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Shopping for a mattress online has increased over the past few years for its convenience and ease. Now you can have a mattress delivered and set up in your home at the click of a button. A major downside to buying online, however, is that you can’t really get a feel for what it would be like to sleep on the mattress.

Now, at the SleePare store in Manhattan, you can try the Purple mattress out for yourself! Simply book an appointment with us to learn more about the mattress. As an additional bonus, an appointment allows you to schedule a 30 minute nap on a Purple Mattress, so you can really get a feel for what it’s like.

Purple has partnered with SleePare in their lower Manhattan location to bring their mattress to the local residents. At SleePare, you’re also able to test out a variety of other Purple sleep products before purchasing.

Try out the Purple mattress and accessories with ease and accurately gauge the quality of the products before making any final decisions. Instead of making a purchase from the online store, save yourself the trouble of having to return a product that you don’t want. Get a feel for the Purple mattress by booking an appointment today.

SleePare Purple Mattress Store in NYC

Why You Should Try Purple Before Buying

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No doubt, online shopping seems convenient. But, it doesn’t give consumers a chance to interact with the mattress beforehand. Though online mattress shopping has increased in popularity because it’s low-pressure shopping, it’s hard to truly decide on the credibility of a brand unless you try it out first.

One of the best things about trying Purple at SleePare, is that you can test it out right alongside over 30 other online brand mattresses. This way you can literally make side-by-side comparisons to discover which mattress fits your needs best.

Purple mattress is advertised as the “world’s first no-pressure surface” thanks to its patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer (HEP). This innovative material ensures lasting support, durability, and offers you great value for money. These are quality features that you would have no way of experiencing with certainty unless you physically tested out the Purple mattress in person.

Keep in mind that Purple mattresses don’t come compressed like other mattress-in-a-box brands. They are bulkier and may be heavier than memory foam or hybrid mattresses, making them more difficult to return. Testing it out in-store can save you the time and energy to make a return if you don’t like the mattress.

In addition to mattresses, Purple also offers many sleep essentials, including pillows, sheets, bed frames, and other bedding accessories. These products are perfectly suited to the Purple mattress, which you can discover for yourself by booking an appointment at the store. With on-spot guidance from store staff, you’ll be able to find your perfect mattress as well as a 30 minute nap session.

Buying a mattress is a once-in-a-decade decision. So,  before you plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars, visit your nearby mattress store and try a Purple bed in person.

What Makes Purple A Great Mattress Purple is one of the most popular mattresses online, and it’s easy to see why. Its construction is completely unique, has excellent airflow because of the “grid-like” design, and is very accomodating for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. This grid is a unique, Hyper-Elastic Polymer layer, and is what gives Purple a different feel from other conventional mattress materials. It allows responsiveness and “bounce back” suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers.  In addition to its excellent design, Purple is very reasonably priced and offers excellent perks.  If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase after store trial, you can still avail the online return/refund policy. Purchasing a Purple mattress includes a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty. It’s a great deal for the savvy shopper. Offline shopping reduces the risks of wrong purchase. You get a chance to try out the Purple mattresses’ innovative features beforehand and make a confident decision. Trying the mattress out before purchasing to get a feel for the sleep surface just makes sense. Visit SleePare showrooms in NYC to try the New Purple mattress. Compare our Purple mattress collection with other brands we host and enjoy on-the-spot guidance from our expert sales team.

What To Expect With Purple Mattress Trial at SleePare NYC

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  • In-house Experts and Trained Sales Staff

At SleePare, we have an expert sales team who are more interested in improving your sleep quality than sales or commissions. They ensure an entirely positive ambiance so you can shop with confidence.

Our in-house chiropractor, Dr. Steven Shoshany, also guides our guests to pick out the best mattress for orthopedic concerns, backache, and post-surgery rest and recovery.

  • Appointment Based Testing

You can stop by SleePare NYC showroom anytime to test your favorite mattresses. But we highly recommend making an appointment before the visit.

Shopping in crowds often ends up in rash decisions, and we want our customers to feel 100% sure of their choices. Your pre-visit appointment will let you enjoy the personalized shopping experience at less rush times.  

  • Free Nap Trial In-store

We know that it’s nearly impossible to get the right feel of a mattress just by sitting on it or lying on it for a few minutes. In the majority of mattress stores, testing is free, but usually if you wish to test the sleep quality, you have to pay for it.

In order to help you really get a feel for the mattress, we offer a FREE in-store sleep trial! We encourage all of our guests to lie on their desired beds, close their eyes, and doze off. You can nap on any bed for up to 30 minutes and wake up to enjoy delicious hot espresso with us.  

  • Top Of the Line Online Brands Under One Roof

At SleePare, we have the largest mattress assortment from 30+ leading offline and online brands. Getting such a large stock under one roof allows you to test each mattress type and choose what’s most comfortable to you.  

  • Price Match Guarantee

Shopping at SleePare allows you to buy the best quality mattress at the lowest price in the market. With our Price Match Guarantee, if you find a better price for your purchased bed somewhere else, we match it and pay you the difference.   

  • Same Day Delivery for NYC Customers

We offer hassle-free delivery straight to your doorstep to our esteemed customers. Delivery comes complete with white-glove service and old mattress removal. NYC residents can exclusively avail our fast and convenient same-day and next-day shipping service for products in stock.  

  • Ongoing Deals and Discounts

At SleePare, we offer the best online mattress discounts throughout the year. We gather the coupons and promo codes from leading online sellers at one place. Moreover, we also contact brands to get exclusive discounts for SleePare customers. If you live in New York and are searching for an official Purple mattress showroom, it’s clear that SleePare is the best place to visit.

Purple After-Sale Services

  • Product Sourcing

Purple is a brand driven by scientific research. Most Purple products contain recyclable HEP layer, made with food-contact-grade ingredients. The company also owns two manufacturing plants, one in Alpine and the other in Grantsville.  

  • Warranty

Mattresses and Protectors — Purple offers a 10-year warranty to replace/repair your mattress or protector once. The warranty voids on resale!   PowerBase and PowerBase S2 — Purple PowerBases come with a 20-year limited non-transferable warranty. You can claim it for repair or exchange against manufacturer defects. Other Accessories — The products below come with a 1-year limited warranty to their original buyers:  

  • Platform Base
  • Sheets
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Seat Cushions
  • Pet Beds

You can avail of free repair or replacement service within this duration. The coverage also includes Platform Base headboard brackets.

  • Night Trial and Returns

Purple offers a 100-night trial period so you can take your mattress home and test it with convenience. Returns are allowed after 21 days of purchase.  

  • Shipping

Purple ships free to all US and Canadian addresses but the process can take up to 10-12 days. The Original mattress is sent via FedEx’s direct-to-door shipping. The heavier All-New Purple mattresses are delivered with free white-glove through XPO Logistics or Pilot Freight Services. It includes in-home bed setup and old mattress removal but is currently only for US consumers.