All About Staten Island: “The Forgotten Borough”

Staten Island is a place many tourists will never visit. The mostly residential borough, Staten Island is also the least populated borough in New York City. However, “the forgotten borough” is worth a trip on the Staten Island Ferry. Once known for having the largest landfill in the world and an unsavory reputation in pop culture, Staten Island has grown into a unique destination. Staten Island has “turned its trash into treasure” by revitalizing the space and turning it into a thriving public park. 

Staten Island is home to over 9,300 acres of parks, making it the borough with the most greenery, as well as a welcomed escape from the concrete jungle of NYC. Just a free ferry ride away from the busy world of Manhattan, Staten Island is home to several cultural attractions, restaurants, parks, and shopping that are worth the trip. 

One of Staten Island’s major attractions is perhaps its most useful; The Staten Island Ferry. The orange three-tiered ferry regularly travels between Staten Island and Manhattan. Used as a commuter vessel, the Staten Island Ferry is also a popular way for tourists to get a free view of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. 

Another one of Staten Island’s key attractions is the National Lighthouse Museum. The popular structures have long been a fascination. The National Lighthouse Museum celebrates the history of lighthouses in America and perseveration. Another maritime themed attraction in Staten Island, The Staten Island Boat Graveyard, is a spooky good time. Not an official attraction, the Staten Island Boat Graveyard is an abandoned scrapyard that houses decommissioned and abandoned ships. 

Along with island and ocean-themed attractions, Staten Island is also home to The Staten Island Museum, which hosts a variety of both permanent and rotating exhibits like a natural science and history exhibit. 

The “greenest” of the boroughs wouldn’t be complete without a botanical garden. The Smithsonian-affiliated Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is an 83-acre property containing a botanical garden, historical buildings, and the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art. Snug Harbor is home to the famous Chinese Scholar’s Garden-an authentic 15th-century Ming Dynasty style garden and one of two authentic Chinese gardens in the United States. 

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