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Find Your Favorite Winkbed Mattress @SleePare Miami

Winkbed is a luxury mattress brand known for its premium-quality, high-performance sleep products. Its mattresses boast unique and durable construction that can be best experienced in person. You can avail in-store mattress trials to test the desired Winkbed mattress feel and performance. 

Recently, Winkbed has partnered with SleePare to display its handmade collection of sleep essentials in our Miami Mattress showroom. You can book your 30-minutes sleep trial to learn more about your favorite Winkbed mattress. Our sleep experts can also guide you on other sleep products offered by the brand. 

The locals in Miami can now experience the assorted Winkbed mattress collections and compare it alongside other featured products. Our in-store trials ensure that the chosen mattress is perfect for your unique sleep needs. 

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Why Are In-Store Trials for Winkbed Mattresses Important?

Online stores offer you the convenience and comfort of shopping from home, you can’t interact with the product before buying. Therefore, brick-and-mortar sales make up 94% of the total retail business

Trying your favorite Winkbed Mattress in-store at SleePare, Miami allows you to experience the brand’s handmade luxury firsthand. You can compare it alongside other brands to see how they measure up. 

The growing online bedding industry has paved the way for competition but has increased the likelihood of purchasing defective items from companies with poor customer service. It’s hard to find trustworthy brands and products online. SleePare allows you to feel, view, and compare online products during our free in-store trials. We can guarantee you will find your new favorite sleep brand at SleePare.

Winkbed engineered premium hybrid and all-foam mattresses to offer comfy, restorative sleep all night long. You can experience the patented plush and resilient comfort of Winkbed mattresses before making the final purchase. Visit the SleePare’s new showroom in Miami to test the performance of your desired Winkbed mattress and ensure it’s the right choice for you. 

The Winkbed uses its specialty foam combined with sturdy dual innerspring units for exceptional pain relief and back support. Its unique construction and premium quality material ensure longevity and durability. Winkbed incorporates Triple Layer Heat Disperse technology for a cool and dry sleep.

Winkbed Mattress Store SleePare Miami 

Why is Winkbed Everyone’s Favorite Bed-in-a-Box Mattress?

Winkbed is world-leading made-to-order custom mattresses featuring excellent craftsmanship and premium luxury. Its zoned support system offers maximum contouring at all the right places for remarkable pain relief. 

Specialized in luxury mattresses, Winkbed is ideal for those suffering from backache and sciatica. With its universal comfort, the mattresses are a good match for everyone, including side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.  

Winkbed Mattress Clean

What To Expect at SleePare Miami Store?

Located in the heart of Miami, SleePare’s newest showroom offers a clean and relaxing environment for mattress shopping. Our store hosts an extensive collection of premium-quality mattresses and sleep products from leading brands like Winkbed and more.

Our sleep experts have years of experience in the mattress industry and are trained to help our customers find the perfect mattress. Our in-store trials and professional consultation ensure our customers will leave SleePare with many restful nights ahead. 

  • Talk To Experts:

Our team of skilled and professional sleep experts have years of experience in the industry and receives rigorous training in sleep and related products to guide customers throughout the shopping process. 

Being equipped with the right knowledge and skills, our team can match you with a mattress. Through dedicated services, quality products, and a professional approach, we gain customer loyalty.  

  • Appointment-based Visits:

You can visit SleePare stores anytime during business hours, but we prefer scheduled appointments for personalized shopping. Scheduling an appointment allows for our team to make sure we have the desired mattresses in-stock. An appointment also provides you with a dedicated in-store trial slot and consultation.

  • Free 30-Minute Nap Trial:

SleePare offers you a free 30-minute nap trial on any of our in-stock mattresses. The ‘try before you buy’ trial allows you to test the feel, comfort, support, and performance of the mattress before deciding.

  • Wide Range of Sleep Products: 

Each SleePare showroom showcases 30 different brands all under one roof. We equip each mattress on display at our showrooms with an informational brochure explaining each mattress’s specs and features. 

  • Regular Discounts:

Getting high-quality sleep products on a budget has never been more fun! Here at SleePare, you get to enjoy a variety of seasonal sales and discounted prices. From mattresses to beddings, you can get everything you need for a great night’s sleep without a too big of a dent in your wallet. 

We partner with leading mattress brands to offer exclusive rates to our customers. Enjoy anywhere from 10% to 50% off best-selling mattresses and other sleep products. 

  • Same-day delivery:

We offer our local Miami customers same-day delivery on Winkbed and other brands. For out-of-town customers and those who order products not in stock, we offer free same-day shipping.

Other Winkbed Products You Can Find at SleePare, Miami

Winkbed Mattress at SleePare Miami Florida


  • Adjust-a-Cube Pillow

Stay cool all night long with gel-infused memory foam cubes that make the Winkbed pillow. You can add or remove these gel cubes to adjust the comfort level for maximum comfort and neck support. Its ultra-breathable cool-knit cover promotes air circulation for a cool sleep area. 

Bed Frames

  • Adjustable Winkbed Base 2.0

The innovative, high-tech Winkbed Adjustable Base sets up your ideal position with a single push button. It also features weightless and zero-gravity support for maximum pain-relief and exceptional comfort. 

With its secure child lock settings, free fall design and quick lowering, it is one of the safest and stress-free adjustable bases. It comes with four preset positions to improve comfort and mitigate snoring. So, whether you’re lounging or sleeping, the Winkbed Adjustable bed frame is a perfect choice.  

  • Platform Foundation

Enhance your bedroom’s aesthetics with an exceptionally stylish and easy-to-assemble platform bed. The screw-in hardwood legs, blue upholstered fabric and pre-connected slats provide maximum functionality, aesthetics and durability. Its ultra-strong center beam offers optimal comfort and support without any box spring or foundation

  • Heavy-Duty Bed Frame

Winkbed HD bed frame is constructed with fiberglass-infused resins for maximum weight support. Easy to set up, it works well with boxspring and foundation for smooth contouring. Its simplistic design is easy to clean and attractive that compliments most room decors.


  • BreatheCool Mattress Protector

Winkbed mattress protector is made up of 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic materials to keep your bed clean and cool. Its FitSkirt sizing technology allows the protector to fit mattresses as thick as 18”. Moreover, its soft, breathable and scratchy fabric optimized comfort while enhancing cooling features. 

  • 100% Fine Combed Cotton Sheets Set

Winkbed staple cotton sheets are the prime example of comfort and luxury. Its sateen weave is incredibly soft and cool to touch, offering a naturally rejuvenated sleep. The patented DreamFlex corners provide secure fitting to prevent the sheet from slipping as you roll around in the bed. The set includes 1 large flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. 

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