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New York is one of the most sleep deprived US states. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation in 2011 found 92% participants considered a comfortable mattress essential for high-quality sleep.  Memory foam mattresses are known for their comfort and durability. Hence, these beds there’s no wonder you can find numerous memory foam mattress stores in NYC.  They are most loved for their pressure-relieving hug and cradled support that conforms to your body shape. But its heat retention properties makes its difficult for some to sleep comfortably.  Although, mattress manufacturers, now incorporate various cooling technologies such as open-cell structure, gel and metal-molecule infusion and cold yarn covers to keep the sleep surface cool. But only in-store mattress testing can allow you to personally analyze its effectiveness before making the final purchase.  Today you can find numerous mattress stores in NYC that inhouses leading online and offline brands. These stores offers pre-purchase sleep trials to ensure you get the best memory foam mattress that responds well to your body.  Having sleep corners and experts on board, these stores offer professional help during mattress selection process. Their hassle-free delivery services, consumer-friendly return and refund policies makes mattress shopping a risk-free experience.  Let’s explore few benefits that mattress testing offers:

Why Testing Memory Foam Mattresses in Showroom Is Important?

According to a research by Better Sleep Council, today 92% of the sleepers say that it is very important to test your mattress before you buy it. But why do consumers feel the need to visit B&M shops in NYC that offer nap trials as well? Because,

Makes you more confident about your decision

Mattresses vary in comfort and firmness level but they are also quite subjective to our body structure and sleep position. What you might find comfortable may not satisfy your partner the same way.  Nap trials become mandatory; especially when it comes to memory foam as it responds differently to each body shape. It will help you assess its conformity and responsiveness as you lie down in your favorite sleeping position. Experiencing it on your own, before taking a final decision, makes you more confident about your choices. 

Allows you to compare products side-by-side

Retail mattress stores usually have an extensive collection of various bedding brands. From memory foam mattress to hybrids to coil mattresses, all are placed under one roof. If you are looking for the best memory foam mattress, then shortlist a few top brands such as Leesa, Casper, Amerisleep or any other. Check for the following features in your selected memory foam mattresses:

  • Which one offers best conformity?
  • Which one provides maximum spinal alignment?
  • Which has the sturdiest edge support?
  • Which one is great at motion isolation?
  • Does the mattress is open-cell based or gel-infused to keep the surface cool?
  • Does its comfort level and construction suit your sleep needs?
  • Which one meets your budget and offers the best value for the price?

  If you want to know more about the mattress, consult a sleep expert. 

Provides professional assistance

Mattress stores have a team of professional and experienced staff on board who can guide you to get the right mattress. They explore your sleep preferences and explain which mattress features will work well for you. The staff also guides you through the, delivery and return policies. Most of the stores provide free shipping services and white glove delivery at a nominal price. You can also take your mattress directly from the store instead of getting it delivered. But it’s better to inform the staff beforehand to ensure your desired product is in-stock.

SleePare Showroom

The SleePare showroom was set up in 2017 to provide customers with high-quality mattresses from reputed brands. You can schedule an appointment and test mattresses, pillows, and other bedding accessories.

Popular Brands Nectar Mattress, Loom & Leaf Mattress, Winkbeds, Novosbed, Muse and Layla
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Peaceful shopping environment
No pushy salespersons
A great collection of brands under one roof
Staff shortage on busy days
Only two stores

Listed below are a few of the reasons to visit SleePare NYC to try your favorite memory foam before making the final deal. 

Trained Staff

SleePare boards experienced sales staff who understand the mattress industry inside out. You’ll find no pushy salespersons at the showroom and can try out different at your own pace. However, our experienced staff is always on hand to assist you during mattress selection and order placement. We also offer expert advice. Dr. Steven Shoshany, an experienced chiropractor, helps you choose the best mattress considering all the factors that affect your sleep. 

Scheduled Visits

The company promotes appointment-based visits as it ensures undivided attention and personalized shopping experience. It also guarantees that the memory foam mattress you desire to test is in-stock.

Vast Collection of Online Mattress Brands

SleePare houses more than 30+ online mattress brands, all under one roof. You can find all those online-only brands that aren’t found in any other stores. Due to its expansive mattress collection, you can now test the memory foam of your choice and compare it with other leading brands. This way you can assess the mattress features, specs and prices to make a more informed decision. 

Free 30-minutes Nap Trial

You can make the most of our in-store mattress trials and nap on your favorite mattress for up to 30 minutes free. Trying the memory foam mattress for at least half an hour allows you to analyze its firmness, motion transfer, cooling properties, and other factors that may affect your sleep quality. 

Amazing Discounts all Year Round

SleePare offers budget-friendly discounts throughout the year for affordable mattress shopping. Get the best memory foam mattress for your master bedroom or for your kid’s bunk bed without digging a hole in your pocket. We also offer catch coupons at our partner brands to avail special offers and packages.

Same-day Delivery in NYC

The brand offers hassle-free shipment services to deliver your bed right at your doorstep. We also provide white-glove delivery at a nominal price to set up your new mattress in the room of your choice. But we have some good news for our New York customers! they can avail the same or next day freight services to enjoy their new mattress at the earliest.  

The 5 Best Memory Foam Brand Stores in NYC

Store NameHQ LocationNew York Store AddressHoursWebsite
Casper NohoNew York, NYNoHo 627 Broadway New York, NY 10012Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm Sun: 11am-7pmVisit Website
Essentia New YorkBoca Raton, FL36 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001Mon-Sat:10am-6pm Sun:closedVisit Website
The Leesa Dream Gallery3200 Pacific Ave, Virginia Beach112 Wooster Street, New York City  (Between Prince and Spring)Mon-Sun: 12pm-6pmVisit Website 
KEETSA Mattresses – New YorkSan Francisco, California, USA44 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013 Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm Sun: 10am-6pmVisit Website
Comfort Bedding IncBrooklyn, NY13 Christopher Avenue Brooklyn NY 11212Mon-Thurs:9am-5pm Fri: 9am-12pm Sat & Sun: ClosedVisit Website


Overview of Top 5 Memory Foam Brand Stores in NYC

1. Casper Noho

After being an online only bed-in-a-box company for more than four years, Casper opened its first brick and mortar store in 2018. This is the brand’s flagship store in the busiest neighborhood of Noho in Manhattan.  Casper’s mission for this store was to “create an amazing experience with no pressure of commission salespeople” said Casper’s COO, Neil Parikh. The dreamery within the store provides a unique environment for testing mattresses. If you feel uncomfortable lying in front of people but wish to test your mattress before bringing it home, this store is the best choice for you.  You can book a 45 minutes nap session in a completely isolated circular pod within the store. The testing pod has your favorite Casper mattress, pillow and other accessories. You get branded pajamas, skincare products, and free coffee when you wake up!  If you’re unable to sleep in the bird-nest like pods, you can read books available by the bedside to help you relax. You can test all Casper products at this dreamery. The brand offers two memory foam models; The Casper and the Essential. Be sure to test both before you decide which one’s the best for you! Casper Noho has turned a boring and somewhat rushed, mattress testing routine to a fun and relaxed activity. Customers describe Casper Store as a perfect place to test the brand’s mattresses and take a nap in the midday break. Coffee, Casper’s memory foam mattresses and a relaxing environment if enough to revive you for the second half of the day.
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Unique mattress testing experience
Interactive display to engage with sleep products
Mattress testing in privacy
No-commission based salesperson
On-spot purchase
Same-day delivery for NYC customers
Sleep trial at Dreamery is not free


2. Essentia New York

Essentia is known for its natural memory foam mattress made through an eco-friendly production process. The company’s mission is to research and develop the most comfortable and healthy mattresses for their customers.

Essentia New York is located just a short walk from Penn and Grand Central Station in NYC. The second-floor showroom isolates you from the hustle-bustle of the city and provides a relaxing environment for testing the best products. The layout is well-organized yet enjoyable to enhance the mattress shopping experience.

You can test all the nine Essentia mattress models across three different categories. If you are looking for durable memory foam mattresses, try the most popular Performance collection featuring world’s only natural memory foam. Experience the pain-relieving cradling support and latex-like resilience as the bed is made of hevea milk (rubber tree sap) and essential oils.

The store has the best customer service. The knowledgeable staff helps you with testing the mattresses of your choice. You are welcome to ask any questions regarding their production and clear any confusion right on the spot.

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“Natural and non-toxic memory foam
Natural and non-toxic memory foam
Excellent collection of mattresses and bedding accessories
Calm testing environment
Awesome customer service
Slow delivery process


  • 3. The Leesa Dream Gallery

  The Leesa Dream Gallery became operational in 2016 and is known as the world’s first combined mattress store and art gallery. This unique showroom introduces a new kind of retail experience to both the customers and underprivileged artists.  In partnership with AirLifting, Leesa Dream Gallery displays and sells artwork by less fortunate, new or disabled artists. Exclusively for Leesa shoppers, the mattress includes a special edition cover designed by ArtLifting artist Scott Benner.  Moreover, the brand donates one mattress for each 10 mattresses sold to give the gift of sound sleep to homeless, refugees, and other needy persons.  You can test all the three Leesa Sleep models at its Dream Gallery. Enjoy the body hugging support and quick response of Leesa Original, thanks to the expert combination of LSA200 and dense memory foam. You can lie for as long as 30 minutes on the beds in Leesa Gallery to ensure a proper selection.  The knowledgeable sleep staff will guide you in finding the right mattress according to your sleep preferences. Experience stress-free shopping experience as there are no pushy salesmen. If you like a product, you can buy and take it home on the spot or get it shipped to your doorstep.  Leesa Dream Gallery is a well-organized space with an uplifting vibe. There is a dream wall where you can write your dreams on paper and paste it to share it with the others. 

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<style=”font-weight: 400;”>Awesome customer service
30-minute free test session
Responsive and cool memory foam mattress
Great insight at the Bedside Chats panel series
Regular social responsibility sessions 
White glove delivery issues
Refund delays


  • 4. Keetsa Mattresses – New York

  The Keetsa Sleep shop in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan offers an enjoyable nap trial with its integrated mattress display and cozy environment. Its excellent customer services makes the visit all the more worthwhile as the knowledgeable staff helps you in mattress selection. You can meet Keetsa sleep guides at the store. They help you pick the best bed based on your sleeping position, material preference, and any medical conditions. The dimly lit place induces sleep as you try the beds to assess their response to your body structure and snooze style. Memory foam mattresses offered by Keetsa feature their pioneering BioFoam®. It is made from a blend of natural and synthetic oils, primarily bean oil to reduce the use of petroleum based oils. You can test all models at Keetsa mattresses at their New York store. Every mattress has a poster with detailed information about its construction and features. You can quickly get the information you require without waiting up for the representatives busy with other customers. Materials used in mattress construction are also available for your inspection.  The entire showroom is in line with Keetsa’s green philosophy. Most of the materials used are either recycled, reclaimed or restructured to minimize the waste associated with opening new locations.

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Friendly and experienced staff
Simple and modern store architecture
Relaxing test environment
Mattress materials available for inspection
Free welcome tea
Lacks privacy when testing mattress


  • 5. Comfort Bedding Inc

  Based in Brooklyn NY, Comfort Bedding manufactures its mattresses in-house. They monitor the manufacturing process, from the beginning to the end, ensuring high-quality end product.  Comfort Bedding doesn’t provide in-store testing of products. You can check their online catalog on their website. They claim that all pictures in the catalog are true representations of the products.  The company produces a wide variety of memory foam mattresses to suit the unique needs of each sleeper type. Using innovative technology, the brand produces some of the most comfortable, durable and premium quality mattresses.  However, the company doesn’t offer in-store trials to test the mattress before purchasing. Nevertheless, some customers find it difficult to shop for the right bed but the company stands behind its products. It also offers custom designed mattresses that are manufactured keeping in view your personal sleep preferences. 

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Knowledgeable staff
Flexible payment methods
Quick delivery service
Products are always in stock
Custom products available
No testing facility

5 Best Memory Foam Retail Stores in NYC

Store NameHQ LocationNew York Store AddressHoursWebsite
West Elm ShowroomBrooklyn, NY1870 Broadway, New York, NY 10023Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm Sun: 11am-7pmVisit Website
Craig’s Beds Mattress StoreNew York, NYCraig’s Beds 247 West 38th Street Suite 606 NY, NY 10018 Visit Website
Mattress Firm Broadway NohoHouston, TX652 Broadway New York, NY, 10012Mon, Tue, Fri, & Sat: 10am-9pm Wed: 9am-7pm Thurs: 6pm-9pm Sun: 11am-7pmVisit Website
Long’s BeddingNewYork, NY121 West 72nd Street, NYCMon & Thurs: 9am-8pm Tues, Wed & Fri: 9am-7pm Sat: 9am-6pm Sun: 11am-5pmVisit Website
Macy’s Furniture GalleryCincinnati, OH88-01 Queens Boulevard Elmhurst, NY 11373Mon-Fri: 10 am-9:30 pm Sat: 10am-9pm Sun:11am-7pmVisit Website 

Overview of Top 5 Memory Foam Retail Stores in NYC

1. Craig’s Beds

  Craig’s Beds is a family-owned and operated, authorized mattress dealer for many popular mattress brands. This showroom carries selected mattresses from reputed manufacturers only.  Craig, the owner, is well-versed in the specifics of the mattress business and is often available at the NYC store, helping out customers pick their new mattress. He is a very friendly person who is passionate about photography and so, the showroom walls feature remarkable photos of New York cityscape.  Customer reviews are a testament to the exceptional service offered at Craig’s Beds. The staff is experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you find a perfect bed within your budget. They also ensure timely delivery and follow up on you to ensure you are satisfied with your products.  Craig’s mattress store has a welcoming vibe and a very homely feel. Customers praise the personalized mattress testing experience. All visits are appointment-based so you can expect relative privacy and relaxed atmosphere without any rush.  The customer-favorite Summerfield memory foam mattresses are Craig’s Beds proprietary brand. It’s an affordable product line but you can also test it against mattresses of other popular brands from Serta, Beautyrest, etc. 

Popular BrandsSummerfield, Simmons Beautyrest, Serta iComfort, Mlily, Eclipse
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Peaceful shopping environment
Very helpful customer service
Free white-glove delivery 
Next-day delivery available
Can visit only by appointment


2. Mattress Firm Broadway NoHo

  Since setting foot in the sleep market over two decades ago, Mattress Firm has been serving US consumers as one of the leading specialty mattress retailers with more than 3000 showrooms located all across the country. Regardless of your sleeping style, you are sure to find a perfect mattress at this store. They offer a wide range of different models, including top-quality memory foam mattresses. You can find high-end luxury to affordable budget-friendly beds at Mattress Firm NoHo.   The mattresses are color-coded for different firmness levels so you can test and compare their feel quickly. Their sales staff is also very knowledgeable and expert at helping you find an ideal mattress for your sleep preferences and budget restraints.  Mattress Firm offers excellent financing options and many different delivery programs. You can avail white-glove services at nominal cost or select their red-carpet service with a 3-hour delivery window. They deliver mattresses even on Sundays.  

Popular BrandsBeautyrest, 12 Park, Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Sleepy’s, Tulo, Eclipse, Intellibed, Mattress Firm, My First, 5 Little Monkeys, 
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Experienced staff
Numerous online and offline brands for testing

Multiple financing options
Sunday delivery available
Inadequate customer service
Returns and warranty problems

3. Long’s Bedding

  Long’s Bedding, a fourth-generation, family-owned business was established in 1911 as a small factory. They have grown over the years due to the extraordinary services they provide. You can test out a hand-picked collection of mattresses from boutique brands. Whether you wish to experience handmade mattresses made with old craftsmanship or modern budget-friendly beds, Long’s Bedding offers you a full range of choices.  Try out cheap, budget-friendly products or experience the high-end luxurious mattresses. You can buy them on-sport at Long’s or have them delivered to your doorstep.  The staff at Long’s Bedding is non-commissioned so they don’t push you to the most expensive bed. Instead, they listen to you, discuss your requirements and match them with the suitable products in their store.  If you can’t find a bed to meet your size preferences, you can get it custom-made. Moreover, the store has clear policies regarding deliveries and discounts.   

Popular BrandsAireloom, Velika, Therapedic/Eclipse
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Non-commissioned staff and knowledgeable staff
A good collection of beds and mattresses
Custom-size mattresses
Delivery services are unsatisfactory
No return or refunds for products

4. West Elm

It is country-wide home furnishing retail chain committed to provide quality modern bedding to customers across the US. Many online mattress brands collaborate with West Elm retail outlets to showcase their sleep products. Recently, the company has launched its own home furnishing brand to offer quality products at an affordable price.  The NYC store is exquisitely designed to enhance your shopping experience as you test the mattress of your choice. The company’s eye for aesthetics allows you to choose the mattress that supports you well but also look good with your room decor. The mattress trials are free but you get to choose from a narrow collection of quality products only. The staff is well-versed with the nitty-gritty of their products and customers praise their knowledge of mattress specs. They can answer all your questions about products and are quite capable of assisting you throughout the selection process. However, a few customers have complained about their delivery and return services. They offer multiple shipping options at nominal price but customers report frequent delivery delays.  

Popular BrandsLeesa and Robin
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Friendly environment
Good eye for aesthetics
Experienced and knowledgeable staff
Slow delivery time
Difficult return policies



  • 5. Macy’s Furniture Gallery

Macy’s is a well-known departmental store with over 700 stores operating from coast-to-coast and online. The company started its operations in 1858 with their flagship store at Herald Square, NYC.  It is a multistorey building with a wide collection of clothing, accessories, and home furnishing. You can enjoy interactive shopping at Macy’s with its engaging story corner to discover new products.  Macy’s offer an interesting collection of mattresses and a remarkable testing experience at the first floor where it houses leading bedding brands. You can find a wide variety of mid to high range sleep products including Tempur-Pedic, Serta, BeautyRest and Sealy, known for their luxury memory foam mattresses. If you are looking for a cheaper yet durable mattress, you can try Macy’s own brand Macybed. The sales staff is quick to assist you in finding the right product, placing the order, and getting it shipped to your doorstep. Macy’s provides annual training to its staff and follow a code of conduct to ensure hassle-free shopping. Mattress delivery has been uneventful and returns are quick and hassle-free. Although the salespersons earn commission on your purchases so it’s better to visit Macy’s after a little research on the internet to ensure right decisions.  

Popular BrandsBeautyrest, Stearns and Foster, Macy’s Bed
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  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Easy product return or replacement
  • Excellent mattress collection
  • Mattresses in every price range
  • Commission-based, salesy staff


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