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Find your perfect Purple mattress @SleePare Miami

The innovative mattress brand, Purple, is known for its high-quality products and superior performance. Purple’s unique construction and feel is best experienced in person. To fully experience the feel of a Purple mattress, we recommend trying it out in person before buying. 

Luckily, Purple has partnered with SleePare to showcase its product line to the customers in our Miami Mattress Store & Showroom. Now you can book your 30-minute nap trial and learn more about Purple and other sleep products from our in-house experts.

Customers in our Miami showroom can now try the extensive range of Purple mattresses and compare it with other brands. You can now experience the feel and performance of the Purple mattresses to make sure it is the right fit for you. 

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Why Are in-Store Trials for Purple Mattresses Important?

Online stores offer you the convenience and comfort of shopping from home, you can’t interact with the product before buying. Therefore, brick-and-mortar sales make up 94% of the total retail business

Trying your favorite Purple Mattress in-store at SleePare, Miami allows you to experience Purple’s technology firsthand. You can compare it alongside other brands to see how they measure up. 

The growing online bedding industry has paved the way for competition but has increased the likelihood of purchasing defective items from companies with poor customer service. It’s hard to find trustworthy brands and products online. SleePare allows you to feel, view, and compare online products during our free in-store trials. We can guarantee you will find your new favorite sleep brand at SleePare.

Purple reinvented comfort with its resilient Smart Grid technology, hyper-elastic polymer, and breathable stretch cover. You can experience these features before you decide on a Purple mattress. Try Purple mattress at SleePare store in Miami to experience each of these properties and ensure it meets your sleep requirements. 

The Purple uses innovative materials to create a unique experience that offers maximum pressure relief and spinal alignment. Its patented and advanced technology provides cushioned support. Purple mattresses use their proprietary Smart Grid technology to ensure a comfortable and cool sleep area. 

  Purple Mattress Store Miami SleePare 

Why is Purple Everyone’s Favorite Bed-in-a-Box Mattress?

Purple is the world’s leading science-based mattress brand offering innovative and high-performance sleep products. Their ultimate No-Pressure sleep surface provides remarkable contouring for back and side sleepers.

Purple mattresses are made with their own patented cushioning technologies. Along with mattresses, the brand has an extensive range of sleep essentials including cushions, pillows, and other bedding accessories.  

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What To Expect at SleePare Miami Store?

Located in the heart of Miami, SleePare’s newest showroom offers a clean and relaxing environment for mattress shopping. Our store hosts an extensive collection of premium-quality mattresses and sleep products from leading brands like Purple and more.

Our sleep experts have years of experience in the mattress industry and are trained to help our customers find the perfect mattress. Our in-store trials and professional consultation ensure our customers will leave SleePare with many restful nights ahead. 

Purple Mattress Test Miami

  • Talk To Experts

Our team of skilled and professional sleep experts have years of experience in the industry and receives rigorous training in sleep and related products to guide customers throughout the shopping process. 

Being equipped with the right knowledge and skills, our team can match you with a mattress. Through dedicated services, quality products and professional approach, we gain customer loyalty.  

  • Appointment-based Visits

You can visit SleePare stores anytime during business hours, but we prefer scheduled appointments for personalized shopping. Scheduling an appointment allows for our team to make sure we have the mattresses you are interested in trying in stock. An appointment also provides you with a dedicated in-store trial slot and consultation.

  • Free 30-Minute Nap Trial:

SleePare offers you a free 30-minute nap trial on any of our in-stock mattresses. The ‘try before you buy’ trial allows you to test the feel, comfort, support and performance of the mattress before deciding.

  • Wide Range of Sleep Products: 

Each SleePare showroom showcases 30 different brands all under one roof. We equip each mattress on display at our showrooms with an informational brochure explaining each mattress’s specs and features. 

  • Regular Discounts:

Getting high-quality sleep products on a budget has never been more fun! Here at SleePare, you get to enjoy a variety of seasonal sales and discounted prices. From mattresses to beddings, you can get everything you need for a great night’s sleep without a too big of a dent in your wallet. We partner with leading mattress brands to offer exclusive rates to our customers. Enjoy anywhere from 10% to 50% off best-selling mattresses and other sleep products. 

  • Same-day delivery:

We offer our local Miami customers same-day delivery on Purple and other brands. For out-of-town customers and those who order products not in stock, we offer free same-day shipping.

Other Purple Products You Can Find at SleePare, Miami

Purple Mattress Products SleePare Miami


  • Purple Grid and Talalay Latex 

Purple’s Grid Hex and Talalay Latex pillows provide a super-soft and comfortable support. Enjoy a cool and responsive surface that supports maximum neck alignment. Purple pillows are hypoallergenic and are recommended for those with allergies and sensitive skin. 

  • Purple Plush

Purple Plush is a soft pillow made with Purple’s own Smart Fluff polyfiber balls. This adjustable pillow allows you to choose if you want a softer or firmer surface. This one-of-a kind pillow has a moisture-wick cover and provides you with a cool and breathable sleep surface. 

  • Down Pillow/Purple Pillow

Made Purple Grid technology, this pillow provides ergonomic support to cradle your neck and head. You can even adjust the height to provide custom neck support, essential for comfortable sleep. Its viscoelastic texture and durable construction helps the pillow retain its shape night after night.  

  • Kids Purple Pillow

Purple’s pillows made just for kids features the soft and light Purple Grid in a size for smaller sleepers. Like the adult version, this pillow is durable and has a breathable and cool surface. 

  • Purple Pillow Booster

The Purple Pillow Booster adjusts the height of any pillow. Add the booster for even more contour and support. Its HD polyurethane foam enhances the firmness and prevents sinkage and sagging. Dirt from regular wear and tear is easily cleaned by hand washing and tumble drying on normal.

Seat Cushions

  • Ultimate Cushion

Designed for large chairs and heavyweight individuals, these cushions are long, thick and durable. Its contoured structure offers a cradling support to keep your spine aligned and helps maintain proper posture. Purple’s Ultimate Cushion is great for those who work sedentary jobs and sit for long periods of time. 

  • Double Cushion

Do you find your office chair uncomfortable? If so, try the two layer Purple Grid Double Seat Cushion for long-lasting comfort. Its cradled support and responsive structure makes it ideal for long stretches of sitting. This seat cushion is made with Purple’s signature grid technology for a breathable surface. The anti-slip design ensures the cushion will stay in place. 

  • Royal Cushion

For a cushion fit for a king, try Purple’s Royal Cushion. This plush and portable cushion is the thickest Purple cushion. The cloud-like surface of Purple’s Royal Cushion is best suited for hard seats and stools.  

  • Simply Cushion

Purple’s Simply Cushion is especially designed to enhance the comfort of your car.  These durable and luxuriously soft cushions let you and the passenger enjoy long drives in comfort and style. 

  • Portable Cushion

Never be without a comfy seat with Purple’s Portable Cushion. From uncomfortable   sports stands, your office chair, or a bus stop, this cushion is what you need to stay comfortable on the go! This cushion has handles on each side making it easy to take along with you during the day. 

  • Foldaway Cushion

Designed for the on-the-go, these cushions have a foldable design and easy-grab handles. You can stow it with you while on a plane or train for a comfortable ride. 

  • Back Cushion

Give your back a rest with these comfortable back cushions. The perfectly molded Purple Grid Back Cushion offers optimal lumbar support to keep your spine straight and promotes proper posture. 

  • Home Office Holiday Bundle

Stay comfortable while working at home with Purple’s Home Office Holiday Bundle. The Holiday Bundle comes with a double seat and back cushion to provide you maximum support while working long hours. 

Bed Frames

  • Adjustable Bed Frames/PowerBase

The Purple Adjustable and Adjustable Pro Bed Frames offer customers flexibility and value Purple’s Adjustable Beds and PowerBase are exclusively designed to work with a split king mattress. This frame is equipped with anti-snore features, a remote control, and a USB port to charge your devices. 

Purple’s ultra-modern adjustable mattress PowerBase provides customized elevation to help you find the perfect sleep position. Other cool features include frequency-resonant massage and zero gravity to relax your body and pressure points.

  • Foundation

Boost your room aesthetics with this highly durable and simplistic mattress foundation. Set up only takes minutes so you can start using your foundation in no time. The all-foam upholstered structure and reinforced joints support up to 2,000 pounds. 

  • Platform Bed

This simple, sturdy and storage-friendly platform bed is lightweight and requires minimal setup. The platform is reinforced for extra durability to hold the heaviest mattresses. Purple’s Platform Bed is tall enough to store boxes under for a clutter-free room. 


  • Sheets and Pillowcases

Purple sheets offer a soft and cooling surface for a comfortable night’s sleep. Purple’s SoftStretch Sheets are designed with extra softness and cooling comfort that enhance the features of the Purple mattress. SoftStretch Sheets optimize the support and comfort of your Purple mattress by fitting perfectly over your mattress to stay put and improve Purple’s cooling and support features. 

Pillowcases in the same material are also available. 

  • Duvets 

This down-alternative duvet is soft and cozy. Down-alternative keeps you warm all year without getting too hot. Also, this material is vegan and great for allergy sufferers. You can choose between the lightweight Purple Duvet or the All-Season Duvet to enjoy cuddly sleep all year long. 

  • Weighted Blanket 

Purple’s Weighted Blanket is the world’s first weighted blanket with dual-sided technology. Choose the warm side for cold nights cuddled up or the cool side to keep the heat off in the summer. The blanket’s DeepPressure Stimulation calms your nerves and increases the production of serotonin and melatonin to help you get to sleep faster. 

  • Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are not the most comfortable addition to your bed. Purple’s Anti-Slip Mattress Protector provides protection against water and spills while not compromising the comfort of your mattress. Made of anti-stain and machine-washable performance fabric, it offers five-sided dual protection. 

  • Sleepy Jones + Purple Pajamas

Purple has partnered with pajama and lounge wear company Sleepy Jones for an exclusive collection of pajamas. These pajamas are made of the same silky fabric of SoftStretch bed sheets to give a perfect balance of comfort and coziness. 

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