational. Visiting an accredited and certified center ensures you will be getting the best solutions for your well-being. 


  • Informational Self-help Programs:

The ultimate goal of the wellness centers is to make you independent in dealing with daily stressors and minor ailments in your life. Such an approach ensures your determination and dedication toward a better lifestyle. Be it for drug addiction, weight control or stress management, self-help programs promote behavioral and mental changes to improve your outlook on life.  


Overview of 6 Top-Rated Wellness Centers in Brooklyn

Brooklynites’ upscale living standards and their desire to adapt a healthy lifestyle necessitates the presence of multiple wellness centers —  which is exactly what you’ll find in Brooklyn. 


Our list of the top 6 wellness centers in Brooklyn fit the above criteria and are quite popular among customers for their exceptional healing services.   


  • 1. Red Moon Wellness

Red Moon is a spa therapy wellness center for pregnant women. You can get neuromuscular therapy, myofascial massage for chronic pain relief, and herbal medicines for fertility, pregnancy, menopause, and other hormonal imbalances. 

You can even get holistic childbirth education at Red Moon Wellness. Most of the couples who attend their childbirth classes recommending them and praise the useful information they get related to childcare and breastfeeding. 

Red Moon also has certified birth doula on board, who offers physical, emotional and educational support during and after pregnancy. She also massages you during labor which relaxes the body during contraction, relieves muscle cramps, and stimulates the delivery process.   

This wellness center offers pain-relief to thousands of pregnant women across the city with its therapeutic massages, herbal treatments, and childbirth services. 

Other than that, you can enjoy thorough massage for sciatica pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff neck, migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression from licensed massage therapists. Through Arvigo Maya Abdominal massages, their highly professional and skillful staff uplift your innate healing power for long-lasting results.


  • 2. Queen Afua Wellness Center 

Queen Afua is a well-known name in the wellness sector. She is the CEO of the Queen Afua Wellness Center working to empower women’s bodies, minds, and spirits through the application of the ancient African culture teachings. 

She is a holistic practitioner who arranges workshops and counselling sessions to educate people about the importance of self-care and the right way of eating. She also manufactures numerous healing products and has penned down various books on well-being. 

She is known for her 21 Day Detox and Rejuvenation Program and Heal Thyself product line. She also conducts retreat sessions and offers private consultations through Sacred Woman Programs, of which she is the founder.

The sessions are held in groups to help women connect with similar ladies to help build a community. Many find her treatment liberating and exquisitely packed with ritualistic methodologies to heal broken hearts, disturbed wombs, and tortured souls. 

However, some people have complained that they did not receive personalized care due to communal treatment programs. The team will always tell you not to come earlier than your scheduled appointment due to patient-masseuse privacy. 


  • 3. Maha Rose

It’s an inspiring place for wellness and transformation. You get holistic sessions, workshops, and healing materials such as crystals, jewelry, and books to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.  

Maha Rose Wellness Center also offer acupuncture, breathwork and hypnotherapy sessions to nourish your body and soul and improve your overall well-being

Through meditation, spiritual workshops and other mind-body disciplines, including song, dance, and yoga, you can explore your inner self to connect with self, others and society. 

Maha Rose also holds Tarot card reading sessions to develop your sense and wisdom through questions and answers as you pull out a card. The objective is to evolve yourself into a better human being while offering a therapeutic experience.

Their reiki treatment is by far, the most popular among customers as it facilitates relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s a pleasurable experience as you enjoy enlightenment during your session with professional healers. 

The only downside is you need to pre-book your sessions and reserve your treatment spots.


  • 4. Family of Light Center

The Family of Light Center is a place for holistic healing and wellness that aims to enhance your sixth sense and state of consciousness to succeed on the path of self-realization.  

Their workshops on pendulum attunement to increase your intuition level offer a hands-on experience to help you neutralize your negative emotions.

These intuitive programs and retreat sessions have helped hundreds of people to de-stress and get rid of their mental and physical tension. They also help you learn techniques and healing practices to connect with the Karmic Path.

You will also go through a 1-minute aura photography session. It helps your healers know more about your aura, stress and energy level, chakra size, different body, soul, and mind balances, and effects of stars and planets on your aura’s health. You get a detailed 30-minute report and polaroid photograph of your aura at the end of the session.

They have an online academy too, for life coaching, webinars, and meditations on holistic life, detox and weight loss programs. Customer reviews show grateful people crediting Family of Light Center for transforming their life. 


  • 5. Slope Wellness 

Slope Wellness is a healthcare center that empowers its clients with proper knowledge and tools to make positive and healthy changes in their lifestyle.

You find a multitude of services such as oriental medicine, body massage, movement arts, and neuropathic medicines.

The place holds its expertise in Chinese herbology, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and somatoemotional release (SER) to improve physical health. These techniques compliment your body’s intuitive healing processes and improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

Through SER, practitioners connect your physical and emotional trauma to establish a balance between body, soul and mind through counselling and physical therapies. Slope Wellness also offer Alexander Technique lessons to teach about body posture and release body tension. 

Customers commend them for their comprehensive and integrated approach to holistic treatment. From the front desk officer to consultants and yogis — everyone is highly professional, compassionate, and humble. The aura of this wellness center is exceptionally cozy and relaxed. 


  • 6. Shen

Shen is one of the top-rated body sugaring and wellness spas in Brooklyn, featuring an expert line of natural and organic beauty brands. 

You cannot miss this place if you want to get your hands on the latest natural beauty products, makeup accessories, and skincare supplements in Brooklyn. An extensive collection of bath and body items such as lotions, hair serums, shampoos, and conditioners is always at your disposal at Shen. 

They also have wellness treatments including supplements, self-love tools, and aromatherapy items. Shen’s extensive collection of fragrances and scented candles is outstanding. They also offer beauty services like facials, brow shaping, eyelash lift and extension, waxing, and makeup application.

Their state-of-the-art interior and decor adds luxury to the place. It’s a great place to pamper yourself and show yourself the love and attention you deserve. Customers rate Shen 5 stars for their professionalism, variety of products, and friendliness. 

So, grab the best beauty products and enjoy premium services to revitalize your skin at Shen. You can also buy gift packs or gift cards for your loved ones. 


Name Address
Red Moon Wellness 405 5th Ave 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY
Queen Afua 964 Park Pl, Brooklyn, NY
Maha Rose 97 Green St G3, Brooklyn, NY
Family of Light Center One World Trade Center, Fulton St Suite 8500, Brooklyn, NY
Slope Wellness  816 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Shen 315 Court St, Brooklyn, NY