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The most popular Helix mattress store in Miami, SleePare, is a one-stop shop for all your sleep needs. Located near Wynwood, it showcases a wide variety of mattresses from brands typically found online only.

SleePare Helix Mattress  Store in Miami

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SleePare Showroom Helix

SleePare Mattress Store Miami
217 NW 36th St,
Miami, FL 33127
United States
(786) 860-1463
10:30 AM–6:30 PM
11 AM–6:30 PM
10:30 AM–6:30 PM
10:30 AM–6:30 PM
10:30 AM–6:30 PM
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SleePare's Helix Mattress Store in Miami

Our team of sleep experts is trained to help you guide throughout the mattress shopping process. With a wide variety, great discounts, and risk-free shopping policies, finding the right Helix mattress in Miami has never been this easy!

All of today’s online brands together under one roof


Convenient location in Manhattan Miami


Relaxing in-store mattress testing experience


Extended return policy


Best price guaranteed on top quality mattresses


White-glove delivery


Try before you buy with in-store sleep trial


Flexible exchanges


Access to real and unbiased customer reviews



What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeffrey Pober

SleePare was fantastic

Sleepare was fantastic. Pointed me to the right mattress and were really great in ensuring I got the mattress I ordered. Honestly shocked more of these don’t exist, I think its brilliant! If you want to try the best online brands, go here. In addition, they will beat the online prices. Great overall experience.

Beth Sammons

Great advice from the staff

I had an appointment here after buying an online mattress that I’m not loving yet. They have feet covers and towels to prevent the spread of COVID. I tried out nearly everything in the store and got great advice from the staff. I think this is a brilliant business model to try out online order mattresses. They do have better pricing than if you ordered directly online as well so it’s good to order from them even if you know what you want. I bought a mattress, pillow and mattress protector and spent hundreds less than my original online purchase.

Josh Gray

Very knowledegable and helpful

Mattress shopping is a daunting task, but coming to Sleepare made the process much less stressful. Dustin was very knowledgeable and helpful and didn’t mind answering all of our questions over the course of two visits. There were plenty of mattresses to try and the store was very clean and felt safe considering COVID. I would definitely recommend visiting!


Meet Our Friendly Miami Store Staff


Founder & CEO


Sleep Expert & Store Manager


Sleep Expert


Helix & More!

At our Helix bed showroom in Miami Store, you'll find multiple leading and new brands, including the ones found online only. Here you can try and buy brands like Casper, Leesa, Saatva, and many more!
Schedule your appointment now to let us know which Helix mattress you will want to try and buy at our showroom.

Helix Mattress  Store in Miami


At SleePare we ensure your safety

At SleePare NYC, we make every effort to help our customers safe by enhancing our cleaning procedures and added new protocols at every step to ensure our customers safety during their visit on our mattress store.

  • Appointment based shopping

    Appointment based shopping

  • HEPA airfilters

    HEPA airfilters

  • Enhanced cleaning

    Enhanced cleaning

  • Daily sanitation including UV sanitation of mattresses

    Daily sanitation including UV sanitation of mattresses

Helix Mattress  Store in Miami


Rest Up In Miami

Take mattress shopping to a whole new level with SleePare's consumer-friendly policies, innovative stores, trained staff, and comprehensive collection. You can try any of your favorite mattresses from brands unavailable anywhere else. If you are looking for a comfortable online-only mattress brand, try out a Helix mattress at our Miami showroom. Just a few minutes drive from Miami, SleePare is situated at the heart of the famous tourist spot of Wynwood.
Make an appointment now or visit us today to buy your favorite bed!

Helix @ sleepare

Time to Find The Perfect Helix Mattress in Your Favorite Store.


What You Need To Know About SleePare in Miami

SleePare FAQ

Do I need an appointment to test the mattresses?

While it’s best to make an appointment for a more personalized experience, you’re free to drop by the store at any time to test any of our mattresses

SleePare FAQ

Can I book an after-hours appointment at your Miami showroom?

If you cannot come in during regular business hours, please call our showroom at (786) 860-1463 to see if we can schedule an appointment during off hours.

SleePare FAQ

Where can I find a SleePare mattress store near me?

Our Miami showroom is located at 217 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127

SleePare FAQ

Can I test your mattresses in Miami for free?

Yes. SleePare does not charge to visit our showroom and test products. Our dedicated team works hard to help you find the best mattress. Once you finalize your selection, you can order online yourself, or with the assistance of our trained staff.

SleePare FAQ

Is the Miami showroom kid or pet friendly?

Yes. SleePare does not charge to visit our showroom and test products. Our dedicated team works hard to help you find the best mattress. Once you finalize your selection, you can order online yourself, or with the assistance of our trained staff.

SleePare FAQ

Is your showroom ADA compliant?

Yes. Our showroom is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

SleePare FAQ

How Can I Return My Helix Mattress ?

SeePare aims to ensure restful snooze and therefore offer the best match mattress for your sleep needs. Depending on the brand's policy, each of the beds is backed with a 100-night or more trial period to test out its feel and comfort. SleePare allows you to return or exchange the mattress once within the trial period. Talk to our customer representative to initiate the mattress return process, and we will send out the return form. Upon filling and submitting the form, we will proceed with the return order. However, make sure you place the return order and submit the form within the trial period.

SleePare FAQ

I've bought the wrong mattress. Can I exchange it?

SleePare lets you exchange your original purchase within any available mattress at SleePare stores during the trial period. You can check SleePare's return policy procedure to begin the exchange process. To proceed with the order, customers need to pay a $500 returnable fee. The payment will cover the cost difference between the original and the new purchase. Once the exchange is made, it will result in the final sale with the warranty intact.

SleePare FAQ

Do you offer Free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping nationwide.

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