Best Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

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Best Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

Hampton is a popular Virginia city boasting a population of approximately 150,000. Its residents work hard and play harder. They often spend their weekends outdoors playing sports or enjoying attractions like local parks.

In fact, Hampton is the home city of an astonishing number of former nationally-recognized football and baseball players, as well as other sports players. With all of those outdoorsy residents and sports players, it is easy to see why getting a good night’s sleep is so important to most residents.

The energy of the people of Hampton is attributed to diet and environment by experts, but sleep is also a major factor. That means, if you are a Hampton resident, you need a reliable mattress. It has to provide you with the comfort needed to sleep through the night and awake feeling well-rested.

Hampton mattress shoppers have a lot of options. There are several stores specializing in mattress sales in the area. You do not have to travel far to find the mattress you need.

What makes a mattress store best?

There are a lot of considerations when shopping at a local mattress store. It is important to find a store near your home, of course. You also have to make sure that store has the selection you want and offers the purchase offers you desire.

Another thing you need to pay attention to when you shop locally for a mattress is how the sales staff makes you feel. Ideally, they should be inviting and helpful. They should not try to sell you products you do not want or corner you into making a quick decision.

The best mattress store offers all of the bells and whistles you could want during the purchasing experience. If you need financing, it is available. If you are looking for coupons or discounts, you will find them there. Brand variety is also vital, since you do not want your mattress options to be too limited.

Another often overlooked sign of an excellent mattress store is an equally excellent delivery process. Delivery should not take more than a few days. It needs to be a quick, easy process.

Now that you understand some of the top aspects of a brick-and-mortar mattress store, here are our top 10 picks for the best Hampton, VA mattress stores.

Top 10 Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

Store NameLocationBBB RatingSatisfaction
(Excellent, Good, Bad)
Mattress Firm Hampton920 W Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA, 23666
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Express Furniture & Mattress Outlet2720 W Mercury Blvd, Hampton, VA 23666A+Excellent
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The Original Mattress Factory2015 Von Schilling Dr.
Hampton, VA 23666
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Roberts Furniture & Mattress3012 West Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666
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Good Wood Furniture & Mattress2326B West Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666
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Conn’s HomePlus1082 W Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, VA 23666
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Glenn Furniture Company LLC1803 Kecoughtan Road
Hampton, VA 23661
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Aaron’s2712 W MERCURY BLVD
HAMPTON, VA, 23666
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Pier 11045 West Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666-3308
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At Home1072 W Mercury Blvd Hampton VA 23666CFair
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An Overview of Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

1. Mattress Firm Hampton

Aerial view of the storefront of  Mattress Firm store

Mattress Firm is easily one of the top Hampton mattress stores. It is a chain store with several locations throughout Virginia. Some cities even have more than one Mattress Firm location.

The Mattress Firm sales staff is extremely professional. They strive to satisfy every need and can easily help you select a mattress that can help you get the best rest.

There are many mattresses to choose from at Mattress Firm. No matter which one you select, you receive 120 days to sleep test your mattress at home. You also receive a low price guarantee of the same length. During that period, you can receive the difference plus 10 percent, if you find a lower rate on the same mattress at a different store.

Mattress firm offers two to three-day delivery service. Often, deliveries are made in the same day as the purchase. Their mattresses are also available in a wide price range. Therefore, you are almost sure to find one that fits your financial needs, as well as your sleep needs.

Popular Brands:Bed Gear, Serta, Royal, Sealy
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Coil spring, Gel foam
Top Praises:

Good customer support.

Excellent deals.

Provides exchange and return policies.

Top Complaints:

Some refund delays.

Occasional late deliveries.

2. Express Furniture & Mattress Outlet

Express Furniture also tops the list of Hampton mattress stores. The store offers mattresses, as well as other furniture. Their mattresses are of the highest quality, and their customer service is also. The staff is always available to help you stay on budget while finding your ideal mattress.

Express Furniture offers many discounts, especially in the summer. There is also a standard return and exchange warranty you receive when you purchase a mattress. It is a great place to find a budget mattress that does not scrimp on the support. All of the mattresses are also well-displayed in their showroom for easy browsing.

Another reason to consider shopping at Express Furniture is their payment options. You can actually purchase your mattress without paying any money immediately. Instead, you can set up a monthly installment plan, if necessary. The plan lets you pay as little as one percent per month toward your purchase balance.

Popular Brands:Ashley Furniture, Signature Design by Ashley, Sierra Sleep
Mattress Types:Firm mattress, Pillow top, Hybrid, Gel, Spring
Top Praises:

Excellent variety of mattresses.

Fantastic financing options.

Fast delivery.

Wide range of prices.

Awesome deals.

Top Complaints:

Slow processing on rare occasions.

3. The Original Mattress Factory

The Original Mattress Factory (OMF) offers a huge variety of prices on its many mattresses. They are on display at its Von Schilling Drive location. Every mattress is also produced by OMF and designed to be a high-quality product.

There are four main mattress types available at OMF. The are called serenity, regency, classic and orthopedic mattress lines. Each offers different characteristics, but all are designed to improve sleep quality for customers.

The OMF staff is welcoming and ready to offer up their mattress knowledge for you. Once you choose a mattress, you can also take advantage of two or three day delivery service. Often, same day delivery is offered.

You can use the OMF website to learn more about their mattress making processes. There, they offer a video detailing those processes. Therefore, you can be secure in the knowledge that you know how your mattress was made.

Popular Brands:The original mattress factory
Mattress Types:Spring, Foam, Latex, Gel
Top Praises:

Top-quality mattresses.

Quick deliveries.

Top Complaints:

Only OMF mattresses available.

4. Roberts Furniture and Mattress

The West Mercury Boulevard Paramount Sleep Company is on out list mostly due to their amazing inventory. The company has over 50 types of mattresses available. They also offer trained sales associates who are always ready to assist you.

Paramount does not offer a 120-day low price guarantee. However, the company does provide a standard exchange and return agreement.

When you visit Paramount Sleep company, you will immediately feel welcome. The store is lit and organized. You can browse the selection of mattresses at your own pace or ask the expert sales staff to assist you. While making your selection, you will quickly notice a great selection of prices to suit any budget. You can also test any mattress you want.

Paramount Sleep Company has a streamlined delivery system for its mattresses and furniture. Delays typically only occur due to reasonable issues, such as inclement weather. Otherwise, you can expect to receive the products you purchase within three days.

Popular Brands:Serta, Sealy, Loft and Madison, Sierra
Mattress Types:Foam, Gel, Spring, Latex
Top Praises:

High-quality mattresses.

Helpful staff.

Home delivery provided.

Low-pressure shopping environment.

Top Complaints:

High delivery costs.

Occasionally short-staffed.

5. Good Wood Furniture & Mattress

Good Wood Furniture & Mattress is located on West Mercury Boulevard as well. Therefore, you can easily visit it and Paramount to increase the selection from which you can pick. Good Wood is known for furniture, but several mattresses are also available there.

Good Wood often offers discounts and sales on its already reasonably-priced mattresses and furniture. The store has mattress prices starting regularly at about $200. Its range of approximately 50 mattresses is sure to include some that interest you.

The sales staff at Good Wood is well versed in mattress and furniture features. They can use their knowledge to help you locate exactly the right mattress. However, there is no pressure to make a fast purchase at Good Wood. The staff wants you to be pleased with your purchase.

If you are already in the area, Good Wood is a good stop. The store has a decent selection and good customer service. However, some customers have mentioned delivery delays and lack of setup assistance.

Popular Brands:Serta, Sealy, Beauty Rest
Mattress Types:Hybrid, Gel, Inner spring, Memory foam
Top Praises:

Helpful, friendly staff.

Provides home delivery.

Good mattress selection.

Good quality mattresses.

Top Complaints:

Poor website.

Customers report some late deliveries.

6. Conn’s Home Plus

A third store located conveniently on West Mercury Boulevard is Conn’s home plus. An even more convenient thing about this popular store is it is open seven days per week. The store has a wide range of mattresses on display, so it should come as no surprise that its mattress prices also range widely. The lowest is around $300, while the highest tops out at $10,000. That means you can potentially find a mattress there, no matter what your budget is.

Conn’s sales assistants know their trade. They can use information about your sleep preferences and budget to quickly point you at mattresses you may like. They can also assist you with getting on a monthly financing plan, if necessary. On that plan, you may pay as little as $24 per month for a mattress that can provide you with your ideal sleep experience.

The brands on display at Conn’s are largely nationwide household names. Among them are Simmons and Beautyrest. Deals are often used to sweeten the pot and encourage customers to purchase those products. Those deals often involve receiving complimentary products, such as televisions, with certain purchases.

Popular Brands:Serta, Beautyrest, Simmons
Mattress Types:Gel, Foam, Inner spring
Top Praises:

Free Delivery provided.

Promotional deals like free TVs with certain purchases frequently provided.

Monthly financing option available.

Fair mattress variety provided.

Top Complaints:

Complaints regarding the free TV with purchase deal, including the need to choose between the promotion and free delivery.

Slow customer service frequently reported.

7. Glenn Furniture Company LLC

Situated on Kecoughtan Road in Hampton, the Glenn Furniture Company opened in 1957. In that time, the staff has learned how to build relationships with local shoppers. They treat every customer with care to encourage repeat business.

Glenn Furniture Company is unique in Hampton because it offers reversible mattresses. It also stocks mattresses you can fold. Folding a mattress allows you to store it in a small area, making it perfect for bringing out when you have guests come to stay. Other top mattress types and brands are also on display at Glenn Furnishing Company. The company is, in fact, best known for its mattresses. Though other accessories and products are also on display.

The Glenn Furniture Company delivery staff is as efficient as its sales staff. They deliver efficiently and cleanly. Delivery charges are low.

Popular Brands:Serta, Beauty Rest, Simmons
Mattress Types:Foam, Inner Spring, Memory Foam, Hybrid
Top Praises:

Awesome delivery staff.

Financing option provided.

Excellent-quality mattresses.

Top Complaints:

Not much mattress type variety.

Few mattress brands sold.

8. Aaron’s

Yet another Mercury Boulevard mattress store is Aaron’s. The store is one of the best places to purchase a mattress in Hampton for many reasons.

Simple financing plans are provided, when needed. The entire purchase process is also easy. Additionally, you have lots of mattress brands to choose from at Aaron’s. In fact most brands you’ll find in other local mattress stores are found there, making it a great one-stop shopping destination.

The Aaron’s sales staff is not intrusive. However, they are enthusiastic and willing to help you if you ask. They want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience. In fact, the staff at Arron’s is so anxious to help you that its financing plan can be suspended and picked up again at a later date, if you become unable to make payments for any length of time.

Delivery is completely free when you purchase a mattress at Aaron’s. The Aaron’s delivery staff will show up at your door within days of purchase. They can also set the mattress up for you.

Popular Brands:Wood Haven, Beauty Rest
Mattress Types:Inner spring, Hybrid, Memory foam
Top Praises:

Free delivery and setup services provided.

Discounts and sales offered regularly.

Large variety of mattresses available.

Top Complaints:

Delivery is sometimes delayed.

Store is occasionally crowded.

9. Pier 1 Imports

Cars parked at the storefront of Pier 1 store

It may come as no surprise that Pier 1 Imports is located on what might be more aptly called “Mattress Row,” otherwise known as West Mercury Boulevard. It is a relatively small store offering many types of furnishings. However, one of the things that makes it a top Hampton mattress shopping destination is the sheer variety of mattresses it has for sale. Most of the most desired types and brands can be found there.

The wide variety of mattresses at Pier 1 also offers a side benefit. That is an equally wide range of prices. That is why it is an excellent place to mattress shop, regardless of how much you plan to spend. Discounts and sales are even offered sometimes.

Popular Brands:Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest
Mattress Types:Memory,Innerspring, Latex, Gel
Top Praises:

Good mattress variety.

Affordable pricing.

Discounts and sales sometimes available.

Delivery provided.

Top Complaints:

Slow purchase and delivery process.

10. At Home

At Home is also among the many mattress shopping locations along West Mercury Boulevard in Hampton. It is not strictly a mattress store. Many home furnishings are sold there. However, it is worth a visit because it offers so many different mattress brands and types for sale.

The Mattresses on display in the At Home store are also reasonably priced. In fact, the lowest price is only $149. Sales often occur, so you may also save as much as 50 percent on many products when you shop there.

At Home does provide delivery service. It is advertised as taking two or three days, but customers report same day delivery can sometimes occur. The delivery staff and the sales staff are all quite helpful. They can guide you through your purchase from start to finish.

Popular Brands:Sleep shop, Beautyrest, Serta
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Gel, Hybrid, Innerspring
Top Praises:

Decent mattress variety provided.

Offers affordable prices.

Sales staff is experienced and helpful.

Shipping is available.

Top Complaints:

Several popular brands unavailable.

Small price range.

The list above can help you figure out which stores offer the benefits you want. However, many of them are conveniently located in such a way that it may benefit you to visit more than one. Either way, you can make a more informed mattress shopping decision using the information provided.