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The cooling Tulo mattress gives you a comfy, supportive, and pressure-relieving rest. The Tulo team understands that every person has different sleep needs. This affordable mattress gives you three firmness choices so that you may sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.
Tulo Mattress

1. Leesa

  • 10" 3 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

2. Brooklyn Bedding...

  • 13" 5 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

3. Saatva

  • 11.5" 4 layers foam and coil
Free shipping, in a box

4. Nest Bedding...

  • 13" 5 layers foam and springs
Free shipping, in a box

5. Brooklyn Bedding...

  • 10" 3 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

6. Loom & Leaf

  • 12" 4 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

7. Winkbeds

  • 14.5" 3 layers foam and coil
Free shipping, in a box

8. Nest Bedding...

  • 13.5" 3 layers foam and springs
Free shipping, in a box

9. Nest Bedding...

  • 13" 5 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

10. Muse

  • 12" 3 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

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Tulo Mattress Reviews



About Tulo

The cooling Tulo mattress gives you a comfy, supportive, and pressure-relieving rest. This affordable mattress helps you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. The Tulo team understands that every person has different sleep needs. Thus, with the slogan, One Is Not a Choice, Tulo brand offers your three firmness choices to deliver you the best ZZZs ever.

Mattress Firm, the parent company of Tulo, launched this bed-in-a-box brand in 2017. Tulo mattress is a product of the US. You can buy Tulo mattress online or experience them in nationwide Mattress Firm stores. Tulo offers three different comfort levels to meet the sleep styles of varied customers. The free bed-in-a-box mattress delivery includes set up and old mattress removal. In some areas, you can enjoy Red Carpet Delivery as well. The Tulo bed comes with a 10-year warranty and 120-night risk-free trial with free returns and hassle-free refund policy.

Tulo bed is an excellent choice for a budget mattress with the liberty to select the comfort level. Check out the customer satisfaction scores for this best bed-in-a-box mattress. Study Tulo medium mattress, Tulo soft, and Tulo firm mattress ratings to decide the right choice for you. The foam mattress reviews consider Tulo a prominent competition to conventional mattresses-in-a-box.

Tulo Mattress Benefits Overview

The Tulo team believes that no two people get their ZZZ’s the same way. For this reason, Tulo experts design three different firmness levels to give you a choice for comfort. The brand promises the best night’s sleep, delivered in a box for your convenience.

The 10-inch Tulo combines four unique layers to give you the best ZZZ’s of your life. The Tulo soft mattress is aimed to provide comfy during side sleeping. Soft foams prevent pressure points formation in the hips and shoulders of side sleepers. It is a significant source of concern and a serious consideration if you sleep primarily on your sides.

The medium firmness targets majority sleepers, couple with different sleep preferences, and stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers require a firmer foam to prevent excessive sinkage of their midriff and hips. Chest compression and spinal alignment are a source of concern for most stomach sleepers. Medium Tulo claims to address these two problem areas.

The Tulo firm mattress offers total body support, and the company recommends it for the back sleepers. The extra lumbar support from this hard mattress ensures proper back alignment. Memory foam in the top layer fills the gap under the spinal arch. The firm mattress cushions your spine snugly, offering dreamy comfort and complete stress-relief.

The mattress support core ensures a healthy sleep posture in all positions. Proper spinal alignment releases pressure from the body parts. In the absence of undue stress on muscles and joints, blood circulation and breathing improves. The Tulo mattress helps you enjoy the healing benefits of sound sleep. The Polyester and Tencel blend mattress cover further enhances the breathability and cooling of the bed.

Each specialized foam is a part of the cooling system of the Tulo mattress. From the titanium infused sleep surface to the convoluted foam and resilient, breathable layer underneath, mattress promotes heat ventilation at all levels. Thus, you enjoy a chilled sleep surface in all weathers. Tulo is a durable mattress with secure edges and adequate motion isolation for bed sharing. The presence of responsive foams ensures cozy slumber for mixed sleepers as well.

Tulo Mattress Features Overview

  • Suits platform, box-spring, slatted, and adjustable foundations
  • Supportive composition for all sleep positions
  • Proper spinal alignment
  • Outstanding pressure-relief
  • Cooling sleep system
  • Adequate motion isolation
  • Supports all body structures
  • Available sizes are Twin to Cal King
  • Durable construction
  • Cheap mattress

Tulo Mattress Technology Details

The 10-inch thick Tulo is an all-foam mattress featuring four unique layers for comfort and support. You can choose the comfort level of your choice. The available options are Soft, Medium, and Firm.

The 2” Cooling Memory Foam is infused with titanium particles for a temperature regulated sleep surface. The ventilated high-density Cool Flow Memory foam promotes heat dissipation from the mattress surface. As you lie on Tulo mattress, you get a nice sinking feel with instant pressure-relief. The conforming foam molds your curves and fills the gaps, supporting each body part. Thus, you experience a relaxing sensation with stress-relief from your joints and muscles. This viscoelastic sleep surface cradles you in every sleep positions.

The 1.5” Breathable Foam has a peak and valley design to enhance air circulation. This layer aids the gel Memory foam in the top comfort layer for cooling the sleep surface. The convoluted surface creates space for free air passage within the mattress.

The 2” Responsive foam acts as a transition layer between the comfort layers above and the support foam below. As you sink into the top Memory foam, this layer holds you up and prevents the stuck feel. Changing positions is quick, easy, and comfortable. The resilient foam reduces surface compression and acts as struts to take all your weight and pressure. Thus, you enjoy a cozy rest irrespective of your size, shape or build.

The 4.5” Foundation layer provides full body support to you and the mattress structure. The firmness varies with your choice of comfort level. The mattress support core aids the upper layers to distribute your weight evenly across mattress surface. Enjoy de-stressing slumber as the support foam maintains excellent spinal alignment in all sleep positions.

The high-density polyfoam ensures the durability of the mattress and prevents sagging. The Tulo mattress has a breathable Polyester and Tencel cover. The knitted cover enhances the cooling system of the bed. The reinforced Polyester Elastan blend fabric makes it strong and durable.

Tulo Mattress

Who Should Buy Tulo Mattress?

  • If you prefer a cooling mattress
  • If you are looking for instant pressure-relief
  • If you prefer a balance of comfort and support
  • If you tend to change sleep positions frequently
  • If you expect to share your bed

Who Shouldn't Buy Tulo Mattress?

  • If you prefer a pure memory foam, innerspring, or latex bed
  • If you seek a bouncy bed
  • If you wish to sleep warm

Review/Introductory Videos

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Tulo Mattress Reviews
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Tulo Mattress Expert Reviews


Our Sleep Guide - Justin Roberts

February 21, 2018
All of the tulo mattresses use four layers of foam to create this pressure relieving and supportive mattress. Each option is adaptable and engineered to be ideal for each preferred feel. All will have the same soft, breathable cover and the Mattress Firm stamp of approval. Leave sleepare and read full review

Slumber Search - Chris Moberg

April 23, 2018
Tulo is backed by Mattress Firm and is manufactured in the United States with CertiPUR-US certified foams, which means that they won't offgas nasty toxins. Reviewers claim that their foams are high quality for the price of the mattress. Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Matchers - Kamil Spark

May 1, 2018
Tulo is an all-American made mattress that offers three levels of firmness and features an all-foam structure consisting of four layers. Having the soft, medium and firm beds addresses all our sleeping needs. Leave sleepare and read full review

The Sleep Sherpa - Ben Trapskin

February 21, 2018
This mattress skews a little towards the firmer end of the spectrum. I reviewed the medium firm and found it to be a little firm at first. However when you lay across it, you get great support and still get good pressure relief. Leave sleepare and read full review

Non Biased Reviews - Rana Landreth

February 21, 2018
The company, shipping and ability to test this mattress are unparalleled. Unfortunately, there are better budget options available in the market place. Leave sleepare and read full review


Customers Ultimately Bought
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Comfort level
Firm 8.5/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm

Height10 "
Weight75 pounds
Warranty10 years
Trial period120 days
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Mattress build4 layers foam
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamNo

Cali King72" x 84"
Full54" x 75"
King76" x 80"
Queen60" x 80"
Twin39" x 75"
Twin XL39" x 80"
Other Specification


Tulo Mattress
  • 2" Memory foam -
  • 1.5" Responsive foam
  • 1.5" Responsive foam
  • 5" High density polyfoam - dark green
Tulo Mattress reviews

Tulo Mattress

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This is the pricing breakdown for Tulo Mattress. Tulo Mattress is ranked #2 among Memory Foam Mattress. The Tulo Mattress is followed by Serta iComfort Prodigy III and HIBR, ranked #3 and #4, respectively.

This popular bed is available in different sizes, with variation in prices. The Twin sized Tulo Mattress is priced $575whereas a Queen sized Tulo Mattress is available for $750. Per the market statistics, a similar Queen size mattress by Brooklyn Bedding brand, from the Hybrid Mattress category is priced $800, while a Queen Serta iComfort Prodigy III, belonging to the same category, costs $2300. Thus, Tulo Mattress is one of the cheapest sleep surfaces, best suited for people seeking a budget-friendly option.

Tulo Mattress Pricing