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Leesa Hybrid Pillow Reviews

Leesa Hybrid is a reversible pillow with unique pillow surfaces and adjustable loft support. You can remove the pillow insert and flip pillow sides to get four levels of support and comfort. The pillow-in-pillow design makes it a truly ideal headrest for all kinds of sleeper profiles.

What is Leesa Hybrid Pillow?

Have you ever wished to change your pillow whichever way you want! With Leesa Hybrid pillow, you get four ways to adjust the comfort, support, and cooling. Enjoy your sleep, just the way you like it.

The adjustable and reversible Leesa Hybrid is designed to give you personalized comfort and cooling. It is a perfect pillow for extreme customization. The soft and supportive sleep pillow brings you dreamy comfort whether you lie facing east or west. Take the loft insert out, and the Leesa Hybrid becomes the best pillow for stomach sleepers. The travel size pillow insert can be your cuddly companion on your next journey. Thus, Leesa Sleep ensures quality rest whether you are at home or on the go. Combine it with Leesa mattress, blankets, and sheets to complete your cozy bed.

The innovative design of the Leesa Hybrid Pillow considers all the factors necessary for deep sleep. Read Leesa pillow reviews on SleePare to get further insight into the comfort, pressure-relief, and cooling ability. Check out the customer satisfaction ratings and how the hybrid pillow meets the diverse needs of its users.

Brand Info

The Leesa Sleep is a prominent online mattress company. Since its very beginning in 2014, the brand has evolved and improved its merchandise on the basis of customer feedback. The company is committed to make your bedroom A Better Place To Sleep with its high-quality comfy sleep products.

David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein founded Leesa Sleep in 2014 with headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. The brand manufactures all its products in the US. The Leesa Hybrid Pillow comes with a three-year warranty and a 100 nights trial period. If you wish to return your pillow in this duration, the company sends you a UPS label for free return shipping. The brand has a huge social impact and believes in quality sleep for all. It donates one pillow for every ten pillows sold.

Leesa Sleep is a symbol of expert craftsmanship and thoughtful designing. The company’s innovative products deliver quality rest to its worthy customers. Visit SleePare to read Leesa pillow reviews and get discount coupons on various Leesa products.


Have a look at the benefits of the Leesa Hybrid Pillow to get an idea of its performance:

Layers: The hybrid design features reversible and adjustable layers to suit your sleep needs. The superior design features cooling properties along with soft, down-like microfiber fill. One pillow side has ventilated gel comfort layer for cool sleeping. The other side of the hybrid pillow features quilted pocket layer for a plush feel. The Leesa Hybrid also has a microfiber pillow insert. You can choose to remove it to change the support and comfort of this headrest. The Leesa Sleep allows you to adjust the loft or reverse the sides to get four different pillow feel and comfort. Furthermore, you can use the light and plush loft insert as a travel pillow.

Outer Material: The Leesa Hybrid cover has Tencel chilling fibers in it. As a result, the pillow remains remarkably cool even on the non-gel side of the headrest. The quilted pocket layer has microfibers for a cozy and plush surface for those who love squishy cushions. The gel foam side of the pillow remains chilled even in hot summers, an important consideration for hot sleepers.

Inner Material: The pillow features ventilated gel comfort layer for a cool, refreshing slumber. The gel comfort layer has viscoelastic foam for excellent contouring without heat retention. Enjoy a relaxing rest with excellent pressure relief. The polyester microfibers are fluffy, soft and flexible, adjusting quicking with the change in head position.

Support: The Leesa Hybrid pillow is incredibly supportive, preventing headaches and neck soreness. No matter how you adjust this headrest, it quickly fills the gaps and molds the curves of head and neck. The microfibers and foam compress just enough under your head to maintain healthy sleep posture. The proper posture and optimal support help you feel light and relaxed.

Temperature: The cover has Tencel chilling fibers, keeping the pillow considerably cool on both sides. However, the Leesa Hybrid has a specialized gel pad foam, facing one pillow side. The gel keeps the headrest chilled even in the extremely hot weather, an important consideration for hot sleepers. The microfiber fill also discourages heat retention and discomfort due to sweating.

Firmness level: You can adjust the firmness of the Leesa Hybrid by adding or removing the pillow insert. The quilted surface is softer while the gel side is on the firmer side. People of different build and sleep preferences can try out both pillow sides, with and without the inner pillow to find the sweet spot for themselves.

Sleeping position: The Leesa Hybrid is truly a pillow for every sleep position. Right out of the box, it is perfect for side and back sleepers. With the pillow insert in, the height and support keep the neck of side sleepers perfectly aligned with the spine. The microfiber filling molds the neck curves without blocking half of the face. Thus, side sleepers enjoy a well supported, comfy rest. The quilted surface provides the right amount of head sinkage to keep the head and neck cozily supported. If you are a stomach sleeper, decrease the pillow thickness by removing the pillow insert. Drift into a dreamy slumber with comfortable head and neck position while lying flat on the bed.

Maintenance: The customizable Leesa Hybrid pillow comes with a high cost-based value. The pillow price is in line with most high-end luxury brands. However, with proper maintenance, the Leesa Hybrid can provide you dreamy comfort during its entire lifespan. You can machine wash the pillow on gentle after removing the gel pad for spot clean.

  • Reversible pillow
  • Pillow-in-pillow design
  • Adjustable loft support
  • Excellent contouring and pressure-relief
  • Soft and squishy, quilted surface
  • Ventilated gel pad for chilled cushion
  • Perfect spinal alignment in all sleep positions
  • Machine washable cover
  • High cost-based value

Lets take a look at the construction details of Leesa Hybrid Pillow to understand how you can customize it:

Outer Construction: The Leesa Hybrid features a different design and feel for both pillow sides. The cover is quilted on one side with padded compartments. The polyester microfiber filling offers you a cuddly soft, and squishy cushion feel on the quilted side. Pocketed quilting keeps the fibers in place, maintaining pillow support without requiring periodic fluffing. On the flip side, the pillow cover is unquilted and chilled due to the underlying gel pad.

Internal Construction: The pillow has a cooling gel pad making the unquilted side of the pillow cool, even in summer. If you sleep hot, this side is especially suitable for you. The ventilated gel layer is padded by a layer of viscoelastic foam. If you like the contouring of Memory foam without feeling stuck after some time, this pillow side offers a refreshing slumber. You can remove this gel pad for spot cleaning and machine wash the rest of the pillow. The Leesa Hybrid also features a removable pillow insert with microfiber filling.

Pillow-in-Pillow Design: The removable pillow insert allows you to adjust the pillow loft for your comfort. Use the Leesa Hybrid without removing the pillow insert while lying on your back or sides. This way you get the proper height to ensure healthy sleep posture. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you can unzip the cover and take the pillow insert out. The headrest becomes thinner and the support level changes to fit your sleep needs.

Pillow Texture: The durable pillowcase is Tencel and Nylon blend. The Tencel is known for its remarkable breathability and cooling ability. As a result, you get a refreshing sleep even on the non-gel side of the pillow. The gel side is exceptionally cool even in extreme summer heat, suitable for hot sleepers.

WHO SHOULD BUY Leesa Hybrid Pillow?
  • Customers who prefer a soft, cuddly pillow
  • Buyers who seek an adjustable headrest
  • Combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers who require a chilled headrest
WHO SHOULDN'T BUY Leesa Hybrid Pillow?
  • Anyone seeking a budget pillow
  • Persons who prefer a low maintenance headrest

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Leesa Hybrid Pillow Review
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Leesa Hybrid Pillow reviews

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

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