Best Centers for Sleep Therapy in NYC

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New York City is often called the city that never sleeps! Although it’s an exaggeration, do New Yorkers really consider the rest essential for an energetic morning?

Of course, the grounds of a healthy life lie behind a deep sleep. American Sleep Association declares that fifty to seventy million US adults suffer some sleep disorder. Where it becomes the reason for a large number of fatalities every year, its cure has also become essential!

You are a victim of sleep disorder if you find disruption in your standard slumber patterns. It includes not only your mental and emotional but also your physical problems.

You may have noticed that during some ailment, we often feel dull. It is because of the feeling of sickness that distorts our sleep and outbreaks in laziness and weakened will power.

Where there are several types of cures available to treat your issue, most health-conscious people find it very difficult where to go and where to not.

Invasive or Noninvasive – Which Sleep Treatment is More Effective?

Medicines and invasive procedures, although bring quick relief to your pain they can sometimes make your case even worse. However, it doesn’t mean at all that they are dangerous for your health. You should only avoid their reliance!

If you can treat your disorder via some therapy, then there’s no need to go for some other treatment.

So, first, talk to your sleep therapist and then proceed following his/her guidance.

NYC knows that a good nap is essential to stay up and active throughout the morning. And there are a bunch of centers providing non-invasive cures to your different sleep disorders.

If you are looking for the best centers of sleep therapy in NYC, you are in the right place. The article will help you find it all under its single sunshade!

10 Best Centers for Sleep Therapy in NYC

Center NameLocationContactCustomer SatisfactionWebsite
The Howard Center for Wellness485 Route US-1 South Building C – Suite 350
Iselin, NJ 08830
(732) 655-6339ExcellentVisit Website
EOS Sleep – Sleep Lab262 Central Park West, New York, NY, 10024(212) 873-6036ExcellentVisit Website
Gelb Center635 Madison Ave 19th Fl, New York, NY 10022, USA
12 Old Mamaroneck Rd #1c, White Plains, NY 10605, USA
(212) 752-1662, (914) 686-4528ExcellentVisit Website
Daniel A Barone, M.D.425 E 61st St 5th Floor, New York, NY 10065, USA(646) 962-7378ExcellentVisit Website
New York Sleep Institute: Scott Rebecca J PH724 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA(929) 455-2323ExcellentVisit Website
Dental Sleep Apnea New York551 5th Avenue Rm 1114, New York, NY 10176, USA(212) 867-4140GoodVisit Website
Sleep Disorders Services of New York SDSNY12-03, Queens Boulevard Suite 210 Forest Hills, NY 11375
125-10 Queens Boulevard Suite 10 Kew Gardens, NY 11415
(718) 544-6660GoodVisit Website
Sleep Disorders Institute (SDI)423 W. 55th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10019(212) 994-5100GoodVisit Website
New York Sleep-Wake Center275 7th Avenue, Third Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA(646) 660-9999GoodVisit Website
BlueSleep Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center65 Broadway #907, New York, NY 10006, USA(212) 683-0174N/AVisit Website

Review of Top 10 Centers for Sleep Therapy in NYC

1. The Howard Center for Wellness

“The time for wellness is now;” the Howard Center for Wellness is well recognized for nurturing the health condition of the patient’s brain.

Doctor Nancy Howard, MSW, LCSW is the executive director of the center. She has worked in a lot of clinics and has treated numerous complex mental and behavioral health problems.

The licensed therapists and clinicians of the Howard Center are competent in providing physical as well as remote-based mental therapies to different groups of people.

You can seek them for these therapies:

Individual Therapy – Helpful in being the best version of yourself. The issues you find hard to face alone; a joint talk between you and your therapist can resolve them.

Family Therapy – A type of psychotherapy beneficial in resolving family conflicts and improving relationships.

Couples Therapy – Lucrative in building strong relationships. The specialists are expert in exploring, assessment, awareness, and improvement of your bonding.

Youth Therapy – Used to treat both the existing and obscured conditions of children and youth. The therapists are although experienced in a one-to-one conversation; they welcome the parents in all youth sessions for their deep satisfaction.

Corporate & Municipal Therapy – Howard Center therapists can also travel to your organization for providing training sessions.

Briefly, if you want to say goodbye to your sleep disorders forever, Howard center can be considered as an ideal spot because only a relaxed and calm mind is the direct way to a good nap.

Insurance CoverageAccepts all private and commercial health insurance plans as a non-participating provider.
Contact The Howard Center for Wellness
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Doctors are very skilled and professional.
  • Staff is well acknowledged.
  • The environment is neat and clean.
  • Rooms are well-equipped.
  • Ample parking space is available outside.
  • Suitable for patients but not much for the staff.

2. EOS Sleep – Sleep Lab

Founded in 2010 by David O. Volpi MD, an expert in curing snoring and sleep apnea, EOS Sleep is a leading lab providing numerous types of treatments.

The professional board-certified doctors at eos Sleep are expert in diagnosing and treating all issues regarding your ear, nose, and throat.

They work dedicatedly to provide the patients with extreme levels of care and are pledged to minimize their chances of invasive procedure. They ensure that each patient receives enough attention to lead a healthy and happy life.

EOS Sleep also allows you to take a snoring and Berlin sleep apnea quiz online and check if there’s a need to see a doctor or not.

The center is shortly a compact offering you all from non-invasive solutions to inpatient surgeries. Let’s have a glance at these procedures!

Non-invasive – No need for an incision in your body.

Minimally Invasive – Not an open surgery, but refer to the operations which cause minimum damage. These treatments are quick and less painful.

Outpatient Surgery – Also called same-day surgery, involve the treatments which allow you to go home on the same day. These cures do not require an overnight hospital stay.

Inpatient Surgery – Opposite to outpatient surgeries. You may be required to stay overnight or longer.

Insurance CoverageMost insurance plans are accepted.
Contact eos Sleep – Sleep Lab
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Snoring and sleep apnea treatments are just above satisfaction.
  • Staff is professional.
  • Most surgical procedures are not up to the mark.
  • A little doubt in your insurance means it won’t be accepted.

3. Gelb Center

Titled on the name of the founder Dr. Harold Gelb and established over thirty years ago, the Gelb Center is internationally recognized one-stop spot to treat your chronic pangs forever.

Dr. Gelb, DDS, MS boasts a lot of certifications and is the best NYC specialist in sleep apnea, painful TMJ, and other head and neck pain disorders.

The center doctors, dentists, and pain management professionals are all board certified. Considered as the leaders of their fields, they always excel in providing you with a quick and reasonable gold standard cure.

The types of slumber treatments offered at Gelb Center include:

CPAP Device – A set of hose and nosepiece to increase the air pressure in your throat and clear the obstructed airway.

Sleep Study – Also called polysomnography, is an overnight non-invasive test to diagnose your snooze disorders.

Home Sleep Study – Home-based polysomnography in which a device is attached to your body for overnight. It tracks your sleep performance, breathing, and oxygen levels and helps your doctor in better diagnosis and cure.

Oral Appliances – Removable devices worn in the mouth for the cure of sleep apnea. They are used as an alternative to CPAP. You can use them alone or in combination with other devices, depending upon the severity of your disorder.

Shortly, if you have any slumber issue, the Gelb Center can undoubtedly be a holistic place for you.

Insurance CoverageOnly a few insurance plans are accepted.
Contact Sleep Disorder Services of New York
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Many patients consider Dr. Gelb as a paragon of exceptional services in all of his specialties.
  • The center is well equipped.
  • There are a few people who consider Dr. Gelb a disgusting and arrogant personality.

4. Weill Cornell Medicine – Daniel A Barone, M.D.

Established in 2010, Weill Cornell Medicine is a patient care center where you can get in touch with America’s top-rated doctors in just a few steps.

One of the best-qualified doctors at Weill Cornell Medicine Center is Dr. Daniel A Barone; a board certified pragmatic specialist.

Where his specialties cover the joint as well as individual sectors of Neurology and Sleep Medicine, he also does the management and evaluation of the patients suffering from any of the standard sleep disorders.

Dr. Daniel has been the author of a book and owns various publications. His expertise includes treating sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy. He also holds a membership of the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Briefly, you can say that for any issue disturbing your precious snooze, Dr. Daniel is the choicest option to avail.

Insurance CoverageMore than thirty insurance plans are accepted.
Contact Dr. Daniel A Barone
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Dr. Daniel is a friendly and qualified personality.
  • Some patients question over Dr. Daniel’s eligibility.

5. New York Sleep Institute – Rebecca J. Scott PhD

Shaping the course of medical history in the heart of New York City; NYU Langone Health Center, the sleep institute, is the place where your care begins!

The center includes 29 academic departments enriched with patient care, research, and education services. It represents 53 countries, has 220 laboratories dedicated to biomedical research. It has also won an accreditation of being the nation’s ninth medical school for study.

It incorporates a crew of more than 3000 intellectual doctors who can best provide you with: Primary and internal medicine Emergency care Imaging services

NYC psychologist Rebecca J. Scott is one among the most sterling doctors at NYU Langone Health Center. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology. She has a publication too and is advised as the best in treating psychiatric issues.

Insurance CoverageA wide range of insurance plans are accepted.
Contact Dr. Rebecca J. Scott
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Dr. Rebecca is acknowledged as a great personality.
  • A few patients criticize staff performance.

6. Dental Sleep Apnea New York

Dr. David S. Binder, DDS, the executive officer of this Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Center, is a diploma holder and has a rich experience of over twenty years in curing sleep apnea.

He maintains membership in 10 licensed societies including Dental Society State of New York, American Dental Association, and the Academy of Osseointegration.

The center Dental Sleep Apnea New York consolidates a well-equipped sleep study lab where the patients are comfortably examined. The day-time testing room has also fully furnished relaxing environment.

Along with the use of CPAP device and oral appliances, these services are also offered here:

Surgery – Limited invasive solution to remove excess tissue.

SomnoDent appliance – Removable device that is worn in the mouth during the night; it maintains the opening of the upper airway.

SomnoMed MATRx technology – Used to detect whether the patient is suitable for the oral appliance or not.

At Dental Sleep Apnea New York Center, you are allowed to pay the bill via cash, check, ATM card, or via credit card.

Concisely, if you want a happy and relaxing snooze, you can come here without any hesitation.

Insurance CoverageNo direct insurance is accepted, but the doctor statement really works! It helps in accessing maximum benefits from the insurance company.
Contact Dental Sleep Apnea New York
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • The doctor and staff are well-acknowledged.
  • Some patients review that Dr. David works with money motive.

7. Sleep Disorders Services of New York SDSNY

SDSNY is a modern and well-equipped center aimed at providing you with a better sleep always.

Dual board certification holder Jang B. Chadha, MD, FCCP, FACP, FAASM, CBSM is the medical director of this sleep center. With years of experience, he has been a qualified expert in treating severe insomnia and other slumber disorders.

Whether it’s a mild disorder disturbing your snooze or a complex one, SDSNY specialists can best help you in sorting it out. All of them have been serving Americans with the best cure to their chronic sleep disorders since 1995.

With SDSNY, you can also evaluate your sleep in the comfort of your own home. Results, based on your answers, will help out you in proceeding with the best way forward.

You can also bring your five or more years old kids potentially susceptible to some sleep disorder for the diagnostic procedures. SDSNY offers a separate rest space for you in the same room. Moreover, there’s a DVD player too for keeping your child amused.

In a nutshell, contact them for the cure of your any cracking sleep issues have a direct passport to better sleep.

Insurance CoverageMost insurances, including private, HMO, and Medicare, are accepted.
Contact Sleep Disorder Services of New York
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Professionalism is maintained to the highest ethical standards.
  • Staff is well acknowledged.
  • Customer service is not so good.

8. Sleep Disorders Institute SDI

Sleep Disorders Institute is New York’s most extensive and certified center that has been treating slumber issues in all aged NYC people from over twenty-five years. New York Magazine has identified SDI as a “center of excellence.”

Dr. Gary Zammit is the executive director of the center. He has been a well-known expert in sleep medicine and owns a long queue of compliments and accreditations, making him a sole professional of the field.

The center comprises a big crew of doctors whose combined experience of over fifty years makes them standalone in curing a wide variety of adult and pediatric sleep disorders, adult and adolescent psychiatry, and behavioral sleep disorders.

It incorporates the most skilled nasal CPAP team proffering different services and supplies to the people in need of it. You can either obtain the supplies via mail or via regular shipping service.

At SDI, the specialists consider obesity as the most significant risk factor of sleep apnea, and so, they have an exclusive Wake Watchers program for this.

Also, you can have Home Sleep Testing (HST) there, for the assessment of sleep apnea in only 249 dollars! This testing includes advanced technology, professional review, low-cost price plans for self-pay patients, and a lot more!

In short, SDI is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to all your slumber issues.

Insurance CoverageParticipates with almost all health insurance plans and also offers services as non-participating providers.
Contact Sleep Disorders Institute
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • The doctors are very kind, patient, and informative.
  • It takes longer to schedule an appointment.
  • Staff is unprofessional.
  • Dirty toilet.

9. NYU Langone Medical Associates – New York Sleep-Wake Center

Previously known as New York Cardiovascular Associates, NYU Langone Medical Associates is the Chelsea community’s most preferred option to avail. The center has been the public savior for more than a decade.

If you have been a sufferer of some cardiological, vascular, pulmonary, primary care, or sleep disorder, you can get it all from here from prevention to cure!

The center is well-equipped with an entire range of supplies intended at making your experience better. There’s also complimentary WiFi available for patients and guests.

The doctors at this large center are all the leaders of their respective fields. They work together to employ the best benefits for your overall health.

The staff here is very cooperative and friendly; they can also speak Spanish and Korean for language-specific people.

You can have an open house meetup with them and physicians too and discuss the diseases and their possible cures.

There’s also an onsite laboratory and an in-house sleep lab where your slumber issues are treated.

Briefly, for a healthier body and a perfect snooze, New York Sleep-Wake Center is a pretty good decision.

Insurance CoverageA wide range of insurance plans are accepted.
Contact New York Sleep-Wake Center
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • The center offers a good place, clean environment, and everything you need for a night of better sleep.
  • You may find difficulty in falling asleep.

10. BlueSleep Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center

“I consider sleep to be one of the main pillars of health;” says the founder and CEO of the center, Dr. Jordan Stern, MD.

BlueSleep was first established in NYC in 2009 and is now is delivering health globally via its telemedicine service. Dr. Stern’s research, valuable experience of years, publications, and consultations on home sleep testing and treatment is the reason behind the successful foundation of this center.

He is a best selling author and producer of “Music for Dreams” intended at providing restful sleep.

So, beyond the boundaries of your location, you are welcomed at BlueSleep to have the best cure for sleep apnea and snoring.

The center excels in providing treatments via oral appliances, CPAP devices, surgical solutions, and HST.

A distorted slumber, not every time means to have severe reasons. Sometimes, it’s obesity, which can be treated by just following effective precautionary measures. BlueSleep also provides life changing programs for treating obesity and alike issues.

The doctors and staff at the center are all well qualified and knowledgeable. They offer professional telemedicine consultation in a lot many US states for just $175 (paid via credit card).

So, there’s no need to worry anymore for sleep apnea and snoring issue because BlueSleep Center is always there to serve you with the best deserving treatment.

Insurance CoverageThe doctors cooperate with most insurance plans.
Contact BlueSleep Center
Top PraisesTop Complaints
  • Doctor Stern is really qualified and an amazing personality.
  • Billing may exceed your range.
  • Staff is not good.
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