Best-Rated Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

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Best-Rated Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

Recently, the University of Virginia StatChat web series reported that Charlottesville’s population has expanded by as much as 20 percent. Part of that increase is due to an influx of people seeking a cleaner, healthier city in which to live.

Where you live is only one thing that can influence your health. To stay healthy as a Charlottesville resident, you also have to examine other aspects of your lifestyle. Sleep is one aspect that needs a lot of attention. You need a proper mattress to ensure you get the amount of sleep you need and make sure that sleep is actually restful. When you test a mattress in person, it helps you make sure you are making the right purchase.

Benefits of In-store Mattress Testing

There are certainly some advantages of online mattress shopping, such as comparing statistics of many brands quickly. However, there is no substitute for in-person mattress testing. When you test a mattress in person you can:

  • See how each mattress makes your body feel.
  • Talk to knowledgeable sales staff to get educated opinions about various sleep surfaces.
  • Find all of the items necessary to meet your sleep requirements.
  • Test multiple beds to physically compare their attributes.
  • Investigate mattress cut segments to become informed about how they are constructed.
  • Enjoy a shopping experience with your loved ones.

How to test a mattress in a showroom?

Prior to purchasing a mattress, you need to make sure you have all of the information necessary to make your decision. That means trying several mattresses and examining them thoroughly. Steps to take include:

  • Testing multiple mattress types, such as memory foam and latex.
  • Resting for up to a 30-minute sleep trial on any mattress you are seriously considering purchasing.
  • Making sure each mattress meets your own personal comfort needs, rather than relying on statistics.
  • Assessing the extra features of each mattress, such as spinal alignment, air flow for cooling and ability to support certain body types.

Questions to Ask Salespeople

It is important to carefully research various types of mattresses online before attempting to purchase a new mattress. Once you are armed with the necessary knowledge, you can visit your local mattress showroom to try beds in person. When you do, be prepared to ask questions, such as:

  1. 1. What materials are used to make the mattresses and how are they designed?
  2. 2. Are the mattress certifications available to view?
  3. 3. Is there a charge for exchanging or returning a mattress?
  4. 4. What are the charges for removal of an old mattress, home delivery and setup?
  5. 5. On what days are deliveries performed?
  6. 6. Is there a quick delivery option and, if so, what is the charge for the faster service?
  7. 7. Are there coupons or savings options available?
  8. 8. Is there a lowest price guarantee?

If you are visiting a showroom staffed by experienced salespeople, they should easily be able to answer those questions and more. That is particularly true since there are some benefits almost universally offered by all mattress sellers, such as:

  • Two or three-day delivery, which is often free.
  • If there is a transportation charge, removal of the old mattress and setup of the new mattress are often part of it, but always ask.
  • There is usually an in-home trial period, but the length of it can vary greatly. The shortest trial is typically 30 days and the longest is usually one year.
  • Trade ins or returns often require you to pay a restocking fee.
  • Most mattresses come with a guarantee. The guarantee typically has a span ranging from 10-year to lifetime.

To avoid any problems with your purchase, inquire about all of the above. Make sure there are no hidden or surprise fees you have to pay after the fact.

How do I find a good mattress store?

Most mattress companies today provide a combination of online assistance and in-store shopping opportunities to best serve customers. Before visiting a mattress showroom, you need to know what makes it a good mattress showroom. Positive features to look for include:

Before you visit a sleeping pad store, check whether it offers:

  • Knowledgeable staff.
  • Available sleep trials in the store.
  • Clear terms of service.
  • Clear delivery policies.
  • Sales available.

In short, select a mattress store that maximizes the value you receive. Some such mattress stores in the Charlottesville area are outlined below.

Overview Of Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

1. Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom

Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is a Charlottesville, VA-based mattress manufacturer. In addition to offering excellent customer support, it is also known for manufacturing products made with excellent eco-friendly, natural materials.

Many mattresses you can find at Savvy Rest are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Toxin-free furniture and other bedding products are also on display.

Savvy Rest has GREENGUARD Gold certification. That certification is provided for producing products with low indoor chemical emissions.
According to recent Savvy Rest customers, the sales staff there is excellent. Each staff member knows the mattress industry. They can quickly help you identify the mattress features that are most important to you.

Popular Brands:Serenity, Unity Pillowtop, Tranquility, Pastoral, Serenity spring
Mattress Types:Memory foam, Hybrid
Top Praises:

Offers organic products.

Showroom is eco-friendly.

Mattresses are comfortable and durable.

Top Complaints:

Products are fairly expensive.

Some customer service issues have been reported.

2. Sleep Number

Storefront of Sleep Number store

The 2018 J.D. Powers Mattress Satisfaction Report rates Sleep Number at the top of the list. Among all Charlottesville mattress stores, Sleep Number is known for providing the best technology. One such type of technology is the smart air bed. It is adjustable to help you stay supported in whatever sleep position you prefer.

At the Sleep Number showroom, you can take advantage of Sleep IQⓇ technology. It provides video details about how each sleep surface adapts as you lay on it. Using that data, you can quickly narrow down your mattress choices.

In addition to Sleep IQⓇ technology, you can also speak to the sales staff. Staff members can answer questions for you and help streamline your mattress shopping process.

Popular Brands:Sleep Number
Mattress Types:Airbeds
Top Praises:

Offers smart airbed sleep tracking technology.

Provides separate firmness adjustment options for each side of bed.

Offers unique, detailed mattress testing.

Over 400 locations nationwide.

Top Complaints:

Only offers Sleep Number products.

Products often have technical difficulties requiring repair.

3. Schewel Furniture Company

In 1897, Schewel Furniture Company was founded. At that time, it specialized in the production of small pieces like chair bottoms and picture frames. The company has since expanded. It now offers a wide range of larger pieces as well, including dining tables, living room furniture and mattresses. Therefore, you can find not only a new mattress but many products you need fro your home when you shop at their Charlottesville store.

The Charlottesville store is well-staffed with experts who can help you find exactly what you want. You can also take advantage of year-round sales and low prices. Credit leasing is available as well, if you have difficulty purchasing a new mattress outright.

Popular Brands:Glideaway, Spring Air, Simmons
Mattress Types:Latex, memory foam
Top Praises:

Provides credit leasing.

Offers a low-price guarantee.

Provides affordable delivery service.

Offers a simple way to track orders.

Top Complaints:

Does not provide white-glove delivery service.

Offers only a small selection of brands.

4. Mattress Warehouse

Storefront of Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse started out as a single storage room. It has now grown into a nationally-recognized brand with approximately 250 store locations. The Charlottesville store contains an immaculate array of products. They are displayed in such a way that you can easily see and test several mattresses in one location.

Mattress Warehouse offers a system called BedMatch. It collects data from you, such as your primary sleeping position and body type. That information is used to determine your ideal mattress. The staff can also answer any other questions you have about the mattress selection process.

Mattress Warehouse is also well known for its charitable and community contributions. The company works closely with other companies to provide or contribute to positive community programs.

Popular Brands:Aireloom, Bedgear, Cheswick Manor, Comfort Essentials, Kingsdown, Mattress 2.0, Nectar, Royal, Sealy, Serta, Somosbeds, Stearns and Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Value Collection
Mattress Types:Memory foam, hybrid, innerspring
Top Praises:

Offers many mattresses from which to pick.

Provides free delivery.

Staff is friendly and helpful.

Offers the helpful BedMatch system.

Top Complaints:

Only offers white-glove service for some products.

Provides low-quality after-sale customer support.

5. PotteryBarn

Pottery Barn was founded in 1949. As the name suggests, it started out as a pottery company. However, it now specializes in producing all sorts of household products.

Pottery Barn products are known for being aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to the mattresses offered at its Charlottesville location, comfort is also a top priority. At Pottery Barn, you can also find all the bedding and accessories to create a cozy bedroom space.

Pottery Barn has several mattress experts on staff. The company also offers creative design team assistance to help you if you want to redecorate your entire bedroom or other parts of your home.

Popular Brands:Westin, Robin, Beautyrest, Leesa, Naturepedic
Mattress Types:Foam, Spring, Hybrid
Top Praises:

Excellent customer support team.

Provides discounts and financing options.

Top Complaints:

Delivery of international orders is often slow.

6. Grand Home Furnishings

Grand Home Furnishings was founded in 1931. Over the years, the company has continued to focus on providing excellent customer support and high-quality products. Its Charlottesville showroom has a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can even enjoy a complimentary Coca-cola while browsing.

Grand Home Furnishings offers a diagnostic system called ZEEZ. It is available in their showroom, as well as online. You can use guidance from in-house sales staff along with ZEEZ data to choose the mattress that is best for you.

Popular Brands:Beautyrest, benchcraft, Englander, HD super duty
Mattress Types:Memory foam
Top Praises:

High mattress quality.

Helpful, friendly sales staff.

Provides guided shopping experience.

Top Complaints:

Confusion regarding military discounts.

Complaints regarding long waits for delivery.

7. Mattress Firm Charlottesville

Aerial view of the storefront of  Mattress Firm store

Opened in 2016, the Mattress Firm Charlottesville location has already garnered a reputation for trustworthiness among local residents. It is also well known for its negotiable prices via its “mattress discounters.”

The Mattress Firm Charlottesville staff may ask you several questions about your sleeping experience to figure out which mattress is your ideal choice. For example, they may question you about aches, pains or snoring habits. You can also take advantage of the 120-night sleep trial provided by Mattress Firm to verify you made the right choice.

Mattress Firm offers a low price guarantee. It is also highly praised for the many delivery options it offers. In fact, you can request delivery to suit your busy schedule, thanks to the wide variety of provided delivery options.

Popular Brands:Simmons, BreamBed Lux, Eclipse, Hampton & Rhodes, Purple, Serta, Tulo, Sleepy’s, 5 Little Monkeys, 12 Park
Mattress Types:Futon, Innerspring, hybrid, memory foam
Top Praises:

Provides many payment and financing choices.

Provides white-glove delivery services.

Specifies a three-hour window for delivery to minimize inconvenience.

At-home mattress trial period of 120 days.

Offers low price guarantees and a 120-night sleep trial experience.

Top Complaints:

Sales staff is often described as over zealous.

Charges restocking fees for returns.

8. Philips Discount Furniture

The family-owned Philips Discount Furniture is a favorite mattress showroom for Charlottesville area residents. It is well known for the easy purchasing processes and affordable prices it offers.

Philips Discount Furniture mattresses are budget-friendly and quality pieces. The company offers low prices due to direct purchasing from factory sources.

The Philips Discount Furniture owners have reputations for being friendly and helpful. They answer all inquiries quickly and provide detailed responses, including size and pricing information.

Popular Brands:Ashley Furniture
Mattress Types:Memory foam
Top Praises:

Provides budget-friendly pricing.

Offers excellent delivery services.

Top Complaints:

Lacks a helpful website.

9. Monticello Mattress and More

Geoffrey G. Hoffman founded Monticello Mattress and More in Charlottesville in 2015. His goal is to provide Charlottesville area residents with products and services that are high-quality while remaining affordable.

At Monticello Mattress and More you can find mattresses, of course. The company also offers ranges of bed frames, pillows, sheets and other bedding accessories. You can even request a custom-made mattress of any desired size. The sales staff is happy to assist you with every step of your purchase.

Popular Brands: Winndom, Milly
Mattress Types:Memory Foam
Top Praises:

Provides delivery, mattress setup and old mattress removal.

Provides financing options.

Provides a 10-year mattress guarantee

Manufacturers custom-sized mattresses upon request.

Top Complaints:

Website provides limited information.

Provides only memory foam mattresses.

10. Havertys showroom

Havertys showroom offers a unique blend of vintage and modern products. You can choose from their many mattresses and other household décor when you visit. The organized, clean showroom makes testing the mattresses that interest you simple.

At Havertys, sales are available throughout the year. Utilizing one of those sale offers can help you get the mattress you need for an affordable cost. Design assistance is also available to help you redecorate your home, if needed.

Popular Brands:Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Beautyrest Black, Skye
Mattress Types:Spring, Foam hybrid, memory foam
Top Praises:

Multiple mattress categories available.

Provides interior design assistance.

Provides excellent financing options.

Top Complaints:

Products received are occasionally damaged.

The above list contains some of the best Charlottesville, VA mattress shopping destinations. Use it to find a top mattress to give you back your ability to sleep peacefully.