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You can now test Nectar mattress in SleePare’s in Tyson’s Corner,  Virginia. One of the downsides of purchasing a mattress online, is that you can’t really test it before buying it. 

Not anymore! At the SleePare’s store you can actually try out the Nectar mattress for free. Simply book an appointment with us to learn more about the mattress. An appointment would allow you to schedule a 30 minute nap on a Nectar Mattress. 

Nectar has partnered with SleePare in Tysons Corner Center to make its wide collection of sleep products accessible to the local residents for pre-purchase testing. Now, instead of buying a Nectar mattress from their store online, you can physically test it out before biting the bullet and buying. You can easily and accurately assess the Nectar mattress for its quality and performance before making the final purchase, so you can have better peace of mind knowing what the actual mattress will look and feel like in your home.

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Why You Should Try Nectar Before Buying

Online shopping, especially mattress shopping, has recently boomed in popularity for its zero sales pressure. However, a glaring downfall to online shopping is that you are unable to experience the true feel of the product before you buy it. One of the best things about testing Nectar at the SleePare store is that you can test it right alongside more than 30 other online brand mattresses. 

Credibility has become a major issue in online shopping, especially with so many mattress websites popping up. It’s hard to know what brands to trust. This is why SleePare allows you to try the actual mattresses from a variety of online brands so you can compare the feel before you buy. This is a large reason why brick-and-mortar retail stores, like SleePare, still generate 67% revenue in the mattress market.

Nectar offers conforming support and a noiseless sleep surface for uninterrupted, comfortable sleep, which is only something you could know for certain by physically laying down on the mattress. In-store trials at its brand stores and other retail outlets allow you to assess the performance of the mattress thoroughly, which is how you know with certainty that a mattress is the right fit for your unique needs.

Memory foam mattresses are notorious for heat retention, meaning that they trap body heat from the people sleeping on it and radiate it back. This can make for an uncomfortable sleeping situation, especially if you tend to run hot. The Nectar mattress uses gel infused foam to keep the surface cool and more evenly distribute body temperature throughout the mattress. By testing out the mattress while at the Tyson store, you can discover if Nectar feels too hot or, if it’s the right fit for you.

A common complaint for overweight individuals when it comes to memory foam mattresses is that they “sink-in”, especially when changing sides. By visiting the SleePare store in Tyson, you can bring your partner and actually test the responsiveness of the Nectar mattress when both of you lay on it. This way, you can save time and money, waiting to make your mattress purchase before you can accurately assess whether it’s the right fit for you.

An exhilarating shopping experience awaits you as you interact with various Nectar products at the showroom. Additionally, you also receive on-spot guidance from the store staff to understand mattress functionality and suitability.

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What Makes Nectar A Great Mattress

Nectar has earned high rankings from the most credible and widely-read mattress review sites. It offers an industry-leading trial period, and providing the comfort and class of luxury mattresses at a fraction of the price of its competitors.

Nectar offers incredible value for its unmatched price tag and top quality.  They also offer an incredible 365 day trial period, once the mattress is purchased from the SleePare store, so you can rest assured.

What Can You Expect At SleePare’s Nectar Store in Tyson’s Corner 

Each SleePare showroom has a team of highly skilled and professional sleep experts with years of experience in the mattress industry. Since we focus on understanding your needs to suggest suitable products, our sales staff goes through rigorous training on sleep, as well as the products on display. We take great care to ensure that our entire team is well-versed with the product features and are fully capable of matching you with the perfect beds. Our professional approach and thorough consultation sets us apart and earns us unmatched customer loyalty.

Scheduled Visits

You can drop by anytime at any of our showrooms and test any mattress. We really encourage the appointment-based visits, however, because it allows us to design a more personalized mattress shopping tour for you. Informing us beforehand will ensure the availability of a particular brand or mattress type you are interested in buying. If you intend to take the mattress directly with you, our sales team will assist you throughout the process. We want to make your life as easy as possible!

Wide Collection

Did you know that SleePare is the only mattress store with over 30 online mattress brands in its showrooms? It’s the one place where you can test all of Nectar’s products in person and in one place. You can also compare them with products of other popular brands, such as Puffy, Velika, Leesa, and Casper.
Our staff is trained to help you navigate this vast collection; each bed has a brochure with specs and prominent features. All you’ve got to do is scan the info and short list the ones that fulfill your requirements, and let us do the rest.

Take Advantage Of Our Free Nap Trials

Unlike other mattress stores, SleePare offers a free, 30-minute nap trials to its customers. Most other showrooms offer only a 10-15 minute sleep trial, which is quite short for deciding on such an expensive item. SleePare’s perfectly-timed nap trials allow you to experience the support, comfort, firmness, and other features of the mattress that may affect sleep in a luxurious 30 minute time frame. Really experience what napping on your future bed would feel like in the SleePare retail stores.

Get Discounted Price on Everything

From mattresses to sheet sets and pillows, SleePare is your one-stop shop for buying sleep products at a fair price. We also hold seasonal sales to offer quality mattresses and bedding at a fairly discounted price.
Do you want to buy Nectar at a budget-friendly rate? At SleePare, you can save anywhere from 10% to 50% through various sales and promotions. We also contact our partner brands from time to time, to get exclusive discounts for our worthy customers.

Same-day Delivery in Tysons

With SleePare, you can get your Nectar mattresses and other sleep products delivered at your doorstep the very same day you purchase them. This offer is valid for the lucky residents of Tysons only. At the same time, if you wish to take the mattress home yourself, we gladly serve as a pick-up point without any additional cost.

Additional Nectar Products For Trial At Tysons

Nectar stores in Tysons carry the complete range of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, foundations, and sheets. 

Additional Nectar products available for purchase at the Nectar store in Tyson includes:


  • Memory Foam Pillow

The Nectar memory foam pillows come with a customizable comfort level to meet the requirements of each sleeper type. The pillow-in-pillow design provides soft, supportive comfort. The inner pillow is made of two types of premium foam for lifelong use. The outer shell contains excess fill that can be removed to adjust the firmness of the pillow. The tencel cooling fabric cover and the presence of active ventilation system keeps the pillow cool all night long.

Bed Bases

  • The Metal Bed Frame

The metal bed frame is quite an elegant piece in Nectar’s bed base collection. It is designed to support all bed sizes and types without letting them sag. The interlocked key rails and the center beam provides stability and maximum weight support. 

Made of a heavy-duty steel frame, locked wheels, and headboard brackets, the frame easily blends in with the room decor. It is powder-coated in black matte to prevent corrosion. It must be paired with a box spring and mattress foundation for optimal support.

  • Adjustable Bed Frame

The Nectar adjustable bed is simple to assemble as the package includes all the required tools and easy to follow instruction manual. You can elevate it from the head as well as feet to adjust it according to your comfort.The bed frame also offers three-zone massage and zero gravity to help you unwind after a long stressful day. You can also choose the split-king bed frame if you and your partner require a different comfort position. That’s not all! The built-in USB plugs charge your phone and other electronic gadgets easily right at your bedside.

  • Foundation

Nectar’s mattress foundation is a high-quality-low-cost product made of solid pine and natural spruce. Due to its simple clip and lock frame, the foundation takes no time to set up. Add the optional legs to your bed frame for sturdier support.

  • Bed Frame

The Nectar Bed Frame comes with an upholstered, button-tufted headboard for a contemporary look. It also has wooden slats that are 4-inch apart to provide solid support without the use of box spring.


  • Sheet Sets

The soft and silky Nectar bed sheets add a perfect touch to your cozy bed. The fabric is made of 65% ring-spun combed cotton and 35% microfilament polyester.

The sheet set comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 envelope closure pillowcases. You can machine wash them and tumble dry on medium for long-lasting use

  • Mattress Protector

Made of thin yet durable material, Nectar mattress protector offers an invisible barrier against dirt, spills, and stains. It is 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for kids.

The protector is highly stretchable, noiseless and can cover any bed of up to 22-inches height.

  • Weighted Blanket – BlanQuil

This plush and cozy, half weighted blanket, and half quilt keeps you comfortably warm and improves your REM sleep. Its deep pressure touch therapy relieves anxiety and discomfort as if someone is hugging you.

In fact, you can use it anytime you need a comforting feeling, during the night, meditating, or enjoying a show on Netflix late at night.

Other Stores You Can Try Nectar Mattress in Tyson’s Corner

You can also find the Nectar mattress at the official Nectar X Brandbox retail space in Tyson’s, Virginia. It’s precise address is 7867 Tysons Corner Center, Tysons Corner, Virginia, 22182 United States, on the first floor of Tysons Mall, in between Interior Define and DKNY. 

Just type the address into Google Maps for step-by-step directions on how to get there.

Find Nectar Mattress at Other Locations in Tysons

Mattress Warehouse1986 Chain Bridge Rd Tysons, VA 22102 (703) 790-0241

Mon-Sat: 10:00a.m.-9:00p.m.

Sun: 11:00a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse is one of the largest mattress retailers in the eastern US, with 250+ stores across the country.. Recently, the company partnered with Nectar to make the brand more accessible and available for the masses.

Mattress Warehouse prides itself in offering a large collection of beds to help customers find their dream mattress. Visit any of the nearby Mattress Warehouse stores to compare Nectar mattresses with other mattress brands.

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