Top 10 Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA

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Top 10 Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA

Located at the southwest Virginia, the magnificent city Roanoke is home for thousands of people. These people are an integral part of the state and contribute as a major workforce to society.

The diligent members of the city work hard to thrive. All of this is possible because of their tremendous levels of motivation and their strong will to blossom.

In order to maintain their levels of energy and motivation, the people of Roanoke keep themselves fit and in good health. Naturally, as health and sleep are linked together, the people of Roanoke also take good care of their sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep after a hectic day is critically important as this can affect one��s overall mood and productivity the next day.

Frequently, a lousy mattress can disrupt sleep and cause other problems. These problems tend to reflect on one’s daily productivity and lead to further health issues down the line. They may cause you backaches or you might feel fatigued even after a long sleep.

All of these problems can be related to your mattress. To function normally, one must keep these problems at bay by addressing the root cause.

Irritating and painful as these problems can be, they can always be curtailed or completely avoided by making slight changes in the bedroom, but unfortunately, spare time for such matters has become scarce in the 21st century.

The time to survey and ask friends or family for a household item has simply become out of fashion. One is not able to make ample time and effort to locate a mattress store. But this does not mean you should lack the initiative.

Fortunately, the people of Roanoke have plenty of options when it comes to mattress stores. These mattress stores are sited all across Roanoke and have a huge inventory with reasonable pricing for their mattresses.

A Guide to Mattress Stores

When it comes to shopping from a mattress store, there are many things which one should keep in mind. A top quality mattress store should have a professional staff who knows what they are selling and they are able to provide the best-suited mattress to their customers.

They should also have an attractive showroom appearance with adequate lighting so that customers can know how the mattress looks like. Always try to buy a mattress from a store that lets you see the product properly.

Also, they should provide you with timely deliveries, you don’t want to be getting your mattress weeks after your purchase. So make sure they have an effective delivering service.

A top rated mattress store has adequate variety and with a vast price range. You don’t want to enter a store that sells mattresses for thousands of dollars when you are on a tight budget. They should also offer deals and discounts to their customers along with after sales services.

Here are the top 10 Mattress stores for the people of Roanoke who meet the above-mentioned criteria.

Top 10 Mattress Stores in Roanoke

Store NameLocationBBB RatingSatisfaction
(Excellent, Good, Bad)
Mattress Firm ClearanceClearance Center 4037 Electric Rd Roanoke, VA, 24018A+Excellent
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Mattress Warehouse of Roanoke – Valley View4801 Valley View Boulevard Northwest E Roanoke, VA 24012AExcellent
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American Freight Furniture and Mattress4496 Electric Rd. Roanoke, VA 24018B+Good
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Mattress Outlet3345 North Franklin Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073BGood
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Sleep EssentialsSleep Essentials – Roanoke 3542 Orange Avenue Roanoke, VA 24012BGood
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Ashley HomeStore5004 Valley View Blvd NW Roanoke, VA 24012BGood
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VFM Sleep CenterRoanoke3639 Brambleton Avenue Roanoke, VA 24018BGood
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Grand Home FurnishingsRoanoke (Valley View) 1945 Valley View Boulevard, NWRoanoke, VA 24012BGood
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Big LotsBurlington Coat S/c 2911 Hershberger Rd Nw Roanoke, VA 24017-1943BGood
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Aaron’s3607 Williamson Rd NW Roanoke, VA, 24012BGood
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An overview of Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA

1.Mattress Firm

Aerial View of Mattress Firm store

Mattress Firm happens to be one of the most popular mattress stores in America. Their outlets are spread all over the country. As successful as their business is, their variety in mattresses is huge. From a standard mattress to a luxurious mattress, they have it all.

You can come to their store with your partner and decide the mattress that would suit your family. Their amiable staff would guide you through the different categories of mattresses that they have at their place.

Currently, they are offering sales and discounts on many of their mattresses. If you are planning on buying a mattress within a budget then perhaps mattress firm could be a viable option. Their staff is very cooperative. Although they normally deliver within a couple of days, they have had a few complaints with late deliveries and refunds.

A few customers who decided to cancel their order before delivery have experienced delays in refunds. Other than these minor and occasional complaints, mattress firm is rated as a top quality store.

Another reason which makes mattress firm as one the best is its policy towards its customers. They have a 120-day exchange policy which means customers can have one exchange within the first 120 days of the purchase. They also have a 120 day guarantee period at a low price which means if you find the same mattress at another they will compensate you the difference and also give you an extra 10% of the total invoice.

Their showroom appearance and the professionalism of their staff is more than satisfying. They have a very effective customer support department which is always on its toes to ensure a smooth transaction between them and their valued customers.

Popular Brands:Bed Gear, Serta, Royal, Sealy
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Coil spring, Gel foam
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Top Praises:

Active Customer support

Awesome deals

Return/exchange policies

Top Complaints:

Occasional delayed refund

Few late deliveries

2. Mattress Warehouse of Roanoke

The Mattress Warehouse is also a quite famous store like Mattress Firm. They have both standard and luxurious mattresses. As cool as their name, their service is also of top quality. They have a huge inventory and are known to always stay in stock. When other stores are out of stock they will not disappoint you.

Not only are they only good with remaining in stock, but they are also very good with the pricing of the mattresses. Customers believe their prices are unbeatable. Also, their staff is well informed about their mattresses and do not hurry their customers into a deal. They are genuinely interested in finding the right mattress for you and your family.

They make timely deliveries which means if you make a purchase you will get your mattress within a couple of days. So practically, they meet the criteria to be one of the best stores in Roanoke.

Popular Brands:Aireloom, Cheswick Manor, Comfort Essentials, Kingsdown, Nectar, Royal, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Spring, Coil spring, Latex
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Top Praises:

Huge variety

Professional staff

Awesome deals

Delivery option

Top Complaints:

A few late deliveries

3. American Freight Furniture and Mattress

Situated near Tanglewood Mall at the intersection of HWY, American Freight Furniture and Mattress also bring a lot to the table.

They offer deals and discounts to their valued customers all year round so that they do not have to wait for sales. They offer a tremendous service. Although they also sell furniture and accessories, they are best known for the huge variety of mattresses they offer.

Open 7 days a week, American Freight Furniture and Mattress always welcome you and your family to their store. Their Sales staff is well informed about their mattresses and often get you the mattress most suited to your needs.

They also have a standard return and exchange policy. However, they do not offer any low price guarantee period on their website. They do offer installment plans for their products with initial payment as low as $50.

The great thing about this store is that they offer same day delivery which means you can sleep on your mattress the same night.

The above two mentioned qualities bring this store in the best mattress store list.

Popular Brands:Royal Ultra, NordicRest, Dream Sleep, Carlton Place, Lagoon Mist
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Coil Spring and Hybrid
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Top Praises:

A huge variety of brands

Financing options

Discounts and offers

Cooperative sales staff

Top Complaints:

Infrequent late delivery

4. Mattress Outlet

This store has two outlets in Roanoke. Both of these stores offer a great variety of mattresses to their customers. They have a professional staff and who knows about their mattresses.

Unlike, other mattress stores, Mattress outlet has some of the cheapest mattresses available. Which means if you are on a tight budget and want a king size mattress within a $1000 these guys can help.

They have a moderate variety when it comes to mattresses and decent pricing. They also offer delivery on the same day unless it rains. However, they are only open three days a week. Saturday – Monday which deducts a few points from their overall score but they still make it to the Best Mattress list.

Popular Brands:Meraluna, Azure Hybrid
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Hybrid
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Top Praises:

Cheap delivery

No sales pressure

Reasonable price

Quality product

Top Complaints:

Fewer staff members on occasions

5. Sleep Essentials

Sleep essentials give a very unique touch of their own to the store. They find the most suitable mattress for their customers with a technical approach. You would be amazed to find out how they do it.

Sleep Essentials actually lets their customers decide the material to use in their mattress. They have a very sophisticated way of doing it. They have divided their mattresses into different layers and you are to choose those layers. This is like building your own mattress.

You can use different types of layers in your mattress making it a complete package. Many people enjoy sleeping on such a mattress as this gives them a good sleep on their self-made custom mattress.

They also have a beginner lesson videos on their website so you can know how to make your own mattress.

Popular Brands:Sleep essentials
Mattress Types:Hybrid, Memory Foam
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Top Praises:


Custom made mattress

Top quality foam

Top Complaints:

Few brands

Lesser variety

6. Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore is a leading mattress store. They have a lot of variety when it comes to mattresses. Their mattress in a box offer starts at $119 only which means you can have the mattress delivered to your house for that much money.

They have a good sales staff and a well-lit showroom. The sales team is very cooperative and always try their best to find a suitable mattress for your home. You can have a mattress delivered to your house in a box.

Once you have received the box and unsealed the packing, the mattress will slowly decompress and take its final shape.

Other than the conventional, spring and foam mattresses they also have a mattress which has powered bases. All these mattresses have reasonable pricing.

Popular Brands:Ashley Sleep , Royal, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Inner Spring, Hybrid
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Top Praises:

Top quality product

Large variety

Home delivery

Always in stock

Top Complaints:

Fewer finance options

7. VFM Sleep Center Roanoke

Open all week Sunday to Monday, the VFM sleep center Roanoke has one of the best varieties when it comes to mattresses. They have a vast range of prices and seem to have a mattress for people from all segments of society.

They are not a dedicated store for mattresses only but they do have a well-organized sales team for mattresses. The staff seems to know well about their mattresses and will help guide customers to what they want.

They have a standard return and exchange policy with regular/occasional sales and discounts. This means there is a good chance you can find yourself a mattress way below your budget.

They generally make deliveries within a couple of days and their delivery men are quite helpful in setting up the mattress in your house.

The above-mentioned qualities of this store get them a place in the best Mattress store list.

Popular Brands:Stearns and Foster,Sealy PosturePedic,Tempur-Pedic,Sierra Sleep, Pure Talalay Bliss
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Spring mattress, Hybrid, Latex
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Top Praises:

Discounts and sales

Cooperative delivery men

Excellent sales staff

Reasonable prices

Top Complaints:

Less variety

8. Grand Home Furnishings

The Grand Home Furnishing has two outlets in Roanoke. Both of these two outlets have an excellent level of service. Although they are also not a dedicated store for mattresses, they do have quite a lot of variety. They offer over 10 different types of mattress brands within a reasonable price range.

Their mattresses are comparable to mattresses at other stores. However, they only offer one type of mattress here. Despite this, they still make it to the top mattress stores list because of their highly cooperative sales staff, a broad range of pricing and numerous brands.

They provide timely delivery services and are almost never late. They also a standard exchange and return policy which is comparable with other top stores.

Popular Brands:Beautyrest, benchcraft, comfort revolution, Englander, HD Super Duty, Knickerbocker Bed Co, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-pedic
Mattress Types:Memory foam
Contact Brand
Top Praises:

Many Brands

Vast price range

Standard policies

Top Complaints:

Few mattress types

Occasional late deliveries

9. Big Lots

Big Lots is situated to the south of the airport in Roanoke. It is present just next to William Fleming High school. They are quite popular for their items of furniture and home decor but another place where they do quite well is in mattresses. They have a huge variety of mattresses at their store.

At Big Lots, they offer discounted rates and have awesome deals all year long. You can just enter in their store with your partner and check out a couple of mattresses for your house. Whether if it is for your own use or you have to give it as a gift as house warming present, you will always find yourself a good deal at big lots.

Another thing really amazing about big lots is that their sales staff is very polite and seem to know a lot about mattresses. If you tell them your requirements, they will look out their entire inventory for the right mattress for you.

Like other mattress stores, they also have a standard return and exchange policy. Also, they have a big sale coming up on a memorial day. They are open all week and deliver at your doorstep.

Popular Brands:Serta , Zeopedic
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Hybrid, Inner spring
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Top Praises:

Top quality products

Staff members are cooperative

Fast delivery

No sales pressure

Top Complaints:

Fewer options


This store is open all 7 days a week. They are a very big store with lots of products. They sell electronics, furniture and many other things along with mattresses. Although, they are not a dedicated store for mattresses they have a lot of mattress brands worth mentioning.

They are open 7 days a week so you can step in any time with your family and look for a comfortable mattress.

The things that have helped them to make it to the Best mattress store list are their financing schemes. You can buy a mattress with a small down payment and monthly payments afterward. This makes it very affordable for most people. Also, they are very transparent about hidden charges. They have an effective team for delivering mattresses.

Popular Brands:Wood Haven, Beauty Rest
Mattress Types:Inner Spring, Hybrid, Memory Foam
Contact Brand
Top Praises:

Top quality products

Staff members are cooperative

Fast delivery

No sales pressure

Top Complaints:

Fewer options