Top 10 Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA

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Best Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA Area

Top 10 Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA

There are thousands of residents living and working in Roanoke. They are an active bunch by day. By night, they need to get enough rest to fuel all of that activity.

If you live in the Roanoke area, you might struggle to achieve restful sleep. Your mattress might be the reason. If it is old or misshapen, you might become uncomfortable during the night. That can cause tossing and turning or other problems, such as back pain. You can avoid such problems by visiting one of the many great mattress stores in the Roanoke area and replacing your mattress with a newer, healthier model.

We have compiled a list of top mattress stores you can visit in Roanoke. Before we reveal it, here is why you need to test a mattress in person in a store prior to making a purchase.

Benefits of In-Store Mattress Testing

Shopping for a mattress online might seem more convenient than shopping for one in person locally. To a degree, it is. You do not even have to leave your home to buy a mattress. That’s true. But ensuring you buy the right mattress to suit your body is a lot more complicated. In fact, about 92 percent of all mattress shopping still takes place in brick-and-mortar stores. When you actually visit a mattress store, you can:

  • Physically rest on a mattress to test the feel.
  • Question staff about each mattress in the showroom, as needed.
  • Get an assessment from the sales staff to point you toward mattresses right for your sleep requirements.
  • Learn how each mattress feature works in a practical way, rather than as a fact on a screen.
  • View the materials contained inside each mattress.
  • Enjoy the general experience of a day out shopping.

Of course, visiting a local mattress store is also half the mattress purchasing battle. You also need to know what questions to ask and how to test each mattress properly.

How do you test a mattress in a showroom?

Prior to putting your hard-earned money down to purchase a mattress, you need to know it is the right one. Here’s how to tell:

  • Learn about each mattress type, such as latex, innerspring, hybrid and memory foam. That will help you decide which one you like best.
  • Take a 30-minute sleep test on any mattress you think you really want to buy to gauge its actual comfort level.
  • Determine which firmness level feels best to you.
  • Make sure the mattress features, such as coolness and spinal alignment capabilities, suit your body type and needs.

Questions to Ask Salespeople

When you are done carefully researching a mattress on your own, get input from experienced salespeople. Ask them questions like:

  1. 1. Are mattress segments or layer data available to view?
  2. 2. Are exact mattress certifications available?
  3. 3. Are there hidden fees, such as for exchanges, restocking or returns?
  4. 4. How much does delivery, setup and removal of your old mattress cost?
  5. 5. When is delivery typically performed?
  6. 6. Is expedited delivery available and is there a fee for it?
  7. 7. Are coupons available?
  8. 8. Does the store have a price match policy?

If the sales staff can answer all of those questions easily, you are dealing with experienced salespeople who can truly help you. You must also be aware of common practices in mattress stores. For example, two to three day delivery is common from most mattress retailers. Removal of old bedding is also often included in the delivery fee. Additionally, most mattress retailers offer some sort of warranty and in-home sleep trial policies. Although, some last up to a year and others may be significantly shorter.

If your chosen retailer does not have those standard practices in place, be careful when making your purchase.

How to find a good mattress store?

Local stores combined with online sales make up today’s mattress industry. Many of the best brick-and-mortar stores also have online presences. You should also make sure the mattress store you choose has:

  • A range of values and mattress types.
  • Staff that knows their industry.
  • In-store mattress testing.
  • Business terms you can understand.
  • Easy delivery service.
  • Easy customer service, in general.
  • Frequent offers and discounts.

When you visit a store with all of those features, you give yourself a leg up during your mattress hunt.

An overview of Mattress Stores in Roanoke, VA

1.Mattress Firm

Aerial View of Mattress Firm store

1. Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm is a country-wide mattress store chain. It offers many mattress options. They range from standard affordable mattresses to luxury models, which also have reasonable prices for their features.

When you shop at Mattress Firm, you can often take advantage of the frequent discounts and sales offered by the store. That is why the Roanoke Mattress Firm is a great location for budget mattress shopping.

Mattress Firm offers a 120-day low price guarantee. It pays you the difference if you find the model cheaper anywhere else within that period. Mattress Firm also gives you an extra 10 percent. Also, for a restocking fee, you can exchange any mattress you purchase once, as long as it is within four months of your purchase.

Popular Brands:Tulo, Serta, 12 Park, Sealy
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Hybrid, Innerspring
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Top Praises:

Customer service is responsive.

Offers excellent deals.

Sells multiple mattress types.

Several price points for any budget.

Top Complaints:

Refunds sometimes take time.

A few late deliveries have been reported.

Returns require restocking fees.

2. Mattress Warehouse of Roanoke

Mattress Warehouse is similar to Mattress Firm in terms of reputation. It too offers standard and luxury mattresses at competitive rates. Like Mattress Firm, it also stocks a large amount of different types of mattresses.

According to customers, Mattress Warehouse has the best mattress prices in Roanoke. Its staff is also quite helpful without annoying you while you shop. Customers also rave about the range of standard brands on display in the Mattress Warehouse showroom.

Mattress Warehouse offers delivery within a few days of your purchase. However, customers do note that, if you do need to return a mattress, you will be required to pay a 20 percent fee for restocking.

Popular Brands:Aireloom, Cheswick Manor, Kingsdown, Royal, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Innerspring, Hybrid
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Top Praises:

Large mattress selection.

Staff is professional and helpful.

Provides excellent frequent discounts.

Offers some of the best mattress prices in Roanoke.

Top Complaints:

Late deliveries sometimes occur.

Restocking fee required when making returns.

3. American Freight Furniture and Mattress

Located on Electric Road not far from Tanglewood Mall, American Freight Furniture and Mattress has a convenient location. When you visit it, you can often find discounts and deals on their large variety of mattresses.

The store is open all week, including on Sundays. Its staff knows exactly how to find the bed you need.

At American Freight Furniture and Mattress, you can take advantage of a generous exchange and return policy. However, unlike certain other stores on this list, price matching is not available. Yet, installment plans are if you have trouble affording the mattress you want. For as little as $50 down you can walk out of the store as a new mattress owner.

Popular Brands:Royal Ultra, NordicRest, Dream Sleep, Carlton Place, Lagoon Mist
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Innerspring and Hybrid
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Top Praises:

Financing is available.

Offers and discounts are commonly offered.

Sales staff is always capable and helpful.

Top Complaints:

Late delivery occurs on rare occasions.

Brand selection is limited compared to some other stores.

4. Mattress Outlet

There are two Roanoke Mattress Outlet locations. Both offer a fair mattress assortment, though not as diverse as the selection at some other stores.

One of the benefits of shopping at Mattress Outlet is the low prices. For example, king-sized mattresses are available for as little as $1,000. If you have limited funds available, that makes it an ideal shopping location.

Another reason to shop at Mattress Outlet is if you are in a hurry for a new mattress. That is because they can deliver your mattress the same day you purchase it. Although, there is a fast delivery fee. However, the downside is you can only make purchases when the store is open, which is solely on weekends.

Popular Brands:Meraluna, Azure Hybrid
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Hybrid, Latex
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Top Praises:

Delivery is affordable.

Offers a pressure-free sales environment.

Pricing is reasonable.

Offers quality products.

Top Complaints:

Sometimes short staffed.

5. Sleep Essentials

Sleep Essentials produces custom mattresses found nowhere else. Therefore, if you are looking for a special bed design, it is an excellent source.

When you visit the Sleep Essentials in Roanoke, you can view the many mattress layer types on display. Then you must select the materials you want your mattress to contain. After that, your mattress is constructed according to your specifications.

Sleep Essentials provides free mattress deliveries. They also provide you with a 10-year mattress warranty. However, not liking your mattress is not an accepted excuse to return or exchange it.

Popular Brands:Sleep Essentials
Mattress Types:Latex foam
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Top Praises:

Creates custom mattresses.

Utilizes natural latex foam.

Top Complaints:

Does not offer a return, refund or exchange policy.

6. Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore is a well known department store chain. As such, It offers a selection of mattresses, as well as other household goods. Mattresses start at $119 and include the Ashley Sleep brand, as well as other big names in mattresses.

The Ashley HomeStore showroom is welcoming and well-lit so you can easily investigate each of the products offered. You can also avail yourself of the knowledge offered by the staff, if you need advice.

Ashley HomeStore offers foam mattresses, as well as spring mattresses. Adjustable bases are also available. The company provides free bed-in-a-box delivery and free returns or exchanges. However, you only have three days to initiate a return or exchange.

Popular Brands:Ashley Sleep , Royal, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid
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Top Praises:

High-quality products.

Wide variety of mattresses.

Free delivery service.

Offered mattresses are always in stock.

Top Complaints:

Not many financing options.

No return, refund or exchange policy beyond the first three days.

7. VFM Sleep Center Roanoke

The VFM Sleep Center Roanoke offers one of the largest mattress selections in the city. It is also open seven days per week for easy shopping. With the large assortment comes a large range of prices, so you are sure to find some mattresses you can afford when on a budget. At the same time, if you are looking for luxury mattresses you can find them there.

VFM is a furniture store, so you can also find other household goods there. Whether shopping for a mattress or other furnishings, the sales staff is always available to assist you. You may also find some discounts and sales. After making a purchase, you can utilize the standard exchange and return policy, if necessary.

Popular Brands:Stearns and Foster,Sealy PosturePedic,Tempur-Pedic,Sierra Sleep, Pure Talalay Bliss
Mattress Types:Memory Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid, Latex
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Top Praises:

Excellent delivery staff.

Great sales staff.

Competitive pricing.

Top Complaints:

Sometimes short staffed.

8. Grand Home Furnishings

There are two Grand Home Furnishing outlet locations in Roanoke. They each have reputations for providing fantastic customer service. They are also popular due to the wide variety of mattresses they showcase. There are more than 10 brands represented at competitive prices.

The one limiting factor of shopping at Grand Home Furnishings is the outlets only stock memory foam mattresses. However, the amazing range of brands, staff support and pricing make either outlet a great stop, as long as memory foam mattresses interest you.

Grand Home Furnishings also has standard exchange and return policy and timely delivery scheduling like many other Roanoke mattress stores.

Popular Brands:Beautyrest, benchcraft, comfort revolution, Englander, HD Super Duty, Knickerbocker Bed Co, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-pedic
Mattress Types:Memory foam
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Top Praises:

Many brands for sale.

Wide range of prices provided.

Provides standard delivery and exchange policies.

Top Complaints:

Not enough mattress types provided.

Delivery service is sometimes slow

9. Big Lots

Big Lots is located near Roanoke airport. It offers a range of home products and furniture. Mattresses are included, but limited mattress options are available.

The advantage of shopping for a mattress at Big Lots is the ability to take advantage of year-round discounts and low prices when you are on a budget.

The Big Lots staff can help you choose a mattress when you shop there. The store is open seven days per week and offers home delivery. However, there is a $150 delivery charge.

Popular Brands:Serta , Zeopedic, Sealy, Cool Sense
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Hybrid, Innerspring
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Top Praises:

Excellent product quality.

Helpful staff.

Quick delivery.

Low-pressure mattress shopping experience.

Top Complaints:

Few mattress options provided.


Aaron’s is a major department store in Roanoke. It offers all sorts of products from furniture to electronics. There is also a mattress section you can browse at any time, since the store is open all week.

Aaron’s is famous in the Roanoke area for its excellent financing options. Thanks to those financing options, you can purchase any mattress you like with a low down payment. Then you can pay it off in small monthly amounts over time.

At Aaron’s, you can count on quick delivery and no hidden fees. However, there is no return or refund policy, so do not make a hasty purchase.

Popular Brands:Wood Haven, Beauty Rest
Mattress Types:Innerspring, Hybrid, Memory Foam
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Top Praises:

Provides affordable financing.

Staff is helpful and professional.

Offers quick delivery.

Low-pressure mattress shopping environment.

Top Complaints:

Small brand selection.

No refunds provided.

It may seem like shopping for a mattress is easy, but there are a lot of factors that go into the process. By using the list above to decide where to shop, you can make the process considerably easier on yourself.