Thinking of Buying a Mattress Online?
This is What You Need to Know.

If you've found yourself seduced by the convenience and affordability of the more than 175 online-only mattress companies, you're definitely not alone. The online mattress industry is booming, and it's easy to understand why; buying a mattress online is inexpensive and easy, with options for free or low-cost delivery and hassle-free set up for mattresses that come rolled inside cardboard boxes. But just because these online bed-in-a-box retailers may boast low initial price points doesn't mean that purchasing an online mattress won't cost you in the long run.

Just imagine: you spend hours researching the top online mattresses and reading customer reviews to find the perfect product, only to realize that it's not the right mattress for you after it's already been purchased and delivered. Disappointing, right? What's even more disappointing is the returns process.

But the website says that returning my unwanted mattress is easy!

Not so fast. While some online mattress companies claim to offer hassle-free returns, what they don't show you is the fine print. Due to bedbug regulations, mattresses purchased online cannot be returned to the business and then sold again to a new customer; it's up to the original buyer to find a charity who will take the unwanted mattress, arrange and pay for its transport, and then submit proof of donation to the mattress company in order to obtain a refund.

That means that the seemingly easy one-click process of buying a mattress turns into a costly and time-consuming headache if the product isn't up to your expectations -- and you have to begin your mattress search all over again. It's for exactly these reasons that, despite the popularity of online bed-in-a-box companies, 92% of customers prefer testing mattresses in-store before making a purchase.

Wait – mattress stores are still a thing?

Given the prevalence and ease of online shopping, it may seem like actual mattress stores are relics from a bygone era. However, there's a reason that customers who take the opportunity to try before the buy are generally happier with their purchase than those who do not. The benefits of visiting a brick-and-mortar mattress store are threefold:

1. You get the chance to actually feel the mattress before you buy it

Sure, customer reviews are great – but mattresses are like shoes in the sense that no two people have the same preferences or physical needs. Reviews can really only tell you how one particular customer feels about their mattress, and while that person may love it, it may be the wrong bed for your needs and wants. Visiting a mattress showroom allows you to touch, sit, and lay down on a surface to know it responds to your own body, so that you can make a more informed decision.

2. You're not limited to just one option

Online mattress companies tend to focus on a very limited line of products – their own. Most offer no more than three mattress options to choose from, but many have just one signature mattress and that's it; if you're not sold on what one company has to offer, you have to begin your research all over again. Most mattress stores are able to bring together many different brands under one roof, so if one particular brand doesn't work for you, you're able to explore a number of other choices.

3. You can get input from the experts

Research shows that consumers enter a mattress showroom with a good idea of what they're looking for, having already done the research online before visiting a brick-and-mortar store. But you shouldn't discount the knowledge and experience of a showroom's staff; they know how each bed on the showroom floor is made and how it responds to all different kinds of body types and sleep positions. While they may make a recommendation that doesn't align with your research, that doesn't necessarily mean they're trying to lead you astray; they might just have more nuanced suggestions to help you in your search.

Is it possible to get the best of both worlds?

Of course, online mattresses aren't going away anytime soon – nor should they. Recognizing the importance of in-person mattress testing, many online brands have now begun to merge the online and offline mattress buying experience by opening showrooms that give customers the opportunity to test the product in person before going online to make a final purchase. Unfortunately, these online brands are limited in what they can actually provide – meaning, if you visit one brand's showroom, you'll only be able to test mattress made by that brand, which is generally a very limited number.

SleePare Mattress Showroom

The SleePare mattres showroom, with locations in both New York City and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, bridges the gap between online and in-person mattress shopping. When you visit a SleePare location, you get instant in-person access to all of the most popular web-based mattress brands currently on the market. When you visit our showroom, you have the opportunity to lie down and really feel how the online mattress you've had your eye on adapts to your body shape and sleep position.

Likewise, on our website, you'll find:

  • Unbiased reviews from consumers and sleep experts
  • Side-by-side comparisons of all of today's top online-only mattresses
  • Comprehensive overviews and scores of the most popular products currently on the market

Our showroom is really all about the customer experience; we're not there to sell you a mattress, just to make it easier for you to find your perfect new bed. Once you complete your in-store trial, we can help you through the online ordering process, or provide you with coupons and discounts that you can use when you're ready to place the order yourself.

We can help take the headache out of shopping for a new mattress, so all you have to worry about is getting a good night's sleep. Come on in to our New York City or Tysons, VA showrooms and set yourself on the path toward a healthier, more restful sleep.