Shop, Play and Stay at Falls Church — the Smallest City of Fairfax County

America’s Healthiest Community

Falls Church is a picturesque urban village community in the suburbs of Washington DC. It’s the smallest city in this metropolitan area, with a population of around 14,000 only. Conveniently located near Washington DC and Virginia’s biggest shopping destination, Tysons Corner, it’s a quaint little city amid a sprawling metropolitan.

Fairfax County’s largest shopping mall, Tysons Corner Center, is only 15 minutes drive away. So, the residents of Falls Church get to enjoy a peaceful life, away from the traffic and pollution of big cities. Yet they have all the amenities — from basic utilities to luxury items — within a few miles reach.

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Education — Falls Church City’s Foundation

Locally known as “The Little City,” it has few of the best, nationally ranked schools with eight IB public division schools.

In fact, in 1948, the parents in this quaint little town ran a movement to obtain its independent status as a city so they could establish an unparalleled school system.

And, in 2019, the town received a perfect 100 score in the education category against 500 other communities.

Hence it’s a literate community with abundant environmental activism and community upheaval programs. The best county parks such as Round Tree Park have basketball courts, tennis courts, league fields, and natural hiking trails. On the other hand, picnic pavilion is an excellent spot for a family picnic in the outdoors.

Falls Church is one of the most well-developed areas in Northern Virginia. From parks to historical sites, museums, and cinemas — you will find everything in this town that keeps the locals and visitors entertained.
Low Poverty and High Health Standards

Low Poverty and High Health Standards

The poverty level at Falls Church is the lowest, and community activities are endless. It’s America’s healthiest community with a health score of 93 and a life expectancy of 81.8 years.

People of Falls Church lead a happy life without any cultural bias or racist ideology. According to the Mayor, David Tarter, “It’s a place that still has that feel, maybe from a bygone day, where people walk and they talk to each other”… … “they look out for each other.”

The entire community comes together to host wellness initiatives like the annual “Stress Less Week” and yearly “Women’s history walk.” The leadership is also playing its part in making the city more walkable and bike-friendly.

Falls Church Wellness Center is the city’s most reputed institute for physical and mental healthcare. Here you can receive alternative medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic consultation, functional medicine, and fitness training from trained professionals.

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Falls Church VA Directions to SleePare Tysons

  • Head northwest on W Broad Street for 1.2 miles.
  • Continue onto VA-7 W/Leesburg Pike for 3.3 miles
  • Turn right onto Westpark Dr. Capital Bike Share station will be on your right (0.2 miles)
  • Turn left onto Greensboro Dr. (0.3 miles)
  • Continue straight toward Spring Hill Rd, cross it over, and you’ll see Spring Hill Business Center in front of you
  • Turn right and then left along the Business Center Building.
  • Drive past the Dogtopia of Tysons Corner, and you’ll find SleePare on your left.

For public transit without tolls, take 28A from W Broad St near North Virginia Ave. You will reach Tysons Corner in about 18 minutes. Drop off at International Dr. bus stop near Fletcher St. From here, take bus 401 to Greensboro Dr. near Spring Hill Rd. in about 10 minutes only.

Walk northwest on Greensboro Dr. and cross Spring Hill Rd. Turn right and then immediately left around the Spring Hill Business Center building. Walk right past the Dogtopia of Tysons Corner, and you’ll find SleePare on your left.