Best- Rated Mattress stores in Virginia Beach, VA

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Best- Rated Mattress stores in Virginia Beach, VA

The southeastern city of Virginia Beach, Virginia is home to the longest beach in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Therefore, it is not surprising that the area is a tourist magnet. It is peppered with hotels, motels and resorts. While staying at those venues, people can watch their cares roll away on the waves.

With the bustling tourism business in Virginia Beach, it is no surprise that there are a lot of year-round residents there as well. If you are one of those residents, it is easy to find yourself frequently tired from keeping up with the active environment you live in. That is why you need to encourage yourself to get plenty of rest by investing in a proper mattress.

Mattress Buying Online Vs. In-Store

There are two ways to purchase a mattress these days. One is through online mattress shopping. The other is to go to a local mattress showroom. You may think online shopping is the best way to find a mattress, especially when you have a tight budget to worry about. However, there are plenty of deals to be had in-person as well.

There are people who are quite satisfied with online shopping. After all, buying an online mattress is convenient. However, it does put you at one big disadvantage, despite the conveniences. That disadvantage is you cannot physically test the mattress before you purchase it.

When you need a new mattress, you have to make sure the one you select is right for your body and sleeping patterns. The only way to do that is with in-store mattress testing. It gives you the opportunity to physically experience how each mattress feels when you lay on it. Mattress features are also frequently changing, so you can test some of those new features in the store. After testing several models, you can get a better sense of your mattress preferences and choose one that can improve your sleep quality.

Benefits of Buying a Mattress In-Store

The most obvious advantage of in-store mattress purchasing is the ability to test each mattress before you purchase one. That testing time lets you assess how much support each mattress offers and determine the mattress material you find most comfortable. You cannot get those experiences from online mattress shopping.

Every mattress store also has friendly sales staff to help you. You can request their opinions based on their years of expertise. Online websites that sell mattresses do not always offer any type of staff assistance.

Another advantage of shopping for a mattress in-store is the ability to get excellent prices. It might seem like the best discounts are found online, but brick-and-mortar stores are also home to great discounts. You can also get the best customer service and return assistance from a store as opposed to online.

Despite those advantages, it is important to prepare for any in-store mattress shopping experience. Research can help you find the best mattress store in your area. You have to look into the reputation of each store, as well as compare store mattress prices. Below is a list of some of 10 Virginia Beach mattress stores, include brands sold at each one.

Top 10 Mattress Stores in Virginia Beach

Store NameLocationBBB RatingSatisfaction
(Excellent, Good, Bad)
The Original Mattress Factory3750 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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Havertys5169 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Grand Furniture Outlet5565 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462A+Excellent
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Sleep Number701 Lynnhaven Parkway Space F-05, Virginia Beach, VA 23452A+Excellent
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Leesa Dream Gallery3200 Pacific Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451A+Excellent
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Willis Furniture and MattressWillis Furniture & Mattress
4220 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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Value City Furniture2720 N Mall Dr. Ste 107 Suite 107, North Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach, VA 23452A+Good
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Mattress Firm Clearance5325 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Ashley HomeStore5144 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462C-Fair
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East Coast Furniture Co.2700 Avenger Dr. Ste 100, Virginia Beach, VA 23456N/AFair
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Overview Of Mattress Stores in Virginia Beach, VA

1. The Original Mattress Factory

Founded in 1990, The Original Mattress Factory (OMF) now boasts more than 100 mattress showrooms nationwide. The company both manufactures and sells its own mattresses, eliminating costs associated with separate mattress sellers.

There are 11 factory locations in the cities where showrooms are found. Each showroom location offers straightforward pricing. No sales or discounts are available, but the company claims its original prices are honest and low.

Unlike many mattress showrooms, The Original Mattress Factory often offers opportunities to see mattresses as they are being manufactured. Mattresses can also be made on demand featuring requested features. Box springs are also provided. The welcoming staff provides pressure-free guidance, as requested.

Popular Brands:The OMF
Mattress Types:Gel memory foam, hybrid, latex, foam
Top Praises:

Sales staff is friendly and experienced.

Customer service is exceptional.

Mattress production is visible.

Prices are reasonable.

Top Complaints:

Customer reports are poor.

Only OMF mattresses are available.

Poor after-sale services.

2. Havertys

Havertys is known for its modern, elegant home décor. In fact, you can furnish several parts of your home at Havertys while also shopping for a new mattress. Havertys even offers free home décor design advice and guides by professionals.

These days, home design is a big business. It is rare to find a free source of design advice. Therefore, Havertys is an excellent place to purchase a mattress when you are also trying to redecorate your bedroom or other portions of your home. Havertys also offers mattress deals throughout the year and an online guide to help you choose the best mattress.

Popular Brands:Beauty Rest, Black Diamond Dealer, Serta, Stearns and Foster, Skye, Sealy
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, hybrid, Spring, Foam
Top Praises:

Provides easy online order tracking.

Year-round sales available.

Financing available.

Top Complaints:

Several customers have reported poor delivery service.

Several customers have filed damaged goods reports

3. Grand Furniture Outlet

Grand Furniture Outlet got its start in Norfolk in 1947. Rose Stein and her two sons operated the original store, which was quite small. It quickly became well-known for quality products and service.

Today, the business is still owned by relatives of Rose Stein. The third generation of family members still maintains a reputation for providing a wide range of excellent home furnishings. Those furnishings include mattresses and all bedroom furnishings you need. Living room, dining room and outdoor furniture lines are also beautifully displayed in their showroom.

You can tour through Grand Furniture Outlet and view all of the home décor at your own pace. The friendly salespeople are also on hand to greet and guide you. If you need extra advice regarding which mattress to choose, they can provide you with information each model.

Popular Brands:Sealy
Mattress Types:Gel Foam
Top Praises:

Experienced, knowledgeable staff.

Mattresses and furniture available./p>

Top Complaints:

Only two mattress designs available.

Limited mattress types provided.

Customers report after-sale service difficulties.

4. Sleep Number

Storefront of Sleep Number store

For approximately 20 years, Sleep Number has been known for constantly advancing mattress technology. Specifically, the company is known for air technology used in mattress construction. Sleep Number mattresses are affordably priced and provide a unique level of customization for an ideal sleep surface.

A Sleep Number bed is unique. It has a higher cost than a standard mattress, but may customers do not mind paying more for the unique Sleep Number experience. When you visit the Sleep Number showroom, you can use the visual trial technology provided to see exactly how the mattress is able to adjust to your body.

The Sleep Number staff can also help you by elaborating on the features of Sleep Number beds. You can enjoy the comfort and luxury of the unique mattress while getting the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

Popular Brands:Sleep Number
Mattress Types:Air mattress and smart beds
Top Praises:

Round the clock customer support.

Multiple store locations nationwide.

Unique mattress testing experience.

Open seven days per week.

Top Complaints:

Only Sleep Number mattresses sold on site.

High priced mattresses.

5. Leesa Dream Gallery

Leesa Dream Gallery provides inexpensive high-quality mattresses to residents in Virginia Beach, as well as other parts of the United States. Leesa Dream Gallery is also known for its generous charitable donations. For every 10 mattresses sold, the company donates a bed to someone in need. To date, over 30,000 mattresses have been donated.

At Leesa Dream Gallery, the goal is to treat mattresses like relaxation tools. Rather than being solely for sleep, they are viewed also as places to rest and recover from daily activities. Since comfort must be maintained anytime you choose to rest on your mattress, whether awake or asleep, Leesa Dream Gallery strives to provide mattresses that provide waking and sleeping comfort.

The Leesa Dream Gallery is an inviting, warm space where you can try mattresses in a relaxing environment. While there, the sales staff is always on hand to assist you. That way you can test the available mattresses in comfort and with all of the information you need to select one.

Popular Brands:Leesa
Mattress Types:Gel memory foam, Hybrid
Top Praises:

Sales staff is experienced and friendly.

Free local delivery and easy installation provided.

Helpful customer service.

Top Complaints:

Limited mattress types available.

6. Willis Furniture and Mattress

For approximately 125 years, Willis Furniture and Mattress has been providing several home-related services to local clients. Those services include financing, speedy delivery and design consultations. In fact, the Willis Furniture and Mattress website provides detailed designer portfolios.

At Willis Furniture and Mattress, mattresses of various sizes are available. Those sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King. Soft, medium and firm mattresses are also available.

Two mattress brands are available at the store. They are Shifma Mattress Co and Leggett and Platt, Inc. In-store and online BedMatch systems are provided to help you choose between the brands. The system uses sleeping position and body type to make that determination, among other factors.

Popular Brands:Leggett and Platt, Inc, Shifman Mattress Co
Mattress Types:Innerspring, Foam, Hybrid
Top Praises:

Known for quality products.

Provides excellent customer service.

Offers speedy delivery.

Top Complaints:


7. Value City Furniture

In 1948, Value City Furniture first opened its doors. The family-owned business is a furniture reseller specializing in providing a wide range of furniture and mattresses produced by many companies. Therefore, you can easily explore many mattress options under one room when visiting its Virginia showroom.

The Value City Furniture showroom is beautifully arranged. It has a designated area for mattresses. Other parts of the store feature elegant home furnishing displays. The experienced sales staff can help you select a mattress, as well as other home furnishings and accessories, as desired.

Customers report some confusion over Value City Furniture’s warranty, exchange and delivery policies. Therefore, you must ask questions regarding those policies to make sure you understand them clearly before making a purchase.

Popular Brands:Beautyrest Silver, Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest Silver Hybrid, Miracle Foam
Mattress Types:Hybrid, innerspring, gel memory foam, memory foam
Top Praises:

Excellent sales service.

Knowledgeable, experienced staff.

Top Complaints:

Commonly late delivery of products.

Sub-standard after-sale customer support.

8. Mattress Firm Clearance

Mattress Firm Clearance was founded in 1986. It provides many different mattress brands for customers at affordable prices. Today, the company has more than 2,500 locations nationwide.

In addition to providing a large selection of mattresses and bedding accessories, Mattress Firm Clearance is a socially involved company. Company executives founded the Ticket to Dream Foundation and Mattress Firm Foster Kids program. They provide necessities to help foster children succeed in their future lives.

When you visit a Mattress Firm Clearance showroom, you can enjoy a warm, welcoming environment. The company’s sleep counselors are experts in their field. They will provide you with support and assistance as you test the available mattresses on display.

According to customers, Mattress Firm Clearance is unparalleled in terms of customer support. The company also offers some of the best prices for budget mattress shoppers.

Popular Brands:Serta, Simmons, Beautyrest, Sleepy’s, Tulo, Purple, 12 Ark
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Gel Memory Foam, Hybrid, Bed in a Box, Pillow Top, Euro Top, Innerspring, Futon.
Top Praises:

Professional sales staff.

Excellent sleep counselors.

Provides quick product delivery.

Frequent sales provided.

Top Complaints:


9. Ashley Furniture HomeStore

For over seven decades, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has been successfully serving customers. The company specializes in both design and construction of high-quality furniture.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore is a family-owned business. Its primary focus is creating a loyal customer base by providing unique, comfortable furniture designs. Those designs emphasize luxury while remaining affordable.

The Virginia Beach Ashley Furniture HomeStore location is well-decorated. When you visit the organized space, you will see a variety of furniture and mattresses on display. The showroom floor is divided into themed areas for convenience.

As soon as you enter the Ashley Furniture HomeStore, the friendly staff will greet you and offer any assistance you require. The sales staff is experienced and professional. They understand that the decision to purchase a new mattress cannot be rushed. You must take time to assess your options.

Popular Brands:Ashley-Sleep, Mattress in a Box, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Beautyrest, Serta
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid, Foundations & Bed Frames, Power Bases
Top Praises:

Highly-professional, knowledgeable staff.

Many mattress types available.

Affordable mattress prices.

Top Complaints:

Low-quality, often late delivery service.

Some customer services are lacking.

10. East Coast Furniture Co.

The family-owned East Coast Furniture Co. sells both mattresses and furniture at budget-friendly prices. Its furniture and mattresses are nicely organized in its inviting, organized showroom. Some bedding and furniture is also available at a discount when purchased as part of a set. There are several mattress types from which to choose.

East Coast Furniture Co. has a potentially confusing delivery policy. Several complaints have been lodged regarding delivery prices, as well as the slow speed of delivery services. It is advisable to carefully check those policies before purchasing a mattress from the company.

Popular Brands:Ashley, Coaster, Serta, Simmons, solstice
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid, Foundations & Bed Frames, Power Bases
Top Praises:

Quality customer services.

Sales staff is knowledgeable and professional.

Mattress prices are competitive.

Top Complaints:

Deliveries are frequently late.

Extra delivery costs.

As you can see, you have many Virginia Beach, VA mattress showroom options. Use the above list to assess them and streamline your mattress purchase.