Best Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

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Best Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

The city Hampton is an integral part of the state Virginia and home to more than 150,000 people. These people are hard working and contribute to the economy at many levels. At the end of the week, these people head to parks and play sports.

You would be amazed at the number of sportsmen this city has produced. These involve baseball and football players. All these young and the young at heart enjoy playing sports to keep themselves entertained and healthy.

A lot of experts relate this to the demographics of the city. This includes the climate, diet and a sturdy will to thrive. Also, the city is surrounded by the sea which means seafood is a part of the regular diet; providing them with healthy protein.

The people of Hampton are just full of life and they love to smile. As much as they love to work and play sports they are also fond of napping. These people deserve a good night’s rest and for that, they need a comfortable bed. A smooth soft mattress tremendously helps in making a good bed.

The people of Hampton can enjoy a great variety of mattresses to take a short nap or sleep at night. They have almost as many good stores as other cities in the state. So if you are a resident of Hampton then there is no need to worry about finding a good mattress. You are only stepping away from a good mattress store.

What makes a mattress store best?

When it comes to shopping at a mattress store there are many things which one should keep in mind. The ease of access to the store to the ease of purchase, every tiny bit of detail counts.

You should look at how the sales staff behaves with you and how much information they have on their mattresses. A well-trained staff will always try to find you the most suitable mattress for you. They won’t try to sell you something that doesn’t suit your needs.

A store that claims to be the best will have many attractive discounts and offers which are beneficial to the customers. They will also have good financial plans for those customers who are a bit tight on their budget and cannot afford to pay at once.

The mattress store should also have an adequate variety or at least the brands that are popular amongst the people of that city.

Also, a good mattress store should have a quick delivery system. They should be able to deliver your mattress within 2 or fewer days although same-day delivery would be ideal. Another thing a top quality store should have is a flexible price range. They should have enough mattress brands to cover the affordability of people from all segments of society. Here is a list of top 10 mattress stores in Hampton Virginia.

Top 10 Mattress Stores in Hampton, VA

Store NameLocationBBB RatingSatisfaction
(Excellent, Good, Bad)
Mattress Firm Hampton920 W Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA, 23666
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Express Furniture & Mattress Outlet2720 W Mercury Blvd, Hampton, VA 23666A+Excellent
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The Original Mattress Factory2015 Von Schilling Dr.
Hampton, VA 23666
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Roberts Furniture & Mattress3012 West Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666
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Good Wood Furniture & Mattress2326B West Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666
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Conn’s HomePlus1082 W Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, VA 23666
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Glenn Furniture Company LLC1803 Kecoughtan Road
Hampton, VA 23661
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Aaron’s2712 W MERCURY BLVD
HAMPTON, VA, 23666
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Pier 11045 West Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666-3308
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At Home1072 W Mercury Blvd Hampton VA 23666CFair
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An overview of mattress stores in Hampton, VA

1. Mattress Firm Hampton

Aerial view of the storefront of  Mattress Firm store

Undoubtedly, the Mattress Firm store is one of the best in Hampton. They have outlets all over Virginia and often more than one in a city. They have a large variety of mattresses at their store and offer incredible sales and discounts to their customers.

Their staff is well trained and they will try their best to find you the most suitable mattress. Their priority is customer satisfaction.

Like the mattress store in Roanoke, they also offer a 120-day sleep trial and 120-day low price guarantee which means you can replace your mattress within 120 days and if you find the same mattress at another store for less price they will return the difference with an extra 10%.

Also, they have an incredible delivery system and deliver within 2-3 days of the purchase. Most of the time they make the delivery the very same day.

They also have a huge range of pricing for their mattresses. From $100 to $8000 they have it all. Their motive is to provide good mattresses for people of all segments of society and they make it possible by having a big variety of brands and products.

Popular Brands:Bed Gear, Serta, Royal, Sealy
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Coil spring, Gel foam
Top Praises:

Active Customer support

Awesome deals

Return/exchange policies

Top Complaints:

Occasional delayed refund

Few late deliveries

2. Express Furniture & Mattress Outlet

Express furniture also comes to the list with a top score. They have furniture, mattresses and a few other products at their store. They make it to the top list because of their customer care and top quality mattresses. They have decent staff which is very cooperative and always try their best to find the right mattress within the customer’s budget.

They have summer sales and discounts these days and offer a standard exchange and return warranty. You come up to their store with your family and get the best mattress within your budget. Their staff will help you find the best deal for you.

The one thing that makes them great is the payment options that they have for their customers. You can take the mattress home without a down payment. They offer monthly installments to as low as 1% of the total price of the deal.

Their store is spacious and has proper lighting. This helps the customers better judge the mattress texture and size.

Popular Brands:Ashley Furniture, Signature Design by Ashley, Sierra Sleep
Mattress Types:Firm mattress, Pillow top, Hybrid, Gel, Spring
Top Praises:

Large variety

Awesome financing options

Quick delivery

Large price range

Awesome deals

Top Complaints:

Infrequent slow processing

3. The Original Mattress Factory

They are located on Von Schilling Dr Road in Hampton. This store does not come to the list because of its variety of options or its vast pricings. This store creates its own mattresses. They have a decent variety. Their quality of products is exceptional which brings them to the top 10 mattress list.

This store has four different types of mattresses as their main product. They have categorized them as classic, orthopedic, regency, and serenity. These mattresses are of an incredible quality which provides the needed comfort to sleep well.

They have an amiable staff who genuinely help you buy the right mattress for you. Also, their delivery service is good which means you will get your mattress within two or three days. On most occasions, you receive the mattress the same day.

On their website, they have shared a complete video on how they make their mattresses. This satisfies us with the quality of their finished product and establishes trust between customers and store.

Popular Brands:The original mattress factory
Mattress Types:Spring, Foam, Latex, Gel
Top Praises:

Quality products

Timely deliveries

Fewer options

Top Complaints:

Only one brand

4. Roberts Furniture and Mattress

Located on the West Mercury Boulevard, this store makes it to the top 10 mattress store list with a bang. They have excellent customer support and their sales staff is highly informed about their mattresses.

Also, they have 50+ different types of mattresses in their inventory. They have a standard return and exchange policy and offer many sales and attractive discounts. They do not have a 120-day low price guarantee like the Mattress Firm store but they do take returns according to the factory policy of the product.

Their friendly staff are always on their toes to help their customers find the best-suited mattress. So you can come to this store with your family and enjoy a great range of pricing that they offer. You will find that they have adequate lightings and space at the store for a complete evaluation of the product. You can lie on the mattress, test it and choose as you like.

It is a furniture and a mattress store so naturally, they have an effective delivery system. You can expect the delivery in two to three working days. Many customers actually get their mattress the same day but delays can occur due to rain etc.

Popular Brands:Serta, Sealy, Loft and Madison, Sierra
Mattress Types:Foam, Gel, Spring, Latex
Top Praises:

Excellent quality

Cooperative staff

Home delivery

No sales pressure

Top Complaints:

Expensive delivery

Fewer staff members

5. Good Wood Furniture & Mattress

Like the store above, they are also located on the West Mercury Boulevard. So if you are on the road and looking for mattresses, it would be unfair if you didn’t pay them a visit. It is not a dedicated mattress store as the name implies, but they do have a decent variety for mattresses.

They have reasonable pricing and offer attractive sales and discounts to their customers. They have mattresses ranging from even as low as $200. About 50 different mattresses in their inventory, Good Wood Furniture & Mattress gives decent options to its customers.

Their sales staff is quite helpful in finding the right mattress for its customers. You can try out these mattresses at their store and see if any suits you. The sales staff does not push you into a deal. They are genuinely trained to help the customer find his right mattress.

Their delivery services are pretty acceptable too. Although a few customers have complained that they received their mattress late and the delivery guys did not help them set it up but this is acceptable on a few occasions.

If you have spare time to visit a mattress store, do come to their store as they might have what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Popular Brands:Serta, Sealy, Beauty Rest
Mattress Types:Hybrid, Gel, Inner spring, Memory foam
Top Praises:

Friendly and informative staff

Home delivery

Good variety

Good quality

Top Complaints:

Bad website

A few late deliveries

6. Conn’s Home Plus

This store is open 7 days a week for its valued customers. Surprisingly it is also located on the West Mercury Boulevard like the 2 stores mentioned above. They have a large variety of options when it comes to mattresses. One thing great about this store is the price range that they offer to their customers. Ranging as low $300 to high as $10,000. They will have the right mattress for you.

The salesperson at the store knows about mattress qualities. You tell them your budget and they will find the best one that fits in that range. Unlike many other stores, this store has a monthly financing option too. This makes it the most attractive part of the store. If you are running on a tight budget, then you can buy a mattress on monthly installments to as low as $24.

They have a fair amount of brands at their store. Most of those brands are all top favorites of the country like Beautyrest, Simmons and more.

They offer attractive deals. Currently, they are giving away a 55” HD 4K TV on purchasing a mattress of more than $1999. These attractive deals set them apart from other mattress stores.

Popular Brands:Serta, Beautyrest, Simmons
Mattress Types:Gel, Foam, Inner spring
Top Praises:

Free delivery

Free TV

Awesome deals and discounts

Monthly financing option

Decent variety

Top Complaints:

Either it is free delivery or free TV

Slow process

7. Glenn Furniture Company LLC

The Glenn Furniture company is sited on the Kecoughtan Road in Hampton. The company has been family operated since 1957. They value their customers and know how to build long term relations with them. Once you visit their store, they will treat you well so that you come again.

The reason why this store makes it to the top 10 best mattress stores is that it has foldable and reversible mattresses. These mattresses can be folded and kept in a small place making it a perfect bed for house guests. Also, they have other top brand mattresses at their store which the other stores have.

They have a well-mannered delivery team which cleans as it goes. You don’t have to pick the broom after they go. They make timely deliveries and have nominal charges for it.

They also have furniture but they are best known for their mattresses. They offer top quality mattresses of various brands. Furthermore, they also sell mattress accessories.

Popular Brands:Serta, Beauty Rest, Simmons
Mattress Types:Foam, Inner Spring, Memory Foam, Hybrid
Top Praises:

Well trained delivery team

Financing options

Excellent quality

Top Complaints:

Small variety

Fewer brands

8. Aaron’s

This store is also located on the Mercury Boulevard like many other stores in the list. This store makes it to the top list because of its 4 main characteristics. They greatly improve the ease of purchase for a customer. Currently, they are offering a no credit needed payment option to its clients.

Furthermore, the store also offers easy financing plans and you could choose a plan which is easy for you. So the ease of payment is quite high with this store. Also, they offer a large variety of mattresses and have most of the popular brands present at other stores.

Their sales team loves to assist its customers to find the right mattress for themselves. They do not push you into a sale and make sure you get the right. Interestingly, if you are somehow unable to complete a financing plan you can continue it later on from where you left it once you are in a position to do so.

One of the things that customers love most about this store is that their delivery is absolutely free. Their delivery team will set up your mattress and get your mattress to your home in only a couple of days.

Also, if you are on a tight budget and cannot pay the full price at once, then you can choose a plan from their financing options. This gives the customers a great help and advantage in managing money.

Popular Brands:Wood Haven, Beauty Rest
Mattress Types:Inner spring, Hybrid, Memory foam
Top Praises:

Free delivery and set up

Sales and discounts

Many options and large variety

Top Complaints:

Slow delivery

Store is crowded sometimes

9. Pier 1

Cars parked at the storefront of Pier 1 store

This store is not one of the biggest stores in Hampton but it still qualifies for the best mattress store because of its variety. It is also located on the West Mercury Boulevard like many other stores in the neighborhood.

The store has most of the popular brands and types of mattresses. You can come to the store with your family and kids to find a suitable mattress. It is always better to try out a mattress before purchasing it.

One thing great about this store is that they offer decent variety and pricing for their mattresses, so it is likely that if you visit this store you will not return without a mattress. On occasions, you will also find sales and discounts on many of their products which include mattresses too.

They have a decent variety at their store which helps them make it to the best mattress store list.

Popular Brands:Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest
Mattress Types:Memory,Innerspring, Latex, Gel
Top Praises:

Decent variety

Reasonable pricing

Sales and discounts


Top Complaints:

Slow process

10. At Home

So this store is also located on the West Mercury Boulevard in Hampton. This store has a large variety when it comes to mattresses and accessories.

Despite the fact that it is not a dedicated store for mattresses only, it gives its customers a huge variety of options with a vast range of pricing starting as low as $149 for a mattress.

Currently, they are having a clearance sale with discounts as high as up to 50% on many of their products which include mattresses. If you are looking for a smart deal then heading towards this store could be a wise move.

They will provide you with delivery to your home within a couple of days and if you are lucky you could get it the same day.

The sales staff is very helpful when it comes to selecting the right mattress for your bed.

Popular Brands:Sleep shop, Beautyrest, Serta
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Gel, Hybrid, Innerspring
Top Praises:

Decent variety

Reasonable pricing

Helpful staff

Shipping option

Top Complaints:

Lacks popular brands

Little price range