Nectar Mattress Showrooms in NYC: Where You Can Try It and Buy It

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Called “America’s most comfortable mattress” and one of Forbes’ best memory foam mattresses of 2019, Nectar makes affordable and comfortable memory foam mattresses. Known for their quality and price, Nectar’s original mattress is a premium memory foam designed to keep you cool and hugs your body in all the right places for a comfortable and supportive sleep. 

Usually available online only, Nectar has partnered with SleePare so you can try their award-winning mattress at all SleePare locations. Read on to learn more about where you can try the Nectar mattress and what to expect in our showroom. 

Where to Try a Nectar Mattress in NYC

Why Is It Important to Test In a Showroom?

The Nectar Showroom Experience

Nectar Mattress Delivery

A Review of Nectar Mattresses

Nectar Sizing and Pricing


Where to Try a Nectar Mattress in NYC

Thanks to our partnership with Nectar, you can try out the mattress in our showroom. To purchase, our associates will provide you with an exclusive coupon to use on Nectar’s website to purchase your new mattress. SleePare showrooms keep a certain amount of stock available for purchase in our stores. If the Nectar mattress you want is available, you can take it home right then! 

You can also buy Nectar mattresses at a few other locations in NYC. 

StoreAddressHoursContact Info
SleePare218 W 30th St, NYC




Thurs.: 12-4pm




Macy’s151 West 34th Street, New York, NY, 10001



(212) 695-4400
Mattress FirmVarious locations in NYC






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Why Is It Important to Test In a Showroom?

Online stores offer you the convenience and comfort of shopping from home, but you can’t interact with the product before buying. Mattresses are a large purchase for daily use and an item that most shoppers would want to try in person before buying. Testing a Nectar mattress at SleePare gives you this experience with the discounts of online shopping.  

Testing a mattress in-person will ensure you are purchasing the right mattress. We can guarantee you will find your new favorite sleep brand at SleePare!

Image of our NYC showroom

The Nectar Showroom Experience

When visiting our NYC showroom, our friendly and trained staff will help you find the perfect mattress. At SleePare, we take mattress testing to the next level by allowing you to make an appointment to test your mattress as well as a free 30-minute nap as a part of your appointment. 

This will give you enough time to decide if the Nectar mattress is right for you. Our showroom is open to walk-in customers as well. For the best experience and more time with our staff to ask questions, we recommend making an appointment. 

Our NYC showroom is open six days a week. For more information, give us a call at (347) 425-6001, go to our website to book an appointment, or chat with one of our customer service associates.

Someone looking at a Nectar mattress

Nectar Mattress Delivery

SleePare and Nectar both offer free delivery if you buy the mattress from our store or you use the exclusive SleePare coupon on the Nectar website. If the Nectar mattress you want is in stock, we offer pickup from our store. 

When picking up your mattress from our store, please let our team know when you place your order. Nectar mattress orders placed online are shipped via FedEx and will arrive within 2-3 business days. Nectar will remove your old mattress for an extra $150 through their white glove delivery service. 

Someone looking at a Nectar mattress

A Review of Nectar Mattresses

Nectar offers a line of premium foam mattresses at an affordable price. With numerous awards and a forever warranty, you can’t go wrong with a Nectar mattress. These foam mattresses are described as “like sleeping on air.” Nectar’s generous one year return policy allows you to experience your mattress like “how life is actually lived”–when you’re sick, tired, in the summer, in the winter, ect. If your Nectar mattress isn’t working for you after one year, you can return it for any reason. 

Not sure if Nectar mattresses are right for you? Here’s a brief rundown of Nectar’s options. 

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress 

Nectar’s original mattress that started it all. This award-winning all-foam mattress is constructed with five layers of comfort and support. A cooling Tencel cover helps keep you and your mattress cool. Underneath is a weight distributing cooling gel and an adaptive foam transition layer to prevent the “sinking” feeling common with many mattresses. A base support layer that stabilizes the foams while a bottom mattress cover prevents the mattress from slipping on your bed frame. 

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress has a medium-firm feel, measuring 6.5/10 on the mattress firmness scale––with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. The adaptive memory foam layer helps with relieving pain and pressure for better spinal alignment. This “just right” mattress is perfect for all sleep positions, body types, and those who sleep hot. 

Nectar Lush mattress

Nectar Lush Mattress 

A more luxurious version of the original Nectar Memory Foam, the Nectar Lush provides even more cooling, support, and a lush feel. Like the original, the Nectar Lush has a cooling cover made from premium fibers that stay cool-to-the-touch and draw heat away from the body. The gel memory foam in the Nectar Lush is made with AquaCool technology––a cooling material located in the center of the memory foam that helps promote extra cooling. 

Along with the advanced cooling technology, the Nectar Lush is infused with Energex memory foam. This higher density memory foam offers bounce and mobility that is made last and adds extra support. Held together by a supportive and stabilizing base, the Nectar Lush Mattress is proven to help you sleep deeper and wake up refreshed and pain-free. 

Nectar mattress

Nectar Sizing and Pricing

The Nectar Mattress is available in standard mattress sizes. Check out the table below for sizing and pricing information. 



38”W x 75”L 



Twin XL

38”W x 80”L




54”W x 75”L




60”W x 80”L 




76”W x 80”L



Cal King

72”W x 84”L



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Nectar Lush mattress


If you’re ready to visit SleePare to try out a Nectar mattress, here are some answers to a few questions you may have. 

How much does it cost to test Nectar mattresses at the SleePare showroom?

Testing a mattress at any of our locations is always free! 


Do I need to make an appointment to test out mattresses? 

While it’s best to make an appointment for a more personalized experience, you’re free to drop by the store at any time to test any of our mattresses.


Where are you located and what are your hours?

Our Manhattan showroom is located at 218 West 30th St. View the table below for our store hours.















Nectar Lush mattress

How do I purchase my mattress? 

Once you finalize your selection, you can order online yourself, or with the assistance of our trained sales staff. If we have the mattress in-stock at our showroom, you can pick it up or we can deliver it to you.


Will you guide me in my purchase?

Of course! Our showroom staff are mattress and sleep experts can help you find the best mattress for your needs. If you’re ready to upgrade your mattress, schedule an appointment today! In the meantime, read our blogs, find your perfect fit with our mattress comparison tool, and review sleep guides and stats. 


Will I be pressured to purchase a mattress that day?

Absolutely not! You won’t find any pushy salespeople in our showroom. Our team will never pressure you to make a purchase, only help you find the best mattress. Our staff is there to help you find the mattress, pillow, or bedding to best suit your needs and that will lead to a restful night’s sleep, not to hassle you for a sale.

Nectar Lush mattress

Is the NYC showroom kid or pet friendly?

SleePare welcomes children and pets on leashes.


Is the NYC showroom ADA compliant?

Yes. Our showroom is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.


Nectar is one of the best online mattresses available today. One of SleePare’s top sellers, Nectar offers unrivaled comfort, support, and value. If you are ready to visit our showroom and test out a Nectar mattress, click here to make an appointment at our NYC showroom.