Best-Rated Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

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Best-Rated Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

Located in the heart of West Virginia about a 100 miles away from the capital, Washington D.C, Charlottesville is an interesting mingle of both an urban city’s characteristics with the appearance of rural areas exquisite beauty.

While the magnificence of Blue Ridge Mountains embraces the city, the serene sense of Rivanna River flowing through the foothills is a sight to behold.

It lies in the very heart of Virginia. A city encapsulated by the wonders of nature. If you are planning for a move to the city, Charlottesville should be your ideal place.

According to the StatChat webseries by the University of Virginia, Charlottesville has seen a 10 to 20 % percent growth in its population. Ever since the recession hit, families have started moving to cities where the renting of homes is affordable rather than that of owning a house in the suburbs.

Hence if you are planning on moving to Charlottesville or are relocating within the city, you surely need to invest in a pleasant sleeping arrangement.

We often ask ourselves this question. What does a pleasant sleeping arrangement consist of?

There is a general agreement in the health industry that the essential feature is that of the right mattress.

A right mattress means a good night’s sleep, which further can have a lot of benefits.

Benefits of a Good Mattress

  • You will become more active
  • You will become more attentive
  • It will help you de-stress, and as a result, your body will release happy hormones
  • It will help maintain a healthy metabolism and keep your blood pressure in check
  • Your body will maintain a better posture

As the choice of your mattress could either make or break your bedtime sleep schedule. Therefore, we are here to help you find the 10 best mattress stores in your city!

The Top 10 Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

Store NameLocationBBB RatingSatisfaction
(Excellent, Good, Bad)
Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom4414 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USAA+Excellent
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Sleep Number1600 Rio Rd E Suite 1214, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USAA+Excellent
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Schewel Furniture company2030 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22906, USAA+Excellent
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Mattress Warehouse415 Merchant Walk Square #100, Charlottesville, VA 22902, USA

1500 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA

304 Connor Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22911, USA
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Pottery Barn2030 Bond St Suite 150, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USAA-Excellent
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Grand Home Furnishings1801 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USAAGood
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Mattress firm Charlottesville1650 Rio Rd E, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USAC+Good
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Philips Discount Furniture2112 Berkmar Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USAN/AFair
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Monticello Mattress and More1927 Commonwealth Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA

265 Turkeysag Trail #110, Palmyra, VA 22963, USA
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Havertys showroom140 Wegmans Way, Charlottesville, VA 22902, USAN/AFair
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Overview Of Mattress Stores in Charlottesville, VA

1. Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom

Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom had its humble beginning from Charlottesville, VA, where its products are still manufactured. Today it is proudly an employee-owned, B-Corp Company.

Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom swears by the Organic way of life. It is true that the transition to an organic form of consumption has swept the 21st century and indeed, for the better.

According to the website Statista, there were about 97 billion US dollars (1999-2017) worth of Organic food sales worldwide with the US alone amounting to 45.2 billion dollars(1999-2017).

These astounding numbers of stats reaffirm the notion that the Organic way of life is only just beginning.

Food is not the only industry revolutionized by this much better and healthier way of living. Along with the rise in organic farming, there has been a transition to organic crop production.

Some mattress producers are slowly shifting from their old manufacturing ways. Today they are going chemical free, or at least they claim to be. Hence to ensure transparency, the manufacturers are awarded certifications, which are not easy to come by.

These certifications are strict with their guidelines. It is to ensure the utmost commitment to the use of pure materials and chemical-free manufacturing methods.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is one of the most popular forms of certifications in this industry. Your local Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is a proud recipient of GOTS.

Savvy is fully committed to providing its customers with a full organic mattress. So all the mattress found here are free of any synthetics.

Savy further has a GREENGUARD Gold Certification, which is certified to those who follow a standard of low chemical emissions in the indoor setting.

Other than the organic mattress, they have a vast collection of bedding and furniture, which is free from any toxins found in the conventional stores.

They surely are pricey, but it is the best value for your money. You will get an Organic mattress with a 20-year warranty( Serenity, Tranquility, Zen Spring). Even if you are to stretch your budget, the result is worth it

Although this industry is still considered niche, it surely is rising as consumers demand natural products despite the high cost.

Popular Brands:Serenity, Unity Pillowtop, Tranquility, Pastoral, Serenity spring
Top Praises:

It is organic

Takes health and environment into consideration

Top Complaints:

the mattress has sagged before the warranty

Three-layer system is pricey and defective and hence a waste of money

Issues with customer service

2. Sleep Number

Storefront of Sleep Number store

By ranking number 1 in J.D Powers 2018, Mattress Satisfaction Report, Sleep Number has proven that innovation is key to the future. They certainly had a humble beginning in 1987 with a direct marketing mattress business at the time.

But their use of advanced technology in the mattress has undoubtedly helped them establish such a vast presence today. With over 570 stores in the entire country, it is making a name for itself.

They believe in being their bosses and have effortlessly taken the role of the designer, manufacturer, and retailer of the brand. It seems that they haven’t forgotten their roots. Rather than hiring another company, they continue to run their marketing department.

The 360Ⓡsmart bed and Sleep IQⓇ technology is standalone as it is the most extensive form of applied science used in the mattress industry.

Since it is indulged into a futuristic approach, the use of technology is stunningly helpful for the consumers and is seen in their sale numbers.

Popular Brands:Classic series, Performance series, Innovation series
Top Praises:

Their website has detailed reviews of every single feature

It has been ranked as the No. 1 mattress

Unique cooling properties in mattresses

Top Complaints:

There have been complaints regarding misleading sales deals

Issues with the delivery company are often complained about

3. Schewel Furniture Company

Schewels has stayed in business for over 100 years. It has survived the test of time by staying in the family and as a result, has only thrived. They surely are an example of a success story.

It all started with Elias Schewel, who in the year 1897, started a business. Which initially, to everyone’s surprise was not that of a mattress store but that of small furniture, picture frames, and chair bottoms.

He would load up all the products on a horse ridden cart and sell them. It was 1917 when the first store was opened followed by 1930 when a second store opened. By 1972, it had 12 stores, and today it is only expanding. Today it is run by the 4th generation of schewels.

One clicks on their website, and you will see a scratch-off policy feature pop on the top left of their home page, which gives you special offers. It for sure, makes for an entertaining and informative website.

The products range from living to the bedroom, dining, mattress, appliances, electronics, lawn, and garden. So it can be your go-to stop when you need to shop for home essentials.

Their tracking facility is very convenient along with the promo Ads that could be availed for discounts.

They also offer you to take a quiz on your style preference, and you will be recommended a mattress in return.

For those of you who are tight on budget, can easily apply for crediting and leasing payments. It is available both in house and online.

You could get accepted for up to $2500, given you meet their conditions. Moreover, for up to four months, you wouldn’t be charged any interest.

All year sales are fabulous and almost cut down to half of the original price on your mattress. The key is to stay updated with their website.

Popular Brands:Glideway, Simmons, Spring air
Top Praises:

You can avail military discounts

Top Complaints:

Since there are so many products, mattresses are sideline

4. Mattress Warehouse

Storefront of Mattress Warehouse

It was the year 1989 when mattress warehouse began their initial business affairs from a small storage room. Fast forwarding to about 100 years and more, they have around 250 stores around the nation.

Their motto is to believe in promising a comfortable sleeping experience with their mattresses. Moreover, they also want the experience of buying their product to be joyful and educational for the consumer.

Their range of products is superbly displayed both in house and online. The website is user-friendly. You can quickly look for or shop your favorite mattress according to the different categories available.

From the brand to the size, the type, and comfort, you will find it all very convenient in your buying experience.

Their unique facility of a bedMatch system is both online and offline. According to bedMatch, you can be paired with your perfect mattress by keeping into consideration your posture, body type, and sleeping position, information which will be provided by you.

The Price Match Guarantee is another feature they offer. If their competitors offer you a better price than they are offering, they are willing to provide the same price with a 50 % difference.

The way this particular mattress store helps your community is by employing other local businesses to work with them.

As a result, they help generate more revenue for the city’s economy. Furthermore, they are also indulged in various community uplift programs, making them a city’s favorite.

Popular Brands:Serta, Stearns and Foster, TEMPUR-Pedic, Sealy, Kings down, Aireloom
Top Praises:

They have great sale offers

The friendly staff is always ready to be of assistance

Take full responsibility in fundraising for your organizations

Eager in community building initiatives

Top Complaints:

There have been instances with mixups in delivery.

5. PotteryBarn

Pottery Barn is a vibrant tribute to aesthetics. Although they initially started with a pottery business in 1949, Chelsea NY. The local showroom is full of life because of the variation in its products. From minimalist to luxurious pieces of products, they all have it here.

Their mattresses range from day bed mattresses to sleep bed mattress and mattress accessories.

They have a creative design team that you can always book an appointment with. No matter what the scale of your project, it caters to both big and small projects.

It services you from the choice of style and installation to design and creation. You can find all the makeovers on their website.

They have a significant social media presence and use the age of digital to their advantage. With makeover videos, pictures, and catalogs, they give off a very Pinterest-y vibe.

They offer two unique services of car holder and key holder. You can unlock exciting benefits and credit options with the holders.

One of their most targeted groups is newlyweds. They cater to all their ideas of a dream home. They make sure that the design represents a new journey for them, one which awaits for many memories to be made.

It is also a company known for empowering women with the highest employment rate of women in their businesses.

Popular Brands:Westin, Robin, Beauty Rest, Leesa, Nature Pedic
Top Praises:

Services are great

Top Complaints:

They need more USA manufactured products

There have been complaints about Asian manufactured products low quality

The prices are high

6. Grand Home Furnishings

Grand home furnishings is famous for making first impressions. As soon you enter their local showroom, you will be handed a chilled ice bottle of Coca-cola, which is something you have never heard of before.

It reflects the welcoming spirit of the company and their goal of providing the best for their customers.

It is not just their first impressions that are impactful. Their history is equally compelling. They started their business with a piano shop in 1911. It wasn’t until 1931, that furniture was added to their line of products.

Over 100 years and some, it has kept its goal of making people happy through their products and customer service minus the line of pianos.

As happening as it is in their showroom with the friendly nature of their staff, their website is as helpful and informative. You can see through the full range of products, tempting you to pick each one of them for every room in your house.

Coming to their mattress section, you are fully guided in making the best choice on the mattress of your dreams with their knowledgeable sales representative.

Their website has guides and articles that can be consulted. Moreover, their distinctive feature of ZEEZ diagnostics is a win-win, both in house and online. This form of service helps classify which type of mattress is best suited for you.

Once you are paired up with the mattress, it patiently waits for you to be picked up at the local store.

Popular Brands:Beautyrest, benchcraft, Englander, HD super duty
Top Praises:

Great quality

Friendly sales representatives

Top Complaints:

Discount and military discounts are misleading not easy to avail

The delivery time is lengthy

7. Mattress Firm Charlottesville

Aerial view of the storefront of  Mattress Firm store

Mattress firm Charlottesville has been serving your city since 2016. In this short time, it has established itself as a noteworthy and trusted mattress store.

Their story began some 30 years ago in Houston, Texas and today it stands proudly as one of America’s top mattress retailers with over 2000 mattress stores in 39 states.

It is a hit amongst the local for its “mattress discounters,” which means you can negotiate the price.

The 120 Night Sleep Trial is reliable. For up to 120 nights, you can try your mattress to see if it suits your body type, whether it’s comfortable or if it’s merely just the right one.

If you aren’t satisfied or even if an issue occurs, mattress firm is available to pick it up for you and find you a better replacement.

Giving you the best value for your money is what they aim at. Keeping into account all your health issues(backache, snorting, etc.), they recommend the most suitable solution in a mattress along with a price fitting to your budget.

As mentioned earlier, the 120 Night Low Price Guarantee is convenient. They promise to beat their competitor’s price and also their mattresses given the condition that it has been up to 120 nights and that the mattress is comparable.

Their delivery service is commendable for its flexibility. It has various options and can suit your schedule.

Popular Brands:Sleepy’s, Tulo, Beautyrest, Serta series, hybrid, purple
Top Praises:

The showroom is spectacular

Staff is professional and knowledgeable

Shop either by size or comfort( Extra firm, firm, medium, plush, ultra plush)

Free delivery over 499$

Top Complaints:

Issues with delivery service

8. Philips Discount Furniture

Philips Discount Furniture is a family-owned business, which is a favorite amongst the locals for its affordable price and simple transactions.

It mainly targets “on the budget” kind of folks especially if you have just gotten into college and need a comfortable mattress because a good night’s sleep is what gets you by the hectic college routine.

You can stop at Philips and get a good quality, affordable mattress. Since they buy directly from the factories, the prices are less than their competitors. Their twin mattress goes as low as $78.

Although they don’t have a very informative website, they are very active on Facebook. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with daily offers and new arrivals.

They are very responsive to your messages and give you all the details from pricing to size to quality in the comments section. Hence making it a very personal and easy form of transaction.

The owners are known to be warm and happily accommodate you with any issues or requests that you have.

Popular Brands:Pillowtop, plush, euro top, double-sided, memory foam
Top Praises:

Great prices

Great delivery services

Top Complaints:

Need an informative website

9. Monticello Mattress and More

Monticello Mattress and More have an excellent local reputation amongst the locals in Charlottesville. They are owned by your local guy, Geoffrey G. Hoffman, who founded this business in 2015.

It is your local favorite mattress store for several reasons.

They aim to provide the citizens with a service that offers both quality and price. This is something that consumers have often complained about. Because it sounds like a scam when promised by the high-end mattress retailers.

But rest assured, such is not the case with your guy Geoffrey.

Monticello has been Virginia’s number 1 readers choice 2016 best furniture and mattress store.

Their items range from the mattress, mattress protectors, bed frames, sheet collection, bed frames, shoulder cut out pillows, and high rise foundations.

They are very transparent in terms of recommending you a mattress. What could be useful for you and what could not be suitable for you, they are sincere. Hence customer servicing is fantastic.

Since it is locally owned, the revenue earned contributes to the economy of the city. Therefore supporting your own local business would mean, playing a role in boosting the prosperity of your city.

A unique feature that sets them apart from their competitors is that they make custom sized mattresses. Now that is something only a local running business could provide.

Talking about customized good, everybody has a love for them because they are unique.

It is a dream come true for individuals who would like to have a customized mattress made for a personalized bed or one for their RV or a chill spot by the fire in their balcony.

Especially the local architectures can hit this place up for new projects.

High-end brands rarely indulge in customized transactions; hence, now you have a local place that produces high quality customized and affordable mattress of your choice.

They also believe in community building and hence gives a portion of their sales to two local charities, Alzheimer’s Association of Charlottesville and The Fluvanna SPCA.

So if you strongly believe in these causes and want to help these associations somehow, you can always make a stop at Monticello’s.

Popular Brands: Winndom, Milly
Top Praises:

Services for home delivery- setup, removal

Financing available through sweet Pay

10-year guarantee

Customized mattresses

Top Complaints:

The website needs Content

10. Havertys showroom

If you are looking for a place which is offering both modern and vintage fineness in their products, you must rush to Haverty’s showroom.

To apply this sense of un-denying class to your home, you can make your choice from their wide range of home decor and mattress products.

If you have big dreams regarding your house makeover, it can take you way over the budget.

Because decorating your house comes with hiring the help of the designers. It can cost you a fortune.

Since their social media presence has caused a stir in real estate, you cannot expect services that come as cheap. On the contrary, Haverty’s offers you free design help.

With that being said, if you are looking for a minimalist yet classy kind of makeover for your house, you must visit Havertys.

Their website is informative, especially in their mattress section. The blogs on mattress checklist and a mattress buying guide can be consulted before choosing the mattress.

All year offers on mattresses can help you save a lot on your favorite piece, so stay tuned to their daily offers.

Popular Brands:Beauty rest, Black diamond dealer, Serta, Stearns and foster, Skye, Sealy
Top Praises:

You can keep track of your order through their website by following some easy steps

They have high sales throughout the year

You have a choice to avail special financing

Top Complaints:

There have many many Complaints about damaged goods

Turbulent delivery has upset many consumers